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Mundane Machines Plus: Better Hive Minds
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Mundane Machines Plus: Better Hive Minds

For Stellaris 2.3 "Wolfe"

This is a variant of Mundane Machines that introduces the following additional balance changes, for the purposes of making Hive Minds (and to a lesser extent, standard organic empires) more competitive compared to Robots and Machines. I would recommend pairing this mod with The Unofficial Hive DLC to add some variety to hive minds that they're sorely lacking.

Mundane Machines Plus
  • Hive Minds now receive 1 Maintenance Drone for each Hive District built, giving them a basic source of amenities just like standard and machine empire housing districts, to alleviate their over-reliance on Maintenance Depots.
  • Synapse Drones now provide +1% Menial Drone Output, just like Coordinator Drones. Since the new Ancient Relays decision gives them the same bonus anyway (of +1% Menial Drone Output and +2 Stability), this seemed like more of an oversight than anything else.
  • Hive Worlds now provide a +10% Pop Growth Speed bonus, in addition to their existing +10% Pop Output. This puts them more in-line with Machine Worlds' -10% Housing Use and +10% Pop Output.
  • Hive Minds now have access to the Infestation Heuristics midgame tech. This gives them +1 Housing on Generator, Mining, and Housing Districts, to match the jobs they already get from these districts and to incentivise Hive Worlds.
  • This also unlocks the Forced Evolution Pits building, an upgrade of the Spawning Pools. It costs Exotic Gases to maintain, but provides a second Spawning Drone job.
  • For standard empires, Healthcare Workers now give +10% Pop Growth Speed (was +5%), but have an upkeep of 2 Consumer Goods (was 1). This makes them more impactful sooner, but not without an associated cost.
  • Organic Pop Growth is now 5/month (from 3/month), but the requirement for any growing or assembling pop is increased to 150 (from 100). The average time for a new pop to grow is roughly the same, but now modifiers are much more likely to be meaningful.

Original mod text continues below.


Universal Changes
  • Robots and Machines now have a universal 80% Habitability for all worlds. There are always trials and tribulations to overcome when settling on a new planet; though far tougher than most organics, robots and machines still face these challenges.
  • Added a new trait, Universal Compatibility. It costs 3 trait points and gives +20% habitability, returning Robots and Machines to their vanilla glory.
  • Mass Produced now costs 2 trait points (was 1). Custom-Made costs -2 (was -1). They are still more impactful than their organic equivalents, but no longer obvious picks.
  • Recycled is now a -50% Assembly Cost bonus (was -20%), and Luxurious is now a +50% Assembly Cost bonus (was 20%).
  • Robots now have the full 5 trait picks like their organic and mechanical brethren.
  • Robots and Machines can now be processed if your ethics and policies allow it, producing 3 Alloys per pop.

Machine Empire Changes
  • Coordinators no longer produce 1 of each research. Instead, they produce 3 Engineering research. They still produce 3 Unity and increase Menial Drone Output by +1%.
  • Replicators no longer produce Engineering research.
  • The Machine Empire government type no longer gives a +10% Mining Station bonus. With their Nexus Hubs, Energy Grids, and Mineral Purification Plants, MEs are more than capable of extracting all the resources they need from the planets they colonise.

Pop Assembly Changes
  • Robot Assembly Plants now give 2 Roboticist jobs. Each job turns 6 minerals into 1 assembly (was 2). This makes them more equivalent to Healthcare Workers in efficiency.
  • Machine Assembly Plants give 1 Replicator job. Each job turns 8 minerals (was 3) into 1 assembly. They no longer produce any engineering research.
  • The Synthetic Megaplex is unlocked with the Synthetic workers technology for regular empires, or with the Synthetic Age ascension perk for machine empires. It costs Rare Crystals to maintain, but gives an extra 3 Roboticist jobs or 1 Replicator job, as appropriate.
  • An empire that pursues the synthetic ascension path will receive an assembly cost discount instead of a build speed bonus, as the base growth rates are more than sufficient. Roboticists in synthetically ascended empires also produce amenities.
  • Synthetic capital buildings now provide 2 Roboticist jobs at all levels. For the Colony Ship Shelter, this removes the useless 1 Colonist job you're stuck with in vanilla.

Due to the limitations of Stellaris modding, some vanilla files were harmed in the making of this mod. The files in question are:
  • Specialist and Gestalt jobs, to alter the values of Roboticists and Replicators, and to tweak Coordinators.
  • 04_purge_types, to allow empires to process Robots and Machines if appropriate.
  • 00_species_archetypes, to give Robots 5 trait picks like everyone else.
  • 02_species_traits_basic_characteristics, to give Robots and Machines a mere 80% base habitability.
  • 05_species_traits_robotic, to tweak the values on Mass Produces, Custom-Made, Recycled, and Luxurious.
  • Urban, Rural, and Ringworld districts, to apply the housing benefits of Infestation Heuristics.
  • 00_planet_classes, to add the pop growth speed to Hive Worlds.
The vanilla files harmed in this mod are modal, and should not break anything if overwritten individually or as a whole.
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Pepis the Tender Sep 14 @ 11:10am 
after looking for hours I've discovered that this is incompatible with Cultural Overhaul. For some reason it hides the "Direct Democracy" government type
Toasted Bread Aug 24 @ 7:01pm 
I tried to add compatibility to Universal Districts since the mod author hasn't updated it in a good while, but all my attempt are met with nothing changing. I don't know what I'm missing.
JenkoRun Jun 24 @ 1:02pm 
This mod sounds pretty darn good, but there are some compatibility problems with a few mods:

Reworked Planets
The Decadence of Sanity--An Expanded Feature on Shroud
More Events Mod
StarNet AI
Everyone Can Vassalize - Better Feudal Realms
Muggins  [author] Jun 24 @ 10:32am 
Until the creator of the Universal Districts Patch decides to extend a compatibility patch to this mod there isn't much I can do about that, sorry! You'll have to live without that minor mod feature for now.
aggravatedInsanity Jun 17 @ 8:36pm 
Whatever the last update changed, it seems to have fixed the Overmind issue for me. However, I still don't see your mod's changes to Hive Districts. Can't say for sure whether the rest is overwritten, but that's still an issue I'm encountering. I can say that I am using mods such as Planetary Diversity and its associated mods, as well as the Universal District Patch - I suppose it's possible/likely there's conflict there. If so, is there anything that can be done about that?
Muggins  [author] Jun 17 @ 1:38am 
I've made some updates that should improve compatibility between the two mods. I don't know what to tell you about the Overmind civic issue; I don't meddle with anything that would effect that, and I can't replicate it on my end.
aggravatedInsanity Jun 17 @ 1:07am 
I was using Overmind, yeah, but the issue was resolved once I disabled this mod.
Muggins  [author] Jun 17 @ 12:57am 
Good point. I can do a couple of tweaks to improve compatibility between the two without harming the vanilla experience. The instant game loss you're getting - is it because you're using the Overmind civic? People in the Hive DLC comments have been reporting that one as though it's an issue with that mod.
aggravatedInsanity Jun 16 @ 6:01pm 
I'd like to mention - you suggest using this mod alongside The Unofficial Hive DLC mod, but both mods override a few of the same files. I'm not getting your modifications to Hive empire districts, for example, and in fact if I start a game with this mod enabled, I immediately 'lose' - my homeworld is, somehow, uninhabited.
Anti-Bully Ranger Jun 11 @ 5:14pm 
This is a fantastic mod. I wish there were more balancing mods like this one.