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Nordlingmod [KINGDOM][ACE+Vanilla]
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May 13, 2018 @ 12:12pm
May 19 @ 11:11am
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Nordlingmod [KINGDOM][ACE+Vanilla]

Adds the Nordling Kingdom to your game,
(if you like it, pleas leave a like!)

the only (mostly) complete kingdom on the workshop, the nordlings.
-ACE Compatable.
-Expands worker functionality, they can do some farming and cooking now. removed the farmer class.
-Adds a landmark: the hotspring. (currenly no function beyond looking cool)
-functional fireplaces, looks really prety!
-custom decorations, furniture, weapons, armour, outfits you name it.
-New class to lead your people, the ruler (Jarl, Sultan, Lord, and Warchief, for their respective kingdoms)
-Legendary Weapon(s) (more to follow, try out the legendary hammer it wil...shock you.)
-have their own crops

suggestions welcome :), and wanted.

Special Thanks to:
Findersword, for helping me with the mod, without me even asking :)
Piilupardu and KittyoDoom, for a bunch of help on the art and models
Cirdain for often acting as my crash test dummy
Banto for making my mod more well know (love the streams dude!)
BrunoSupremo for fixing some stuff i couldnt do while moving house (thanks man!)
and everyone on the ACE team and the discord forums for helping me out when i get stuck..again!
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Thahat  [author] May 21 @ 12:11am 
i just found out that during the latest update i accidentally broke the valor town upgrade for the blacksmith, im working on the problem as is. untill its fixed, i'd advise not going the valor route but one of the other two, for your own fun :P
Thahat  [author] May 11 @ 4:34am 
ah ill look at that next bugfix round, probably know why that happens. (its because of a recent change in which mod loads first, mine or ace)
Shrapnel May 10 @ 5:37pm 
Playing ACE Northern Alliance and after the last update the smelt ingots recipes(most not all) for Blacksmiths are missed up(asking for lump of coal and not low grade fuel), disable this mod and the recipes returned to normal.
bbowen1079 May 9 @ 12:55pm 
edit to that post spawned it in and blew the horn....hahaha sounds great! cant wait to build it and blow it again! Thank you Thahat for a great mod and helping me with my issue! <3
Thahat  [author] May 9 @ 12:34pm 
just a little PSA GO BUILD YOURSELF A war_horn. just do it. its the thing you unlock with the thor shrine. debug tool one down if you need to. you need the see and hear THE HORN.
Thahat  [author] May 8 @ 1:02pm 
well im glad you like it! i always love it when people let me know :)
little spoiler for an upcoming feature. the big horn you can get if you choose the thor shrine? im going to make it so you can have someone blow the horn :D
bbowen1079 May 8 @ 11:52am 
@Thahat Okay thank you so much for your help! I really enjoy your mod! I cant tell you how much its helped me get threw my days!
Thahat  [author] May 8 @ 8:14am 
yes that has to do with the silver runic comb, and will be fixed on next update (soon!)
bbowen1079 May 7 @ 2:05pm 
this is the 3rd
release-949 (x32)[M]
...ices/server/crafter_info/crafter_info_controller.lua:165 : attempt to index field 'entity_data' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
...ices/server/crafter_info/crafter_info_controller.lua:165 : in function '_format_recipe'
...ices/server/crafter_info/crafter_info_controller.lua:72 : in function '_create_maps'
...ices/server/crafter_info/crafter_info_controller.lua:22 : in function 'post_activate'
bbowen1079 May 7 @ 2:05pm 
This is the 2nd

release-949 (x32)[M]
c++ exception: 'nordlingmod' has no alias named 'armor:silver_helmet' in the manifest.
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'load_json'
radiant/modules/resources.lua:34: in function 'load_json'
...ices/server/crafter_info/crafter_info_controller.lua:164 : in function '_format_recipe'
...ices/server/crafter_info/crafter_info_controller.lua:72 : in function '_create_maps'
...ices/server/crafter_info/crafter_info_controller.lua:22 : in function 'post_activate'
radiant/modules/commons.lua:306: in function 'create_controller'
...ervices/server/crafter_info/crafter_info_service.lua:97: in function 'add_crafter_info'