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Battlefield 2 Modding Guide (in development)
By Valhalla nordlige Hedning Ulven
This guide is for the people who are new to modding Battlefield 2, it is actually very easy and it is the exact same thing for Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2142.

Also, i'll give a list of good and amazing mods with details some details on them for those who wants to go directly into the action since there have been lot of mods made since the existence of the game. I'll mostly be talking about total conversions but also some mods to make the single-player experience even better!

How to mod the game
We'll start off with installing a mod, most of the mods comes in a folder in either a zip, a rar or a 7z file, some can be made into an executable (.exe), if you have downloaded the mod on Moddb, it should be fine, look at the comment and the reviews to see if it is all right to download the mod, as far as i know, they're all good, i've tried them all during the years and no one has infested my computer, that's for Battlefield 2.

Locate the folder of where Battlefield 2 is installed. For example, mine is in: K:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Battlefield 2
Yours may be located in another drive and another folder.
Once there, you should see a folder called mods if not then create it.
The folder of the mod should be named, for example Forgotten Hope 2 folder is called "fh2", in it, you have common and objects files plus the folders such as settings, levels, etc.
The folder levels is where you put custom maps you've downloaded, in the base game, most of the custom maps works, "most of" which means every custom maps should work as long as it was made for the base game, custom maps for the base game or made for other mods may or may not work with other mods.
Now that the mod is in the mods folder, you can run Battlefield 2, get in "Community" then "Custom Games", there you go, your mod(s) should be there, and so are the DLCs, simple as that.

There are some "Mod laucher" around the net, download them if you want but keep in mind that you do not need them to run the mods.

If you are looking for the mod list, keep scrolling down.
Three of the best websites available as of today

Since Gamefront/Filefront have been down, the Nexus is the best place to find most of the stuff that were on Gamefront/Filefront back in the days.

Edit: Gamefront has been brought back to life!
If you're looking for maps or some specific mods, it's a really good modding website, worth checking out!
Mod list
Here's the list i personally use:
Allied Intent Xtended (AIX)
Alpha Project
Battlefield 1943 (BF1943)
BF2SP: Professional AI
Battlefield Korea
Close Quarters Combat Japan (CQB)
Final War
Dogs of War
Eve of Destruction 2 (EoD2)
Forgotten Hope 2 (FH2)
Global Storm
Global Storm Special Forces Edition (Global Storm SF)
Heat of Battle
Ivory Coast Conflict
IDF - Fight for Independance
Modern Combat
One Man Show (OMS)
One Man Show Night (OMS Night)
Play4Free (P4F)
Project Zombie Stirke 2014
Soldiers of War
Spec Ops Warfare
Battlefield 2 SP Bot Changer - Note: Really important if you're looking to change the bot number to a higher or a lower number any time, way easier than modifying the files like we have to do for Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam.

So this is my personal list.
There are other good mods around that you may like even more but this is my list.
I'll also be talking about other mods i do not have but that are interesting nonetheless.

I'll do a list of interests, for example, looking for a world war II mod? Look no further, mod "A" does it and is pretty good at it.

IMPORTANT mods for single-player:
Battlefield 2 SP Bot Changer: with this, you'll be able to choose how many bots you want for each mod, you can increase the quantity of mod above the the in-game limit, you can also increase difficulty for the bots, doesn't changes much in my opinion though.
BF2SP: Professional AI: Smarter AI, maps variants (16, 32, 64) for single-player.

Close Quarters Combat:
Close Quarters Combat is one of them, exactly like the name says. Pretty fun to be honest, Japanese against terrorists factions. Some new weapons and vehicles, not the greatest quality but not bad either, good mod, worth it.
Dogs of War is also one of them, not the greatest mod ever, honestly, it feels like it has never been finished but it's a good mod nonetheless, you'll find lot of new weapons well made, weapons that doesn't always fit but it's cool nonetheless, it has new vehicles, new maps, not all are CQC but most of them are, it even adds one of those Call of Duty 4 CQC map for those interested in knowing.

World War II:
Forgotten Hope 2 Seriously, just get it, it feels like a totally different game, personally, the only thing i do not like is that you don't have a sniper class (and some other are missing too), you still have the weapons, but you have to find them around the map, and not every maps has them, but you can still make it possible if you modify the files so you can have a sniper class, it ain't hard at all, i can make a tutorial for it if people are interested.
Dogs of War It is not a World War II mod but it has some World War II maps and weapons, if it had only one weapon, i wouldn't add it here but since it does have a few things, well, i add it here anyway, just keep in mind that it is more or less a World War II mod. It has maps such as Tobruk, Midway, Kursk, Iwo Jima, etc...

The Vietnam War:
Eve of Destruction 2 Look no further, Eve of Destruction is the best when it comes to the Vietnam war for Battlefield 2, it hasn't the very best made weapons ever, but its music is amazing.

Amazing textures, good graphics, good animations, weapons!:
Heat of Battle, Want some better textures? Better graphics? Bigger arsenal? Good animations? Then Heat of Battle is probably for you. Weapons from the SKS to the recently added MG-42, weapons such as the SCAR-H, the MP5SD3, the M60E4, the S&W Model 10, etc... You'll want to play them all, mod has a good amount of playable maps.

Zombies? Yes, zombies, ain't you tired of killin' zombies? I guess not:
Project Zombie Strike 2014: I haven't played it much but from what i've played so far, it seems like a good litle zombie co-op mod for Battlefield 2.

Omnicide: I have not played this one much either but i know that the weapons spawn on the ground so you can choose any weapon you want.

Other mods links:
Spec Ops Warfare:
Modern Combat:
Play4Free (P4F):
Ivory Coast Conflict: {LINK REMOVED}
Soldiers of War:
Battlefield Korea :
Allied Intent Xtended (AIX):
Alpha Porject:
Battlefield 1943 (BF1943):
One Man Show (OMS): {LINK REMOVED}
One Man Show Night (OMS Night): {LINK REMOVED}
IDF - Fight for Independance:
Final War:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Guide is in development, i don't know if i'll ever finish it, who knows, we'll see.
Mod list #2 - Mods released at end of 2018 or after
AIX2 Reality [Battlefield 2 coop mod]
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Rejected Galaxy 💢 Sep 19 @ 8:14pm 
Hey man I could use some help. I tried commenting on the original mod page a long time ago but he hasn't even approved it. I'm trying to use this mod I followed every direction perfectly, put the .zip file in my Bf2 and Xpack mod folder and it doesn't work. I don't see it in community and bodies still disappear. I even tried just putting the soldier file in my mod folder and that doesn't work either. Is the mod just broken or am I missing something? Maybe you can try it and see if it works?