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Windows DPI vs Game
By 3division
Explanation, understanding of GUI DPI scaling vs game
Windows DPI setting vs game
Some monitors are high DPI, such as laptop monitors or 4K screens... in windows you have then set scaling of GUI 125% or 150% for example in order to you will able to read icons and text in windows.. so everything is scaled up...

If you have for example monitor 1920x1080 with GUI scaling set to 125%.. and you select game to run in resolution 1920x1080, game window will also scale up so you will not see the edges of the screen with important game UI etc..

-You can set lower resolution i.e. 1600x900.. so if screen scale up.. it will not goes outside of screen, but this may be a bad solution , because you would wish to play in the 1920x1080
-You can set Full Screen mode.. instead windowed... this may help.. but may bring also problems with the mouse (that mouse will be unable to access the borders of the screen
-You can set exception for game executable.. that windows will not scale up game window and this guide will help this[/b]
Change game executable GUI setting
(To access executable, open steam client, click with RMB on "Soviet Republic" game in steam library,
click on "Properties", then "Local files" tab, click on "browse local files" button)

Right click with mouse on SOVIET.exe and select "Properties"

-Select "Compatibility" tab
-Select "change for all users"

-Select "Change DPI setting"

-Check checbox override DPI setting
-Select "Application from drop down menu

After this, windows will no longer scale your windows application, so even you will select 1920x1080 as game resolution, you will get correct behaviour... even on 1920x1080 screen with DPI/GUI scale enabled.. in windows..
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Wiggles Mar 8, 2021 @ 3:15am 
This doesn't work. I fail to see why costumers have to do this and its not been addressed back in 2019 when it was first raised?
I don't know Mar 16, 2020 @ 3:43am 
does not work now after they changed layout of file explorer and this fix is invalid i just got the game and am currently having this bug and now i can't play the game because i can't select to build any buildings cus of this bug :(:steamsad:
De Gaulle Lover Mar 16, 2019 @ 3:41pm 
What can we do if your screen is too small (1280x1024)