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[Skill] Heart of Fire
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May 7, 2013 @ 10:37pm
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[Skill] Heart of Fire

"Your heart burns steadily within you, a power waiting to emerge from the ashes."

A rogue skill with a polymorph. Will think up a more witty description when I'm not so exhausted.

Main balancing worry is Fire Dance. Too weak? Too strong?

This mod requires CoTW for various effects. The mod loader says RotDG and YHTNTEP are not needed, but just to be safe, tell me if anything breaks.

Because of the way the abilities are set up, you need to manually add skills to the hotbar after learning them.

Level 0: Heart of Fire

"Your heart pounds with warmth, making you feel good and tingly all over."

*+1 righteous and conflagratory damage.
*+1 conflagratory resist.
*+1 health regeneration.

Level 1: Fiery Talons

"Your hands have grown tough and scaly, and your nails hooked. With them, you can slash a swathe of enemies in front of you. This scales to your EDR."

*2+0.3*EDR slashing and 1+0.3*EDR conflagratory damage in a 1x3 anchored template arc. This is an attack=1 ability.
*8 turn cooldown.
*Sets monsters on fire.
*+6 EDR.
*+1 righteous resist.

Greater version modifications:
*2+0.3*EDR slashing, 1+0.4*EDR righteous and 1+0.3*EDR conflagratory damage in a 8-square anchored template arc.
*6 turn cooldown.

Level 2: Heat Vortex

"By warming your surroundings and manipulating air currents, you can retrieve items and manipulate objects at a distance."

*Ability to manipulate doors and levers, as well as collect items at a distance.
*+10 sneak.
+1 conflag resist.
*24 turn cooldown.

Greater version modifications:

*Can draw in targeted monsters and deal 2+0.3*EDR slashing, 1+0.4*EDR righteous and 1+0.3*EDR conflagratory damage.
*12 turn cooldown.

Level 3: Rainbow Quills

"Feathers have begun to sprout from your skin, making you look as if someone dumped an artist's palette over your head. You can now launch a fan of white-hot feathers that while doing no direct damage, cause any of a selection of interesting effects."

*+2 MgR.
*+1 righteous resist.
*Launches 5 missiles in a fan that produce one of many randomised effects on monsters.
*24 turn cooldown.

Greater version modifications:
*Fan size increased to 7 missiles.
*Each missile deals 2+0.2*EDR slashing, 1+0.2*EDR righteous and 1+0.2*EDR conflagratory damage.

Level 4: Avian Reflexes

"Your new avian instincts allow you to dodge and strike that much more precisely."

*+3 crit.
*+4 dodge.
*+8 EDR.
*+1 conflagratory resist.

Level 5: Flutter

"You move in a whirlwind of flame and feathers, raining a flurry of blows on your enemies."

*+1 righteous resist.
*36 turn cooldown.
*3 attacks' worth of haste on normal attacks.

Greater version modifications:

*Buff grants 4 conflag and 4 righteous damage.
*24 turn cooldown.
*Lasts 6 attacks.
*Greater Flutter cannot coexist with Flutter.

Level 6: Fire Rebirth


"You feel hot...no, that is an understatement. Your very body seems made of molten lava, no, hotter than that. You are not even sure if you have flesh, bones, muscles, all around your consciousness is heat, but somehow the heat accepts you, loves you...is you. Take the final step, and embrace your destiny."

*Phoenix polymorph.
*256 turn cooldown.
*48 turn duration.
*Allows use of Fire Dance and all greater versions of skills.
*Stat bonuses quadrupled to make up for loss from other trees.
*Immunity to conflagratory and righteous damage.
*Heals to full, decurses one curse.

Level 6 (polymorph): Fire Dance

"Spread your wings and take flight with unearthly grace and beauty, consuming yourself to spread flame throughout the land. This ability deals damage based off your maximum health, but also drains one-tenth of your maximum health each time you use it."

*Create waves of flame dealing equal parts righteous and conflagratory damage in a three-square radius about the player. Damage ranges from 100% to 80% of maximum health depending on distance from player.
*Suffer non-resistable 10% of maximum health in existential damage per use.
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Gnilneelps Dec 12, 2013 @ 1:41pm 
While some of the stat boosts are good the active abilitys are underpowered even on the lowest difficulty
мя. Dєα†ђ Nov 25, 2013 @ 6:22am 
Parece ser Otimo game
Runoxide Nov 13, 2013 @ 4:08pm 
Looks pretty good, but yeah, the pics should be re-done to be at least a little bit more fitting with the game. XD Good job on the actual effects, though! But, 'tis true, some of the skills do seem jsut a lil' bit OP. XD
TacticalRainboom (Kazu) Sep 24, 2013 @ 8:48pm 
Or, the level 0, depending on your point of view.
TacticalRainboom (Kazu) Sep 24, 2013 @ 8:48pm 
I worry that level 1 is too strong. I would expect that kind of effect to cost mana.
Captain Carnivore May 23, 2013 @ 11:52pm 
My only problem is that it takes itself too seriously. More puns! More random effects! More repercussions!
NHA|bravepen May 22, 2013 @ 8:39am 
i disagree, i think the +1 conflagratory resist should be removed, that way its not doing 3 things which is hp regen boost, damage and resistance.
Doesn't Learn from Mistakes  [author] May 20, 2013 @ 9:17pm 
V Only if there's an active ability to go along with it. Pure stat boosts are fine.

Master of Arms gives 6 block and 5 HP as a first level, *and* an iron cuirass to boot.

Weapons skills give about 2x the stats (weighted) for the first level, given the restriction of having to use the associated weapon.

In short, maybe not perfect center, but well within fudgable limits.
Gestaltzerfall May 20, 2013 @ 4:56pm 
*+1 righteous and conflagratory damage.
*+1 conflagratory resist.
*+1 health regeneration.

+2 starting damage and +1 regen are both OP as hell. Should be two seperate levels.
kaizou May 20, 2013 @ 1:51am