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[TTT/SB] Fortnite Building Tool
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Jul 6, 2018 @ 2:19am
Aug 29, 2018 @ 11:43am
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[TTT/SB] Fortnite Building Tool

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If you have ideas on how to improve the item or run into technical issues, feel free to post here to let me know about it. I will try to improve and fix it to the best of my abilities. If you like the addon. Please let me know it with your vote :)

This is an addon for the gamemodes "Trouble in Terrorists Town" and "Sandbox". Please do not try to use it in any other gamemode and report errors or downvote it due to that reason.


New ConVar: fortnite_low_res_textures to get low resolution textures for a better performance

Hey, new controls are out. They are now just like in Fortnite. You can bind a quickswitch key to switch to building from any other weapon and switch back to it, if you want to. As well F1-F4 are defined for the 4 building types.

Epic Games - idea/models/sounds.
ALIEN31[ITA] - Porting the models to GMod, thumbnail
ICharlie - Changing his own addon to reduce collisions



With this item you can build the Player Structures from Fortnite. Bring some walls between you and your enemies, Build up to the sky with some stairs and cover your falls with well-placed floors. The addon include most of the building features like switching between modes and materials, the building process, the possibility of destruction, the destruction of structures, which are not connected to the ground and many more. Additionally you can harvest some materials, by punching the right stuff with your crowbar (note: punching players or npc won't give you any materials :P ).

You can decide for either use it in sandbox or play with it in Trouble in Terrorists Town. Therefor you can choose between use the Builder as a default loadout for everyone, or let it just be avaiable in the Traitor and Detective shop.

For the quickswitch bind "fortnite", e.g. "bind t fortnite", then you can quickswitch between building and your last weapon just like in Fortnite. Don't worry if Gmod says you something like "unknown command fortnite", thats completely fine.

F1 - Switch to building Walls / Weapon on Slot 1
F2 - Switch to building Floors / Weapon on Slot 2
F3 - Switch to building Stairs / Weapon on Slot 3
F4 - Switch to building Roofs / Weapon on Slot 4
Flashlight (F) - Toggle Building Type Switch (then you can switch between the different building types with your scrollwheel and number keys)
Primary Fire (Left Click) - Place Structure
Secondary Fire (Right Click) - Change Building Material
Reload (R) - Rotate the Building

Tips & Tricks
If you want to build near to yourself, try building with DuckJumps.
If you feel stucked, just spam duck to get free.
If you are rly stucked inside a building and can't get free, just destroy it ;)


fortnite_old_controls (def. 0) - Should the old controls get used.

fortnite_low_res_textures (def. 0) - Should low resolution textures be used for a better performance

fortnite_building_sounds (def. 1) - Should the buildings do the typical Fortnite sounds when they are about to be built.
ttt_fortnite_builder_loadout (def. 0) - Should the Fortnite Building Tool be avaiable in the loadout for everyone.
ttt_infinite_resources (def. 0) - Infinite Resources.
ttt_fortnite_start_materials (In Loadout: def. 0, In Shop: def 100) - The amount of mats you start with.
sb_fortnite_start_materials(def. 100) - The amount of mats you start with.
sb_infinite_resources (def. 1) -Infinite Resources.

fortnite_hide_hud_on_other_weapons (def. 0) - Should the HUD be hidden when another weapon is in use
ttt_fortnite_buildings_limit (def. -1) - The amount of buildings, that can be placed over all (-1 for infinite)


Q: The buildings are errors. How can this be fixed?
A: Suscribe to the dependent addon

Q: When will the buildings beccome editable?
A: Later, its another huge chunk of work. I haven't started implementing it yet and don't know when this will come.

Q: I hate Fortnite, why does this has to be on Garry's Mod?
A: Everyone can make GMod to a game of his wishes, so feel free to leave this page :)

If you have any other problem please write "FAQ read" at the start of your question, otherwise I will just anwser FAQ or don't even do that. Please post in which gamemode you tried the addon, if you tried it in Single- or Multiplayer, paste the error code and tell me in which situations the problem occured and what exactly is that problem. I need to recreate this errors, otherwise I can't fix them :/

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@GeyBoi no never
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how can i edit this
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i love fortnite i play it every day