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Swamp Biome + Firefly Clan + Beast Tamer
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Swamp Biome + Firefly Clan + Beast Tamer

This mod has three main features. A new biome, a new kingdom and a new class.

The biome is the Swamp, consisting of flooded flat lands with muddy water, and dense vegetation!

The kingdom is the Firefly Clan, a group of (most of the time) friendly goblins, living in harmony with their environment.

The class is the Beast Tamer, one of the Firefly Clan jobs, but also available to hearhlings! Promoted from a trapper, can summon animals to help in fights. (Some people call it beast master or animal trainer)

This mod is a work-in-progress. Feedback is more than welcomed.
Biome should be fine and stable. ⚠️Except it takes so long to load that you need to wait for a while until your banner appear to start your camp
Kingdom is lacking its main quests.
The Beast Tamer class should work fine.

Please report any bugs you find, even small typos. I'm not the kind of modder that leaves a bugged mod in the workshop.
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Brethraeus 15 hours ago 
ah okay cool. thanks. if it still allows the flag after a while then im okay with that. just thought it wouldnt load period. thanks for the input
BrunoSupremo  [author] May 21 @ 4:38am 
It is a known issue. It takes very long for the flag to appear and be able to place it :(
Brethraeus May 20 @ 7:16pm 
map loads, but wont let me place starting location.
BrunoSupremo  [author] May 7 @ 9:22am 
Unless the UI has bugged (which you can restart/refresh by pressing F5) I can only recommend maybe using the small map size which should load really fast (
Meanwhile, I'm always trying to improve the biome loading time. (for me it also takes a really long time to start..)
Squaul May 7 @ 9:11am 
Ho my bad xD but yes this is from the trapper+mod btw i dont know why but when i try to play in swamp biome the banner for the settle dont appear so i cant start the game and i m pretty sure i have waited for more than 10 minutes
BrunoSupremo  [author] May 6 @ 11:48am 
Trapper block? You mean stuff crafted by the trapper? Those are from the trapper+ mod. That mod is bugged for about an year now
Squaul May 6 @ 10:45am 
Hi idk why but when i order my hunter goblins to craft the trappers block or other things they dont make it :( they only hunt animals its me or this is a bug ?
luciollo May 6 @ 5:00am 
I Got It. Thanks!
BrunoSupremo  [author] May 5 @ 7:13pm 
I couldn't test much, but:
I noticed training is only for footman under lvl3, worked fine with my lvl2 guy. Equipment preference for reembarked footman is a bug on their end I guess, as they are keeping the old code from before joining the new town.
BrunoSupremo  [author] May 5 @ 4:51am 
Oh I see. A hearthling in the goblin kingdom. I never checked that with ace before, will try later.