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Resident Evil 1 [UPDATE 1.5]
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Nov 23, 2018 @ 12:03am
May 26 @ 11:53pm
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Resident Evil 1 [UPDATE 1.5]

A map based entirely on the Resident Evil Remake mansion layout with lots of elements inspired by the mansion! Back tracking and ammo conservation is key to surviving. Let me know if there are any bugs or exploits. Screwdrivers act as lockpicks, you use one and it will break. There are 4 that you can find but you only need 3 to complete the map. Keycards dont vanish so you must decide wether or not you need the inventory space. SMG room might have a couple bugs but from what I tested, thats as good as it will good. Also avoid discarding items in that room. I made it so midway through the map, your weapons will be taken from you as a way to get around the infinite ammunition mod and I placed a few manditory enemies that are hidden and need to walk from an unreachable place as a way to get around the mod that prevents bots from attacking. The lab sectino has been added which extends the gameplay time. The ending is achievable by getting in the helicopter and not falling out. I've made a list of known bugs from when i tested it that i found. Please let me know if you find any. I will do immediate update for game breaking ones.

File size has been reduced, tremendously!
Added LISA TREVOR area
Added Laboratory Section
Added third picture room
Added camera for pressing dining room button
Increased Spider room difficulty
Yellow card can be retrieved if using bug mod
Fixed elevators leading to water path
Rooftop fight has been completely modified featuring a helicopter ending!

[Known Bugs]
Door in hallway will stay locked if player enters another room(Hunters spawning from door)

Blue - Above fireplace behind black frame
White - In the only bathroom in the mansion
Wifi - Outside on the right of the mansion
Remote - In the grandfather clock
Red - In coffin hanging from ceiling of red room
Wounder Haydee - Have a medkit in your inventory
Yellow 1 - In Snake room
Yellow 2 - In Spider room
Purple - In casket after pushing pillars off
Blue 2 - In chest next to ladder
White - On bottom floor of lab after taking lift
Red 2 - In computer room
Green - before Lisa area in a corner
Green 2 - On a ledge while taking the lift down
Green 3 - In a crate in closet room next to health kit room
Green 4 - In power node room
Green 5 - Next to power socket by the water path bridge area
Yellow 3 - In engine room with red beacons(Picking up activates gas for all lab areas)
Gas Mask - In same room as yellow 3
Screw 4 - In container next to white card reader
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Impulse May 22 @ 10:32pm 
Not sure if it's already been addressed, but it's possible to miss the yellow key in the Snake Room and not be able to get it because of the gate that pops up after you escape the room and try to return and because of the small escape door locking on you after you leave the Snake Room.
Tyrant-タイウォン  [author] May 2 @ 12:03am 
Fixed the problem with the galleries, I forget to make the readers visible, also fixed the issue with bots at front door and some missing texture files
Tyrant-タイウォン  [author] May 1 @ 7:58pm 
Hmm I’ll check on that
xitucal May 1 @ 7:36pm 
Three pic in the third pic room were missing... I have all the green card and opened all pink pic
Tyrant-タイウォン  [author] Apr 21 @ 10:42am 
Read comments
Toaster Butt Sex Apr 21 @ 7:48am 
whats the lingering skins link
no visitors, i have autism Apr 15 @ 9:16pm 
anyone know the skin with the lingerie?
Tyrant-タイウォン  [author] Mar 18 @ 11:06pm 
If the game itself is crashing, it might be due to how many mods are active. The map should appear in the new games area. This map does have a larger than normal memory size
Yeastisbae Mar 18 @ 10:20pm 
well then for some reason with this subscribed i cannot open the game...
Tyrant-タイウォン  [author] Mar 18 @ 5:05pm 
This requires nothing else to work. All the files are included