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Bodygroup Wardrobe
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Aug 24, 2018 @ 11:33pm
Aug 30, 2018 @ 6:15pm
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Bodygroup Wardrobe

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A recreation of the bodyGroupr addon.

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Front-page addon!
This item is a GModStore ripoff. It's a free, but less impressive, version of a paid addon.

Yet another wardrobe-modelled entity from Throneco.

The Bodygroup Wardrobe is a wardrobe that can be used to change your bodygroups and skins of your current playermodel without having to suicide to apply the changes! You can edit your bodygroups and skins at either a wardrobe or by console command bodygroupwardrobe.

Once you've edited bodygroups and skins, the server remembers so that when you die, you keep your looks.

This probably rings a lot of bells and throws up some worry because of how similar it is to the paid addon bodyGroupr, but I assure you this is all original work.

I made this because I wanted to change my own bodygroups on some models, but didn't want to use Lua every time.

This should work in all gamemodes, but it will spawn in the ground because of where the origin of the model is.


Me - All of the code
Valve - Models and sounds
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[SWG] Server ♥ Klever ♥ Nov 25 @ 6:50am 
You can add a function that allows you to change the player’s models if there are two or more?pls
Melow Aug 12 @ 10:58am 
where im can install bodygroups?
[MSO] Ruskii May 11 @ 7:12pm 
@potatos I had same shit too actually. And I have no clue how it got fixed. It will be fixed over time
potatos May 11 @ 2:25pm 
finally this should help with the annoying glitch where the bodygroup section dose not appear on my playermodel menu
[MSO] Ruskii Mar 29 @ 10:04am 
[MSO] Ruskii Mar 29 @ 10:03am 
Question. Can you you limit Skin changed to certain jobs and players?
Allah is kebab Mar 16 @ 4:53am 
I have a brilliant idea, make this addon compatible with outfitter.
ronfino Mar 11 @ 10:25am 
maybe make possible to change model of the wardrobe, that should be easier, i suppose?
SweptThrone  [author] Jan 11 @ 8:33pm 
yeah i tried that at one point, and i couldn't for the life of me firgure out how to get it to show up. as somewhat of a compromise, i allow it to be opened using the command bodygroupwardrobe. i know its not the same, and not as accessible as a c menu button, but i'll try to get around to it eventually.
ronfino Jan 3 @ 2:15am 
you should also make that you can change bodygroups by clicking an icon in the C Menu