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Grudge Drugs
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Oct 1, 2018 @ 4:24pm
Jul 20 @ 4:01pm
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Grudge Drugs

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A mind-numbingly simple drug lab addon for DarkRP.

Yes, something like this was for-sale on CoderHire/ScriptFodder/GModStore.
Yes, this addon is basically an exact recreation of that paid addon.
No, you can no longer buy the official addon.
No, this is not a leak, this contains 100% original code.

Going back to the glory days of GMod, before every server was plagued with the same few paid key addons, I used to use these very labs in DarkRP.

Grudge Drugs is an absolute ripoff/recreation of a paid addon called something like GMod Drug Labs. It works very simply; buy a lab, fill it with whatever substance it requires, and sit back and watch the cash flow.

Included are three different drugs to make:
Meth - Buy a meth lab, and put meth refills in it for as long as you want to keep cooking. Has a 1% chance to explode every five seconds.
Cocaine - Buy a cocaine lab, and put unrefined cocaine in it for as long as you want to keep cooking. Must load at least three at a time, and can't load more than five.
Weed - Buy a pot, a seed, and some water, and watch your plant grow. Can be harvested at any time, but you are rewarded for patience.

I made this because I've been nostalgic about an old DarkRP server, and this script has been disabled on GModStore for a while. At this point, it's been removed as far as I could find.

Server owners: There are three ConVars included with this addon: sv_gd_cokeprice, sv_gd_methprice, and sv_gd_weedprice. I shouldn't have to explain what these do.


Me - All of the code
Kathar - Weed model
Unknown - Original addon
Other unknown - Cocaine model
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gothard800 Jul 30 @ 5:44am 
pot model?
i wanna do a swat mission with this addon lol
SweptThrone  [author] Jun 10 @ 12:16pm 
it should, selling at the drug dealer guy and buying water will probably not since it requires darkrp's money system
=Ghost= Jun 10 @ 12:13pm 
Does this work with sandbox mode too?
Goofbelly Oct 12, 2018 @ 7:59pm 
Philip Oct 7, 2018 @ 7:47am