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SCP Tactical Redux MTF (PM)
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Mar 19 @ 6:32pm
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SCP Tactical Redux MTF (PM)

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This is an SCP adaptation of Knight Siverius' "Tactical Soldiers Redux" Playermodel/NPC addon, however this addon ONLY contains re-materialized playermodels.

This addon contains different material variants of the SCP insignia which replaces the traditional Combine insignia on the soldiers' uniform. The models themselves maintain their high quality aside from their now (essentially stamped) SCP insignias found on their shoulder pads and baret. However, due to model bugs, the original combine viewmodel hands have been removed, this is due to a glitch where, when the player would hold out a crossbow, the hand model would spaz out and take up 70% of your screen.

As is with most of my addons, these models DO NOT belong to me and I take no credit for such, all contributors and creators will be listed below. DO NOT republish or otherwise redistribute any content contained within this addon without proper consent from myself or the other contributors/creators.

All credit goes to:

Knight Siverius - Original model creator
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Maqsud101 Sep 11 @ 12:50am 
L4D2 playermodels please?.
not makage Aug 8 @ 3:23pm 
theres an issue with the crotch materials
Black Subak Jul 13 @ 4:34am 
There is an error in the texture of the teeth in the mouth.
I want you to make the amendment as soon as possible.
Nuka~Cola Jun 4 @ 3:50pm 
more scp :steamhappy:
Deus Vult May 22 @ 7:49am 
all this needs is c_hands tbh
LCOfficerUNIT97 Apr 21 @ 6:53pm 
I prefer Traditional gear.
chromeviperjack Apr 9 @ 6:58pm 
Three of them are errors please help
Kinsey (RT1S) Apr 7 @ 6:27am 
wtf where the fuck is anwser
Kinsey (RT1S) Apr 1 @ 4:24am 
(We both downloaded Materials & base)
Kinsey (RT1S) Apr 1 @ 4:22am 
da fuk? my friend see most bodygroups & some models as errors/untextured shit, even tho we both have that addon downloaded