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Simple Teleport Magic
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Apr 19, 2012 @ 10:00pm
Feb 21, 2013 @ 1:59am
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Simple Teleport Magic

Also available in Skyrim Nexus

Change Log

Revision 1 - v1.0.0a
-Initial Steam release.

Revision 2 - v1.0.1
-Main spell is now purchased from Setting stone. Farengar no longer sells the spell tome.

Revision 3 - v1.1
-Game can now be auto saved before the teleport, as well as after the teleport.
Setting can be changed with Setting Stone, or Setting Spell.

What it does

This mod basically adds a teleport magic with different configurations you can do in-game. The magic is a "Mark and Recall" style which you set the detination beforehand and use the spell to teleport to pre-defined location.

Some of the features are

-10 markable location slot

-Return to original location

-Autosave after teleportation

-Teleport with followers(Theoratically unlimited number of followers)

-View marked location with spell

-View marked location on your map/compass and check the markers status if they're enabled or disabled (Newly added feature)

-Summon your followers to your location (Newly added feature)

Once installed, you can purchase the spell from the setting stone at 3000 golds.
For its location, please refer to the picture.

Spell List

Teleport Main Spell

Unlike the previous version of the spell, now there is only one spell that can be used to Mark/Clear locations and Recall/Return to locations. This spell will also include 2 extra feature. One is Summon Followers, which will summon all of your current registered followers to your location. The other is the Show Marker, which will place bright orb of light at the marked location.

You can mark/clear up to 10 locations. No limit on where mark can be placed other than proximity of each other.

You can teleport to locations marked previously.

You can teleport back to your original location.

Your followers will teleport with you if you have enough Magicka for them.

You can summon your followers to your location.

You can view your marked location. The spell will place bright orb of light so you can see it from distance.

The spell will now provide experience in Alteration according to mana usage.

Spell now does not require Magicka to initiate. But if you do not have enough Magicka when you select Recall/Return or Summon option, you will not be able to execute the spell.

Spellbook cost : 3000
Magicka cost : Recall - [80 + (10 X # of follower)], Summon - [40 + (10 X # of follower)] (Constant - Unaffected by skill/perk)
Single-hand spell
School : Alteration
Required skill : Alteration 25

Register Follower spell (This spell stays unchanged)

Register Follower spell will allow you to register(mark) your followers so they can teleport with you. Cast this spell while pointing your crosshair at your follower you wish to register. If you have successfully registered your follower with this spell, a notification will show saying that follower will now follow your teleport. If you use this spell on a follower who is not currently following you, or any other person, it will say they are not following you and will not register them. If you dismiss a follower, they will not teleport with you even if they are registered with this spell. If you want to unregister any follower, just cast the spell again on them and it will unregister them from the spell, and will show a message saying they will not follow your teleport any longer. (Note : They have to be currently following you in order for them to unregister) This spell can (theoratically) register unlimited amount of followers.

Spellbook cost : It is not acquirable from Farengar any longer. Please see Setting Stone section.
Magicka cost : 5
Single-hand spell
School : Alteration
Required skill : Alteration level 25

Setting spell

AutoSave Setting spell is now replaced with Setting spell, which includes the AutoSave setting within itself. Setting and feature for AutoSave feature stays same as before. AutoSave's default is still "autosave after every teleportation". Can be turned off or replaced with new saves instead. Setting spell now includes setting for Proximity limitation, as well as activation of the new feature "Map Marker". This spell also includes simple status report of your spell's system. For detail, please see Setting Stone section.

Spellbook cost : This spell is not acquirable from Farengar. Please see Setting Stone section.
Magicka cost : None
Lesser Power
School : None
Required skill : None

Setting Stone

The setting stone for this spell is located behind Breezehome in Whiterun, alongside the castle wall. Please refer to the picture if you're having hard time finding it. This stone is basically the "Command Center" of the spell. You can add, remove spell as you see fit, or change settings of the spell. You will need to acquire the Teleport Main spell first from Farengar, in order to activate the stone. When you've bought/learned the spell, activate this stone to access the further feature of the spell. First, you'll be given the choice to add or remove the 3 spells included in the mod. Which are

-Teleport Main Spell - Used for Mark/Recall/Summon
-Register Follower Spell - Used to register followers for teleportation
-Setting Spell - Basically a portable version of the Setting Stone, only without add/remove spell function

There's also a setting menu which you can change various setting of the spell. This setting menu can also be accessed with the Setting Spell, which can be acquired from this stone.

Proximity setting
Whenever you place a mark on the location, you have a 1000 Game Unit(approaximately 20 feet) distance limit on how close the marks can be placed each other. Also, marker itself reserves the radius of distance of 400 Game Unit(approaximately 8 feet) from itself. Within this radius, you cannot teleport to the respective marker, but you can teleport back to original location. Which means, you can be within 1000 GU(Game Unit) away from the marker, and still be able to teleport to the marker you're close by, although you won't be able to place another marker there. And when you're within 400 GU(Game Unit) range of the marker, you won't be able to teleport to that marker, but instead, you're allowed to teleport back to your original location.

However, with the Proximity setting, this limit can be changed. Currently there is 2 options.

-Marker placement limit can be switched between 1000 GU, and 2000 GU
-Marker effective range can be switched between 400 GU, and 800 GU
-Return teleport limit can be turned off to allow you to teleport to original location from anywhere in Skyrim

Map Marker Setting

Map Marker can be activated here and then later be disabled, or enabled through this menu. Map Marker will activate a permenant quest to allow you to see which marker is placed where, and which marker is enabled/disabled by using quest objectives. In order to use this feature, first activate this feature through this menu, and activate/highlight the quest from your journal. And it will show all the currently placed marker on your map/compass. Within the quest description, it will also tell you which marker is enabled/disabled. Disabling this feature will remove all the quest objectives and quest from your journal and can be enabled again through this menu.

AutoSave Setting

The game can now be auto saved before and after the teleport. The default behavior is to auto save before the teleport and do nothing after teleport. The setting can be changed at Setting Stone, or with Setting Spell.

Status Report

This menu will show you simple basic status report of the spell.
Currently enabled/disabled markers
Number followers registered with the spell
Current proximity limitation setting
AutoSave feature's current setting
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Dinkle Berry Nov 3, 2016 @ 6:47pm 
@RAZZLE DAZZLE DORITO yo theres a revive crystal mod u build it and it will resore that person to there default self its pretty handy
SunbirdTheLegend Jan 9, 2015 @ 10:07pm 
The scripts from it (your mod) *
SunbirdTheLegend Jan 9, 2015 @ 10:06pm 
Arins im fixing a mod and im trying to use an aspect of your mod so could you maybe send me the scripts for it. Send it to : Thank You
fat Dec 7, 2014 @ 2:00am 
My Farangon wizard guy is dead... Help me please
chunkylumpy Aug 6, 2014 @ 1:05am 
the stone did not show up for me
ryugin93060 Mar 30, 2014 @ 9:05pm 
Careful if you get a similar teleport spell this one does not show up in whiterun at all...I tryed this and since I had a skse powered teleport spell the stone in this mod didnt show up in my game so just be warned. Otherwise this is a very good mod.
hwl4641 Jan 25, 2014 @ 10:22am 
When i try to recall, the menu says I don't have enough magicka.
ƒe!ïx٩͡๏̯͡๏۶ Nov 24, 2012 @ 2:43pm 
This looks very promising. I'll totally use this! :)
taco Nov 7, 2012 @ 11:52pm 
thnks man love this mod for some reason lidia doesnt wana leave breezehome and i dont feel like checking all my mods to see why so ill just fix the problem with this mod now lidia can come wit me anywhere x3
JOHNSMITH11 May 14, 2012 @ 3:16pm 
cool man