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Death Recovery Mod (v1.11.2A)
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Jan 28, 2019 @ 12:49pm
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Death Recovery Mod (v1.11.2A)


Version 1.11.2A
Mod ID: 1638424140
Last Cooked with DevKit: 12.0
This mod is rated: Clean and Stackable

Brought to you by Manalo and DragonClaw Studios![]

This mod was inspired by being Rekkers admin and all of the woeful bugs in Ark that would make recovering your gear and items impossible.

Due to the communities support this mod has improved in it's function and has even spread to Dark and Light and now Atlas.

I hope you all find this mod to be as useful as everyone else has.

*** Special Note for Atlas ***
You will need to place at least one Gravestone in every grid you are playing in. It isn't possible to recover items from a grid the stone is not in.

This mod provides a personal Gravestone that will help you recover your lost items (from death).

Craft and place your personal Gravestone to use after you have died. I recommend placing it within a reasonable proximity to a bed.

Tribes can arrange these in a Graveyard fashion. Each stone can only be used by the person that placed it.

Once activated any objects found on all of your corpses or your death caches will be returned to your inventory.

*** New Feature ***
Overflow handling of objects has been added. So when recovering lost items if you fill up before recovering everything the overflow will be placed in a cache at your feet. If for any reason the item cannot be added to the cache(s) it will be put back in the object it was found in.

Enable debugging if your concerned about lost items, the last set of stats will show you if anything was lost.

There is a 30 sec cool-down between usages to prevent spamming which could create performance issues, this timer can be adjusted using the game options listed bellow.

The ExclusionList is case insensitive, meaning you don't have to worry about caps. I recommend you continue using them as it improves your ability to manage the data, but if you messup you don't have to worry about it as long as the entry is properly spelled (so it matches the item).

The grave stone will take damage over time so be sure to do regular maintenance.

You will no longer be able to pickup the stone if the timer is running or if it is damged.

If you own multiple stones they will all share the same timer.

A Newly placed stone will inherit the timer from any existing stones for that user.

When items are found a new affect, Flame of Recovery will occur letting you know the stone has started to recover items. Flames will last 5 seconds (longer then it takes to actually recover items).

If no flames show up then no items were found, so nothing will be recovered.

Thanks to Firespark81 for the indirect idea for the Flame of Recovery.

Admin command to summon a personal stone:
cheat gfi Personal_Grave 1 0 0

** The following settings are OPTIONAL!! **
** Do not add a setting to your ini unless you need to change **
** it from the default. The following settings are NOT default **
** They are examples of what you MIGHT do with them. **

Setting options for GameUserSettings.ini


To change the decay timer on the stone set DelayTimer to the number of seconds you desire.

1 min = 60
5 min = 300
30 min = 1800
1 hour = 3600
1 day = 86400

To make the stone decay in one day (RL) set the DecayMultiplier to 0.142857

I don't recommend having the stone decay faster then 3 days.

If you need to remove stones quickly then I recommend you use MaxLifeSpan.

MaxLifeSpan is set by choosing how many seconds to stone can exist.

DisablePickup=true will disable the option that allows the stone to be picked up.

UseOnce=true will cuase the stone to be destroyed once the stone is used.

When UseOnce is set the DelayTimer determins how long until the stone is destroyed. While the stone is on cooldown it can't be used.

ThereCanOnlyBeOne=true will prevent the player from placing more than one stone. (this will have no affect on existing stones).

UseGlobalTimer=true will cause all stones in the game to use the same cooldown timer, all players will be affected, first come first use.

The ExclusionList now works with the wildcard character '.' you can place it at the begining or end of your string. You can place one at one end or the other or both.


This example would not recover any resources, anything that had Thatch at the end of the name or the partial work 'Consum' anywere in the name.

For those looking to do engram over rides the engram for this mod is: EngramEntry_Personal_Grave

********************* WARNING **********************
The game deletes any corpse or loot cache that goes outside the map boundries. How agressive this is depends on the map designer.

At times being killed by a sea creature can cuase your inventory to be removed/deleted from your corpse.

This mod cannot recover items that have been deleted by the game.

* Flame of Recovery may not be showing when stone is activated and items are recovered. If this occurs you need to pickup the stone and re-place it.

IIf you are having trouble getting good files from Steam you can use this Google Drive link to download a copy of the mod directly.
Never trust a download, always check it with a Virus Checker. My system is clear of Viruses, Google is clear to the best of their ability to check files but that is not enough to ensure you are safe. PLEASE SCAN THE FILE to ensure you are safe.

The mod is free and comes with limited support (when I'm available). You can leave messages here on Steam or stop by the DragonClaw Studio's Discord[].

If you like this mod and would like to donate please click on the donation link below.

If you are looking for a hosting company, you should check out ASHosting![]

If your looking for a gaming community feel free to stop by the Orion Cluster Discord[]. We play a number of games, share, chat and have some fun.

If you enjoy the DragonClaw Studio modding experience, we’d love your support in our next venture: TwilightStar: Heart of Eir.

As our first, full length feature game as a studio it will feature all the mechanics we love to see in modern games; layered on top of a rich story line and extensive world mapping. A love letter to classic RPGs of the 90s, you can follow our progress online at or join the conversation on Discord:
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Oct 17, 2019 @ 2:33pm
Servers Running This Mod
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Fathom 9 hours ago 
Sorry, been working on mods and haven't had a chance to get back to testing this. Will have to load on a single player since the server I play on removed it.

Will test and get back to you.
Manalo  [author] Jul 5 @ 1:28pm 
ok, one more question @Fathom, so do this once, and you get 'a bag'. Then repeat this and after you get the 2nd bag please check the contents of the first bag you recieved, did the items move or did the items dupe?

I mean as long as there is a 'bag' it should make a new bag and transfer the contents. If the old bad remains but is empty that's an Atlas thing. But if the items are actually duping ...

You don't have to die to test this, just open your inventory and select 'drop all'.

Then go to the stone and enable debug before you enable it.

Tel me the results along with a copy of the debug output please.
Manalo  [author] Jul 5 @ 1:25pm 
That is really odd. ok ty.
Fathom Jul 5 @ 2:44am 
Nope. This was with vanilla resources that stack to 500, bolas to 15, etc...
Manalo  [author] Jul 4 @ 12:01pm 
@Fathom interesting. Are you using a stacking mod or a weight altering mod?
Fathom Jul 4 @ 5:24am 
When using the mod, if an animal eats your corpse and your bag is left on the ground, you can keep clicking on the tombstone and certain stacked items in your bag (resources, meat, bolos, quite a few other items that stack as well, etc..) will keep coming back in new bags...until your primary bag where the animal ate your body despawns.
Manalo  [author] Jun 28 @ 2:17pm 
Duping? Could you be confused with those darn skins? They are handled just the same as if you went to your corpse. If you don't want to recover them you can add them to the exclusion filter.
Manalo  [author] May 19 @ 2:55pm 
No, there is no real communication path between the the individual servers.
Jorge May 19 @ 10:49am 
is there a way to update the mod to allow recovery from lets say A1 to A2?
halfcrazy2 Feb 17 @ 6:35am