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Jan 7, 2019 @ 3:05pm
Feb 23, 2019 @ 12:45pm
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DinoGenics is a competitive game for two to five players, in which each player attempts to build and run their own successful dinosaur park.

Each player is the head of their own corporation with access to their own private island resort. Each season, players assign agents to the mainland to compete over DNA and other limited resources. Once collected, players can build fences, various park facilities and populate their parks with dinosaurs. Parks with the most prestigious dinosaurs will attract the most visitors. But beware; if dinosaurs are neglected or improperly penned, they will attempt to escape and spread havoc through the entire park.

Use all the tools at your disposal; DNA splice mutant dinosaurs, exploit the Black Market or just try to run an honest park, the choices are yours.

Do you have what it takes to lead your corporation to victory?

An expansion and a full reprint of DinoGenics will be available July 9th 2019. Keep an eye on our website for more information!

Special thanks to Ken Cunningham for making this mod a reality!
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Lordnine  [author] 13 hours ago 
@Chatillion Thanks for the heads up. We are looking into a fix.
Chatillon May 28 @ 2:12pm 
Just a heads up that the latest TTS Update seems to have broken some of the scripting in this Mod, assuming it's still being kept up. The Shift Market button has stopped working and the auto dealing of new facilities now deals to every slot instead of just the empty one. Everything works normally, if there are more the one of something in both the cards slots in the market and the building slots in the City Center, so something has changed in how it registers single objects I guess.
ViperMan May 7 @ 7:38pm 
This is AMAZING to see a mod provided by the publisher. I too own Dinogenics - it's a GREAT game - and I am eagerly (but patiently!) awaiting the expansion along with a buttload of add-ons I purchased as well! Hopefully I can use this mod to share the game with some others while we're all hanging out indoors!! :)
Teamwrong Mar 25 @ 3:09pm 
@Lordnine-I own it already! I supported your 1st KS and also your 2nd! So you have my money ;) My group really likes this game and that's why we looked for it on TTS. Keep up the great work!
Lordnine  [author] Mar 22 @ 9:37pm 
@teamwrong Thanks! I stand by my game 100% but board games are not cheap, and I know that not every game is going to appeal to every player. I believe people should have the chance to try before they buy and make up their own mind whenever possible. If you do enjoy the game though, consider picking up the real thing; we’re a pretty small company and would love to be able to keep making games in the future!

@#data The expansion update is still in the pipeline. It will most likely happen in May or June.
Teamwrong Mar 22 @ 9:03pm 
@creators-I didn't initially realize it was the creators that created this mod and my friends and I tried it this weekend. They mentioned they thought maybe y'all had created this and while I was taking a closer look at your 2nd KS (which I of course KS!) I noticed at the bottom the screenshot of the mod, which immediately made me realize who cool y'all are. Wow. A free mod on your own game. Y'all totally could have charged for this. You're all my heroes and the mod is solid. We only noticed a couple things that could be improved-which I'll take better notes next time and post on the board. Again, you're all pretty awesome.
#data. Jan 13 @ 1:29am 
Any word on if/when the expansion is likely to make its way on here? Love the game, missed the kickstarter, keen for more!
Lordnine  [author] Sep 11, 2019 @ 7:19pm 
Thanks! We will be releasing an update with the expansion later in the year but we don’t have an exact date at this time.
TREXMIST Sep 11, 2019 @ 6:38am 
Is there any word on if/when the expansion may come to the mod? You guys have made a fantastic game!
richpizor May 3, 2019 @ 3:26am 
@kensuaga - That worked, thanks!
@Lordnine - Disappointing, but not unexpected. Thanks for confirming.