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Strategist Achievement
By marcv666
In this guide you'll find all the information you need to complete the Strategist Achievement: "Discovered every enemy's weaknesses".
In order to successfully unlock the achievement, you will need to find every monsters in the game, and reveal all their weakness. Needless to say the Analyse spell from the Scholar job will help you a great deal in that task.

Here are things you do NOT have to do in order to unlock the achievement:
  • Weakness from Challenge and Provoke. This includes "Ancient One" monster from H'aanit chapter two as I did not reveal every weakness from that monsters and I still got the achievement in the end. And as a side note if you reveal some weakness from Ancient One and you run from battle, when you re-engage against it, all weaknesses you previously uncovered are lost. So this was a nice indication for me the game wasn't recording it for this particular battle and thus wouldn't be required to do.

  • Gate of Finis. I still haven't beat any bosses in there yet at the time I'm writing this so this is not required.

  • My friend Kezo unlocked the achievement having yet to kill Esmeralda and Jotunn in his playthrough. I'm getting more report from people claiming they got the achievement without revealing any story boss and side quest boss or any 1 time encounter. You do however need to analyse all the other bosses that respawn in their respective dungeon as normal monsters after you kill them. Thanks to Tyrak for the info.

  • Regarding the 4 missable enemies, from the different report I got and checking on other web page, it looks like Meep and Cactus Roller are not required for the achievement, however the other 2 enemies Buccaneer 1 and Sea Birdian 4, I haven't seen any info suggesting they can be missed and still get the achievement. I've seen post where people are claiming they missed Buccaneer 1 and Sea Birdian 4 and couldn't get the achievement. As always if you don't want to take any chances I would recommand you don't skip those 4 missables.

* Note: If you die for any reason while uncovering some weakness, it is important to understand you have to uncover back what you've lost since last time you saved, in most cases you'll want to reload your auto-save file since this is saving every time you zone in/out and may be easier to remember what you've lost. (Also be mindful that teleporting doesn't auto-save your game).
Danger Level system
If it's not your first playthrough of the game you are probably already familiar with the Danger Level System. When zoning to a new area, the Danger Level will be displayed to you giving you an approximation of what level you should be if you want to fight in there.

Regarding this guide the important thing to know is some areas scale in levels by completing a chapter or two. One way the game increase the difficulty of those zone is by adding new stronger monsters to those area while removing some other weaker ones. So this is very important to understand because while most of the monsters leaving an area can be caught elsewhere, this is not always the case. That means, there are monsters you can miss forever if you do not get them beforehand.

Now which area does increase and how?

As a general rule, in Tier 1 area all the zones starts at Danger Level 1 except for the optional dungeons and as you acquire new characters and your party size increase the level of those areas also increase from 1 to 4, 7 and finally 11. For every character you get all the zones in tier 1 gets push by 1 step. There are exception to this like in the Cobblestone area where the danger level doesn't increase at the same rate, but eventually it reach level 11 like in all other places. I don't know why Cobblestone area works differently but the game is full of exceptions so you'll have to live with it. Also if you complete a chapter 2 before having a full party, this will also increase the zones to level 11 as if you had a full party even if you are still soloing.

In Tier 2 areas there are also progression but this time only the roads that leads to other town. All optional dungeon and chapter zones have fixed danger level. Most of those Tier 2 area does increase in level for every 2 chapters' 2 done. In tier 2 area, levels of those zones are all specific, they don't start at the same level and they don't increase at the same pace like in Tier 1 area, specific numbers will be given in the listing. Once again there is an exception, in Wellspring, since there's no chapter 2 quest there, only chapter 3, the Tier 2 area of the Sunlands increase in level upon completing several chapter 3. Upon completing a chapter 4, this will also make the zone increase in level (by 2 steps if I remember right).

None of the Tier 3 area scale in levels. :)

Seriously all those changes in level were a pain to test out and required a lot of time. So enjoy the results of these findings!
Now that you understand how the zone scaling works, or at least you have a general idea of it, let's talk about what you need to do in order to secure your achievement and you push in the right direction.

1) Tier 1 has 2 missable monsters. Those are:
  • Meep from the Flatlands and
  • Cactus Roller from the Sunlands.
If you want to encounter those 2 monsters you need to get them before having a full party of 4 characters, you can still get them with a party of 3 characters. You also need to refrain yourself from completing any chapter 2 as this will also bump the danger level at 11 where those monsters disappear.

2) Tier 2 has another 2 missable enemies. Those are:
  • Sea Birdian 4 from the Coastlands and
  • Buccanner 1 also from the Coastlands.
You'll be able to get those 2 monsters for as long as Monstruck Coast and West Goldshore Coast are still at level 31 or below. When the level of theses zones hit 34, then it's too late if you missed them. Just get those 2 before you finish too many chapter 2 story and everything will be good.
First of all I have to give a special thanks to Kezo.
We both went through the same pain of building up that table and at the end we merged our results. We were both missing things but together we did it!

Another special thanks to Icirian, for formatting the listing in a nice way with checkboxes, his addition to the checklist will help you sort out what's left for you to get as checking a box will highlight everywhere else the monster appears. The listing is now sorted between each "Lands" (ie: Flatlands, Frostlands etc.) and there is still the "Alphabetical order" list that still holds everything from all Lands if you need a quick look at what is missing. Since you won't have the rights to edit the original document, you just need to copy it for yourself and you'll be able to work with it easy (you can do that with "File" -> "Make a copy"). Be mindfull that Bosses (the ones you can fight only once) are not required even though they appear in the document, same with "Special enemies".


Good luck to everyone!
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Gaïa 17 hours ago 
Thank You a lot Marc666 for all your guide about octopath Traveler, i've get all achievement (soon) and whitout you it would have been very complicated. For me, the most hard was strategic achievement, godbless the excel with all name :steamthumbsup: Thank you again for guiding me on this long journey, it was intense!
Key-Chan17 Mar 28 @ 11:58am 
Will do. I have to double check for all the chests anyway.
marcv666  [author] Mar 28 @ 7:03am 
@Key-Chan17 I've heard that before multiple times in the past. You need to double check your list. For sure you checked something you didn't get. It could be any monsters, but last 2 times I've heard that, the person told me afterward he was missing one enemy in Brigands' Den (Olberic Chapter 1) so you might want to start there. I know double checking is a lot of work but that's what you have to do... Keep me up to date when you get it.
Key-Chan17 Mar 28 @ 6:22am 
For some reason, I followed and checked every monster in the list that is required for the achievement but I still didn't get it. I'm sure I have analyzed every missable monster so I have no idea what is missing.
marcv666  [author] Dec 9, 2020 @ 6:03am 
I wonder if this may have been a change in one of the update they did some time ago... humm alright thanks for the report i'll add a note to the guide.
|| Soulcast || Dec 9, 2020 @ 5:48am 
Nope, i knew i lost those two monsters and i thought to start a new game only to take those two when i get the rest, but is not neccesary :D
marcv666  [author] Dec 8, 2020 @ 7:57am 
is it possible you got got weakness from those 2 monsters on another savefile. Because someone told me he got this after restarting and once he revealed Cactus Roller he got the achievement. At least that's what i've been told like a year ago.
|| Soulcast || Dec 8, 2020 @ 7:42am 
i recently got this achievement, and i can confirm that u dont need to have the weakness of these monsters:

Meep from the Flatlands and
Cactus Roller from the Sunlands.

I dont know if u dont need the 2 others missables too, but the first 2 i can confirm it.

Ty for this guide btw!
marcv666  [author] Nov 6, 2020 @ 1:53am 
it is intended this way, you can check the box in the other tabs, the box from the Enemies tab holds value comming from all the other spreasheets. If you would prefer to use the Enemies tabs to do the job, first delete all checkbox in the Enemies tab (along with all the formula) and then insert new checkbox, then since there won't be anymore formula you'll be able to edit with a single click.
Justin Nov 6, 2020 @ 12:00am 
Hello Marc, would there happen to be an updated version of the google doc that you posted from August? When using that one it seems like you can't edit certain things such as the Enemies tab.