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Max Payne 1, Complete FixPack - 2019 Edition
By darkje
This pack contains a number of fixes for the game that can be installed selectively.

•High resolution textures and executable with fix for addressing 4GB of memory, needed by high res textures.
v1.3 by Gaiver74,
•Startup fix v1.01 by UCyborg,
•Dx8to9 v1.9.1 wrapper by Crosire,
•dgVoodoo v2.55.4 by Dege,
•InDirectsound3d v0.17 by J.P. Ownby,
•Ultimate Soundpatch v1.12 by me, Darkje,
•Widescreenfix v01-01-2019 by ThirteenAG,

Uninstall is supported.
Warning: This installer is in beta stage, if you find a problem please report!

I made a complete installer for all the previous fixes and included the option of installing the high-res textures. All fixes have been updated to latest version as of 23-jan-2019.

The installer will let you pick from the following patches:

    [1] High Resolution textures.
      [1a] With either a fixed executable for the STEAM game.
      [1b] Or a fixed executable for the CD game.
    [2] Startup Fix.
      [2a] With Crosire's Directx8to9 Wrapper to fix FPS (Windows 10).
      [2b] With Dege's dgVoodoo Dx8 to Dx11 Wrapper to fix FPS (Windows 10).
      [2c] With no wrapper at all (Windows 7).
    [3] Sound Fix.
      [3a] Either by using IndirectSound wrapper.
      [3b] Or by using Ultimate Soundpatch to convert the audio.
    [4] WideScreen Fix.

More text will follow soon.
Download and install
Download from google drive: MP1-Fixpack v1.01.exe (567.7 MB)[]

Download from MP1-Fixpack v1.01.exe (567.7 MB)[]

Install is best done on a clean version of the game. In that case uninstall will fully restore the game back to clean. On windows 7 you probably don't need the FPS fix.

If you have already modified your game, it is advised to make a copy of your game directory - just in case something gets overwritten or removed.

A common mistake is that the fix gets installed in the wrong directory.
For steam game you should be installing in 'Steam\steamapps\common' the target '\Max Payne' will be added automatically and will be shown in the Browse input field. If you select the actual Max Payne directory itself, fix files will land one directory too deep, for example:
-> 'Steam\steamapps\common\Max Payne\Max Payne' - and things don't work then.

If you use the cd version the above goes too, but then the right directory usually is 'Program files(x86)'.
In any case take care you don't get that double '...\Max Payne\Max Payne' as the install location, then you should be fine.

Some pictures of the installer v1.01

Trying other options:
Uninstall first, then run installer again with the options of your choice. Uninstaller should appear in your startmenu in MaxPayne-FixPack and in settings/add remove apps section.

The installer will set the following setings to medium automatically, so don't be alarmed if you set them to high before. They should be at medium setting when using the Highres Textures, otherwise the game might run out of memory at some point.
Version History
v1.01 added dgVoodoo dx8 to dx11 wrapper
v1.0 Initial release
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darkje  [author] Jul 16 @ 2:42am 
sometimes the games hangs in the background, try it again after restarting the pc.
Flashandnova Jul 15 @ 5:28pm 
On windows 10 and I've installed the wrapper for Dx11 and the startup fix but the game still wont even let me open it. Any tips?
Campa Jul 14 @ 6:10pm 
i installed again and ran uninstall then, it fixed the problem
Mr.Buttons Jul 12 @ 1:09am 
@Campa if the uninstall is saying that you can't uninstall, just install the fix in the same directory and run the uninstaller after that. You have to uninstall the fix, just deleting the folder wont do it. That should fix the problem and once its gone, you can choose the directory.
darkje  [author] Jul 12 @ 1:00am 
try to run the uninstall from startmenu or add/remove apps section in the windows settings
Campa Jul 11 @ 5:13pm 
its not allowing me choose the installation folder,deleting the game directory didnt help
Thom Yorke's Dirty Sock Jul 10 @ 11:46pm 
Does this work with MP2 as well?
F4lc0n Jul 10 @ 7:06am 
I even installed Max Payne 2 and same problem. Was about to give up. Saw that I kept a "backup" copy of MP1 on my old computer, copied it over and it worked. Started MP2 again, worked. I think it was really the reboot that did it. omg.

Thanks for the great fixpack.
Mr.Buttons Jul 10 @ 3:07am 
Ok, there is no use. Even without any controller I have the same problem. Sound and game is stuttering and while I move, the movement itself, get locked and I can't unlock it until I restart the level. The only way everything is working just fine is while I have the sound deactivated. This Time I used only the startup fix without wrapper and both sound fixes. First the ultimate, after it faild, unistalled the fixes, vallidate the gamedata and installed the first sound fix, but it also faild. To bad that steam got busted on my XP system for faild steamui.dll, otherwise I'd play it on the other system.
Mr.Buttons Jul 10 @ 2:04am 
Not shure if I had, but I usualy have one conected. I'll give it a try. THX