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Brigade Combat Teams for Arma III
By Greybeard
Brigade Combat Teams (BCT) are a new way to organize a self sufficient fighting force from A to Z. Here we'll look at how this model can apply to A3...
Let's start with the basics of Army unit structure

Traditionally, an Infantry Brigade was composed 'only' of:
  • 3X line rifleman battalions
  • little to no support at the battalion level

ALL other combat support and services were allocated at the Division level (artillery, recon, signal, support etc)

This format created several 'issues':
  • Units did not get to train together
  • It took longer for a large force to deploy because it had to be assembled
  • There weren't enough support units to field all at once

To combat this difficiency, the BCT (Brigade Combat Team) model was formed

This allowed Infantry units to deploy with ALL the necessary support units to fight for a sustained period of time

Now, each Brigade had the necessary:
  • Service support (ammo, fuel, repair)
  • Combat support (Engineers, Communication)
  • Artillery
  • Recon

To add to this, each Division also has extra:
  • Combat Service and Support units
  • Artillery
  • Recon
  • *** A CAB (Combat Aviation Unit) ***

Generally speaking there are 3 types of BCTs:
  • Heavy (Armour)
  • Stryker (Armoured Personel Carrier)
  • Infantry (Light, Air Assault and Airborne)
The S-Shops are a series of offices that deal with ALL the military needs for a Battalion or bigger

For Arma, the S-Shop can be used for even a Platoon level unit

This guide helps to explain all the ins-and-outs of S-Shops...
BCT Structure

BCT elements:

Headquater unit (Battalion)
  • Headquarter and Headquaters Company (HHC) - to run day to day affairs
  • Communication Company
  • Military Intelligence Platoon
  • UAV/UAG Platoon
  • Sniper Section X3

Recon Battalion
  • 2 Motorized units
  • 1 Dismounted unit
  • Forward Support Company

Infantry Battalion #1
  • 3 Dismounted Companies
  • 1 Mounted Company
  • Forward Support Company

Infantry Battalion #2
  • 3 Dismounted Companies
  • 1 Mounted Company
  • Forward Support Company

Artillery Battalion
  • 3 Artillery Batteries
  • Target Acquisition/Counter Artillery Platoon
  • Forward Support Company

Special Troops Battalion
  • Engineers Company (mobility/countermobility)
  • Maintenance Company (repair)
  • Distribution Company (supplies/ammo)
  • Medical Company

Arma 3 Modified BCT
It is possible to have a much smaller "BCT" for Arma 3 application

Headquarter Platoon
Command Staff
  • Officer in Charge
  • 2nd in Command
  • Executive Officer

S1- Personnel (day to day operations)
S2 - Military Intelligence
S3 - Operations (current/future)
S4 - Logistics
S5 - Civli/Military Ops
S6 - Communication

You can have:
  • 1 person per S-Shop
  • 1 person for 2 or more S-Shops

For Arma's purpose, each Battalion that makes up a BCT can be turned into a small of a unit as a Squad

A few players to man the S-Shops

Recon Battalion becomes:
  • 1 Recon Squad with UAV/UAG capabilities

Infantry Battalion becomes:
  • Infantry Platoon

Infantry Battalion becomes:
  • Not staffed

Artillery Battalion becomes:
  • Artillery/mortar Section

Support Battalion becomes:
  • Support Squad (Repair/Refuel/Rearm)

A hybrid of the CAB (Combat Aviation Brigade) becomes:
  • Helicopter Squadron (Transport/Attack)
  • Mechanized Transportation (Infil/Exfil Section)
  • Waterborne Section (SDV/boat)

So a hybrid BCT for Arma could look like this:

^^^About 20 players^^^

^^^Close to 50 players^^^
To conduct "Train and Assist" mission, a BCT is no longer used

Now, Scurity Force Assistance Brigades are used (5 SFAB are scheduled)

Much smaller than a "regular" BCT and heavy on leadership roles it is, in essance a hollowed out BCT

Here is a guide on SFAB
BCT Employment
BCTs will be given global theaters to cover, much like Special Forces Groups and SFABs do

A good example already exists with the 2nd Infantry Division under USPACOM
2ID covers the Korean penisula with BCTs made up of:
  • Stryker with Infantry dismounts

For the Army roughly 31 BCTs are split among:
  • 10 Heavy
  • 7 Stryker
  • 6 Light Infantry
  • 5 Airborne
  • 3 Air Assault

For example:
1st Infantry Division has several BCTs made up of:
  • Cavalry (recon)
  • Light Infantry
  • Heavy
Units like these are called "Combined Arms"
The Future of Divisions
In my opinion, some future BCTs will be Combined Arms like some current Divisions

A Combined BCT could have:
Each Infantry Battalion:
  • Airborne Co.
  • Air Assault Co.
  • Marine Co.
  • Mountain Co.
  • Stryker Co.

Cavalry Squadron:
  • Dismounted/Light/Heavy Troop

Artillery Battery:
  • Light (105mm)
  • Heavy (120mm)
The main take away for BCTs are:
  • They are a new modular form of a fighting force structure
  • They are the smallest self contained and self sufficient unit
  • For Arma, a similar (but much smaller) fighting force can be used
  • 3 types of BCTs exist (Heavy, Stryker and Light)
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GreyTesa Jul 23 @ 5:32pm 
Also see the USMC's MAGTF (Marine Air Ground Task Force) as it was designed specifically to be scaled as small or big to fit the mission at hand.