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Sleeping Tiger of Tianshan
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Sleeping Tiger of Tianshan

The Map
Sleeping Tiger of Tianshan is a medium-small walled town map, with the town in the middle of the map, surrounded by forest and agricultural land. There are four entrances to the town, one on each cardinal direction.

The town itself is in a slightly elevated position, with walls in each side and surrounded by open fields, perfect for cavalry. Also, there is a forest around the entire town, hiding it from foreign foes, but that forest can also be used by a wise attacker to surprise the defender.

How to play
Select the map from the "Resource Battle" maps in Custom Battle. That's all.

  • Too many towers!!!: Learn how to counter towers!!!
  • Why is not under "Siege Battle"?: Because, for some reason, trying to play this as a siege battle crashes the game mid-loading. I'm still trying to find why.
  • Why is called that?: I asked in a chat for a better name than "Forest Town". That was the best answer.
  • The outskirts of the map (outside the playable area) is kinda broken!!!: My heart too, but unlike that, I think I can fix the outskirst.... soon.

The "this doesn't work" fix
If this mod simply isn't working or loading, verify the following:
  • This mod is subscribed to on Steam
  • This mod is enabled in the CA Mod Manager
  • The load order has not been altered in the CA Mod Manager
  • There is no "user.script.txt" file in "Z:/Users/[UserName]/AppData/Roaming/The Creative Assembly/ThreeKingdoms/scripts". If you added one before the Workshop was posted, you need to remove it - the game is reading from the mods specified in that file, and is ignoring the ones in the Mod Manager.
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James Issara Jul 13 @ 6:48pm 
I see. I see.
Frodo45127  [author] Jul 13 @ 10:26am 
That's a bit hard, because we don't have their source files, so we can't edit them. We may be able to replace them with custom maps like in Warhammer, but... not sure about that.
James Issara Jul 11 @ 7:06pm 
@Frodo45127 Thank you. Do you think it is possible to redo campaign siege map as well?
Frodo45127  [author] Jul 11 @ 11:53am 
@James This was made with the Assembly Kit you can download from Steam. It's a port of my "Aquitaine, Home of the Lace Tower" map from warhammer, so it was relatively fast to port.
nutInnutshell Jul 10 @ 10:08pm 
thats quite fast to upload that i couldnt expected yet
nutInnutshell Jul 10 @ 10:08pm 
use tweak man
James Issara Jul 7 @ 2:06pm 
How did you do this? Use CA old tools?
Frodo45127  [author] Jul 7 @ 10:19am 
这是正常的。 在整个战争游戏中的自定义地图在游戏发布约一年之后不是很受欢迎。 当有很多选票时,蒸汽只会显示明星...那就是我正确理解你的信息。 谷歌翻译让我有点困惑......
Hear me roar! Jul 7 @ 7:29am 
Frodo45127  [author] Jul 7 @ 4:18am 
I'll try to make more maps (and tutorials about how to do them) in the future. Just take into account these maps take time to be made. And about the campaign map,.... maybe. Who knows?