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DP's Realistic Traffic RST
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Jul 3 @ 12:08am
Nov 7 @ 3:39pm
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DP's Realistic Traffic RST

Version 1.0.11

This mod is the revival of the popular "DP's Realistic Traffic", made to work starting with version 1.35. All the settings are currently the same, but as I learn more about how the mod works, I will try to make improvements and maintain mod compatibility. For now the mod will still reference "DP" in the files and images.

The ETS2 version of this mod is still functional as of 1.35. If it crashes in a future update, I will create a new version as I did for ATS.


Original description:

This mod not only increases the density of the traffic but also changes its behaviour to create a busier and more fluid experience.

- Increased traffic in general, which creates a more realistic feel
- Dynamic density based on time of day, expect peak rush hours, quiet nights and everything inbetween
- Traffic has less patience and safety for itself, merging into traffic a lot faster
- Queues that do build up are quicker to filter away
- Police spawning now varies depending on which state you are in
- Supports distant vehicle sound improvements when used alongside Sound Fixes Pack mod
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Rolf Schreiter 4 hours ago 
Hello. DPs Traffic crash now on ETS2. Could you do it now also so nice for ETS2 like here for ATS? ;-)
Peter Pan  [author] Dec 2 @ 6:00pm 
I will not be releasing this anywhere except through the Steam Workshop. You can still access the mod files by navigating to the Steam installation program files.
[BT]Vorden Nov 13 @ 1:11pm 
Yay thank you!
[501e] Pvt. Buddy Banks Nov 8 @ 7:20am 
Thank you! It's really appreciated!:steamhappy:
Rolf Schreiter Nov 8 @ 12:27am 
It works again. Thank you!
4o7KeV Nov 7 @ 7:44pm 
Thanks Peter Pan! Thank you for keeping this great mod alive
PlumPete379 Nov 7 @ 4:37pm 
Thank you!
Mutantenyeti Nov 7 @ 4:08pm 
Thank you!
Peter Pan  [author] Nov 7 @ 3:42pm 
An update has been posted. Feel free to start using the mod again, and let me know of any issues.
Rolf Schreiter Nov 7 @ 3:22pm 
Thank You!