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Garry's Mod

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SCP Site-65
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Jul 1 @ 12:40pm
Aug 14 @ 3:28pm
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SCP Site-65


- No, I don't give out my VMF for this map
- No Reuploads or Edits of this map
- This map is made for Public use, so you may use this for your server
- Map name is rp_site65


- Counter Strike Source
- Half Life 2


After the Gmod Developers finally increased the limits for mapping I decided to work on a other map because I simply wanted to make it bigger and also a bit more alive than my previous map. Now after 6 months of working due to a fatal corruption of my VMF file leading me to remake the whole map and other wacky bugs that appeared during the process, I was finally able to release this map to the public for you guys to use!

Now I will accept suggestions again and most likely add some of them depending on what it is.


- Class D Block
- Testing Chamber
- Security Sector
- Armory
- Barracks
- Big empty room
- A few small rooms for detail
- Electrical Center
- Decontamination Room
- SCP-914
- SCP-173
- SCP-012
- Room for Item SCP's
- SCP-1162
- SCP-457
- SCP-860-1 (Soon)
- Several Chambers for Custom SCP's


- Electrical Center
- A few small rooms for detail
- Decontamination Room (for SCP-008 only)
- SCP-966
- SCP-079
- SCP-049
- SCP-008
- SCP-096
- SCP-682
- SCP-106
- SCP-106's Pocket Dimension
- SCP-076
- SCP-939
- SCP-035
- Several Chambers for Custom SCP's

- Medbay (Floor 1)
- Toilets (Floor 2)
- Offices (Floor 1)
- Server Room (Floor 3)
- Warhead Room (Floor 3)
- Breach Shelter (Floor 1)
- Electrical Center (Floor 3)
- Meeting Room (Floor 3)
- Cafeteria (Floor 2)
- Storage Room (Floor 2)
- Entrance Lobby (Floor 2)
- Barracks (Floor 3)
- Single Office (Floor 3)
- Security Checkpoint (Floor 3)

- Lockdown System for each zone (EZ has Full Site Lockdown)
- Lighting System for each zone
- Tesla Gates at each Checkpoint
- Checkpoints between each zone
- Alpha Warhead
- Omega Warhead
- Admin Room (Near Entrance Lobby Room)
- Room for Admin Sits
- Actual Warhead Launch Mechanism (Soon)

- Abandoned Village (Coverup village for Foundation)
- Ventelation Area for Facility
- Abandoned Bunker (meant for GOI's)
- Desert
- MTF Outpost
- Few abandoned buildings



If you have any Questions please, be sure to checkout the FAQ in the discussion section!

Found bugs? Put them into the Bugs Discussion Thread for me so I can fix them !

Want to suggest a SCP or feature that you want in the map? Write it into the Suggestions Discussion Thread!

I will try to keep the Changelog Discussion Thread up to date but don't count on it

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9 hours ago
Nov 5 @ 5:55am
PINNED: Suggestions
Nov 11 @ 7:20am
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Lord_Fr3ze  [author] Nov 12 @ 3:46am 
Each hallway tps to somewhere else, some go to the same spot but mostly all have different outcomes.
Fr Helios Nov 11 @ 1:58pm 
Hello lord fr3ze, first of all what a great map ! I love it but I might have a bit of an issue.. when my scp 106 teleport to his dimensions (the corridor with the cat walk underneath it) when scp 106 tp someone to this position people go through the rotating thing and when they pass the door (tp)they get teleported to the 106 catwalk near his control room... Not to the circular chamber with all the corridors.. is there a way to fix or set that tp point for that room ?
Lord_Fr3ze  [author] Nov 11 @ 7:20am 
=[o.W.n]=YuriThe76Soldier Nov 10 @ 7:22am 
ah yes, that alota black mesa content...
Lord_Fr3ze  [author] Nov 9 @ 4:08pm 
@Greyman The Oil Rig and island didn't work out, it looked awful and I wasn't happy with it in general.

@Jack As of now, no.
Jack Nov 9 @ 1:14pm 
Any way to make the lighting brighter?
Greyman Nov 9 @ 1:05pm 
Also is there any way we might be able to get a variation of the map without colored lighting for sectors? Like all lighting mimics the EZ's lighting?
Greyman Nov 9 @ 1:00pm 
What happened to the Oil Rig and Islands that were said to have been finished on the work-in-progress site?
Lord_Fr3ze  [author] Nov 7 @ 10:22am 
What exactly do you mean by that?