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Max Payne 1, Complete FixPack - 2020 Edition
By darkje
Max Payne 1 Fix Pack, v1.2020.2
The purpose of this Fix Pack is to try and and correct the many known issues with this game in a single install.
Compiled by Darkje, 06-January-2020

This pack contains a number of fixes for the game that can be installed selectively.

•High resolution textures and executable with fix for addressing 4GB of memory, needed by high res textures.
v1.3 by Gaiver74,
•Startup fix v1.01 by UCyborg,
•Dx8to9 v1.10.0 wrapper by Crosire,
•dgVoodoo v2.63 by Dege,
•Directsound3d v0.20 by J.P. Ownby,
•Ultimate Soundpatch v1.12 by me, Darkje,
•Widescreenfix v01-01-2019 by ThirteenAG,
•AMD Ryzen3 fix by luigoalma,
•DXwebsetup by Microsoft,
•VCredist2010 by Microsoft,

Credits to everyone that made this fix possible for their effords to keep Max Payne alive.

Some fixes might depend on an other fix being installed or might exclude eachother. This installer is organized in a way that makes this visible and will take care of these dependencies/exclusions.
Warning: This installer is in unofficial, if you find a problem please report! If you mess up your game, don't blame me ;) just start over fresh and follow the instructions carefully.

I made a complete installer for all the previous fixes and included the option of installing the high-res textures. All fixes have been updated to latest version as of 29-dec-2019.

The installer will let you pick from the following patches:

    [1] High Resolution textures.
      [1a] With either a fixed executable for the STEAM game.
      [1b] Or a fixed executable for the CD game.
    [2] Startup Fix.
      [2a] With Crosire's Directx8to9 Wrapper to fix FPS (Windows 10).
      [2b] With Dege's dgVoodoo Dx8 to Dx11 Wrapper to fix FPS (Windows 10).
      [2c] With no wrapper at all (Windows 7).
    [3] Sound Fix.
      [3a] Either by using IndirectSound wrapper.
      [3b] Or by using Ultimate Soundpatch to convert the audio.
    [4] WideScreen Fix.
    [5] AMD Ryzen3 Fix.
    [6] support files
      [6a] DirectX setup files (installs directx 9 and previous on newer systems).
      [6b] VCredist 2010. (installs Visual C++ support files)

Download and install
Download from google drive: MP1-Fixpack v1.2020.2 (576.7 MB)[]

Download from MP1-Fixpack v1.2020.2 (576.7 MB)[]

Install is best done on a clean version of the game. In that case uninstall will fully restore the game back to clean. On windows 7 you probably don't need the FPS fix.

If you have already modified your game, it is advised to make a copy of your game directory - just in case something gets overwritten or removed.

A common mistake is that the fix gets installed in the wrong directory.
For steam game you should be installing in 'Steam\steamapps\common' the target '\Max Payne' will be added automatically and will be shown in the Browse input field. If you select the actual Max Payne directory itself, fix files will land one directory too deep, for example:
-> 'Steam\steamapps\common\Max Payne\Max Payne' - and things don't work then.

If you use the cd version the above goes too, but then the right directory usually is 'Program files(x86)'.
In any case take care you don't get that double '...\Max Payne\Max Payne' as the install location, then you should be fine.

Some pictures of the installer v1.2020.2

Trying other options:
Uninstall first, then run installer again with the options of your choice. Uninstaller should appear in your startmenu in MaxPayne-FixPack and in settings/add remove apps section.

What are all these options for?
All the options are for... ha right, giving you options on what to install or not while still keeping all possible fixes in a single download. Usually it's best to first try everything with the default selection of fixes, this is the most common setting that works for most systems. In case it doesn't perform as expected, you can uninstall the fix and then reinstall it with a different selection of options.

I'll go over them one by one:

Option 1 will add textures made by ESRGAN (AI based upscaling) combined with some hand-made textures.
* Few thousand (~95%) of game textures have been replaced;
* New textures have increased resolution from 2x to 8x;
* Includes the replacement of decals / blood / clothing and part of the interface textures.
To use this option you will need a modified executable that will allow the game to use up to 4gb of system memory. Of Course these executables are included, you just have to select the proper one for the game you own. Default is textures selected, steam executable selected, if you want the textures on the cd version of the game, be sure to select the right file for that. If you don't want the textures, just untick the box. Enhanced textures can lead to longer loading times.

Option 2 will apply the startup fix, this fix is for fast machines, if the machine was much faster than expected in game release year (2001) it would sometimes not initialize right and not start at all. Added bonus is that by using the fix it's also possible to use a directX wrapper, this will convert all aged directX 8 calls to a newer version and obey the windows vsync settings. Windows10 completley ignores vsync settings for directx8, this would result in the game running too fast and some of the game's events would trigger wrong or not at all. The wrappers will take care of that by limiting fps to whatever was set in your graphics card control panel, usually 60fps. (if you dont want the wrappers or the startup fix, you can limit fps in any other way you like, for example by using nvidiaInspector or msi-afterburner + rtss). Default is startupfix+dx8to9 wrapper, this is the most simple one, nothing needs to be configured. The dx8to11 wrapper can be usefull in the scenario where you need to be able to select the graphicscard you want the game to use, or need other options. It comes with a control panel that can be found in your game directory, see the special chapter below.

Option 3 will let you pick 1 of the 2 possible soundfixes. The first (and default selected) one converts the game's sound calls without modifying the actual sound files, the second one does modify the soundfiles in the game to a format that plays right without the need of a wrapper. My advice, try the 1st option, if that doesn't work for you maybe the second one will. Some machines don't seem to like the 1st one, in that case just switch.

Option 4, when the game was released 4:3 screens were the normal screen used, nowadays everyone is using wider screens, this fix will allow the game to scale for that, without streching max to a fat blob.

Option 5, in 2019 a small problem surfaced on AMD Ryzen3 cpu's the makers of the game could never have anticipated back in 2001, a check for certain cpu capability returned a number that was too high and could not be interpreted as a valid result, some code failed and then followed a lot of errors ending in a crash. By circumventing this check the game now will work again on those new cpu's. Older cpu's don't seem to mind this check is missing now, so it's selected by default. Maybe you need to deselect it if you're trying to run on 2001 hardware, but on anything less than 10 years old it should be fine.

The following support files are included to prevent some errors that users experienced sometimes when running the game (directx8 required error and msvcrt100.dll missing)

Option 6a, The install of this file insures all proper directX files are on the system, preventing possible faulty condions. If already available it will be skipped automatiaclly.

Option 6b, The install of this file insures all proper Visual C++ files are on the system, preventing possible faulty condions. If already available it will be skipped automatiaclly.

Version History
v1.2020.2 fixed a small bug: the file-size of the AMD fix was not shown. Added DirectX and VCredist support files. 06-january-2020
v1.2020.1 added AMD Ryzen Fix and updated all the fixes to latest versions as per 29-december-2019
v1.01 added dgVoodoo dx8 to dx11 wrapper, 29-january-2019
v1.0 Initial release, 23-january-2019
The installer will set the following setings to medium automatically, so don't be alarmed if you set them to high before. They should be at medium setting when using the Highres Textures, otherwise the game might run out of memory at some point.

About DgVoodoo's DX11 wrapper
Just a heads up to anyone who applies the dx11 wrapper: it slaps a "dgVoodoo2" watermark in the corner of everything. But don't panic! Go into your "Max Payne" folder and a file called "dgVoodooCpl.exe" is there now. Open that up, click on the "DirectX" tab, and un-tick the "dgVoodoo Watermark" box. Hit "Apply" and you still have the fixes without having to look at that watermark!
*) in 1.2020.2 i've disabled the watermark by default, if you would want it follow the instruction above in reverse.

When using high resolutions like 4K, you may get the error:
"There is insufficient video memory to start with the selected display settings. Please set a lower resolution from startup dialog"
Then you have to open the dgVoodoo control panel, go to the "DirectX" tab, and increase VRAM to 1024MB (found by Lethal Placebo)
An other option is to use Cosire's dx8to9 wrapper, that one won't error it seems.
*) in 1.2020.2 i've set 1024MB as a default.
Ryzen JPEG errors
Ryzen CPU's can have a small issue, when you start the game a lot of JPEG errors come up and when you click them away the game crashes. This is due to an unforseen result in the check of the CPU's capabilties, and then the game assumes the CPU doesn't have the requested capablity, while in fact it does have it.

luigoalma came up with this find and was able to find a fix for it! You can read all details about it at:

The actual fix concists of a small 3 byte change to one of the game dll's, rlmfc.dll. You can implement this yourself with a hex editor or download a dll I changed for you here:
This dll is supposed to go in your game directory, replacing the one already there and fixes those JPEG errors.

All creds for this fix are to be directed at luigoalma, "Provided to help allow your entertainment again, have fun!"

*) This is already included in the 2020 Fixpack, but i will leave the separate download here for people that need/want it this way.
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darkje  [author] Jul 31 @ 2:16am 
It seems to be reacting like the unpatched version, are you sure you don't have the game in two locations and you are patching one, whilst steam is running the other?
AcidAddict33 Jul 30 @ 2:36pm 
I start the game from a steam shortcut, which opens a window where I select the
Display Adapter (my GPU),
Screen Mode (1920x1080x16),
and the default Acceleration.
I hit play and the game starts up with the intro video and I get to the main menu.

If I select "Tutorial", the game instantly gives me a bunch of jpeg errors and eventually crashes the game after clicking through all of them.

If I select "New Game" and the difficulty, also get a bunch of errors, but after clicking through all of them the game eventually plays the opening cinematic (no audio). then when it finishes the first comic style cutscene the game crashes.

The error message given in both instances is the same:
Failed to decode JPG image: "Unsupported marker type 0x7f"
darkje  [author] Jul 30 @ 11:22am 
very strange, because then you should not be getting those errors.
how are you starting the game? from steam or you just click the exe in the right folder?
AcidAddict33 Jul 30 @ 11:12am 
I checked the values and they are equal to the ones you specified
darkje  [author] Jul 30 @ 9:58am 
Can you check the one of the checksums crc32, md5 or sha-1 on rlmfc.dll?
they should be:
crc32 - 5099616A
md5 - 582BFBE2C8462D84313766C7302F1195
sha-1 - D3DB748214ED341DAE49C172229D7EB332AB1FC9
this just to make sure you have te right file.
AcidAddict33 Jul 30 @ 8:42am 
No that's not it, I've made sure it was not installed an extra directory deep. All the new files show up in common/Max Payne
darkje  [author] Jul 30 @ 8:14am 
probably you installed the fix 1 directory too deep, this can happen.
if you see an other 'max payne' folder in you game folder that is the case.

look at the downlaod and install section at important note

uninstall reinstall will work or you can cut and paste the files 1 directory up (this will mess up the uninstall option, so the 1st method is preferable)
AcidAddict33 Jul 30 @ 1:01am 
I fresh installed the game (Steam) and ran the installer with all the default values selected, but I still get the JPEG errors that cause the game to crash. Do you know what could be causing this?
Ryzen 7 3700X
GTX 1070Ti
Windows 10
darkje  [author] Jul 27 @ 9:32am 
Dwight E., I'm guessing your screen format is something other than 16:9 or 16:10, right? you could try and mess with the settings for the widescreen fix and see if you can find a proper one, or disable widesceen all togheter.

The settings are in [your game directory]\scripts\MaxPayne.WidescreenFix.ini . you can open that file in a text editor and tweak some stuff. then save and retry until you get a result.

to totally disable widescreen just rename dinput.dll in your game directory to something else like dinput.old (this way it won't load the asi script in the scripts folder and you can re-enable it again if you renname it back)
Dwight Eisenhower Jul 27 @ 8:05am 
Hello, my problem is that I can´t see my health state and when the stories appear I see that a part usually from the sides is missing. Is there any way I can resolve this without uninstall and install again or it is an Installation mistake from my part?