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Advanced Heroquest Master Edition
Number of Players: 1, 2, 3, 4
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Mar 31, 2019 @ 1:25am
Mar 13, 2020 @ 10:06pm
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Advanced Heroquest Master Edition

Advanced heroquest is the sequel to heroquest. Heroquest was released in 1989 by Milton Bradley. Advanced heroquest was released in 1989 after heroquest was bought from Milton Bradley by GW it is a completely new conception of heroquest when was the last official release of products to deal with the heroquest line before Warhammer quest became the main fantasy outlet for GW.

The major additions and changes include:
random dungeon generation system
modular game board
ranged combat
multiple colleges of magic and spell books
critical hits and fumbles
fate points (the "undo" feature)

ITS HERE!!!! FINALLY!!!!! In its all of its original glory! Relive the days of old or start a Life anew it's up to you in advanced heroquest choose from one of the 8 playable pre-made heroes or make your own with blank character sheets provided. Also includes multistate rule book and also a searchable rulebook on the tablet for ease-of-use. If you like what you see hit that like button we will be more inclined to add more content if we see a lot of people want more content.

The expansion terror in the dark is in the works hope to release in the next two weeks.

this is the complet base set with the original advanced heroquest rules that shipped with the box will include multiple rulesets if requested

Includes 53 miniatures with bestiary!

8 playable heroes more to come!

Random dungeon generation dice if you don't feel like looking at tables all day

Big Table from

dice tower from

Check out are Heroquest Master Edition mod here

Most assets used from the great people at such a great community thank you to everyone that has contributed to their archive.

Big thanks to Valnar Nightrunner from the inn for his tilesets.
More coming

Music box is under table

Thank to all of you and your kind words with out you we could never find the motivation to do what we do. We wish you many good games and days,

The Master Edition Team

UPDATE: ALL White Dwarf quest Books and rule update books and new mage spell books have been added ( Thanks for the tip RikJenMattic ) as well as tiles. new mini figures for new quest books in the works

121 - Quest for Sonneklinge
122 - Priests for Pleasure
125 - Amethyst Wizard's Spell Book
134 - The Trollsayers Oath
138 - Henchmen
139 - Treasure
145 - The Eyes of Chaos
150 - The Changing Faces of Tzeentch
159 - Rivers of Blood

UPDATE: Terror in the Dark is now added!! parts found next to rule book have fun!

New editable spellbooks and character sheets for Advanced Heroquest, From Soul Reaver
made using MrStumps Character Sheet Template.

*all copyrights are the property of their respective owner
*I do not clam to have made advanced heroquest or any of its content
* for review and critique purposes only

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tim 16 hours ago 
What's the music from? Really like it and I want to use it for my irl games.
KaptenKelz  [author] Feb 8, 2022 @ 10:30am 
@tin Thanks :cozyroe:
Tin Feb 8, 2022 @ 7:18am 
Just want to give a huge thank you for this!
KaptenKelz  [author] Dec 29, 2021 @ 3:11pm 
It is a shader for the music box under the table. No worry nothing is missing, and does not affect gameplay.
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every time i lode the mod i get this message.
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i dont know what its referring to?
twinny28 May 23, 2020 @ 12:23am 
Hi guys anyone up for a game?
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Well Done
KaptenKelz  [author] Mar 27, 2020 @ 12:53pm 
@JinxShark Thanks sorry it was so long.
Coffeehound RetroSharka Mar 23, 2020 @ 4:43am 
Thank you for continuing to work on this mod and adding Terror in the Dark, it's very much appreciated <3
Dodge Jul 5, 2019 @ 8:47am 
Thank you. Good game.