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Warship Girls R And MIST Species
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Warship Girls R And MIST Species

In 2 collections by Amatsukaze
Warship Girl R and Mist 推荐Mod
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Warship Girls R 战舰少女R 游戏纯享合集
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【Compatible with 3.4 Cepheus 】
English localisation has been updated to contents before 30 April 2022.
There may be Chinese text exists in some part of the mod, which that means the part we've not translated yet.
We are sorry for any inconvenience and confuse that this may happen to your game.
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The Warship Girls are one of the three camps in this mod, they fought a long war with the Abyssal and finally won and drove the Abyssal out of the home world. After decades of reconstruction and revision, they finally embarked on a journey to the stars in the year 2200, and the story after that will be written by you personally.

【Highly customizable】
We have designed different origins, species traits, and civics for shipgirls, and we encourage you to design and create your own shipgirl civilization.
【Rich events】
The Warship Girls camp has a rich and complete chain of events, from begining to end, you can experience a variety of events and challenges.
【MIST and Project-S】
The nymphs have 2 completely different ascension routes, each with a special plot and independent technology.
【Favorability system】
Each leader has a Ffavorability, which will provide your leader with powerful buffs. some special leaders even have Their exclusive stories (GALGAME)

The abyssal fleet has the same origin as the shipgirls, but because they lost in the war, they had to leave their home world to find a new home. In the end, after countless trials and tribulations, they finally east again, and this time, they will do whatever it takes to defend everything that belongs to them.

【Highly customizable】
Like the shipgils, the abyssal also offers a wealth of customization options.
【Powerful force】
Unlike nymphs, deep sea nymphs are known for their ruthless efficiency and powerful firepower. Their military industry is so advanced that any camp that dares to make an enemy of them will be met with the fiercest of rebuffs.
【Icebreaker and Silence】
Through continuous development, the abyssal fleet will also face a choice about the future, will they embrace their feelings again or become ruthless and cold enforcers ....

United Fleet origin
The United Fleet is a united polity that combines shipgirls and deep sea, and their level of technology far exceeds that of ordinary shipgirls and abyssal. With the help of hyperdimensional matter, they will uncover the biggest secrets of the galaxy and seek the road to redemption ....

【Automated Industries】
The industries of the United Fleet can be highly automated and require almost no population.
【Marvelous Engineering】
The United Fleet has dozens of different and independently modeled megastructures, ranging from Dyson clouds to glory worlds, and even intergalactic strike weapons. Also their fleet is very powerful, also with dozens of new ships and even star system warships that cover the sky.

United Fleet Crisis
The United Fleet Crisis is the most mysterious and powerful existence in the game. In the game, they will appear in the form of the final crisis, the ultimate test of shipgirls and abyssal civilization.

In addition to the exclusive events in the camps, we also offer a large amount of generic content.

【Pantsu Shop】
Pantsu Shop that sells all kinds of strange but powerful goods, whether it's resources, technology, buffs or even rings for oaths, you can find them all here
Leviathan and Special Events】
We've made a lot of novel Leviathan and special events, learn their stories by defeating or exploring them and get great rewards!
【Shipgirl Fallen Empire】
Oneiros Shipgirl Embers and Silent Fleet are the exclusive Fallen Empires of this mod, their stories and special events are waiting for you to experience.
【Shipgirl Great Khan】
As the existence of the mid-term natural disaster, can you defeat their battle invincible trash made fleet?

In addition to the above! There are more!!! Please discover them in the game!!!

Finally, welcome to subscribe to our sub MOD and MOD recommendation collection (please filter the content you need by yourself)

United Fleet shipset:
Choose the our ship models for the shipgirl! Also the United Fleet Crisis will be replaced with these cool models.

Warship girls advisor.
The best quality advisor voice mod in all of Stellaris, each voice has hired the original CV to record specifically to begin the journey of Gunstar with the four shipgirls!

Universal Resource Patch
Warship grils MOD recommendation collection
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