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Design for StarControl:Origins Ship Contest 2018. ~ The Fibrillator
The Fibrillator is a close combat vessel that attacks by arching high ammounts of energy through specialized inductors. These arcs are very mellee ranged and given that the Fibrillator is not a very fast vessel due to its medium size, is the secondary attack supposed to catch up on fast enemies. Fibrillators replicate and deploy CADs (Conductor Anchor Drones). The electromagnetic accelerator behind the Fibrillator (the CADapult), fire a drone fast forward, where it then tries to attach itself to enemy vessels. Once attached, it will try to slow down the vessel, untill the Fibrillator can come in range, where it then connects with filament wires that are also directed via electromagnetism. The wires attch to the front of a Fibrillator. If The fibrillator then manages to aim its energy arcs onto the wires, the energy gets directly routed to the enemy, damaging it directly. Enemy vessels that have no direct defensive mechnisms (Like Flak cannons or point defese lasers) can mange to get rid of an attached CAD by colliding the drone with an asteroid or other object.

Given that these magnificent weapon abilities are currently not integrated in StarControl:Origins, he currently equipped with the ray carver from the Mowlings as primary weapon and the red tape from the Measured as secondary to represent its abilities.