Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Improved FPS Booster
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Jun 6, 2019 @ 12:24am
Mar 24 @ 2:12pm
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Improved FPS Booster

Essential for your players !
⇨ Opening at first connection. ⇨ Status, if enable or disable. ⇨ Returns your current FPS, and gives your maximum, and minimum rate. ⇨ Returns your "Gains" of earned FPS if Improved FPS booster is enabled. ⇨ You can manage all commands with checkbox. ⇨ You can display the FPS counter on your HUD. ❘ You can position it in any direction , enable/disable (see Options). ⇨ All checkboxes and sliders are saved locally. ⇨ Has its own backup, and convar system. ⇨ Compatible with all Gamemode. ⇨ Compatible with all addons. ⇨ Compatible Server, and local party. ❘ This script is only compatible for server owners, or if you want to start game at peer to peer, or local. ⇨ Optimization Client/Server. ⇨ Do not denature the graphic rendering. ⇨ Automatically translated into FR/EN (depending on your localisation). ❘ Choose your language with a drop-down list, if the localization is not precise enough.

⇨ [Chat] /boost to open the panel.
⇨ [Chat] /reset to restore the default values.

✔ Gain between 5 to 50 fps (variable).
✔ Optimized / Lightweight.
✔ Simple Panel.
✔ No config file, fully configurable in game.

Developed by Inj3.
⇨ Any re-publication is strictly prohibited.

If you crashed after enabling improved fps booster, disable multicore rendering in options.

If you are subscribed to other Fps booster on the workshop, please unsubscribe, they might conflict with some of the Lua checks made on Improved Fps booster and cause unexpected malfunctions.

Github :
Aide-Serveur : (French community)

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Trident Jun 9 @ 11:42am 
The only thing that happens now is click any button and it crashes the game.
ReddSnake Jun 8 @ 11:03am 
I don't think keep corpses works with this addon
shit lowered my fps
gwileyrr May 27 @ 7:10pm 
this addon lies about your fps. i had reshade on and the fps was far different then what it was saying on the booster.
The Cold Cash Money Kid May 26 @ 2:58pm 
awesome boii
PÖIЙ† βLΛЙK May 14 @ 9:14pm 
Is there a way to have it be enabled by default, so when loading into another map, the pop-up to enable it doesn't show every time?
Herron May 14 @ 6:07pm 
this shit made my fps go down
VolKov May 2 @ 12:50pm 
@Inj3 How can I make the menu not appear as soon as someone enters my server? and make it optional for people that doesn't have good PC
Daisaku Kuze Apr 27 @ 1:21pm 
i see no difference in fps
vinokurov83 Apr 26 @ 12:08pm