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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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My Cool Collection Of Mods For Skyrim
A bunch of skyrim mods that i thought were really cool and wanted to share this collection with others.

Credits go to the respective owners
Items (973)
Better Quest Objectives
Created by whickus
Sorry for the lack of updates! Been away from Skyrim for a while. I've stopped supporting this mod but ultfreecomputing has picked up where I left off and made several improvements. Check out his mod Even Better Quest Objectives here:

Books Books Books 2
Created by Moog
NOTE: Disregard this note if you have not subscribed to my first version. This new version fixes the vendor bug which made it so that only Urag gro-Shub sold books. If you are satisfied with just Urag gro-Shub selling books, then carry on with whatever it ...
Crafter's Might
Created by dshade69
Adds 100 pts Enchanting, and items created with Alchemy and Smithing are better. The ring is located in Whiterun>Skyforge by the grinding wheel.

Please before you leave a message saying "such and such doesn't work"...the ring works. For example, the al...
Crafting Satchels
Created by Punished Snack
Adds Alchemy and Enchanting satchels to their respective tables in every buyable house.

TODO: Sync bag contents across all the houses...
Earlier Health Warnings
Created by David Sid
When Draugr battleaxes are cutting your Health in half, a 20% Health warning is too little, too late. This mod triggers the contextual low and very low Health warnings at 50% and 25% Health, respectively. If you want to do without the HUD, this will help....
Ebony Bonus Chest
Created by ✮elliot
This mod is aimed at new players looking for a bit of help to get on there way in Skyrim. This loot is ONLY available at the start of the game, so you have to make a new game to take advantage of the loot.

Simply, a bonus chest added to the room where y...
House Map Markers by Smakit
Created by Smakit
*** UPDATED *** Should work with Hearthfire now. Sorry about the little mix up!

Simply adds map markers to be discovered for the 5 cities where homes can be purchased (Markarth, Riften, Solitude, Windhelm, Whiterun). You need to go to the homes after in...
Imperial Dragon Armor
Created by RenegadeKnight
My first mod that adds a high level imperial armor, somewhat based off the one from oblivion. It can be aquired by crafting it at a forge with the ebony smithing perk. The armor is slightly weaker than dragon bone.Sword is equal to daedric in damage. You c...
Improved Quest Books
Created by elGrecoLoco
By popular demand, this ease-of-use addon will append "(Quest)" to the names of books that start quests--specifically Boethiah's Proving, The Legend of Red Eagle, and Lost Legends.

If you haven't already, please check out my other book addon, Improved S...
Increased Merchant Gold Count
Created by i cLust3R
Increased Merchant Gold Count is exactly what you think it is. It increases the gold amount for all vendor types by 10x! So what this means is that blacksmith vendors now have 10 000 gold, instead of 1 000, Street vendors now have 500 gold instead of 50 an...
Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One
Created by manny_gt
Mannygt's Mods

the "All In One version" is here :)

Version 1.1


v1.0 - Initial release
v1.1 - Remove unnecessary references in mod
- On the Nexus there are the ESM version and the 2x brighter too

* OVER...
Light Ingredients
Created by logopolis
Why can you carry thousands of arrows and lockpicks, but struggle under the weight of some leaves and flowers? This mod reduces the weight of ingredients to 0.

Supports the English version of Skyrim only....
Lighter Dragon Scales And Bones
Created by Chickun
This mod makes the weight value of dragon bones and scales to 1kg reducing the current 15kg weight which might be too much for adventurers to carry....
Lightweight Potions and Poisons
Created by JustinOther
Drops the weights all of potions and poisons from 0.5 to 0.1.

Currently supports *only Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish Skyrim installations.

Revision 5: Added Czech support. Dawnguard potions reweighed ...
Lockpick Pro
Created by bruce wang
Mod created by Kenney Vleugels. Uploaded by FreeTheEnslaved.


This mod adds a bar at the top of the screen while picking a lock which shows you the 'sweet spot' of the lock. It also shows the health of the current ...
Marriage Mod - To Have & To Hold
Created by joeThinkStudios
This mod is designed to enhance the current marriage system in Skyrim; specifically the Wedding Scene at the Temple of Mara, fix various marriage related bugs (potentially an ongoing effort), and add mechanics to remarry. Ultimately, the goal of this mod, ...
Morrowinds Legendary Rings
Created by Trelares
This mod adds 8 legendary rings that where present in Morrowind to Skyrim.

These 8 rings are:

Mentors Ring
Increases Magicka and Magicka Regeneration by 50/50%.

Denstagmers Ring
Resist Frost/Fire/Shock +30%.

Phynasters Ring
Resist Magic/Pois...
Non-Hostile Friendly Fire
Created by (Strai)
Friends and Allies will no longer become hostile if you attack them (accidentally or otherwise!)
Has no effect on anyone with a neutral relationship or lower.

Note: This mod does not stop friendly fire damage....
Project Reality:Climates Of Tamriel - Lite Version
Created by jj.con

-Adds 506 new weather systems
-Adds 2024 new and unique days, night, dawn and dusk
-Adds a massive library of new cloud visuals
-Adds fork lightning visuals and new thunder sounds
-Adds natural and fa...
RNG (Dynamic) Guards
Created by 한로렌
Changes can take up to one in-game week to take full effect. Alternatively, you can use the console command "resurrect" to manually force a reroll on the selected guard. Please make sure you have tried both before posting an err...
Random Alternate Start
Created by Syclonix
Don't forget to vote if you like this mod!

Be anyone you want to be. Choose from 21 different loadouts then get randomly thrown somewhere in the vast land of Skyrim. Will you end up in the royal court of Solitude's magnificent Blue Palace or will you en...
Reduced Distance NPC Greetings
Created by Cipscis
This mod reduces the distance required for NPC greetings so that you'll need to nearly bump into them.

Also available on Skyrim Nexus:

Also see:
No NPC Greetings -
Scroll Weight Removed, lighter scrolls
Created by Plan3tBob
This mod removed the weight of scrolls down to zero. They are after all one sheet of paper.

'Thumbs Up' appreciated if its useful for you too :) - Its my first ever mod using the Skyrim creation kit and was surprisingly simple.

See JustinOther's mod ...
Skill Smash - Faster Leveling with Standing Stones
Created by ArcadeParty
Are you up to your 239th playthrough of Skyrim?
Do you crave power?
Are you just generally impatient?

If so, this is the mod for you!


Very simple. Very small. Very useful.

-This mod simply increases the guardian stone...
Spend Dragon Souls For Perks
Created by Smitty
*** Now compatible with SkyRE, and other perk-altering mods! ***
* Does NOT require any script extenders. *

(Show some love! Favorite & Thumbs up!)

New, Version 3.0 is out! Read the revision log for more info!
Checkout the 3.0 Update video.
Stronger Daedric Artifacts
Created by Bebop0389
Most Daedric Artifacts were modified.

-Higher damage/armor rating
-Powerful enchantments
-Unlimited charges
-Most are now disenchantable and improveable
-Worth more gold
-Stack with smithing perks

In the Elder Scrolls lore, daedric artifacts a...
Tamriel Compendium
Created by Cliffworms
Tamriel Compendium adds 177 books that were present in past Elder Scrolls games but not included in Skyrim. Books of fiction, theatrical plays, jokes, metaphysics, guides, poems, debates, religion and more. Many of those books come from another province of...
Thieves Guild Requirements - No Auto Quest Start
Created by kryptopyr
The Thieves Guild is now for thieves only. Brynjolf will no longer approach you if you are not a thief, and the Thieves Guild questline will not be activated until the player meets the necessary requirements. PLUS... Now you can buy genuine Falmer Blood El...
Underworld Vampire Eyes - Dawnguard Req.
Created by Elayeth
A simple light blue retexture of the default vampire eyes. I tried to make it look as much like the vampire eyes from the Underworld movies as possible and this is the result.

Also please be aware that this mod does not affect the beast races nor do I ...
Unlimited Amulets and Rings 1.0 (Final)
Created by buffaloobobs
3 November, 2016
I have no plans to port this. If anyone else wants to, feel free. This mod was very easy to make, I just don't have the free time or desire any longer. All someone has to do is remove the body part tag (in this case, the finger or hand or...
Unrestricted Enchanting
Created by tx3000
Unrestricted Enchantment removes the 4 piece enchanting equipment limit on all non-unique, clothing, armor and jewelry. So now you can put your favorite enchantment on all 7 pieces instead of just 4.

An example is now you are able t...
Weightless Books
Created by Vawser
Sets weight of all books within Skyrim to 0, including the Elder Scroll and other book quest items.

If you want to support me, then visit my Paetron page here.[]...
Weightless Gems
Created by Weir
Simply removes the weight from all the gems, including souls gems. It also renames the gems for better sorting in inventory, if you want to keep the default names, subscribe to this mod instead:
Weightless Ingots and Ores
Created by Hans
Do you hate it too, when your Inventory is Full because of all the Ingots and Ores?
With this Mods, its no more problem, because they weight nothing!

XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement
Created by Xenius
XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement

XCE is a compilation of all my work on the enhancement of the characters in Skyrim.
For now this will only affect human and elven races.

· What it does:

- Adds more detail to skin of faces and bodies
- Adds a l...
AJ's Miner Merchant
Created by Donn Folks
Please Rate,Comment,Subscribe, And Check Out My Other Mods In My Collection

Adds A 24/hour Merchant To Riverwood Sleeping Giants Inn Who Buy/sells Blacksmith Stuff His Inventory is 50 Of All I...
Assassin's Skyrim: Ezio's Roman Armor
Created by NAX
Do you have all the Assassin's Creed armors but not Ezio's Roman Armor? Then this mod will help you!

Auto Unequip Arrows
Created by Alek
This version is for vanilla Skyrim and does not support crossbows. If you have Dawnguard get this version instead:

This mod comes with a script that will automatically unequip arrows when yo...
Better Combat AI
Created by joop
Better Combat A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
Enhances the combat AI for NPCs within the game.


NEW 4.25.15
Many creature additions:
- Lowered confidence/increased chance of fleeing of animals (sabre cats, dogs, skeevers, mudcrabs, horke...
Better Embers
Created by Vampaerr
This is a mod to make embers look better, it's something I made along with the textures fix for the chopping blocks/wood fires but never released.

DONATION COUNT: 1!! (very happy to have received my first donation! thank you, very much appreciated!)...
Birds and Flocks
Created by Kazoomie
-- NOTICE 10/25/2016 --

Unfortunately, I don't have time to continue offering further support/updates for my mods. I am unaware at this time how mods like this one will work with the Skyrim Remaster which is due out in a few days, but I am posting this ...
Adventurers and Travelers
Created by kitthenailer
Add the NPC Adventurer parties to each towns and add many Travelers to skyrim.

This is not "Additional Encounter Zones". All NPCs is continuous data in the Game and live the life of each NPC.
Blaze Of Eventide
Created by Alek
- True flame effects.
- Fiery footprints.
- Illuminates surroundings (optional).
- Glows at night.
- Follows player.
- Custom summon mechanics and effects.
- Fire damage immunity - fire heals instead.
- Fiery avenger (burns attac...
Build Your Own Home
Created by SupernastyPants
Welcome to Build Your Own Home, the mod where you do just as the title suggests. This mod exploded to be the 3rd* most endorsed house mod on Nexus ( ). And now I can finally upload it here.

Yes thats right! YOU bu...
Civil War Cleanup
Created by joeThinkStudios
It always bothered me that the cities remained damaged after completing the civil war.

The people of Skyrim need to rebuild after the civil war. This mod does just that.

Whiterun has been repaired to a nice exterior for the large tree; the houses th...
College Visitor's Pass
Created by Jokiros
No longer under active development.

Allows you to enter the College of Winterhold without joining as a full member.

Have you ever been bothered that to finish the main story, or just to use any of the facilities of the College you had to be a fuly fl...
Deeper Snow (More Snow)
Created by Zappoo
This Mods adds more Snow to Skyrim especially Snow Storms are very Snowy :) Update - Now this Mod comes with WindFX when it Snow´s heavy!

For even more Snow and Wind in this mod you can also check
Dark Steel Plate Armor
Created by spissvinkel
A darker coloured version of steel plate armour.

* Items are in addition to standard steel plate armour, not replacements
* Same stats as standard versions
* Craft with Advanced Armors perk
* May be tempered and/or enchanted
* Sold by merchants, app...
15th Century Steel Helms
Created by Robertson
Version 1.01

This mod adds two 15th Century Steel Helms to Skyrim - the Armet and the Hounskull Bascinet, both of which can be created at any forge using the Advanced Armours Perk....Or alternatively you can just cheat and spawn them in via the console ...
Demonic Armored Horse
Created by MontyX
Credit goes to Mystikhybrid for permision to use his Horse Armor.

Standalone, Does not Replace Shadowmere.

Use the spell tome to learn the spell,
& summon the Demonic Horse at will.
The horse will follow you, so no more wandering horses,
& killing...
Direwolves in Skyrim
Created by Kookaburra

This mod add direwolves to Skyrim. There are two types:

Direwolf-Level 40, comes in brown, grey an...
Dragon Bone Weapons Complete
Created by churchofsmalldog
Dragon Bone Weapons Complete Set


Adds craftable Dragon Bone Weapon...
Duskfall, A Dawnbreaker Companion Blade
Created by Nox
I wanted a blade to go along with Dawnbreaker and act as a dark/night version of it. First skyrim mod so any feedback is appreciated. Nexus version also available, check the bottom of this description.

Unlike other "Duskbreaker" "Dark Dawnbreaker" etc m...
Created by Maverick
Ebonvale is an established trading settlement located between Whiterun and Riverwood. The settlement is under the influence of Whiterun but due to Whiteruns Civil War and a dwindling economy , The Jarl was forced to ask successful independent merchants to ...
Created by Nick75
Dragon Themed Breezehome
Created by The Red Glow
What this mod does is add dragon statues and themes to the small cottage that we all know and love.

Have you ever looked at breezehome and thought, is this a place for a dovahkiin to live?

Well now the home can be a place for a dovahkiin to live with...
Bluecreek Estate
Created by Tom
Welcome to the remote grounds of Bluecreek Estate, a secluded player home situated on the north-eastern shore of lake Ilinalta. The estate includes a woodmill, goldmine, hot tub, treasure vault, hunter’s shack, servant quarters and the main residence. All ...
Falkreath - Ancient Glory
Created by Rovannon

Once ago Falkreath was a mighty kingdom, controlling large parts of the actual Cyrodiil. The kings resided in a large castle, near their capital. After the foundation of the empire and the breakup of the kingdom, it was deserted. Now the ru...
Extra Encounters - Basic
Created by SayHelloToMrBullet
Are you tired of wandering around the landscape of Skyrim, where nothing ever seems to happen? Do you grow weary of exploring because everywhere you go just seems to be as empty as the plain you recently passed? Are you fed up of only seeing animals in the...
Created by Verteiron
A very small mod that lets you know when you are near the borders of a hold.

Requested by daventry, may his castle never end up in a bottle.
Request thread:
Fight Like A Badass - Unarmed Killmoves Unlocked
Created by RJinthematrix
Now you can pummel your way to cool finishers all day against Draugr, Wolves, Spiders, Giants and the ultimate challenge to PUNCH A DRAGON TO DEATH.
Compatible with Killmove mods such as The Dance of Death and More kill moves for all weapon types, just ma...
GAME OF THRONES - House shields (by P3dr0)
Created by P3dr0

Adds Game of Thrones House shields to skyrim.
Custom HD textures applied to bethesda's guard shield model.

Available in both LIGHT and HEAVY armor, these shields share stats with regular guard shields.
They can be crafted and temper...
Cyrodiils Akaviris
Created by DoG

(no dawnguard required)

You liked the old Akaviri-Blades from Oblivion? -Then you're right here!

This Mod replaces the normal Skyrim Akaviris to a little bit more oblivious Version.
There is also a chest next to the ...
Faction: Pit Fighter Travels Add-On
Created by ThirteenOranges
Pit Fighter Travels is an Add-On for An Elder Scrolls Faction: Pit Fighter which provides multiple new pit fight locations and rewards as well as new creatures, weapons and armor. [...
Follower Death Messages
Displays a message when your follower or dog dies.

Also displays a message when your follower or dog is injured and begins kneeling....
Game of Thrones- Dire Wolf Companions
Created by SpiralDynasty
Made as a optional file for
(check it out fantastic stuff) This file is included in the downloadable files for that mod.
Includes all 6 dire wolves from the Game of Thrones. They follow basic commands wait, follow,...
Followers can Relax
Created by King Coin
4/25/15 -- No I am not going to charge for this.

UPDATE: If you'd like to be able to tell Serana to relax as well, use this patch file in addition to this mod:

As always, if you do no...
Follower Trap Safety
Created by Alek
If you ever hated followers and summoned creatures for triggering traps, getting both of you into a tight situation or you were trying to guide them around the pressure plates, then this mod is for you.
This mod changes few base scripts and as a result yo...
Gloves Of Crafting With Crafting Workshop
Created by fpsquadrasnipar

✓ Maxed Out Enchantments.
• Fortify Smithing 1000
• Fortify Alchemy 1000
• Fortify Barter 1000
• Fortify Carryweight 1000

✓ Zero Weight and Maxed Out Armor Rating.
Blade's Vampire Sword
Created by Kryptonian
Blades Vampire Sword

Craftable under Daedric category you will need 1 Silver ingot, 3 Steel ingots, 5 Ebony ingots
There is a Silvered...
Amulets of the Divines
Created by klesh
This mod re-introduces both of the Amulets of the Divines (Amulet of the Eight, Amulet of the Nine) to the world of Skyrim, this time with a twist! Each is a powerful enchanted amulet which combines the Divines' amulets and their effects into one.

Arakh Sword (GameOfThrones)
Created by khaine_117

Always supprised people are still downloading this, but I guess i should state I have not been updating this for a long while. If it works for you great, if it does'nt, sorry!

[ 2013 ]

My first working published mod :]

Modeld off of the ...
Armor of Jurgen Windcaller - v 1.0
Created by rko381
Plunge the depths of the Ustengrav, questing for The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, and confront the shade of the Greybeard's founder himself. Should you prove worthy, inherit his Dragon Bone armor and become the most powerful wielder of The Voice.

Arvak's Skull Quest Marker
Created by Samutz
Adds a quest marker to help you find Arvak's Skull for the Soul Horse miscellaneous quest.

** Dawnguard DLC REQUIRED! **
Because this modifies a Dawnguard-only quest.

Click the Subscribe button above.
Skyrim's laun...
Apex Werewolf
Created by SatyrTitan
This mod replaces default werewolf model with a new High Resolution and more imposing werewolf.
If you apreciate my work and wish ...
Ysgramor's Artifacts Improved
Created by Zim
All mods in the Improved Artifacts Collection can be found on the Nexus []. Also included on the Nexus is a single merged versio
The Imperial Legion
Created by johnskyrim
If you like my mods, please give me a like on Facebook!


The Imperial Legion is a large kite shield that depicts the logo of The Imperial Legion. It is a strong shield made for Imperials and S...
Soul Gem Fusion Mod
Created by くコ:彡
===NO DLC REQUIRED=== Ever had too many petty gems? Not anymore!

Ever had too many petty souls and just wanted some grand soul gems? Well now you can! With this small mod you can combine two gems into the higher teir in the blacksmith forge. You can eve...
Created by Sauron
UPDATE: Added a 2 handed version for those that want it. Keep in mind that I had to make it larger to fit the characters grip.

This is Orcrist, Thorin Oakenshield's sword. Forged by the elven smiths of Gondolin.

You can craft it at a forge with 2 ste...
Quest: Lord's Mail
Created by Sir Edhelsereg
    The Lord's Mail, sometimes called the Armor of Morihaus or the gift of Kynareth, is an ancient cuirass of unsurpass
Realistic Ragdolls and Force
Created by BakaKemono
(ESP plugin)Reduces the extra force applied on ragdolls to a more reasonable level
(MESH)Replaces ragdolls so that they bend and twist realistically and fall at a faster velocity, and increases friction to fix ice-like ragdoll sliding

If you want more...
More Dragon Loot
Created by Vony256
This little mod makes dragons drop more loot. You should allways get something enchanted to make it worth while dragon hunting.

This mod should also now be compatible with the Deadly Dragons Mod....
Here There Be Monsters
Created by Araanim

"Monsters are tragic beings.  They are born too tall, too strong, too heavy.  They are not evil by choice.  That is their tragedy."...
Halls of Dovahndor
Created by Okiir
(see Nexus page)

Halls of Dovahndor

Player Home by Okiir


Run For Your Lives
Created by Arthmoor
A small mod that makes citizens in a village or city run indoors during a dragon or vampire attack.

This was born out of frustration at seeing the citizens all trying to be a hero and rushing headlong to their doom attacking dragons and vampires. Instea...
The Dance Of Death - A Killmoves Mod
Created by The Duskhunter

This mod now requires SkyUI 3.0 and the latest version of the Skyrim Script Extender, or SKSE, in order to utilise the new Mod Configuration Menu system, or MCM.

A Dawnguard-compatible vari...
Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
Created by BakaKemono
A blood overhaul mod

Bloodier combat experience with higher resolution and detailed textures. Additional features such as killmove animation spasms, blood drops when low health, damage based blood amount, blood pools, and green blood for spiders and oil...
The Fellowship in Skyrim
Created by JP Doctor
06/06/2017: Check out this amazing custom voiced Gimli follower, made by Gimli son of Gloin:

This mod adds the Fellowship of the Ring from the Lord of the Rings films as followers to Skyrim...
Destruction Magic Overhaul
Created by René Descartes
I always thought the vanilla magic in skyrim was kinda boring. If you wanted a higher level spell, you had to use a certain type. I made this mod to allow you to choose the spell type you like. It adds more spells such as fire/frost/shock spells that you h...
v04 Proudspire Manor TNF - Hearthfire
Created by GoatlionST
======Farewell and License

After 1000 hours playtime and five mods published, I(author) am leaving SKYRIM.
Now, you are free to modify all my five TNF house mods; including releasing bug fixes or improving on the features my file adds to the game, an...
Civil War Enhancement: Guarded Borders
Created by Goblinlord
Civil War Enhancement: Guarded Borders adds two border camps and three small Imperial outposts.This mod is my attempt to create a better feeling of civil war in Skyrim by adding ...
Created by DapperDodo
In Skyrim, a legendary sword was forged with the power of ice. Infused with the elements of the frozen tundra, Chillrend was created! The sword was passed down from trading, looting, bribery, prizes, stealing, and much more.

But one thing was not menti...
Tel Yagrum
Created by iBoomstick
Welcome to Tel Yagrum,the last surviving Telvanni mushroom house in the lands of Skyrim.
Situated north east of Morthal this majestic mushroom towers over its surroundings,containing all the amenities an adventurer could need including all types of crafti...
Improved Fish - Complete
Created by Blitz54

This is the NEW version of Improved Fish!!! It's compatible with many more mods now, seeing as the cabin and quests are NOT included in this version. Soon I will either discontinue the cabin/quests, or make a smal...
Conan Hyborian Age

-------------------------- Dedicated to All Conan and Arnold Schwarzenegger Fans --------------------------------------

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

Unlimited Enchantments
Created by hawkeyea32
Ever wished you could apply more enchantments to a weapon. Well now you can with Abundant Enchantments. This mod replaces the extra effect perk with abundant enchantments perk which allows you to put an unlimited amount of enchantments on an item.

Created by DapperDodo
In Skyrim, a legendary sword was forged with the power of ice. Infused with the elements of the frozen tundra, Chillrend was created! The sword was passed down from trading, looting, bribery, prizes, stealing, and much more.

But one thing was not mentio...
Created by Iced Coffee


Unread Books Glow
Created by duggelz
Unread Books Glow by duggelz

Books which you have not read yet will have a visible glow. When you read a book for the first time, its glow will disappear. All copies of the same title are considered the same book, so once you've read one "Cats of Skyr...
Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
Created by Tomato
SSE version here (not 100% certain on stability):

*** Please take a brief moment to read this description before asking questions in comments ***

Also available at [url=skyrim.nexusmods...
Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
Created by Turn_on_a_Dime
This simple mod adds quest markers to all 24 of the Stones of Barenziah (Unusual Gems) that you need to find/collect for the "No Stone Unturned" quest.
The markers are only added after you take an "Unusual Gem" to Vex, and she gives you the objective to f...
The Asteria - Dwemer Airship
Created by Mattcm919
\\The Asteria - Dwemer Airship//

Thankyou to everyone who has downloaded and rated The Asteria! All of your encouragment and support means alot to me! However, I am no longer modding skyrim and have no future plans to support any of my mods.

Before a...
HD Plants + Herbs
Created by Dartanis
I made this for you. Please "Like" it. :)

Some of those color splotches on the ground of skyrim are supposed to be flowers, so I made them look like flowers.

In an ever ongoing effort to make skyrim more beautiful, here are a few hi-resolution (10...
Smithing 2.0
Created by Buckles
I wanted to make almost every item craftable and enchantable. So here you go. Keep in mind all the artifacts and unique items are less powerful, unenchanted replicas. If you want the real artifact or whatever you still have to do the quest to get it.

I ...
Mercenary War-Gear
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

An Imperial mercenary company has been developing a new type of soldier known as [Combat Engineer] to replace the Mages and get the magical aspect out of warfare completely, since Mages take so many years and so much education to train in ...
SkyrimZ 2 [Dawnguard Dragonborn Version]
Created by Rob Boss

Essential Merchants
Created by Stew
The mod:

Have you ever been tired of dragons wiping out all the merchants in town, or vampires killing them in there attacks, or bieng in one of your rages and you take it out on the town, then later you think, "Oh crap". Well this mod will make sure th...
A Tragedy in Black - Enchanting Remastered
Created by ArcadeParty
BRIEF: This mod aims to empower the Enchanting tree and to provide versatility and power to the dedicated enchanter.This mod rewards commitment to the skill with a range of powerful choices.

This mod is a reworking of the Enchanting tree. As stated in...
Beginner's Home
Created by crazycameleon1
First of all this is the first mod I've ever made so go easy on me

No DLCs Required

Small starter home with the necesities for living in Skyrim. Comes with a sword that is (not great but very fast), two skill books, and storage units that will not r...
Vallanstead: New Village
Created by crazycameleon1
Vallanstead is a small town just East of Whiterun. In this mod there is a player house, 6 new buildings, 14 new npcs, and much more.
-The player house is the jarl's longhouse. Inside is all player necesities, a new follower, and plenty of stora...
Sjel Blad Castle
Created by SBX611
Sjel Blad Castle - "Soul Blade" Castle in Norwegian, is an expansive player home mod with numerous character perks including an armory, forge, barracks, sanctuary, living quarters, vault, trophy hall, stables, guards, humanoid/creature companions, a...
Powerful Shadowmere
Created by forg8tten

I create only mods for me and my son ( :P ), so probably my mods won't be interesting for anyone else.

My son loves Shadowmere, but he does not like when he dies.
So I changed the specs for the horse in many ways:

1 - Shad...
Dragonborn Smithing 2.0
Created by Buckles
This mod requires the Dragonborn DLC.

I recommend using all three of my smithing mods. They're kinda ment to go together.
Dawnguard Smithing 2.0
Created by Buckles
This mod requires the Dawnguard DLC.

I recommend using all three of my smithing mods. They're kinda ment to go together.
Zelda Music Swap
Created by -cC+ wolfs
**All material used in this mod belongs to Nintendo!**

This mod replaces Skyrim's music with numerous tracks from Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, and Wind Waker.

Once upon a time, a swell fellow who goe...
More Bandits
Created by Lil' Oxidation
Ever wanted a better fight when you raid a bandit camp? Well here you go! This mod adds more Bandits to most camps. -- I highly recommend getting this mod when you are past level 40-- Enjoy --May cause much lag--...
Created by Dogtown1

a very short distance east of the entrance to Ilinalta's Deep there is a cave opening

fight your way through the Xenomorph Hive against many different Xeno types and facehuggers

when you...
Dovahburg Player House
Created by tatskamies
Dovahburg is an orc stronghold playerhome near Windhelm. Allso includes a playerhorse named Billy.

UPDATED: added a tanning rack, sign on the road and a small basement/mine.
UPDATED: no DLC's reqiured anymore! replaced the golden static plates with nor...
N7 Armor
Created by JP Doctor

PLEASE READ: If you can't find it in game it means that you haven't waited for the data files to update on the launch screen before starting the game. Always do this after downloading a mod.

Made by request. You'll find the armor in the Bannered Mar...
Tales of Intrigue: Chasing Memories
Created by Comrade Homer

Welcome to the first installment in the Tales of Intrigue series. Throughout this collection of loosely connected adventures, I'll be placing you in the middle of the most bizarre situations throughout Skyrim. S...
Blood and Fear - Shrouded Armour Alternative
Created by ArcadeParty
BRIEF: A small mod which alters the look of the Shrouded Armour. Now it looks similar to the Guild Master's armour however with the Dark Brotherhood symbol on the left shoulder in red.

I always hated the look of the vanilla Shrouded Armour, but I love...
The 50th Mod
Created by ArcadeParty
BRIEF: In celebration of 50 Skyrim mods, I decided to add myself (well my character at least!) to the game as a custom follower, hireling and potential husband.


Hey all!

Firstly, I just wanted to say a BIG thankyou to...
Double Helix Sword (Majora's Mask)
Created by Dwarven Mudcrab
The sword Fierce Diety/Oni Link uses in The Legend of Zelda Majora's mask. This weapon doesn't do much damage, but it has a long range attack. It levels up Destruction magic when used. This is to represent the special attack Fierce Diety uses when Link has...
Superior Dual Casting
Created by Sovereign
I always thought the dual casting cost/bonus was a little weird. In the vanilla game the magicka/power multiplier for dual casting is set to 2.8/2.2. This sets it to 3.0/3.0.

This mod changes dual casting cost to X3 magicka and X3 effect. Basically d...
AspenVale Village
Created by H.A.W.K.E.R.Z
NorthEast of Whiterun a new Settlement called AspenVale Village.

A city for wizards.

Player House & Horse
Over 30 NPC'S
6 Trainers (All Spells)
Over 22 Buildings
13 Vendors
Doom Stones are on Platforms.

Lever Under Lighthouse Turns...
The Field Lab
Created by Emperor11
A floating Telvanni field lab (player home) that can be summoned anywhere in the world.

This plug-in gives the player access to a unique, magic artifact: the field lab of Divayth Fyr – an ancient and powerful Telvanni mage from Vvardenfell...
SaberLight Rings for Magicka Sabers OR cuz you want to glow!
Created by Paindog
Paingod's SaberLights for Magicka Sabers
or just cuz you want to glow!

Subscribe and Find the SaberLight chest in Riften or Whiterun Market Circle (see Screenshot). OR

In your console type "help saberlight". Look for the for the Saber...
Unique Dragonstones Scavenger Hunt
Created by hawkeyea32
A lot of you people who play Skyrim enjoy scavenger hunt type mods. Well this mod puts a little twist on scavenger hunt mods. There are 50 dragonstones hidden only inside of or in the general are of the hold capitals. When you find one of the dragonstones ...
Whiterun Condo: A Riverside Player Home
Created by Edelweiss ✿
On the outskirts of whiterun near the meadery sits a freshly made home waiting for a loving owner. Perfect for the aspiring scholar or traveling adventurer like you!

Contains various crafting stations, storage, and many decorations within close walki...
More Material Variants - Dawnguard Edition
Created by Madrilous

What is MMV? Well More Material Variants is a solution to the problem which arises once your favorite armor is no longer strong enough for your needs. At this poin...
Angela: Ally, Merchant, Companion
Created by Xanthor MacLeod
TL;DR: Angela's a stealthy, brutal killing machine with powerful, unique gear available, and you can marry her. Jorge lives in the basement, is weak in combat but can follow and is a merchant. 4 new arrow-crafting recipes are included under 'MISC' a...
Falkreath Tree House
Created by Puppeteer

Near the town of Falkreath stands one of the most ancient trees in all of Tamriel. Upon it is built an elaborate tree house, which is thought to have belonged to the guardian of the forests around Falkreath. It lays empty now, ...
Created by SizzleBacon
This allows you to chop wood infinitely. Just press the use key to exit the chopping block. This mod doesn't work with chopping blocks added by Dawnguard....
More Shops and Merchants
Created by crazycameleon1
I know that when I'm going through some of the minor capitals it's annoying when there isn't a place to sell off you're stuff. So, I added merchants to Mortal, Dawnstar, and Winterhold.

Azzan- A Redguard Blacksmith that is set up in Morthal. To fi...
Country Castle
Created by Selesindrin
Have you ever cleared out a fort and wished you could take it over? Move in and settle down, with your own guards patrolling the ramparts, your own loyal servants at your beck and call, and generally living like royalty? But alas, every fort you clear repo...
Set Sail
Created by Fat Bastard
This is Set Sail, a Skyrim mod unlike any other.



There have been rumors of a new privateer business showing up in ...
Oblivion Gates in Cities
Created by Arthmoor
During the time of the Oblivion Crisis, it was said that Skyrim was hit especially hard by the Daedric invasion. Yet, a mere 200 years later there isn't a single sign of this event ever having happened anywhere. Such a monumental event in history would sur...
Restore Life Spell
Created by MasterGir
This spell restores life to fresh bodies.
You can't resurrect an old body you found in a dungeon, they have to have died while you were around.

This mod will resurrect anyone, friend and enemy. They'll function and react as if nothing h...
Dungeons: At World's End
Created by Lord Dagobert
Dungeons : At World's End
by Lord Dagobert
September 2013

Adds a brand new dungeon divided in 6 parts with 8 boss encounters. The entrance is near Winterhold (to the west), just check the map marker and
fast travel there. The dungeon is available in ...
Death Dealer Vampire Race
Created by Kryptonian
This brings the Death Dealers from the Underworld Series to Skyrim.

You can start as a Death Dealer Vampire with all traits to Skyrim lore Vampires.

Death Dealers are Vampire warriors that were created to combat Skyrim's growing problem of Werewolve...
Enhanced Enemy AI
Created by Erkeil
This mod is very little, unintrusive, and very light... It's compatible with everything and may be installed/uninstalled thousand times without problems. Load it as last in your load order and Enhanced Enemy AI will change FOREVER your Skyrim battles...
Cheat spells
My other Mods

The mod contains 24 spells

1. Disappear
This spell can targets disappear and appear after 60 seconds. Works not for guards or dragons.

Convenience Store
Created by k9mouse
Do you live out of nowhere land and the nearest city is 3 day jounery? Do you have a lot of loot and booty and getting tried of carry it to sell in town? If you answer “yes,” this mod is for you! This mod will add up to nine merchants that live in one’s...
Project Ultimatum - Gameplay and Roleplay Enhancement
Created by Sagittarius
Also available on Skyrim Nexus: HERE.[]

When I make mods, I always try to respect some rules.

1. It should be lore-friendly.
2. It should be not too frustrating.
3. It should be balanced.
4. The u...
Insanity's Daedric Sword
Created by InsanitySorrow



This release adds a new Daedric Sword to the crafting menu, it has the same stats as the vanilla daedric sword and is upgradeab...
Cyrodilic Steel Dagger
Created by fuccboi
Cyrodilic Steel Dagger
This dagger is inspired by the Cyrodilic Steel Dagger from TES:IV. After the Oblivion crisis had ended, and with it the 3rd Era, blacksmiths found new and more cost-effective ways of creating steel daggers. And so, the iconic...
Asgardian Race
Created by Kryptonian
Inhabiting the Nine Worlds in the other-dimensional Asgardian system are six races of humanoid life forms. Each race is different and intelligent, but the most powerful race is that of the Gods.

Attack On Titan - Become Titan
Created by DooM
Adds a little Quest when you start your game.

It will tell you to kill a bandit, but beware he will become a titan =)
Ive added some bandits to some random locations in skyrim the can change too !!

When you killed the one bandit from the quest you w...
Diablo Style Town Portal
Created by Adamidius
- Description

Well, this has been quite a bit of work, but it's finally here - my first Skyrim mod...

Presenting the Diablo Style Town Portal!

Ever been right in the middle of a dungeon, scraping that dreaded weight limit, and thought "gee, Diablo...
Daywalker Vampire Race
Created by Kryptonian

If you want a ond and two handed version of the sword go to my blade vampire sword page.

Blade's Daywalker abilities in Skyrim

Due to an enzyme in your blood stream resultant from your mother's being bitten by a vampire while giving birth...
Happy Halloween/Nightmare Night Mod
Created by Flamerunner

This Mod is a Halloween Mod not just for bronys but normal players and furries as well

The Mod Replaces all the guard shields to a jack o lantran them th...
Doctor Fate
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds Doctor Fate from DC comics as a follower to Skyrim.
You can find him at Dragonsreach in Whiterun.
He is essential and will level with the player.
He has an extra set of his armor in his inventory that will work for male, non beast char...
Created by Dogtown1
this mod adds new spiders to Skyrim

there is a normal, large and giant version of each new spider

they level with the player and appear anywhere frostbite spiders can be found...
Artifacts Of Ultima
Created by DEvasto
Ultima. What is there to say about this legendary, if now mostly unsung game series? Starting from a rather rudimentary beginning, each game improved on the last and revolutionized the way RPGs are made and played. It's rather dear to me, having grown up p...
Created by Dogtown1
the Centaur is rigged to a horse, there is no centaur in skyrim so there is no way to animate his arms

but he does attack as a horse and he will rear up and kick with his front claws as seen in the screenshot

he is added to the leveled deer list so a...
[BUSO] Daedric Weapon Pack 1.0.5
Created by China
Daedric Weapon Pack Includes :

- BUSO Daedric Battleaxe
- BUSO Daedric Dagger
- BUSO Daedric Greatsword
- BUSO Daedric Mace
- BUSO Daedric Sword
- BUSO Daedric War Axe
- BUSO Daedric Warhammer

These Weapons are improved, and better made...
The Batman in Skyrim
Created by JP Doctor

Link to my Skyrim Avengers mod:

PLEASE READ: Make sure you wait for the data files to update on the launch screen after downloading the mod before you start the game.

This mod adds B...
Morrowind Border Trading Shack
Created by Jamey

EDIT: 1,000 Subscribers?! Thanks so much for the support everyone! :) I'll be sure to bring much more to this mod in the future if I can ^^

A very small, simple, but effective mod: The Morrowind Border Trading Shack!

Adds ...
Skyrim Avengers
Created by JP Doctor

REQUIRES DAWNGUARD DLC- I'm sorry but I won't be making a non DLC version, it's required for the armor choices I made.
This mod adds Skyrim's very own version of The Avengers as followers to the game.
Captain Skyrim, Ironman. Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye and ...
Vampirelord Replacer
Created by Dogtown1
this mod replaces both the male and female vampirelord with a more undead demonic lookin dude...
The Eyelander - Begin the HeadTakening
Created by Dafini
Yes, Demoman's Cursed sword has made its own landing.

You will have to craft it to get it (or cheat for those people)
To craft it, you Require 1 Iron Ingot, 3 Heads (you will need to kill people for them, or be creepy and steal their heads off of their...
Loki Follower: Skyrim Avengers add-on
Created by JP Doctor

For all those who asked, this mod adds Loki as a follower to Skyrim. You'll find him at the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm.
He is essential and levels with the player. This does not require any DLC.
He'll put on his helmet when you leave the palace....
Player Homes - Butlers
Created by Bacxaber
This mod adds Butlers to Vlindrel Hall, Proudspire Manor, and Honeyside.
Here's how they work: They're technically followers, intended for carrying all your junk/loot and then to be dismissed back in their intended home. They're not Essential, so don't g...
Ironman's Assistance
I have noticed no one has made a FULL suit of ironman armor, just a helmet, so i went on the internet in search of one. i found one, but it was not on the nexus or on steam, and in game you had to enter a console command to get it, ...
Mjolnir Unbound
I noticed there are many "Thor's Mjolnir" mods that already exist, but most are nothing more than a new Hammer with a lightning enchant stuck at the bottom of some old Dwarven ruin. I didn't expect much more, but still, I tho...
Morsel - The Cursed Halls
Created by Lionbush
'Long ago, an ancient hall was built below the Throat of the World. Vast mines and caverns deep beneath the earth. For years the Ancient Nords lived deep under the Mountain. Seeking new riches and forging new dwellings their craft was surpassed by none. Th...
The Hunting Game
Created by ArcadeParty
BRIEF: A mod which aims to make hunting a much more profitable, viable and worthwhile experience. The prices of animal parts, and the amount of items each animal drops, have been significantly altered to provide a much more realistic experience.

Hunter's Cabin
Created by skinbin
*Development on this mod has now finihsed. If any bugs are reported I will try my best to fix them, but I will not be working on adding any new features or the like. You will find me, and my mods, on the nexus from now on.*

ToggleWolf - The Werewolf Toggle Mod
Created by Lurong
This mod changes the game mechanics of Beast Form. You can now use it more then once a day and you can revert back simply by sheathing your weapon. This is script based so the change is not instant. There was also a dynamic change made to your stats when y...
Master Chief in Skyrim
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds Master Chief from the Halo series as a fully voice acted follower to Skyrim. Both Chief and Cortana will talk to you as well as eachother. You'll find him near the shrine to Talos in Whiterun.
He is essential and levels with the player. ...
The Cyrodiil Border Inn
Created by Jamey
No DLC required for this mod.

This mod was inspired by the previous mod I did:
(Morrowind Border Trading Shack:

This mod aims at bringing life to the Cyrodiil/Skyrim border by adding...
Better looking Lydia_Spellsword_CBBE-Edition
Created by Destero
Table of Contents:
  1. Description
  2. What you need
  3. My other Mods
  4. Thanks and Credits
  5. Bugs or Problems
  6. Permissionnotes
New Weapon Artifacts: Cinderblaze and Emberscorch
Created by CoNiGMa
This mod adds two new weapon artifacts called Cinderblaze and Emberscorch to the game. They can both be found laying on the Skyforge in Whiterun (This is only temporary).

Both of these sister axes deal 20 points of fire damage to the target and set them...
Better Fast Travel
Created by Roald
This is a pretty basic mod, which aims at improving the usability and efficiency of the fast-travel system.

Update 31/10: Upon request added markers to the Temple of the Divines and the Docks in Windhelm.
Also, you might not want to go fishing down
New Weapon Artifacts: Broken Dreams
Created by CoNiGMa
This shattered 2H greatsword poisons the target's mind sending them into a semi-dream state causing them to hallucinate and go into a frenzy allowing the wielder to absorb their stamina.

The sword is located on a ledge in the upstairs part of Dragonsrea...
Man of Steel Armors
Created by Kryptonian
This the new Superman Suit in the Movie The Man of Steel.
It is craftable under the Steel category look for Man of Steel
Jor-El body suit now in game and craftable under the same category.

Museum of Aram
Created by RogueOfStorms
A comprehensive storage mod for the obsessive klepto in all of us. Contains 34 bookcases, more than 125 mannequins, 96 weapons racks, 45 weapons display plaques, 14 large display cases, 8 small display cases, and 16 chests for extra storage.

An undergr...
The Ysmir
Created by Lionbush
*** Mod includes 'Amon Hen' type structure called Sinlud-Citha (The Sun Hills) ***

I've always been fascinated by the Argonath in LOTR so I wanted to make something ingame that reflected them, but fit into the Elder Scrolls world. So, here are 'The Ysmi...
Created by ProdoSlam

We are very sorry but as of now we don't continue work on this mod. Earlier my hard drive crashed and i lost pretty much everything. For all you modders out there if u want to use this mod and change...
LOTR V2 part 2
Created by ProdoSlam

Now also enjoy the added Ents in Skyrim. These Ents are only available through console command.
Just type: help "Ancient Ent" Then u will see its id and then u can spawn it.

Credits for these Ents go to newermind43

LOTR V2 part 3
Created by ProdoSlam

Now also enjoy the added Ents in Skyrim. These Ents are only available through console command.
Just type: help "Ancient Ent" Then u will see its id and then u can spawn it.

Credits for these Ents go to newermind43

LOTR V2 part 4
Created by ProdoSlam

Now also enjoy the added Ents in Skyrim. These Ents are only available through console command.
Just type: help "Ancient Ent" Then u will see its id and then u can spawn it.

Credits for these Ents go to newermind43

LOTR V2 part 5
Created by ProdoSlam

Now also enjoy the added Ents in Skyrim. These Ents are only available through console command.
Just type: help "Ancient Ent" Then u will see its id and then u can spawn it.

Credits for these Ents go to newermind43

LOTR V2 part 6
Created by ProdoSlam

Now also enjoy the added Ents in Skyrim. These Ents are only available through console command.
Just type: help "Ancient Ent" Then u will see its id and then u can spawn it.

Credits for these Ents go to newermind43

LOTR Soldiers
Created by ProdoSlam
LOTR V2 IS OUT NOW! Check it out on



Because a lot of people are having issues with ...
Prince and The Pauper
Created by Jaderoyale
**** Removing the orphan rags from the children's chest will prevent them from equipping them again. Huge thank you to MichelleBrujah for this solution.****

An Xvision Children Redone patch is available:
Younger Breton Females
Created by Towelie
Makes Breton females look younger. No more wrinkles on the forehead!

Works with Skyrim High Resolution Texture Pack and with other texture mods. Make sure you've placed this mod after all others character texture mods in load order.

Update: Pack text...
Created by GosuCab


No Dawnguard required :D

This mods adds 5 Destruction Spells and Tarlok as a follower in Riverwood:

Bloodbending(push): Pushes away your target and do...
Naruto Jutsu
Created by Crayon
If your looking for this Mod on the Skyrim Nexus Search for "Skyrim Naruto Anime Overhaul" by Gyn

Adds a bunch of spells based on the anime Naruto.

((NPCs Disappearing? just save, close the game and then reload.))

davyclouser 16 Jun 2013 @ 12:11am...
[ VoidCraft ] Optic Nature Pack
Created by Saint Void
Have too many graphic mods that you just can't live without? Why not use a combo pack?

*** Attention ***
I did not create the mods in this combo pack, I am merely combining them into one all-in-one mod. I have the utmost respect for the creators of th...
The City of Thieves
Created by Valtharen
Riften is supposed to be the home of many thieves right ?
So, why, exept in the sewers, there isn't any sign of thief activity ?

This mod will change that by adding a lot of new structures on the roofs of Riften.

-A tavern,...
Celtic Legend
Created by The Irish Ace

Please rate this workshop file and request any song that you would like. This song was (REQUESTED) and i delivered please thumb up and favourite it if possible and ENJOY !!!!.

-=My Youtube=-
Lord of the Rings: The Hobbit - Misty Mountains (Cold)
Created by The Irish Ace

Please rate this workshop file and request any song that you would like. This song was (REQUESTED) and i delivered please thumb up and favourite it if possible and ENJOY !!!!.

-=My Youtube=-
Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King
Created by The Irish Ace

Please rate this workshop file and request any song that you would like. This song was (REQUESTED) and i delivered please thumb up and favourite it if possible and ENJOY !!!!.

-=My Youtube=-
Halo: Red vs Blue
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds a whole load of skirmishes between red and blue spartans all over Skyrim.
They're all very strong but they won't bother the player unless the player attacks them. So you can leave them be or pick a side and get to it.
As well as this I ...
Star Wars Trooper Armors
Created by Kryptonian
Stoorm Trooper

Armors will be under Imperial Category
High quality Storm Trooper with optional Sandpack.
This is for both males and females
You can put them on mannequins in your player homes
You can craft the a...
Path of the Divine
Created by Madrilous
When it comes to the Nine Divines in Skyrim, they are little overlooked in terms of their effects on game play. Beyond wearing an amulet and praying at a shrin...
s7o's Sit
Created by s7o
s7o's Sit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.28

Sit or Meditate.
Anywhere you like.

(if you can stand the...
True RPG: Lore
Created by John Doom
Like in Morrowind, this mod gives you the choice of asking people about Skyrim's lore: things like its history, traditions, society, wilderness... all of this in about 100 new dialogues.

Please, rate this mod if you like it.

Thanks to the Unofficial ...
True RPG: Activities
Created by John Doom
This mod was inspired by Ultima Online and StarWars Galaxies. In short: more interactivity and jobs (for example, you can play an instrument, drink with your friends...)

Please, rate this mod if you like it.

-you can ask someone to...
Retrieve The Sword Of Tiber Septim (ver 1.1)
Created by John Doom
Retrieve the legendary sword of Tiber Septim!
Begin this treasure hunt as you fight, together with Delphine, a horde of draugrs!


Your task won't be ea...
Skyforged Skyforge Weapons
Created by Graesholt
=== Now also on the Skyrim Nexus[], for those who prefer!

To be honest, I’m afraid that the comparison screenshots doesn’t quite do the weapons justice. As shown on the screenshots with the weapons equipp...
Jarl's Dagger
Created by Corrosive Salad
Hi there! I made this model as practice for my Maya course, but I figured, now that I've made it, I might as well stuff it in Skyrim. So here it is.

The stats are more or less identical to an Elven dagger. It can be found in the Jarl of Riften's bedroom...
Faster Bow Draw Speed
Created by ziggy
This mod adds more ranks to the Quick Fire perk, allowing you to increase the fire rate of any bow by up to 1000%. It also enables you to use the quick fire perk without having to unlock any perks before it, and with an minimum archery level of 15 instead ...
Essential Dog Followers
Created by yep nice
This is a simple mod that makes the follower-compatible dogs essential (able to be hurt but not killed), like Meeko, Stray Dogs, and Vigilance.

What it does:
Makes follower Dogs essential.


*Does not require any DLC

*Should be compatible...
The Emerald Palace (Player Home)
The Emerald Palace ~ A New Player Home in Solstheim

by: Iapana7-M7.


version 1.0

Story: Your distant relative, a Prince of Emerald Isle, was recently killed by a malevolent Dragon. ...
Forest Mounts and Followers Dawnguard version
Created by gg77
ATTENTION: if you have not the DLC Dawnguard, you must subscribe to Forest Mounts and Followers NO DLC version

Forest Mounts and Followers Dawnguard version 3.1 allow you to...
Jorrvaskr Player Quarters
Created by JoyTrooper

An adventurer doesn't settle down in a house or a mansion, all he needs is a simple place to store his loot and a bed to call his own. And what better place to call home than among his companions?

This mod
Ultimate Durnehviir
Created by Gilgamesh
Makes Durnehviir extremely powerful instead of useless. Requires Dawnguard (duh)

Goes great with my other mod, Ultimate Odahviing.

Ultimate Odahviing
Created by Gilgamesh
Makes Odahviing extremely powerful instead of useless.

Skyrim Nexus Page[]

Also check out my other mod, Ultimate Durnehviir
Castlevania style Combat Cross the Whip Battle Cross
Created by Freelance4D
Castlevania style Combat Cross the Whip Battle Cross

This mod add new weapons "Combat Cross" and new enchantment "Magic Whip".
New NPC Companion and Merchant "Sonia Belmont" .
New NPC Merchant "Rinaldo Gandolfi...
Level One Perks
Created by A. Durakin
When you start Skyrim on a normal save, you start as a complete newb. No perks, a sparse variety of the very least your character should be familiar with something, right?

This mod adds a autocompleting, one-time quest that grants you five ...
Static Objects
Created by Shasow
By request, this mod will make it so that you can't pick up miscellaneous objects anymore, such as cups, bowls, and buckets (basically, all of the useless items you don't ever need). This does not truly make them static, you will still be able to push them...
Created by Arthmoor
Congratulations on your recent marriage! Your spouse has a plan though. They would like to keep from going mentally insane from boredom while you're gone for weeks on end adventuring in strange lands. So they've informed you they'll be setting up a shop to...
Bleakcoast Cave [STAR WARS] Easter Egg Improved
Created by Graesholt
=== Also on the Skyrim Nexus[], for those who prefer.

Attention: Please read at my FAQ in this page before posting a question. I believe that is common courtesy.
Thank you.

Aardin - Solitude-style player house
Created by azulpapel
This is a house mod I made for my own enjoyment, but I figured I’d post it here in case someone else had the same issue I did with Proudspire Manor. I love Solitude, but for me, Proudspire Manor just didn’t cut it. Too cramped, not enough places to display...
Pull Mastery Hookshot or Grappling hook
Created by Freelance4D
Pull Mastery Hookshot or Grappling hook
This mod add new spell allows player to fire a spring-loaded chain with a hook or spearhead on the end.
It will will pull target towards player and make player Lift up to ...
Arch-Mage's Armory
Created by G20
The Arch-Mage's Armory is located above the Arch-Mage's quarters in the collage of Winterhold. You gain access to the armory when you become arch mage with the Arch Mage's key.
There are some psijjic and Greybeard robes amongst other garb here. The unique...
Wind Destruction Magic
Created by Psycho Sabre
Wind Destruction Magic

This mod is no longer supported. It has been incorporated into my Elemental Destruction Magic mod.

Elemental Destruction Magic:
Enpremi's Galadhrim Gear
Created by Enpremi
Galadhrim Armor + weapons inspired by the silvan elven armor made by Weta Digital, could be seen in the Lord of the Rings the Two Towers.

Weapons and armor can be crafted in the elven section in forge.
Capes can be crafted on tanning rack.

Celtic Shields
Created by Thaledric
(light & heavy shields for all)...
The Darachi Katana : Hand Of The Nine
Created by Hybris
The Darachi Katana is located near the top of the thorat of the world.
(Just walk down from the fast travel point and youll see the shire).

This mod was mainly mad for personal use and the sword is faster than normal, it is not so it looks to fast or u...
Throthgar: A Fully Voiced Follower
Created by JP Doctor

In collaboration with Tyrannicon, I proudly present Throthgar: A Fully Voiced Follower.
This mod adds the popular character of Throthgar (featured in Tyrannicon's youtube series of Skyrim vids) as a fully voiced follower to the game, featuring the voi...
Festive Flight - Flying Reindeer Mount
Created by Verteiron
Festive Flight
A festive, flying (and familiar!) mount in the spirit of the holidays!

Elk Hunting
Created by Stripedown
Ever felt like there's not enough Elk to hunt in skyrim? Then this is a great mod for you!

This mod adds more Elk and female Elk to all of skyrim!
It also shortens the respawn time from the default 10 days to 1 day of ingame time.

Good for people wi...
Undying Husky Companions (Dawnguard Version)
Skyrim Update
Dawnguard DLC

Tired of having your Armored Husky Companions die because they get in your way when trying to kill the enemy? I know I am. Now you don't have to worry about them dying from the stray firebal...
The Evil Mansion - Dark Edition
Created by JP'TR
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Version 4 available now:
Nexus: [url]
Akaviri Ebony Armor
Created by Ronnicus
This mod was created using work from Hothtrooper44's "Akaviri Samurai Armor" and Xooki3's "Black Blades" on Nexus. I have Hothtrooper44's and Xooki3's permission to publish

The armor is simply an Ebony version of the Akaviri Samurai Armor and can be fo...
Sikaia Valley- Small DLC world
Created by The Red Glow
this mod adds a new area to the game. Sikaia Valley, or also known as the Sikaia Badlands. The area is a Work in progress but contains many cool new items, at its current state.

there has been some confusion with the way the name is pronounced. Its (Sic...
5 day respawn
Created by Stripedown
This mod changes the respawn time of creatures and other stuff that should respawn from the default 10 days to 5 days.

Mod made on request by Arthedain.
GreyLight - The Soul-Summoning Mod
Created by ArcadeParty
BRIEF: Ever wanted to steal a soul and have it serve you? This mod involves travelling Skyrim, slaying creatures and capturing their souls. You will then be able to summon that creature's soul to aid you in battle.

NOTE: If you are having trouble with s...
Raziel in Skyrim
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds Raziel from the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver series as a follower to Skyrim.
He is essential and will level with the player.
You'll find him on the other side of the river opposite Riverwood. (See Screenshots)....
Winter Cabin
Created by 811tantan
Adds a small Christmas themed player cabin named "Winter Cabin" located south of Nightgate Inn. It is on the mouth of the river that flows east towards Windhelm.

-Includes Anvil(acts as forge), Alchemy Table, Tanning Rack, and Woodchopping ...
Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn
Created by Lord Conti
~~~ Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn ~~~
Take Notes adds a new player journal to the game which lets you create, view and export your own journal entries.

Take Notes is also available on [url=http://...
The World Of Askhanzar
Created by Lil' Oxidation
The world of Askahnzar is an entirely new world (quite small) this mod is still in Alpha, there is so much more work to be done.

(Update 6)

***How to install***
1. Subscribe
2. Click "Haytham K mod.esp" in the data files at the launch screen
3. Th...
Thorin Oakenshield
Thorin Oakenshield can be found in the in whiterun at the banned mear inn

Thorin Oakenshield was a dwarf, the son of Thráin II and the grandson of King Thrór. Thorin was best known for his deeds as leader of a company that infiltrated the lost Kingdom u...
Simple Divorce
Created by Anduniel


Read this description. DO NOT comment unless you have read it!!
I'm tired of people not reading...
Medium and Light Dwarven Armor
Created by cyrkon
Mod adds:
- Medium Dwarven Armor
- Medium Gauntlets
- Light Dwarven Armor
- Dwarven Bracers

Medium one is without pauldrons and backplate, gauntlets are without chunk of metal on back. Light one is without any plates besides breastplate, gauntlets...
Hay gus i now bring you a new follower Called Talos

He can be found i Dragonreach in Whiterun

Early life

Tiber Septim was born on the island kingdom Alcaire, as Hjalti Early-Beard. He was brought up in Skyrim, where he learned the ways of the war...
The Bounty Hunter (Beta)
Created by Telahas

I'm new to modding but, I'm trying very hard to make this mod. For me this is a very ambitious mod considering I have plans that as far as I know have not been done before (Its a secret to what exactly those plan...
FGMW: The Gray Quarter (Dragonborn)
Created by felroki
It's seven in the morning - one hour before opening times - and Ambarys, having finished to refill the shelves with drinks, leans on the counter with a feeling of self-congratulation. Things have been going well for the Cornerclub lately, thanks to the ...
Ashara Princes of the Woods
Created by Ashara

Requirements: Latest Skyrim official patch
* Nexus: http://skyrim.nexusmods...
Darth Vader in Skyrim
Created by Kryptonian
"He's more machine now than man. Twisted and evil."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi, speaking of Darth Vader

Darth Vader's armor, or serial number: E-3778Q-1

This is Darth Vader's entire Armor Custom Set
Craftable at any forge in the Imperial Category ...
Ashara Elven archer armour revisited
Created by Ashara

Requirements: latest official Skyrim patch
Author(s): Newermind43 and Ashara
Akaviri Race
Created by GreedyR
This mod adds a new race, the Akavir.

They are a lore friendly race which come from the continent east of Tamriel. Long before recorded history, the men who lived on Akavir were eaten by serpent vampires, but the few survivors went over to Tamriel, and ...
Castle Volkihar Redux - A Player Home
Created by DiGiTaL CLeaNeR
Castle Volkihar Redux Skyrim Special Edition IS NOW LIVE on Bethesda's new Mod site!

Now the size of a city, Castle Volkihar Redux is the ultimate vampire kingdom for the true overlord of ...
Wyvern Rock Castle
Created by Ayedail
Wyvern Rock is a large castle located on the mountain between Whiterun and Windhelm.
Many rumours claim the first owner had built secret rooms to hide treasure, can you find them all?

This castle is more like a town than an actual house, so it will l...
Legends of Nchuak
Created by tygabor
Before their disappearance the Dwarves once ruled over Solstheim. They had cities on every coast, where they built great machines to rival the gods themselves. There are many stories about these dwarves, however one in partic...
Batman and Robin Followers
Created by JP Doctor

Update 2: Batman's mask has been made better, as seen in the first screenshot.
UPDATE: Added Batgirl as a follower.
This mod adds Batman and Robin (and now includes Batgirl) as followers to Skyrim. You can find them in Dragonsreach in Whiterun.
The Arkenstone (and more)
Created by Valtharen
These times, I saw every single modder publishing is own "The Hobbit" mod, so now it's my turn :)

What about a piece of RP to begin ?

"When Thrain, the King of the Mountain saw Smaug flying to his Mountain, he called the Elfs to help him.
They seal...
Ice Mountain Homestead (Player Home)
Created by JRC

This is as it says in the title; a Player owned home. It has all the must-haves; forge, tanning rack, workbench, smelter, grindstone, alchemy table, enchanting table, mannequins, weapon racks, display cases and plenty of storage.

The house is ...
Rebirth of an Empire
Created by Swedish Duck
This mod REPLACES all Imperial armour and weapons with models imported from The Witcher II and Regent Armoury.


God Spells
Created by [U.N.N.] Mezz
Adds Two spells Gods Blessing and Godly Shock both very overpowered. You can find Gods Blessing in Restoration and Godly Shock in Destruction. Open Console and type psb to make spells appear in magic menu. You can now also grab both spell tomes from the wh...
Created by Evil Mr Pumpkins


== Race == Woodelf (MALE ONLY)

== Location == Riverwood,the blacksmiths (Next to the steps in a chest ) ==

Saren: A Unique Skyrim Follower
Created by JP Doctor

Saren. Little is known about this man, other than his prowess with a blade and his mastery of lightning.
His intimidating height casts fear into all who oppose him.
Word is that he was last seen at the entrance to Bleakfalls Barrow.

(He is es...
Lord Elrond in Skyrim
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds Lord Elrond from the Lord of the Rings as a follower to Skyrim.
His look is based on Hugo Weaving who played Elrond in the films.
You'll find him at DragonsReach in Whiterun.
He is essential and will level with the player.

Vivec Follower
Created by Trainwiz
So like, I wanted a Vivec follower. Because why not. So I made one, because why not.
He's fairly basic, definitely no Brhuce Hammar, but hey.

-Fully voiced follower, able to follow you (obviously) and marry you (why)
Oghma Infinium Ad Nauseum (OIAN)
Created by Authority
This makes the Oghma Infinium not disappear after use and allows it to be used unlimited times as long as the mod is enabled. YOU STILL NEED TO COMPLETE THE ASSOCIATED QUEST TO USE IT, but that is a small price to pay for the power of unlimited knowledge....
Lovely Hairstyles CE
Created by sn00p
A simple hair mod that features some lore-friendly hairstyles, so know this from start, you won't find any anime/super fantasy hairstyles here. These hairs are suppose to fit in Skyrim world.

Now, it's time for F.A.Q

Q - What is CE?
A - Comp...
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
Created by Enai Siaion
Apocalypse adds 155 new spells to Skyrim that are unique, balanced, lore friendly and blend seamlessly into the vanilla magic system. Also includes scrolls and staves.


· 155 all new spells (31 per school) with high quality custom ef...
Immersive Sounds - Footsteps
Created by lazygecko
The footstep sound playback in Skyrim is a gutted mess. At first I found myself annoyed by how illogical it behaved and seldom played the right type of footstep sound, wether it be based on the terrain type or the type of armor you're wearing. Once I start...
(Original) The Khajiit Black Market Dealer
Created by Budzud
There is a newer version of the mod availiable called "The Khajiit Black Market"
Check it out here:

*This version can be used alongside the newer mod with no conflicts*

Version 1.2.1 is...
Sovngarde Gold
This mod adds Golden Dragur armors to the Heroes of Sovngarde.
I did this long ago but for a reason or another I never published, I did because I was disapointed the first time visiting Sovngarde how all heroes there wore the same vanilla armors rather th...
LOTR Mirkwood Elf ranger armor with hoodless mask, promo for LOTR Epic battles Armies Mod
Created by Galvatron
craftable armor re-textured nightingale with maskless hood aswell as mask option for all races. smithing under misc
will improve on female texture

this is really a promo to generate interest for my LOTR Epic battles Armies Mod. that mod is on the nexus...
Overseer's House and Quest
Created by psylvermom
This beautiful home includes an all expense paid trip to Oblivion. Activate the portal, defeat the Daedra and help Uthastyr recover the stone. Requires Hearthfire and Dawn Guard.

This is my first quest so I expect there are several bugs I did not fi...
Ronins Camilla Overhaul
Created by Myst
Read description please for install.



Better Females by bella natural edition[] < i use less make-up version (or any f...
Muhomono and Zentoku - Black and White Katanas
Created by Amorbis
Here is a pair of black/white Katanas which have a medium size blade and copper ends, plus a black sheath. Both swords can be crafted to be used as a normal sword or an off hand sword (held upside down like a Ninja or something).

Stats are similar to Eb...
Morrowind Armor - Netch Leather
Created by Teh-Husky
This mod adds craftable 'Netch Leather' armor to Skyrim, a type of armor which saw its original appearance in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind[/url[]...
Liliths Black Sun Armor Set
Created by Noukheim
Lilith's Black Sun armor

- - - - - - - -
Latest version: 1.0

This mod is basically an absolute remake of my earlier Lilith's armor with a fairly different design. This time the mod in...
Immortal Dragonborn
Created by carstenseng1
Dragon Souls = Extra Lives
This mod adds an extra lives system that uses Dragon Souls to revive the player's character. When the Dragonborn's health reaches 0, rather than dying and reloading the last save,...
Ronins Lydia Overhaul
Created by Myst
Read description please for install.

NOTE: she now has female animations now.



Better Females by bella natural edition[]...
Weapons Of The Shogunate
Created by jagdtiger

It adds 18 verrsions of 11 base Edo era Japanese... err... I mean, Akaviri weapons, because you can never have enough katanas in a game ;) Plus two daedric artefacts in katana format: Goldbrand (Morrowind and Oblivion) and Eltonbrand (Morro...
Arrows and The Elder Scrolls on Weapon Racks
Created by Superloof
Upgrade your weapon racks by downloading this mod, and allow arrows and quivers to be placed on them, even The Elder Scrolls!

-None! (Used to be Dawnguard dependent, but no more!)

This mod allows you...
BreezeHome Storage Room
Created by Dogeroni
by request i made a storage room for your breezehome! the reason it is marked down as cheats is becasue the chests have like 40k gold in them and i cant remove the gold.if there is something you would like me to change or add please let me know :)...
Whiterun Manor
Created by Eiandend
A modest manor outside the front doors of Whiterun.
Must have Hearthfire DLC to avoid crashes.
+ Manequins
+Weapon racks
+ weapon plaques
+Merchant in the bl...
High-Knight Armor
Created by GeniusST97
First of all, i want to excuse me for my bad english. I'm not a native speaker, so please understand.

/// YOUTUBE /// (Thanks to Nozi87)

©««««© General ©««««©

If you like this mod, check...
Supernatural AI - Monsters - Steam Version
This is Supernatural AI - Monsters version

Thanks to the essential helpful tips of Nazenn (a Steam user) I will be able to update this module again.
Others Supernatural modules of mine which were created during this troubleshooting workaround are no
Return To Sovngarde
Created by MrBrenan

To access to Sovngarde, you need go into the trapdoor in front of Talos Statue in Whiterun.
If the trapdoor is locked, open the console (can be : ~, º, ¬, |,^, \, §, ², etc.....
Dark half-plate armour
Created by Swedish Duck
This mod adds a set of darkened half-plate, ranger/stealth-style LIGHT armour imported from The Witcher II. "Dark Knight" Armour can be crafted at any forge.

The mod contains the cuirass, gloves and boots - the hood is the dark thieve's (leather) hood, ...
Aetherius Magic: The Ancient Sanctuary of the Deceived
Created by Advocus
Nexus Version: SSE Version (Xbox One):

::::Epic Spell Package:::: (REQUIRES DAWNGUARD DLC!)
Aetherius Magic is a passion proj...
Heljarchen Farm
Created by Skvindt

Rebuild a farm, hire workers, grow crops, and earn gold!

Heljarchen Farm is a player-owned farm that allows you to rebuild a once-abandoned property into a functional farming business. Restoring the farm to its former glory w...
Tel Mithryn Restored
Created by phantomFractal
The ashes remain in Tel Mithryn but the native pine trees and Telvanni mushrooms have sprouted from the fertile ground. I hope that you will enjoy this warmer and more inviting Tel Mithryn. This is my lore-friendly version of a mod that I had previously at...
Convenient Horses
Created by Alek
Mod features:

- Horses for followers (UFO, AFT and EFF compatible, up to 15 followers' horses, scripted AI, advanced features).
- Mounted combat for followers!
- Horse equipment (new saddles and horse armor for both player and followers).
- Mounted c...
Digitigrade Beast Races Full DLC Edition
Created by Teh-Husky

artifex: Big thanks to artifex for allowing me to build on his [url=http://...
Falkreath Estate House
Created by armymen115
Version 1.4:

- Fixed breezehome door crash!
- Fixed Edwards voice
- Fixed gray heads
- Fixed minor things
- Added Khajiit follower

Version 1.3:

- Removed grass clipping
- Moved some weapon plaques
- Renamed some containers
- Removed a few g...
Skyrim Dragon Katanas
Created by Kryptonian
Alduin and Paarthurnax, Forest and Skeleton Dragon Heads Wings and Glowing Red Eyes on your new Custom Katana's and Nodachi's.

Craft at any of the forges in Skyrim
You will need Steel smithing perk to make these new weapons and Arcane Smithing to temp...
The Sanctum
Created by Inhuman
The Sanctum was an oasis of solace built right off the main square of Whiterun. It served as a place of peace for the citizens of Tamriel right up until the day it was mysteriously transported. A magical gateway has been established to the Sanctum's c...
The Stamford
Created by InsanitySorrow



The Stamford is a steel Viking Longsword, it's craftable and can be found under the steel section, the stats are similar to thos...
Armor Of The Tragaeran Viper
Created by Hybris
This mod adds the armor of the Tragaeran Viper into Skyrim.
The Armor can be found within Radiant Ramanites in a reseverd chest and in front of it a note, explaining a small amount of the armors origin.

The armor was made for uploaders as well as perso...
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Ebonheart


Castle Ebonheart was destroyed following the last eruption of Red Mountain and the rebellion of its Dark Elves. So the Castle was moved to Solstheim, brick by brick, into its pres...
The Arena Of The Undead
Created by fpsquadrasnipar

✓ 10 Leveled Arenas

✓ Exponentially Increasing Difficulty.

✓ Extremely Challenging.

✓ Recommended Minimum Level 50+.

✓ No DLC required.

Adds Morrowind vampire bloodlines to Skyrim as well as six potential companions two per faction for said vampires.

Important disclaimer: The vampiric/vampire affiliated companions that my mod adds Berne Apprentice/Quarra Apprentice/Apprentice Aundae Cyr...
Superior Rorikstead
Created by samv96UK

This mod aims to increase the distinctiveness of Rorikstead and make it a more unique village, as a pose to the vanilla which uses the same style as numerous other settlements in Skyrim.

-New farmhouse design based on the style ...
Nordic Longhouse
Created by trogwaffles
This house is stocked full of everything you could ever want from a home. It has a complete smithing set with a materials chest. You will find it has an enchantment table, and an alchemy table (both have stocked material chests). There is a full dining ro...
The Talos Hideout
Created by Idrias
--> Click left! Your cursor hovers above the probably most epic playerhome Skyrim has ever seen!

The legends say that Talos was a human before getting a god. That he was a hero. And heroes need a hideout. This is it, the Talos Hideout, and it's up to yo...
Bloodfang Den
Created by Matthew Dodds
This mod is a small Vampire themed home hidden in the back of a small cave. My goal was to try and keep it lore friendly and discreet, and not stray too far from how vampires are typically portrayed within Skyrim. It was designed with my own vampire charac...
The Thegn
Created by InsanitySorrow



The Thegn is a steel Viking Longsword, it's craftable and can be found under the steel section, the stats are similar to those o...
Oryon Brothers
Created by WHo iZ ZMaN
This mod adds two followers that can both be found at Dragonsreach in Whiterun.

Mordecai Oryon: A breton spellsword that fights with fire destruction spells and uses light armor. He will cast Stendarr's Arura sometimes during fights and knows how to Sho...
Tame the Beasts of Skyrim II
Created by hfiani
Basically this mod gives you the ability to tame any beast - even Dragons! - from any mod and any DLC.
Your tamed beast will follow you and assist you in combat.

This needs SKSE 1.6.16 at least. link[]

Before po...
Hunters Fort
Created by JRC

This mod was requested by a subcriber awhile ago and I've just got around to finishing it. This is a player owned fort, it comes with all the essentials such as all the blacksmithing objects, storage, mannequins, weapon racks, bookshelves etc.
The Old Palace
Created by Necros
This a player house mod with a littile quest(not a offical quest) to get the key to the house. the house its self is basicly modeled after the blue palace but i added alot to it, blacksmith, thropy room and more. for the quest there is a dead body you most...
Ashara Imperial Outfit
Created by Ashara

Requirements: Latest Skyrim official patch
* English:
** On Nexus: http://...
Created by guicool


This is [b...
Playable Fox Race - Fennec
Created by Jelly
Adds a playable fox beast race called the Fennec (based on the Fennec Fox)

A wood dwelling race with a fondness for chasing rabbits, this crafty race is sneaking back into society after being driven out by the Bretons.

NEXUS: h...
Max all Skills - Tomb of Experience
Created by MontyX
All skills will max to 100, you will levelup.
Located at the Guardian Stones, just outside Riverwood.

Also Works with my "Skills Gives All Perk Points" mod.

If you prefer to...
Smithing 5 X Faster
Created by Ragnarok
Tired of grinding out dagger after dagger? Now you can level Smithing 5 X Faster. That's it, that's all. No perks were changed....
Dragonborn Crafting Hall (No Teleport Version)
Created by Avatar1971
There is a new version of this mod right here on Steam now, it has many changes and adds many new things like Hearthfire support, a living area, special armor chests, artifacts, etc. Please grab all you stored items in this version if you want to upgrade a...
Bone Dragons
Created by DreadnaughtVCN
This is a simple dragon mod that Offers some Diversity with dragons. at any level you can sometimes encounter Skeletal dragons with different AI, Spell and loot systems 9 have been placed randomly and others will spawn randomly as Dragons or outdoor necrom...
Mythic Dragons
Created by DreadnaughtVCN
Have you ever finished dawnguard and thought wow... Legendery dragons are so weak at my boss level (yada yada)
Well now no need to think of that anymore (For a while) this mod adds in the Mythic Dragon. The mythic dragon spawns at around level 90 or later...
Black Mage Armor
Created by Reko
Black Mage Armor is a standalone armor mod that includes Cloth, Light, and Heavy armor sets that are all craftable, enchantable, and upgradable; all sets can be used by every race, male or female.

Medusa Armor
Created by SatyrTitan
This mod add a new set of High Resolution heavy Armor to the game.The Medusa Armor is Female Only.

*Medusa Armor Defense Base Ratings:


*Where to find it

-In a guarded Locked Chest(you will find t...
CMM : Cartographers Map Markers (Skyrim Edition)
Created by Feyawen
Adds over 180 Map Markers. Including Inns, Stores, Player Homes, Important Buildings, and Points of Interest.

Updated : August 23, 2016.
Apologies for the long delay on an update. To be honest, I kind of forgot this was on Steam Workshop. Up until v...
Adura's Merchant Mod - Player Shops
Created by Adura
Do you ever get tired of running out of merchants to sell your items to? Have you ever wanted to open up a shop or merchant stand within the wide world of Skyrim? Are you dissatisfied with the in-game spouse shops?

Well then, you've come to the right pl...
Daedric Assassin light armor
Created by Vita
This mod will add a new standalone set of daedric light armor available at forge (daedric smiting perk required), designed for the characters specialized in stealth. Contains cuirass, gloves, boots, hood and cloak, male and female version. Enjoy

Playable Guard - Race
Created by DreadnaughtVCN
You were a guard like him till you took an arrow in the knee.

Description: What the name says.

Disclaimer: You join the guard in my OTHER mod.

And yes i "KNOW" that you could take guard armor as a nord and dress up!

DLC: None required

and ...
More Gold To Merchants 2
All merchants have at least 5k gold (except few street merchants and innkeepers)....
The Tomb of Erald Kin-Slayer
Created by Son of a Sailor
Inspired by the "Skyrim Logic" posts about fresh produce and lit fires in old ruins, my goal for this mod is to make the player feel like they really are in an ancient tomb that has been undisturbed for decades, rather than Skyrim's usual way of having lit...
Coffee mod
Created by DrunkWizardGames
ADDs a coffee which
acts like starbucks...
Garret from THIEF
Created by SnakeEyedDemon
He is in the four shield tavern in DragonBridge just walk in and look around he is in nightingale armor for the appearence of a thief.

I added a pic and also hopefully i can fix some problems about him not being there.Also saying i will add Erin to and ...
Created by sandysan
Name: Stonewall River V1.01
Version: 1.01
Date: 03/15/2014
Category: player home
Author(s): sandysan

Stonewall_River is a mod for players who like (like me) collect all weapons and armor.
This is a "home" large enough to a...
Rich Merchants 10x
Created by hhrhhr
All traders have 10 times more cash...
Hidden Treasure
Created by Blue001
This lightweight Mod adds a large number of randomly (albiet painstakingly) hidden chests to the game world.

Currently 70 chests exist. But I am aiming for 200+.
You will know you have found one as it's name is "Hastily Hidden Chest" or "Deflty Hidden...
Work in the Riften Guard
Created by DreadnaughtVCN
=-=-=-=-=- Description -=-=-=-=-=

This mod allows the player. to work with the riften guard.
As a guard you now have a bed and personal armor set
in the riften guard barracks, But also you can clean the
"Filth" from the rift by Finding evidence on ...
High Hrothgar House
Created by sgtwinkler
At a first glance you may think that this is just another Skyrim mod to give you a cool new house and another follower.

It is.

That said, it's a really nice one, especially for my first mod. The mod adds a cozy house on the frosty slopes of the Thro...
Fort Coldharbour
Created by DreadnaughtVCN
even after the ages passed from molag bal's invasion to tamriel in the seccond era some structures still stand from it.
guarded by his evil forces.

Description - Fort coldharbour is a fort near rorikstead and just south of a giant camp. (has no map mar...
Waterfall Shack
Created by Ryuku
Just a random shack I made. Includes a cooking spit, personal chest, woodchopping block, and a tanning rack. Mostly made for hunter-types or roleplayers. Has a nice view of the land; just off the dirt path that connects Ivarstead from the north and right o...
It Beats For Her
Created by Veliremus
It Beats For Her is a short mystery tale set in Falkreath. You receive a note from a stranger who recruits you in his quest to find and stop a dangerous predator. But is it really a simple monster hunt or is there more to the story?

Ranger Race Mod
Created by Zarphos
Unfortunately, the name of the race will never be changed, due to the fact that all my Skyrim data disappeared.
To clarify, this mod adds a race that is well-suited to playing a ranger-type character.

I for one always love to play a Legoals/Aragorn cha...
Race Improvements
Created by Yokai
Ultimately I want to improve every aspect of the race system so that your race effects more than just what you look like. Currently I have made an edit to the passive racial traits so that they don't just boost your initial stats, they actually make a diff...
War With The Aldmeri Dominion
Created by DreadnaughtVCN
==== Description ====

War has broken out between Skyrim
and the Aldmeri Dominion. Dominion
forces attack skyrim By Ocean and
land, ordered to kill on sight. But
Some fight back. Some fight an
almost impossible fight, for salvation.
will you help...
Wolverine Nightingale Version
Created by wanoo99
Armor is standalone! No longer replaces Nightingale; now called 'Wolverine Armor'.
Feel free to rename, as the set is unenchanted.
All three pieces can only be crafted at the SkyForge ith Leather & Leather Strips.
All three pieces can be improved at a...
General Carius' Attire
Created by MMorin
Hello folks, I have another simple mod for you. It may already exist somewhere, I'm not sure but if so here it is again!

This mod does exactly what you might think, allows you to wear the same armor and look like General Carius from the Dragonborn DLC,...
The Dawnguard Brotherhood
Adds a new Dawnguard Merchant to Riften

Welcome to the Dawnguard Brotherhood Shop.

My name is Savard. My wife Morgen and I run a shop in RIften that specialize in selling rare and unique items to aid fellow Vampire and Undead Hunters. My family w...
Spiderman Nightingale Version
Created by wanoo99
Armor is standalone! No longer replaces Nightingale; now called 'Spiderman'.
Feel free to rename, as the set is enchanted.
All four pieces can only be crafted at the Sky Forge with Leather & Leather Strips.
All four pieces can be improved at a Workben...
Custom Sword: The Azure Aura
Created by Paladin Kyle

-Azure Aura Weapon Details-
Location: Look at the gallery for location. It appears on the map but isn't unlocked at download so therefore it must be discovered.
Created by kaolinite

Craftable & Temperable Skaal Armor (Requires Dragonborn DLC)
Created by jreese46
Skyrim is a cold place, especially in the Northern holds. A nice set of Skaal armor will keep you warm and protected in your travels. This mod allows you to craft Skaal clothing at any forge, and temper it at any work bench, using leather and leather str...
Moon and Star
Created by Gan Xingba

A mysterious and powerful criminal has been spotted in Skyrim, his trail dogged by hunters from Morrowind. However, there may be more at stake than it seems, and this criminal may be familiar...

A quest mod for vanilla...
Cows Give You Milk! Brew-HA-HA
Created by LordLuco
It says it in the title. This is a small quest script i created that allows you to milk the cows in game. Actually giving cows a purpose now, since everyone seems to get mad when I kill their cows. It only works once every 12 hours in game time. Cant b...
Naval Warfare - War With the Aldmeri Dominion, Add On
Created by DreadnaughtVCN

The war with the Aldmeri Dominion roars
on. Its time to take to the high seas!
Command a ship & Crew. battle the
Aldmeri Dominion. They cant hide on
land or ocean. Battle from the northen
shores of skyim to the Abecan Sea.

Marked Incompatible ]  GothicMagerobes
This mod Gothic Mages Robes makes some robes from the Gothic game series avalible in Skyrim. The merchant is outside the Colleage of Winterhold in the Courtyard. But due to the Limitations of Bugthesda 1999 Game byro Engine Renamed as the Creation Engine ...
Snow Elf, Dremora and Dwemer Races
Created by LordLuco
Adds the Dremora and the Snow Elves as playable races. The snow elves are similiar to the high elves but also gain another bonus starting spell. The Dremora gain bonuses to destruction and conjuration as well as two cool starting spells. Let me know if...
The Imperial Abode
Created by SkildNinja |[USND]|
Ever tire of the high-flying, fast-living life of a Dovahkiin? Ever wonder what it would be like to settle into the repetetive, mildly exciting life of an Imperial soldier? Then this is the home for you! Comes complete with a blacksmithing forge, alchemy l...
The Sword of Dovah
Created by Paul
Hi Dovahkiin !

This mod add :

-2 swords with enchantment (one hand)
-2 swords with no enchantment (one hand)

You can find this swords in the High Hrothgar ( see the picture )

I hope you like , don't hesitate to rate , comment and subscrib...
The Human Race
Created by Fierry
Labelled as "Human" for lack of anything else in common.

Stereotypically found in the heartland of the empire, those of mixed human blood are often considered to be Imperial for the purpose of racial profiling. Children of mixed Nord, Redguard, Breton a...
The Musketeers
Created by JP Doctor

My final mod brings The Musketeers, as featured in the recent BBC1 T.V. series, to Skyrim.
They can be found in the training courtyard in Solitude.
Join Athos, Aramis, D'Artagnan and Porthos. All for one, and on for all!
Created by kaolinite
Violet is the long lost sister of Scarlette. She has some healing spells, frost and conjuration spells. You can find her in the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun.

Apachii Sky Hair -
***Please note...
Sword of the Ancient Tongues
Created by Corvalho
Adds a new sword fitting into TES' lore. It has the Seal of Akatosh engraved in the handle and letters in dovahzul also engraved in the blade, which says "- Dragonborn, by his honor is sworn, to keep evil forever at bay..."

Sword of the Anciet Tongues ...
The Lusty Argonian Maid - Volume 3
Created by Raven_Luni
You've been waiting for it: The next volume of The Lusty Argonian Maid!

After dilligently studying the works of Crassius Curio, the bardic genius Lurbuk has breathed new life into this steamy saga, and thanks to an exclusive publishing deal with Belet...
Vex - A Gremlin Companion
Created by Dogtown1
Vex may be small, but he packs a punch

he has a nice collection of perks and spells to work with

you can find him just inside the door of Bleak Falls Barrow sneakin up on some bandits

he also has in his inventory an extra set of "Gremlin Skin" tha...
Craftable "Jagged Crown" v1.1
Created by Quadratic
Always wanted that cool looking, "Jagged Crown", but don't want to go through a bunch of engine loopholes to get it? Well then, this mod is for you! All you have to do is craft a very similar, 'Horned Crown' ! It has a slightly higher base armor rating, bu...
The Knights Templar weapon Armory
Created by DreadnaughtVCN
Hello modding community! Ive got a new weapon mod.
This mod adds in 2 new custom textured swords based on
the knights templar.

---- Where to find ----

You will find the equipment in a chest under the whiterun drawbridge

--- What It adds ---
It ...
Created by Genebris
Adds animations for looting containers and corpses, harvesting plants, lockpicking doors and chests, opening doors, activating levers, praying, drinking and eating potions and food, equipping armor and opening map.

Skyforge (Fixed)
Created by ItsJustJord
Hey guys welcome to another mod, so one day i was in whiterun and wanted to forge something (Think it was armor), so i went to Skyforge, and it didn't have three things , Workbench, tanning rack and a smelter. So this mod fixes it all!


- Smel...
World Eater Beater
Created by Trainwiz
Let's face the facts, Alduin as a boss fight was an anticlimax to the max. By the time we faced down the foul wyrm, we were not only a walking tank, but flanked by three legendary glowy heroes. All he did was shout some meteors at us, and then we punched h...
Vigilance -- Wolf Follower
Created by W_Dog
The purchasable dog follower, Vigilance, is now a bit more unique, as becoming a fearsome wolf. In addition to looking like a wolf, Vigilance can move like one (i.e. use wolf animation), or a regular dog; it is toggled by asking him to act tame/wild throug...
Old Adventurer's Sword
Created by jreese46
Starter mod: This just adds a slightly better sword to the beginning of the game. The skeleton in the caves, beneath Helgen Keep, holds the Old Adventurer's Sword, an iron sword with a realistic weight of 3 lbs. It swings faster than a sword, but still ...
Scout Armor
Created by DoODABoOM
This mod have been Splitted in 3 parts for those having trouble to download this package:

Scout Armor - Armor Only

Scout Armor - Weapons Only
Albion The Kingmaker
Created by uschtenbrau
The Kingmaker Medieval Sword

This sword can be crafted at any forge, if you got skill Steel Smithing.

Model and Textures made by me, you can use it in your project if you want.

Hope you’ll like my work. Enjoy =)

Value 100
Weight 8
Damage 18
Renamon Follower
Created by Dafini
Yes, you can marry her now. Not doing this for many more mods, as I am not creating a dating sim with my mods. I hope. I kinda really hope I'm not.

Its obviously one of those days when you see a pikachu/fox/rabbit thi...
Aquaman Race
Created by TH3 GR8>


Added First Person Arms and Hands.

Gave him some unique water spells.

Aquaman weapon is lo...
Morgan Venture
Created by guicool


This is on...
Farm Life
Created by biowolves
Ever wanted to run your very own medieval farm? If so then Farm Life is the mod for you.

Farm Life adds a hole new farming mechanic to the world of Skyrim allowing you to grow a variety of different crops and maintain livestock. This providing you with ...
SkyDie - Prepare to Cry Edition
Created by Sagittarius
I'd be glad if you could support my campaign on SPRKED! Click here[]

I think we can all agree, that Skyrim sometimes is a little bit, erm, lacking, when we talk about challenge. This is why I decided to create th...
Created by guicool



I had th...
Navi follower
Created by Dafini
shut up shut up shut uuuuuuup

Navi is here to annoy you in your various positions of your journey

Blizzard ablilities too, so thats nice?

She is also Marryable, just for the lulz. I don't think the ring will fit her anyway.

Navi is found at Riv...
Thor Follower
Created by wanoo99
This mod adds a unique follower to Skyrim, based on the Marvel character, Thor , The Asguardian, The Thunderer, The God Of Thunder!

This is for Male Only.

You'll find him outside Riverwood. He will level with the player and is a 1 handed warrior , ...
Swag of Omens
Created by shallow
Based on the Sword of Omens this sword is a 2handed sword you can find it in the guard camp near riverwood....
The Incredible Hulk Follower
Created by wanoo99
This mod adds a unique follower to Skyrim, based on the Marvel character, Bruce Banner, The Incredible Hulk, The Monster, The Green Giant!

This is for Male Only.

You'll find him outside Riverwood. He will level with the player and is a warrior but ...
Captain America Follower
Created by wanoo99
This mod adds a unique follower to Skyrim, based on the Marvel character, Steve Rogers, Captain America, The Super Soldier, The First Avenger!

This is for Male Only.

You'll find him outside Riverwood. He will level with the player and is a 1 handed...
Loki Follower
Created by wanoo99
This mod adds a unique follower to Skyrim, based on the Marvel character, Loki , The Asguardian, The Trickster, The God Of Mischief!

This is for Male Only.

You'll find him outside Riverwood. He will level with the player and is a necromancy, he als...
The Walking Dead
Created by ThaCracCeen
This is the Walking Dead Cast mod. I have only created the most badass characters that I have read about online. They are all followers. The characters are located in Breezehome in Whiterun. The door is locked so open the mod script bar (left to the 1 key...
Iron Man follower
Created by wanoo99
This mod adds a unique follower to Skyrim, based on the Marvel character, Tony Stark, Ironman, the Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.!

This is for Male Only.

You'll find him outside Riverwood. He will level with the player and is a destru...
Azolai Race Mod
Created by Boom Stick

Tired of having THREE caucasian races in Skyrim? Want more diversity within Tamri...
Valiant Nord Bow
Created by Corvalho
This mod adds a new custom bow and arrows to the game (including quiver and projectiles). To aquire the items you may either craft them under the Steel Smithing menu, or cheat your way there, by typing "help valiant" in the console and then using the ID to...
New Markarth Adventures
Created by MadFrenchie
--------"RISE OF THE FORSWORN"--------

This mod is just about to make Markarth and the Forsworn a bit more consistant...


- H...
Lore Weapon Expansion - Relics of the Crusader
Created by InsanitySorrow
Druid Gameworks - Project Dreamtime[]

Grab the Main Lore Weapon Expansion Release -


Lore W...
Shack on a Tropical Island
Created by TheOtherGuy
Have you ever wanted to feel relax, well in this mod you can just slowly walk through your tropical islands with a new peaceful soundtrack. This is another one of my shack mods, but a lot different. It features a shack on a tropical island! T...
Lion Horse
Created by jackGa
Location: High Hrothgar ... be carefully

*** NO need ask permission for everything you want ***

1/ Steam (subscribe is Okay and it will auto download, but no esp)
2/ open skyrim Launcher, and click data option, it will auto downl...
Lorkhan Follower
Created by Trainwiz
This mod adds a follower of everyone's favorite trickster supergod, Lorkhan. Also known as Talos, Shezzar, Shor, Shebibbles, John, Sheogorath, and pretty much every major entity in the TES universe. God damn Lorkhan.

Lorkhan can be found at the bottom o...
Riverside Lodge - Cozy Player Home
Created by Jaffa
*Update 3*

Improved lighting optimisation a little bit. Added in some extra decor, courtesy of InsanitySorrow and Stroti/ Tamira
Created by jreese46
I was experimenting with making a follower, and this was the result.

Alena can be found at Old Hroldan inn. Because hirelings would only give the appropriate dialog if I used a dark elf voice, I just made her really like the player, so she will follo...
Cyrodiils Dwarven Armors by DoG
Created by DoG
Another try to bring back some of the old but fantastic objects of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but also let it fit into Skyrim, so this is why i chose the steelplate armor for this mod.

I know that this is only a steelplate armor retexture, but i've...
Merchants Have More Gold
Created by Fat Pig
All the Merchants have more gold! Enjoy:) Ps The merchants have six times more gold....
Camp Riverwood
Created by MACHINESofGOD777
Camp Riverwood is a convenient player home secured over a river in Riverwood.

Amenities included but not limited to.
Blacksmith quarters and supplies. Alchemy table and ingredients. Cooking rack and all food types. Fast travel option. Plenty of storage...
Pure Evil Armor set
Created by lagrie
- Boots of Pure Evil
- Cuirass of Pure Evil
- Gloves of Pure Evil
- Helmet of pure Evil
- Aura of Pure Evil
- The Silence of Passing 2h sword