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Weapons Inc. Beta 1.70
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Number of Players: 1, 2, 3, 4
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Jul 31, 2018 @ 12:20pm
Oct 29, 2021 @ 7:59pm
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Weapons Inc. Beta 1.70

A Tabletop card game about being a Weaponsmith in a realm of Dragons and Dungeons, where you and your friends compete to become the most Legendary Weaponsmith in your town
In a realm of dungeons and magic, where any person you meet can and probably is and adventurer, there is a growing demand for weapons as more of the world is explored. A company known as Weapons Inc. is offering a savvy venture contract, where you and a friend can open up brand new weapon shops in a new land rich with adventure!

You will have to attract as many adventurers to your stores as you can, can’t sell weapons without customers! You should cater to your target demographic, entice them with new buildings like inns and taverns, increasing your advertisement! Build your surroundings to become the esteemed Oligopoly Weapons Inc. knows you can be!

Purchase upgrades to heighten your ability. Use actions and items to get an edge on the competition. Attempt to get all the Legendary Items you can find, and you will be renowned throughout the lands. And of course, sell as many weapons as you can!
Quick Start
1) Each Player starts with 5 Blueprints, 100 Gold, and 5 Daily Energy
2) Draw 5 Legendary items, replace a Legendary item after it is purchased
3) Each Player draws 5 Cards, Players can Recycle their starting Cards to the Deck and redraw
4) Determine who goes First (such as who woke up earliest)
5) Draw a Card at the Start of your Turn
6) The Game is Won when a Player has 5 Legendary Items or 6 Active Star Fragments
How To Play
Start of Your Turn: Draw your Daily Card
Refresh any expended Daily Energy/Advertisement
Trigger any Daily effects
Spend Gold/Energy/Advertisement to use Cards
End of Your Turn: You cannot spend anymore Gold/Energy/Advertisement to use any Cards
Deck Types
Main Deck: Contains a variety of card types, draw from this deck when you draw cards.
When a Main Deck card is discarded, it goes face-up onto its own separate pile called the “Discard Pile”
If more than 1 card is discarded at one time, place them face-up in the order their effects were used
Upgrades: Spend gold to obtain, goes to your side of the playfield.
When discarded, they go underneath the card that discarded them on the Discard Pile
Investment: Spend gold to receive its instant effect (+Cards)
Its passive effect affects all players (+Advertisement/+Energy)
Investments go in the center of the playfield
Items: Spend gold to use its effect, Items go on top of the Discard Pile after use
Actions: Spend energy to use its effect, Actions go on top of the Discard Pile after use
Products: Spend advertisement to use its effect, Products go on top of the Discard Pile after use
Legendary Deck: Contains the main win conditions, Legendary items, collect 5 to win
Start with 5 Legendary items face-up in the center of the playfield
Replace purchased Legendary items at the end of the turn of the Player who purchased it
Legendary Items: Spend gold to obtain
Legendary Items go to your side of the playfield
Resource Decks: Contains cards that represent resources
Daily Energy/Advertisement means that any used Energy/Advertisement cards from the previous turn is refreshed and usable again this turn, so flip expended resource cards face down until the start of your next turn
Gold Decks: 10 Gold, 50 Gold, and 100 Gold cards
Energy Deck: 1 Energy cards
Advertisement: 1 Advertisement cards
Blueprint Deck: Contains the starter set of 5 blueprints that each player starts with at the start of a game
Dagger, Shortsword, Longsword, Armor, Nails
+1 Card: Draw 1 Card
-1 Card: Discard a Card from your hand to the Discard Pile
+1 Discarded Cards: Draw 1 Card from the separate Discard Pile (from the top of the pile)
Daily: Occurs once per turn-cycle, as soon as it is possible for the effect to occur
Trade: Exchange one resource for another
Reactionary: an effect occurs after a condition is met
Hidden: Placed face down until a condition is met to use its effect, is Discarded after use
Negate: Prevent the effect of a card, turn a negated card sideways
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