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Figureheads and Ship Essentials
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Figureheads and Ship Essentials

Mod is 100% clean and stackable!

Mod ID: 1699772263

Interested in custom figureheads? How about a bell to get the attention of others, lanterns for your ship, or a jolly roger? This mod adds additional figureheads with multiple appearance options as well as various ship structures for yer adventures on the high seas! Learn the skill from the Seamanship skill tree after Basics of Sailing, to get all the engrams needed.

Figurehead models are all custom made within Zbrush and textured in Substance Painter unless otherwise stated.
Base Bowsprit models are from the game.
Skeleton models are posed meshes from ATLAS and retextured.


Crafting Structure:

Shipwright Shopfront (Craftable from inventory. Plays freeport music in range and can be toggled.)

Figureheads (Cycle through different appearances with 'T'):

- Chicken
- Wolf
- Viking
- Skeleton (ala Queen Anne's Revenge)

Ship Structures:

- Ship Bell
- Ship Flag (Paintable with same template as Claim Flags. Saved as NAME_ClaimingFlag_JollyRoger_C.pnt)
- Stern Lantern (Paintable areas, turns on at night and off in the day. Meant to be placed near the rear on the topmost deck. Fits the larger ships well. Snap points coming soon)


Planned Updates:


- Requests or Suggestions. (Planning to start a Patreon soon)

Ship Structures:

- Cabin Planks (Vanilla stern planks with glass windows, with snap points for Stern Lanterns)
- Hybrid Lateen Sails (Fore top square sail with aft triangular lateen sail. To help with sailing against the wind - and aesthetics!)

Screenshots were taken on our private [GSG] East Vinindia ATLAS 4x lite RP server and the ATLAS Dev Kit.
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Cuceij_GER Jul 2 @ 9:06pm 
spawn codes pls
ComBat Cow Jun 8 @ 8:14am 
could you possibly include all the vanilla figureheads to be able to be bought from your mod too?
broksonic Jun 8 @ 7:10am 
you can get a dragon figurehead at the freeport seller
Dragonwolf26 May 31 @ 4:18pm 
why has no one suggested a DRAGON figurehead?
Some server with this mod ? in Eu i live in germany so i need a server in Uk or some other Eu Countrys ?
Lucian V. Ghost May 15 @ 10:12am 
Something akin to the Black Ghost statue in Klaipeda, Lithuania, for a figurehead would be quite cool.
Lucian V. Ghost May 13 @ 5:19pm 
Might I suggest a cloaked figure holding a lantern as a figurehead?
The Rare Aquatic Pyro  [author] Apr 22 @ 11:19am 
You're welcome! :)
ComBat Cow Apr 22 @ 11:13am 
fantastical response to the jolly roger bug. Thank you!
ComBat Cow Apr 21 @ 9:04pm 
Bug: When I smack the flag with a paint brush to paint it . A fatal error happens. Cross posted to bugs page too...