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Sheogorath Shout - Call of Madness!
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Mar 12, 2012 @ 9:48am
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Sheogorath Shout - Call of Madness!

Adds the Call of Madness to the game, a Shout worthy of Sheogorath


Latest Version: v1.16:
- Due to an uploading error, the Workshop has been without the fix for the inactive Wabbajack. This should now be corrected.
- Essential NPC's are now vulnerable to more of the Wabbajack's effects, such as healing, invisibility, life steal, and force push/pull.
- Life Steal and Force Push now work on dragons.
- A scripting tweak has been put in place to help treat the Transmogrification bug where the target would not disappear. It's not a guaranteed fix, but incidences do seem to be reduced.
- Sheogorath's laughter can now be heard when firing the Wabbajack Shout.
- The Ice Form effect from the Wabbajack can now be dispelled by hitting the target, just like the actual Ice Form shout.
- Numerous minion tweaks

The Call of Madness packs three wacky powers into one shout:

The First Word is the Wabbajack Shout. Your very breath becomes the essence of insanity, unleashing the powers of the elements on enemies, bending them to your will, and turning them into creatures, gold, or sweetrolls!

The Second Word summons Sheogorath to fight on your side. He can use his own Wabbajack, a cheese-throwing spell, three different shouts, and a conjuration spell which will summon one of 15 colorful minions:
- Dremora Lord
- Generic Dovahkiin
- Dwemer Warrior
- Ancient Nord Chef
- Demon Child
- Elder Troll
- Vamspider
- Lager Breadlord
- Aspect of Cicero
- Electrobot
- Wagon Priest
- Ka-Boom Dragon
- Super Horker
- Marionette
- Headless Blade

Using all Three Words activates the Cheese Storm Call, which rains delicious, cheesy death upon your foes from the heavens

Acquiring the Shout:

To get the Shout, you must enter the Pelagius Wing in the Blue Palace in Solitude and complete "The Mind of Madness" quest. When the quest is completed, continue down the hallway past the point where you teleport, down the stairs, and into the small chamber below. In the chamber, you'll find a door leading to "The Mind of a Madman". It will take you back to Pelagius' mind, where the Word Wall is now active and the words can be learned. A new door will also have appeared, which will lead you back to the Pelagius Wing.

It does not matter if you install this mod before completing the quest, or vice versa. It works essentially the same.

Here is a walkthrough for how to complete "The Mind of Madness" quest and gain access to the Pelagius Wing.[] Any further questions about how to get into the Pelagius Wing WILL BE IGNORED.

Once you have the Words, you can then unlock them either with dragon souls, or by looking up the words "Sheo", "Gor", and "Ath" in the Console and entering player.unlockword commands for each of their ID codes.

(the ## corresponds to the mod's place in your load order)

Also, be sure to check the bottom room at the end of the Pelagius Wing, where you can find Sheogorath's Fun Chest of Fun, which makes some of the weapons and spells used by the NPC's in this mod available to the player, along with some new armor! All items can be tempered, provided you have the Arcane Blacksmith perk.
- Sheogorath's Razor, which has a chance to cast Wabbajack on enemies it hits
- Breadlord Battleaxe, Bow and Sword, which cause enemies to explode into liquor when killed
- Wagon Priest Staff, which fires wagons that knock enemies back
- Cheese Throwing spell
- Food Flinger spell
- Vamspider Cloak Spell - drain life from nearby enemies
- Cheese Torrent spell - perfect for high-level destruction characters
- Mad God Armor: Light armor with Dragonscale stats. Gives bonuses to conjuration, destruction, shout cooldown, and magic resistance.
- Mad God Boots: also light, with Dragonscale stats. Increases carrying capacity and allows the wearer to walk on water!

The Wabbajack

The script of the Wabbajack has been newly overhauled for extra insanity! The staff can also now be given to and used by followers.

Vanilla effects:
- Fire, Frost, or Shock explosion
- Heal target
- Turn target invisible
- Leech Health, Stamina, and Magicka (now with improved visual effect!)
- Transfigure into Chicken, Rabbit, Mudcrab, or Dremora Lord
- Disintegrate and turn into Sweetroll or Gold
New Effects:
- Force push target away
- Pull target towards caster
- Ice Form
- Frenzy
- Force target to fight for you
- Shrink target for 30s
- Speed Boost or Super Slow
- Spawn a ghostly duplicate of target, and turn it against them!
- Transfigure into Cow, Goat, Skeever, or Horker
- Chance to make target explode mightily and knock down all other nearby enemies!

Note that other mods which affect the Wabbajack's scripting will not be compatible. Additionally, the effects of this mod will not carry over to other mods which apply the Wabbajack's magic to other items (i.e. giving its enchantment to weapons or spells)

Have fun!

Also available on the Skyrim Nexus[]

Plugins for some new Load Screens and an optional Wabbajack re-texture can be found on the Nexus page.

Known Bugs:

- Some NPC's, primarily Hold Guards, may not respond correctly to some of the Wabbajack effects, namely Transfiguration. This is a known giltch with the vanilla Wabbajack as well.

- I have received many complaints about the new door in the Pelagius Wing not enabling properly. I have done everything in my power to ensure that it does, so if it still doesn't appear to you, then I can't help. The way that scripts are embedded in save files makes problems like this tricky to fix. Your options are:
- Run BOSS
- Uninstall the mod (remove it COMPLETELY from your data folder, don't just uncheck it in the launcher), save, quit the game, restart the game, save again, quit the game again, and then re-install the mod.
- Load an older save
- console-command the shout to yourself
Any further complaints about the door being missing will be ignored.

- If you encounter errors when you turn someone into an animal or Dremora with the Wabbajack, then try extracting the "ComTransmogrifyCreature" .pex and .psc files to Skryim/Data/Scripts and Skyrim/Data/Scripts/Source respectively.

- The scripted effects for the new spells and weapons may not work until you use the shout once after acquiring them. I have no idea why.

- An older version of the mod may have left a red aura on the player. To get rid of it, enter "player.sms 00074799" in the console.

- An old version of the Mad God Boots may have left a permanent Water-Walking effect on the player. To remove it, type "player.removespell ##025EE4" into the console (## corresponds to the mod's place in your load order)


I see you, typing that comment.

(If it's a complaint/suggestion/bug report, consider the following carefully.

If it isn't, read it anyway, you will likely learn something useful.)

Before you post that comment, ask yourself...


Have you familiarized yourself with essential modding tools like BOSS and Wrye Bash, and do you use the Unofficial Patches?

Do you follow good practices for modding, like only installing mods while indoors, and making a Hard Save before you do?

If you answered no to ANY of these, then you have NO BUSINESS complaining, and until you correct these issues, you have no business modding Skyrim either.

And if you just went ahead and posted a complaint/tech question anyway...
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