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10 Turns Per Year ( 每年十轮 )
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Jun 20 @ 11:15am
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10 Turns Per Year ( 每年十轮 )

This mod changes the turns per year to 10 and the turns for each season to 2. Compatible with most other mods and game updates. It should also work with save games.


Unlike in other Total Wars, this no longer requires a startpos change so it should work fine with any mod that doesn't change seasons.

15 TPY - 15 Turns Per Year Version.

Known Issue: Zheng Jiang's portrait will turn into a baby for a turn or two but go back to normal afterward. Looking for a solution.

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Megumin 15 hours ago 
Does this in a sense then delay events and other things that are set to start or appear on a particular turn?
Dresden  [author] Jul 15 @ 11:56am 
I tried lowering the adult age but it seemed to have no effect, I will keep looking for a solution. Thanks guys for the feedback.
Brewski Jul 15 @ 2:42am 
Yeah, the game normally starts in Harvest 190, but the mod is adding a season before that and starting at Summer 190 where Zheng Jiang is only 17.
Lone Ranger Jul 14 @ 12:56pm 
I used an 8-turns mod made by a Chinese modder a while ago and it once caused the same portrait error. I remember it was because all characters become adults and join factions at 18. And all of them turn one year older in autumn. However, extending the number of turns will mess things up. For instance, Zheng JIang is exactly 18 at the first turn. But this mod will make her younger when the game starts and that's why her portrait is a baby. I remember this Chinese modder's solution is change the age for joining a faction from 18 to 16.
SlagPot Jul 13 @ 7:20pm 
yeah the portrait issue goes away after another turn or two. thanks for the mod :)
Dresden  [author] Jul 13 @ 12:58pm 
But also it seems to revert to normal on turn 2, at least for me.
Dresden  [author] Jul 13 @ 11:16am 
Yeah, I cant figure out why it does that for her. It seems to happen after the first turn, very odd.
eduardofloriano Jul 13 @ 8:12am 
unfortunately this mod changes the portrait of zheng jiang for a baby =(
Brad Jul 12 @ 9:08pm 
have you managed to edit events to trigger on time?
firea2a2 Jul 12 @ 9:02am 
thanks 0.0~