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Why did you click on the button?! You are supposed to cut the red wire! Now you have to read all the stuff below...

- Finish the game on the highest difficulty. Classic.
- The typical choose-B-instead-of-A achievements. And no, you may not load the last checkpoint.
- Hidden achievements and their bad habits. Yes, I am talking to you Mr. Side Quest!
- Grinding, a love-hate relationship.
- Do not kill anyone and / or do not set off any alarms. Snake? SNAKE?! SNAAAAAKE!!!
- Drop chance; do I need to say more?
- But I did press the jump button! F****** game!
- Killin' me softly. Win x matches on a ranked server.
- Speedruns! Run Forest! RUN!
- Rogue-like or how to get lost in a dungeon. Every. Single. Time.

...your curiosity will kill you one day.
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As a noob rpg player... believe that Pen & Paper is an extinct form of communication. skip the character creation by using the default build. are still not sure, what d20 dice are used for. prefer a simplified skill tree, in order to not encumber you with tactical content. dislike to play with a character on permanent death mode (a.k.a. hardcore). are convinced that games without anti-aliasing options will hurt your eyesight. despise to read dialogue sections, which are not synchronized (a.k.a. voice-over). think that a real money auction house is a useful gaming feature. rage-quit open-world games, that do not contain map markers. wonder, while standing behind cover, why your character does not auto-regenerate his health.

As a pro rpg player... prevented the completion of the Darwin project in a post-apocalyptic world. Wasteland, 1988 obliterated Jagar Tharn, without dealing any direct damage to him. TES: Arena, 1994 handed over a certain totem to Mannimarco, the King of Worms.
TES II: Daggerfall, 1996 drove the Soulstone into your own forehead. Diablo, 1997 displayed the flaws in the Master's plan, and persuaded him to commit suicide. Fallout, 1997 defeated your half-brother within an ancient temple to Bhaal. Baldur's Gate, 1998 survived the fight against the ultra-mutant Frank Horrigan. Fallout II, 1998 listened to the wise words spoken by the Nameless One to Fall-From-Grace.
Planescape: Torment, 1999 declined the proposal of the solar to become the God of Murder. Baldur's Gate II, 2000 enabled the destruction of the Worldstone on Mount Arreat. Diablo II, 2000 banished yourself into the abyss, in order to face Kerghan. Arcanum, 2001 impressed Yxbudur'zmutkimdu with your knowledge about the Blood Wars.
Icewind Dale II, 2002 enslaved the archdevil Thra'axfyl the Ambitious, Lord of the Eighth Hell of Baator, and made him kneel before you. Well done, mortal. Neverwinter Nights, 2002 smashed the heart of Lorkhan beneath the Red Mountain. TES III: Morrowind, 2002 were complimented by the law-abiding droid HK-47, despite being a meatbag.
Knights of the Old Republic, 2003 caused the second cataclysm in Aranna. Dungeon Siege II, 2005 are feared among the immortal beings as Godsbane. Titan Quest, 2006 witnessed the battle between Mehrunes Dagon and Akatosh, the Dragon-God of Time.
TES IV: Oblivion, 2006 used the silver sword on the Grand Master. Witcher, 2007 own a complete collection of irradiated bobbleheads. Fallout III, 2008 disposed of the Human-Reaper, spectacularly. Mass Effect, 2008 joined the cult of Laurencius, and faced divine vengeance. Inquisitor, 2009 would like to fight the Lost & the Fallen, the Demigod, and the White Emperor simultaneously. Last Remnant, 2009 knew that the game was rigged from the start. Fallout: New Vegas, 2010 liberated the Collector base with your trusty M-96 Mattock. Mass Effect II, 2010 absorbed the soul of Alduin. TES V: Skyrim, 2011 drank vodka with Letho of Gulet on 'hardcore' difficulty. Witcher II: Assassins of Kings, 2011 are not sure if the Normandy is a warship or a traveling freak show. Mass Effect III, 2012 perfected the Atlas of Worlds, and became a grandmaster among the Forsaken Masters.
Path of Exile, 2013 sheared off the wool of the last weresheep. Divinity: Original Sin, 2014 alone defeated all dragons, all bounties, and both archmages on 'expert', 'path of the damned', and 'trial of iron' modes. Pillars of Eternity, 2015 beat Gaunter O'Dimm at his own game. Witcher III: Wild Hunt, 2015 reached the 25th Shattered Guardian's Domain on 'hardcore ultimate' difficulty.
Grim Dawn, 2016 made a pact with the arch-demon Adramahlihk, in order to claim your divinity.
Divinity: Original Sin II, 2017 obtained an impossible victory against the Lantern King on 'forged in blood' difficulty. Pathfinder: Kingmaker, 2018 implanted Concelhaut into the Oracle of Wael. Pillars of Eternity II, 2018 convinced Roustame Diodore, the MEGA RICH LIGHT-BENDING GUY with a Weiss-Wiesemann coefficient of 0,9998 repeating, to invest in your business idea.
Disco Elysium, 2019
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63 Hours played
"If there ever was such a thing as an ugly kid, then this is it. He’s almost exquisite in his ugliness. Like a gremlin."

Disco Elysium (DE) is a role-playing game (rpg) with emphasis on dialogue-based gameplay mechanics. It has been developed and published by the company ZA/UM.

Pro & contra:

++ Pushing the narrative benchmark. Beginning with the melancholic presentation of the city Revachol, over the bitter-sweet moments of introspection, down to the cerebral, fearsome intellect of the dialogues; it all comes together, perfectly.

++ A prism of experience. Imagine you are sitting in front of a blank canvas, and a colour palette is handed to you, that represents an iridescent fan of personal characteristics. Looking upon it you immediately recognize your favourite shades. You judge them as elemental for your magnum opus. But, there is more to discover.
Some of the colours you have seen or heard about before, but never used yourself. Others are impulsive or taboo, the effect on your painting is unforeseen. Yet, the curiosity and inspiration pull you in.
The chosen tones start to support or question your views and moral values. Are they a reflection of yourself, or a projection of your dreams? Do they please you? By mixing the known with the unknown you enlarge your colour spectrum; develop your character; broaden your horizon.
Now, take a step back... and marvel at your creation, at the unparalleled magnificence this game allows you to become!

o No combat system. Yeah, I know... your disappointment must be immeasurable. No demigod half-brother to slay, no post-apocalyptic wasteland to explore, no demonic portals from Sheogorath to close. Just an old-school rpg adventure, based on a severe case of amnesia.
Wait, I have heard that somewhere before… *looking at Mortimer Rictusgrin with a raised an eyebrow*

- Incomplete voice acting. Most of the dialogues and descriptions are text-only. Furthermore, those parts with synchronisation are of varying quality. It is a shame, I wanted to hear more lines from Measurehead aka. the black-übermensch monolith.


I am convinced that DE will remind everyone what an outstanding game looks like in this genre, because it absolutely nails the critical elements of brilliant writing and strong characterization.
It feels like reading a good book, which I cannot put away.

Recommended for all of you who want to become utterly immersed in a story.


Estimated time for 100% completion: +50 hours

Singleplayer achievements: 24
Multiplayer achievements: none
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