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Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet SWEP and Model
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May 9, 2018 @ 3:20pm
Jun 16, 2018 @ 12:10am
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Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet SWEP and Model

This is an Infinty Gauntlet SWEP (aka weapon) inspired by Thanos' use of it in Marvel's Infinity War movie. This item grants the user over 70 abilities to utilize, ranging from creating portals to wiping foes from existence! Comment issues and suggestions as I am still working on this to make it as good as I can.

Crashing and Lagging
Open Q to enter the spawnmenu and open the "Options" tab on the top right, then lower Infinity Gauntlet settings.

Expect crashes and lag if you're doing physics-intensive activities with lots of entities.

Reload[R] to select an infinity stone to utilize
Right click[SECONDARY ATTACK] to change selected stone's ability
Left click[PRIMARY ATTACK] to use selected ability

Guide to using the "Universal Law" ability

Giving the SWEP to friends
If you want friends in your game to be capable of spawning the swep, a quick fix is running the console command
lua_run FindMetaTable("Player").IsAdmin = function()return true end
Or just simply right click the swep, click "Spawn Using Toolgun" and the click on the ground to spawn it in for pickup.

"Old" Infinity Gauntlet model and texture taken from here[]

"New" Infinity Gauntlet model from Fortnite, retextured and animated by myself.

Map shown in second video

Please leave a thumbs up if you like the SWEP!

Copyright 2018 Xyz_. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named Xyz_. Infinity Gauntlet by Marvel.
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. 14 hours ago 
@Xyz_ since endgame is out is it possible that you will be updating this mod with new powers from endgame?
FoxesGaming Apr 22 @ 2:00pm 
This is an absolutely fantastic mod (and I mean fantastic!) and we made a video about it here:

(also, wiping out half the universe is actually pretty fun)
Sneeky Snek Apr 22 @ 3:43am 
but can you snap?
MarvelFanatic69 Apr 21 @ 6:35am 
how do i select the new one with more abilities?
emlorfing Apr 20 @ 2:44pm 
how to make it have diffrent language
GeorgeWag Apr 19 @ 7:58pm 
How do I unbind an ability?
ddddddddddddd Apr 19 @ 11:29am 
is there a way to get the powers without the gauntlet? or make the gauntlet invisible?
MAXWELL SMART Apr 19 @ 10:10am 
I binded another key to R and not it is not letting me switch it, help me please

NintyFan290 Apr 19 @ 4:24am 
this...does put a smile on my face.
VDJR - Arceus Apr 18 @ 5:42pm 
Reality can be whatever I want.

(P.S: This mod is pretty cool. I hope they remember you.)