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Enderal: Forgotten Stories

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Collectibles Guide [Finished]
By KhobarKast
In this guide you find a full list with descriptions and screenshots of all the collectibles.
Heya, fellow reader! While working on my achievements guide I quickly noticed that the collectibles are quite a lot and need a seperate guide. So, using screenshots and words, let's have at it!

It is done. Feels weird. But also good. Hope it helps. Thanks for the help to everyone!
Magical Symbols
You found all of Enderal's magical symbols.

1. Sun Coast - Abandoned Tower
When you first enter the main island (Vyn - Enderal), enter the building to your left, crossing a bridge. Find your first trap - right behind it.
2. Sun Coast - Old Dam Lookout
Up the stairs, next little room, turn left and pull the chain to open a hidden door behind the webbing.
3. Sun Coast - Old Wreck
Left shipwreck, upstairs.
4. Sun Coast - Deserted Ruin (outside)
Left of the entrance, clearly visible.
5. Sun Coast - Old Farm (outside)
Cross the bridge east of the farm and find it next to some hay.
6. Sun Coast - Old Sherath
Inside, go south, western corridor which leads north to another room with an Arcane Fever crystal. There, turn right.
7. Sun Coast - Goldenfort Cliff
North of the Cliff marker on the map, go down into the valley and find it in the (bear) cave.
8. Sun Coast - Goldenfort Cliff
West of the Cliff marker on the map, go down to the beach, behind a stone, next to a chest
9. Sun Coast - Burned off Fishing Lodge
Just inside the lodge.
10. Sun Coast - Riverville's Honey Farm
On the backside of the farm.
11. Sun Coast - Castle Goldenford
Northwest, going down stairs into a dead end.
1. Western Cliff - Miner Cabin
Enter the cabin and walk forward. Look down.
2. Western Cliff - Dragon Aerie
After slaying Fuchur, grab it behind a pillar.
3. Western Cliff - Sea Chasm
Turn right when you can, swim through the opening underwater and continue.
4. Western Cliff - Aged Man's Manor
During the mainquest you come here. Ground floor, western side.
5. Western Cliff - Aged Man's Manor
Same quest as before, once you get outside you will find it.
1. The Heartlands - Old Custom Facilities
Enter the facility and follow the paths until you reach a four-way crossing. Take the left / west way and find it at the end in an alcove.
2. The Heartlands - Rock Shelter
Battle your way through the whole dungeon, fighting a named wild mage in a big room at the end. A ladder leads outside, to an otherwise unreachable part above the normal entrance. The tower is right next to you.
3. The Heartlands, Lightbreach Mine
Work your way through the mine. In a big room with several wooden towers, in one of them.
4. The Heartlands, Castle Ad'Balor
Follow the path west towards Whisperwood. You will find a bandit camp to your left. Opposite of that entrance are a few tree stumps, with the symbol inbetween.
5. The Heartlands, Cliffwatch
Just behind the tower, the symbol is facing the ocean.
6. The Heartlands, Myrad Tower, Northern Heartland
From the entrance to "Old Dolesch". Circle around the outer walls and find a passage in the back, with the symbol.
7. The Heartlands, Sawmill
Southwest, reach a lake and there, inbetween trees, the symbol.
8. The Heartlands - Abandoned Cabin
Behind it.
9. The Heartlands, Old Dothûlgrad, Depth
uring the mainquest "Fragments of the Past"
1. Ark - Undercity, Old Camp
Symbol upstairs.
2. Ark, Nobles Quarter
Follow the waterflow and bridges south and make a U-turn to the right at the end.
3. Ark, Harbor - Water Economy Commercial Trading Post
Follow the possible path in the Trading Post all the way to the cooling cave.
4. Ark, Harbor
On top of the huge tower with the signal fire.
5. Ark, Sun Temple
South of the entrance to the temple, in front of Yero's Tower.
Magical Symbols #2
6. Ark, Bank
In a Vault, behind a Master lock.
7. Ark, Military Barrack
Inside the western walls, north dead-end.
8. Undercity, Orphanage "The Refuge"
During the quest "In Our Shadows", in a side room to the north.
9. Ark, Foreign Quarter
In the north-east, work your way through the gatehouse and to the roof. There, a door leads to the Heartland, but surprise!
1. Farmers Coast - Bridgehead Farm, Red Ox
In the tavern you find a well. Jump down like your brother is called Luigi and grab that symbol.
2. Farmers Coast - Grenbeard's Mill
West of the Mill you see a bridge. Directly under it.
3. Farmers Coast - Grels Grave (outside)
West of it, underneath, between the trees
4. Farmers Coast - Poachers' Camp
Towards the bridge with the waterfall, on the left river side.
1. King's Mountain Pass - Smuggler's Harbor
Follow the coastline southeast until you find it.
2. King's Mountain Pass - Old Uskasarak
Go north up the mountain, keep to your right. Shortly before the edge, in a cavern to your right.
3. King's Mountain Pass - Old Kingwatch
Below the pedestal, on a large rock.
1. Whisperwood - Vatyr Camp (southwest end)
Find the most south and most west part of the Whisperwood. You will find 3 Vatyrs and behind a ruin the symbol.
2. Whisperwood - Ritual Site
You will find a round building in the south. In the middle you find this symbol.
3. Whisperwood - Grimlight Gallery
Southeast of it, go down and be greeted by Pus Beetles. The symbol is close.
4. Whisperwood - Abandoned Farm
Follow the normal path west until you can turn right (north). Stay along the cliff, don't go down. You will find a grave with the symbol behind a tree.
5. Whisperwood - Waterhaze Maw
Down to the water, hard to miss.
1. Fogville Region - Fogville
When in Fogville, go east out of the gate.Walk down the mountain cliff at the right, you will se a magical symbol you need to jump down to.
2. Fogville Region - Fogville's Sewer Exit
Once entered, go into the big room to your right. Fight the Arps, go up the stairs and unlock the cell door.
1. Goldenforst - Hermit Cave
At the end of the cave, after defeating 2 Wild Mages, you can find the symbol in a dead end, below you.
2. Goldenforst - Ark's Last Watch
Take the western exit and go go down the mountain, keeping to your left. Behind a tree.
3. Goldenforst - Ark's Last Watch
On top of the western gate, jump your way up the haystacks.
4. Goldenforst - Ark's Last Watch
Exit the eastern gate. Make you way down the mountain, keeping to your right. Behind a tree, close to 2 Pus Beetles.
5. Goldenforst - Eastern Cannon-Wall
Go south from the entrance to the fenced cliff and keep left.
6. Goldenforst - Fortress Goldenforst (outside)
Make your way south. After passing a huge but slim stone gate, look for a jumpable ledge to your left.
1. Dark Valley - Old Canal
Northwest, in the canals between two trees right next to a bridge.
2. Dark Valley - Alchemist's Abandoned Camp
South of it, in the open.
3. Dark Valley - Monastery Westgard
Inside, make your way through the dungeon. You will find a door with 2 levers in front. Symbol to your left.
4. Dark Valley - Mana Pond
Southern end, next to a loud soul.
5. Dark Valley - Old Watermill
North of it, hidden in an alcove.
Magical Symbols #3
6. Dark Valley - Castle Bleakstar
Southeast of it, deep down in the valley.
1. The Crystal Forest - Old Mishkahmur (first ruin you see, coming from Frostcliff Tavern)
Close to the entrance, slightly south-east, a room with 2 little "spiders".
2. The Crystal Forest - The Living Temple (outside)
Quite a way east of it. Don't go down to the tower, search the right cliff edge.
1. Frostcliff Mountains - Frostcrystal Lake
Western side of the sea, up a short slope.
2. Frostcliff Mountains - Myrad Tower - Frostcliff Tavern (outside)
Go all the way south in a clear line. Under a ledge.
3. Frostcliff Mountains - Raider Camp
Go all the way west. When you can't anymore, go north a bit and keep as left as you can. A very steep slope leads you to it.
4. Frostcliff Mountains - Wild Mage Camp
Western part, behind a pillar.
5. Frostcliff Mountains - Western slope
Right before the first u-turn on the slope goes south, you find another path on the right side. Follow it.
6. Frostcliff Mountains - Unmarked tower in the northwest
North of the tower, below the cliff.
7. Frostcliff Mountains - Unmarked ship in the northwest
Inside the ship.
8. Frostcliff Mountains - Old Cabin
Just straight east, easy to see.
9. Frostcliff Mountains - Storm Mill, Warehouse (outside)
Straight north, east of the trees.
10. Frostcliff Mountains - unmarked spider pack
11. Frostcliff Mountains - Fortress Rockwatch
Small corridor in the east.
12. Frostcliff Mountain - East Wind Tower (outside)
Follow the road west. When it wants to go north, be a rebel and go west to find this.
13. Frostcliff Mountains - Umarked sea of ice
Under the ice, swim east.
14. Frostcliff Mountains - Right of the path to North Grave
15. Frostcliff Mountain - Deep Digger's Settlement
When you enter, turn right.
16. Frostcliff Mountains - Deep Digger's Settlement, Mine Digger's Luck
In the mine, go north and swim.
17. Frostcliff Mountains - Deep Diggers' Cliff
Hard to miss.
18. Frostcliff Mountains - Agnod, Quarters
You get to Agnod during the quest "Apotheosis, Part II" (starts in Ark, Nobles Quarter, Dal'Terrowin). Make your way south to the quarters and then go north, keeping right.
19. Frostcliff Mountains - Agnod, Machine Rooms
Just like 18. After you fell down the machines and pipes, you will find a machine room. Left of you are stairs, which lead to the symbol.
20. Frostcliff Mountains - Castle Dal'Galar, Sanctuary
During the mainquest "Angel" you get here. After seeing the vision where he refers to the Angel for the first time, you find it in the nearby room, by using the key on the table.
21. Frostcliff Mountains - Castle Dal'Galar, Sanctuary
During the mainquest "Angel" you get here. After getting the symbol 20 mentioned above, go upstairs and go straight to the side corridor with the symbol.
22. Frostcliff Mountains - Castle Dal'Galar, Stables
During the mainquest "Angel" you get here. The stables are optional, you find them outside. Inside, just go upstairs.
23. Frostcliff Mountains - Old Hatolis, Summit Halls
In the second massive room with the huge spiders go south to a corridor between the two rooms to find it.
Magical Symbols #4
1. Thalgard, Destroyed Abbey
Follow the dungeon path, destroying the lich / dragon priest and going to the Library. You find it in the first big room with book shelves.
2. Thalgard, unmarked huge tower in the east
Right in front of the tower.
3. Thalgard, unmarked beach
Keep to your left.

1. Powder Desert, Soul Bed (outside)
North of it.
2. Powder Desert, Duneville (outside)
On top of the big village roof.
3. Powder Desert, Old Warehouse of the Duneville's Fruit Corporation (outside)
Go way east and find a visibly huge mountain with a tough enemy on top.
4. Powder Desert, Abandoned House (outside)
Behind the house.
5. Powder Desert, unmarked location (north of Powder Cliff)
Follow the eastern road and go north. Check the screenshots.
6. Powder Desert, Powder Cliff (outside)
West of it.
7. Powder Desert, Old Soltyris
The quest "Hidden in the Puzzle" leads you here, after solving the riddles you find this.
8. Powder Desert, Old Soltyris (outside)
West of it, between the clay-looking buildings.
9. Powder Desert, Old Estate of the Dal'Varek
10. Powder Desert, Old Yogosh
11. Powder Desert, Old Dust Cave
During the mainquest "Forgotten Homeland, Part I". Down below, in the cavern.

100. Starcity
During the mainquest "Forgotten Homeland, Part II". Looking at the big gates, turn left (east) and look around the corner.

Congratulations for completing T H E fetchquest!
Mystical Symbols
Fetchquest, Vol.2.
You found all of Enderal's mystical symbols.

1. Ark - Undercity, Bust Pit
In the pit fighting area, you can find the woman organizing the fights. To her right you can find a passage downstains and the mystical symbol.
2. Ark, Undercity - Tarpit, Abandoned Shaft
Find the shaft in the tarpit and make your way south past 2 Highwaymen.
3. Farmers Coast - Grain Farm, Mirell's House, Basement
During the sidequest "The Elixir" (started at Bridgehead Farm by Mirell) you will enter his basement.
4. Dark Valley - Lightgrove (most northern, most western place in the border of DV)
Work your way through the dungeon. In the western area you find some deep water under a spiral staircase. Swimg underneath and find a hidden cavern with this symbol.
5. Ark, Yero's Tower (south of entrance to Sun Temple)
Hard to miss, on your way to the Mud Elemental.

6. Ark, Sewers
You get into the sewers by pressing a lever in the lower level of the Prison (Barracks Quarter). You get here during the Golden Sickle questline, not sure if without it.
7. Undercity, Strange Place
During the Rhalâta quest "In Our Shadows", once you enter the strange place, go down and left.
8. Ark - Noble Quarters, Dal'Mercer's Estate
During the quest "Our Mark on this World" (starts with Esme in Wintercliff Tavern) you get here. In the basement, north.
9. Dark Valley, Castle Bleakstar
During the quest "Our Mark in this World", east room.
10. Powder Desert, unmarked tower southwest beach
On top of the tower.
11. Powder Desert, Old Lighthouse
12. Frostcliff Mountains - Old Temple, Upper Floor
In the east room, northeast corner.
13. Ark, Crypt
Finish the quest "Home of the Forsaken" (finding all the fragments) and it is right in front of you.

14. "Undercity, Theatre"
During the mainquest "Dreams of the Dead", you visit someone elses memory. In here, you also find a symbol. Second room, immediately to your right.

15. Qyra, Syras Isles
During the optional mainquest "A Drop in the Ocean" (given by Yuslan in the last chapter) you will come here. Follow Yuslan and you will see it on the side of the path behind bushes.
Knowledge Points
Knowledge Is Power
You found and earned all knowledge points.

I will list all the knowledge, but there also 10 Knowledge Points you can gain by buying the Old Tome from Gabor Gaboff in the Nobles Quarter.

Still, because I am weird, I will still list all the rest that I am able to find:

1,2 Sun Coast - Near Old Dam Lookout
Finn, the first character you talk to on the main island, has two bits of Knowledge for you.
3,4 Sun Coast - Near Old Dam Lookout
Jespar Dal'Varek, right after your encounter with the Apothecarii.
5,6,7,8 Sun Coast - Riverville, Temple
Priest Vildas, after the first Knowledge choose "<More>" to gain access to 3 more Knowledge points.
9. Sun Coast - Riverville, Mayor's House
Meldor Featherwall, during the Quest "The Voice from the Water", started in the same location. You get the knowledge when he gives you the map.
10. Sun Coast - Yero's House, Cellar
During the main quest "The Void", Jespar Dal'Varek gives you knowledge after destroying a fire elemental together.

11,12 Sun Coast - Riverville, The Old Bee
After you explored Yero's Cellar and returned to Riverville, Jespar has more stuff to tell. Once you want to leave, he gives you some books and more knowledge.
13. Western Cliff, Scout Tower
When Jespar escorts you you keep Jespar from dying to bandits, you will stop at this tower and can ask him more about the lore.

14. Ark, Yerai's House
When starting the quest "Apotheosis, Part I", Yerai gives you this tidbit.
15. Ark, Sun Temple - Alchemist & Magic
North of the Sun Temple, the merchant and Apothecari.
16. Ark, South Quarter
The Myrad Keeper sheds some light on these awesome creatures.
17. Ark, Marketplace
The merchant Ora Stonehand, ask her "How's business?" and you can gain that knowledge.
18. Ark, west of the northern gates
During the Quest "Gnarldalf has to die!" you meet Yrinto Sha'Amgash. After helping him, he shares with you some knowledge about Qyra.
19. Ark, Foreign Quarter (?)
I met the spices and rugs merchant in the Foreign Quarter, but his stand might also be in the Marketplace. His turquoise robe is definitely an eyecatcher so you should find him.
20. Ark, Marketplace
Erica Braveblood sends you to a quest in the Dark Valley. Talk to her again to learn more about this place.

21. The Heartlands - Myrad Tower, Border of the Heartland
During the mainquest you will talk to Signet Leader Jorek Bartarr, giving you this.
22. Ark, Sun Temple
During the course of the mainquest, right after taking your oath.

23. Ark, Sun Temple
During the course of the mainquest, right after getting the quest to "The Word of the Dead".

24,25,26 Ark, Sun Temple
I talked to Yuslan Sha'Rim right after "The Word of the Dead". He gives you 3 knowledge points about the schools of magic.

27. Ark, Sun Temple
Right after accepting the quest "Deus Ex Machina" from him.

28. Ark, Sun Temple
After gaining the quest "Into the Deep", talk to Commander Leora Eren. Follow the dialogue and the knowledge appears.

29. The Crystal Forest
During the mainquest "Into the Deep" you come here together with Jespar. Once you enter the forest you are supposed to talk to him. Do that and take the knowledge too.

30. Ark - Golden Sickle, Guildhouse
During the Golden Sickle questline, when siding with Maél, the commander tells you this.

31. Undercity, Arena
During the quest "Qalians Last Smile", Tharaêl gives you this.

32. Undercity, Abandoned Shaft
During the quest "Qualian's Last Smile", after I spared Qalian.

33. Undercity, Barrack
During the Quest "In Our Shadows", after meeting Brother Sorrow.

34. Undercity, Shed
During the Quest "Dark Chambers of our Mind", after getting the dream and meeting Tharaêl at midnight.

35. Silvergrove, Tavern
You get here during the mainquest "A Song in the Silence".
Butcher Books
Chronicles of Blood
You found and read all books of the Butcher.

You can find the books multiple times, and you only need to read them, not grab/steal them. To safe some space I will only list one location each.

Volume 1: Follow the Fire - Sun Coast, Near Old Dam Lookout
The first time you meet Jespar Dal'Varek, it is right behind you on the ground.
Volume 2: The Nameless One - Sun Coast, Old Farm
Inside the farm, right next to an unused fireplace.
Volume 3: FIrst Steps - Ark, Foreign Quarter
In the west part you find a very thin corridor, you can enter it in the south. The book is to your right.
Volume 4: Ashes - Fogville Region, Fogville Harbor
In the house you need to find a key in, durin the quest "The Dreary Field".
Volume 5: Qualian - Undercity, Barnabas the Mechanic
From the entrance, to your right, next to his bed.
Volume 6: The Silver Cloud - Undercity, Rhalâta Temple
During the quest "Dark Chambers of our Mind", in the Father's room.
Volume 7: All the Dead Souls - Frostcliff Mountains, Old Northwindwatch
On top of the tower.
Volume 8: Masks - Frostcliff Mountains, unmarked tower in the northwest
The book is found after defeating the residing battlemage.
Volume 9: The Rise - Ark, Bank
You need the key for Vault 2111. You earn it by completing the quest "Brotherhood of Kor". It starts in the Noble Quarters, Mirella's Miraculous Mixtures.

Volume 10: The Fall - Frostcliff Mountains - Fortress Rockwatch
The most north-east room has the book.
Catch 'em All
You found all souls.

To collect all souls, you need to put Points into the brandnew Phasmalist class. 3 Points into the first talent should be enough, enabling you to collect souls up to Level 5. You use the Soul Net ability like your meditation and other "shouts" (standard is Z or Y, depending on your keyboard). Once you are in the area you should listen for the quite loud sounds of a moaning soul. Get close and use Soul Net.

Archer Souls

1. Sun Coast - Clearwater Cave
At the western dead-end of the cave.
2. The Heartlands - Old Dothûlgrad, Workshop
During the mainquest "Deus Ex Machina", once you find the machine.
3. Frostcliff Mountains - Northwind
Most western house.
4. Halfmoon Isle, near the camp gates
Durin the mainquest "The Lion's Den", once you pass the barricaded camp entrance, you go north and nearing the gates, you will hear the soul to your right.
5. Thalgard, Thalgard (outside)
Fight your way up and go to your left, soul is in the cage.

Hybrid Souls:

1. Sun Coast, near the Apothecarii at the start of the game
The quest you gain when getting the talent leads you here.
2. Ark, Crypt
I entered from the Undercity, Corpse Pit. Went straight west, found it behind some bars.
3. Ark, Undercity -> Tarpit -> Tarpit, Bedders -> Old Aisolôn, Cavern
Work your way through the dungeon (beware that the Blind Miner is invulnerable without the Old Ban Totem!), going down all the stairs. You will find a door behind bars. Turn left to find the chain on a wall to remove the bars. Continue and you will hear the soul. Up the stairs to your right lead to it.
4. Dark Valley, Castle Bleakstar
During the Quest "Our Mark in this World", between the cross section and the well you find a sneaky passage to your left.
5. Western Cliff - Dragon Aerie
After you beat Smaug, you find the soul on top of a skeleton.

Warrior Souls

1. Western Cliff - Dual Towers
On the second floor of the second tower.
2. Western Cliff - Old Smuggler Retreat
On top of a corpse, hard to miss.
3. Powder Desert - Old Yogosh
Once inside, follow the dungeon, solve the small quest and find your soul in a cage.
4. Frostcliff Mountains - Old Temple, Lower Floors
During the quest "Dark Chambers of our Minds", a specific character gets sacrificed, birthing a new soul right before your eyes.
5. Frostcliff Mountains - Fortress Rockwatch
Second floor, in the room of the "boss" (The Experimenter).

Mage Souls

1. The Heartlands - Old Customs Facilities
After going down for a while you will find a trapdoor with fire underneath. Right next to it.
2. Sun Coast, Caste Goldenfort
Work your way through the castle and find a key on a table at the end. Backtrack to the main entrance and search around for several locked doors. Using your key, you advance until you reach the current Lady of Goldenford. Defeat her, and find Marius' soul right above his corpse in the bed.
3. Powder Desert, The Hollow Hand
East room.
4. Whisperwood, Mana Pond
Over another corpse, this time in a boat.
5. Frostcliff Mountains - Agnod, Navigation Room
You get here during the quest "Apotheosis, Part II" (starts in Ark, Nobles Quarter from Dal'Terrowin). The Navigation Room is blocked by a Master lock, which you can open with the lock you find at the "boss" of this dungeon.
Vatyra Fragments
The Queen of the Forsaken
You opened Vatyra's treasure chamber.

You need to find 9 lost fragments, scattered all over Vyn.

Left Horn: Riverville, Abandoned House (west part, crawl through the broken chimney at the side)

Right Horn: Thalgard - Destroyed Abbey, Library
During the quest "A Drop in the Ocean", given by Yuslan Sha'Rim during the mainquest, will lead you here, making it possible to loot it. It is in the same room as the quest object.

Right Tooth: Ark, Golden Sickle's Trading Post (behind an Expert lock door and a Master lock door)

Left Tooth: Western Cliff, Cave (HARD TO FIND TRAPDOOR, but inside just on the table)

Left Eye: Undercity, Rhalâta Temple
During the quest "Dark Chambers of our Mind", in the Father's room, south table.

Right Eye: Ark, Yero's Tower (south of the entrance to the Sun Temple)

Left Ear: Powder Desert, Duneville's Supply Ship
On the ship.

Right Ear: Powder Desert, unmarked tower, southwest coast
First floor.

Ring: Dark Valley, Castle Bleakstar
During the quest "Our Mark in this World", north room, on the table.

Once you have collected all of them, you need to bring them to Ark, Crypt and insert them, to open Vatyra's treasure chamber.
Master of Eggs
You actually hunted down all eggs for Kurmai. Hats off.

Hammerbird eggs
1. The Heartlands, The Cemetery
In the norther part of the cemetary, hidden between lots of bushes and trees.
2. The Heartlands, Grotto to the Wayside Cross
Go directly north on the path, on your right will be a tree stump with the nest on top.
3. The Heartlands, Pit Shelter
Go straight south and you can find it on one of the ledges overlooking the river.
4. The Heartlands, Rock Shelter
Straight south, over the bridge and on top of another tree stump.
5. The Heartlands, Rock Shelter
West of the Rock Shelter, basically directly on the opposite side of the sea from Egg Number 4.

Leafgull eggs
1. Farmers Coast - Honeybrewery at the Upper Farm. Go northeast to the building called "Upper Haystacks". Opposite of the door you see a silo. Behind it on a ledge.
2. Farmers Coast - Farmers Throne
Right next to the throne.
3. Farmers Coast - Farmers Throne
West of the throne, on a ledge looking at the ocean.
4. Farmers Coast - Farmers Throne
North of the throne, on another ledge looking at the ocean.

Peakdasher eggs
All 4 of them are close to the tavern and you can see the Myrad from their nests.

Firefinch eggs
Pretty close to the ship, one in front of the unmarked tower to the west.
Thanks and Update Notes
Big thanks to the following people who helped me out:

- My parents, for creating me
- 100Pals Discord Group[100pals.co], for motivation and memes
- Fabio's CantBelieveItsNotFabio from 100Pals, helping out with finding collectables
- Gipsy Brown on Steam, helping out with a soul
- My stream viewers, for showing me I am not the only one who has a passion for video games


02/15/2019 - The list is done. Time to play the game!
02/23/2019 - Butcher Books, Souls, Vatyra Fragments, Eggs, Knowledge Points.. all done.
02/24/2019 - Well, the guide is done. What a trip! Hope it helps :)
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Nevermore Sep 23 @ 6:27am 
Thank you, author, for a useful guide! Can I use a link to it in my guide? (Russian edition)
P.S. Sorry for my "perfect" english.
Buzziee Aug 30 @ 1:40am 
for magical symbol on Powder Cliff, Powder Desert the correct location is inside the sewer below the cliff not on west nowhere to Powder Cliff
PapaStan Jun 2 @ 5:04pm 
Thanks for the guide
To improve it further, you should list which symbols are missable and the ones that are "quest locked".
tramontinauna May 1 @ 2:43am 
одни и те же книги мясника появляются в разных местах, я пока что нашла 1-4 тома и все были не в тех местах что на скринах
Narlinnod Apr 22 @ 2:10am 
Thank you for putting together this awesome list, it's been a huge help. However, I seem to be missing a mystical symbol, but I have no idea which. Looking through the list, I thought I had been to and gotten them from all the various places, including Qyra and in that memory. Is there some way I can look up which I am missing or spawn it? Also, does anyone know where you can find COC codes for Enderal? Thanks!
Jirkis Apr 21 @ 12:44pm 
@Raffi I also were missing one magical symbol, and the mod didn't found it.
It was in Old Yogosh in Powder Desert (#4.10 on this guide). For whatever reason, you seem to be outside of Enderal map when you enter this dungeon, and then the mod doesn't show a quest marker for this symbol.
Kipfall Apr 19 @ 2:37pm 
Re: Knowledge points, Gabor Gaboff regularly restocks the knowledge books (I think every day, definitely frequently) so one can just keep buying and using those in order to obtain the associated achievement.
dagonmt Mar 28 @ 2:34pm 
Butcher books 7 & 8 are both at Deep Delvers Cliff.
dagonmt Mar 27 @ 6:26am 
Confirming what Easy Target said. Entrance is on the beach, you need a key from Powder Cliff Fortress.
Easy Target Mar 25 @ 1:26pm 
6. Powder Desert, Powder Cliff (outside) - I missed this one, found it in Channel of Powder Cliff. Its not outside as i expected:steamfacepalm: