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The Comprehensive guide to Rangefinding
By Morior Invictus
Some reticles and scopes have more usage than just magnification. They help you calculate the distance of a target as well as how far you need to zero or compensate in order to take a shot. This guide aims to teach you how to use marksman scopes and rifle scopes to better compensate for target distance and improve precision when shooting.
1) How to range with Binoculars / Rangefinder
A good method of gauging a range is to use Binoculars or a Rangefinder graph on a scope. Please find below an image of how this looks in squad:

As explained in several of the videos found in this guide the rangefinder looks like a curved line with Hectometer (100s of meters) markers on the curve and 1.7 marked on the flat line beneath. What this means is that 1.7meters is the distance between the flat line and the hectometer marker. In the image above you can see that 1.7m (The average height of a human) marks 2. This makes sense because it is at the 200m marker (Or 2hm).

In the above image you can see that, following the previous example. 1.7m at 1000m (10hm) matches the range mark perfectly.

That's it. That's how you use the Binoculars or sight rangefinder.
2) How to range with Mildot scopes
Another method of ranging a target is to use Mildot scopes. Please find an image of a mildot scope below.

As explained in the M110 SASS video in this guide the Mildot scope is a rather effective long range finding tool. Here is how it works.

To calculate the Mildot range you can use the following equation.
r = (s * 1000) / mils

The average door size is 2m, give or take.
We look at the scope we can count that the target is 11 mildots high

(r = (2m * 1000) / 11)
(r = (2000m / 11))

(r = 181m);

The range of the target is 181m. It may not look like it because of the magnification, but I assure you it is. Find an image below of a non-scoped view.

3) Individual Scopes, and how to use them
3.1) United Kingdom




3.2) Irregular Militia

AKS 1P29 Scope

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Zunkey Aug 30 @ 12:22am 
Tank scopes please?
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Do same with the LATs?
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ETA on update to the guide?
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This is the first time I see someone explains what that curve graph on binos and certain scopes are for. Congratz on the guide, really useful.
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Thanks for this guide m8, its about time i stop using the, guess and correct method :D
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There are a few reasons why spamminmg until you hit isn't an optimal solution, but if that's what you're comfortable with, feel free
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Would be nice to see the Russian Armed Forces scopes' range finding. As they are quite confusing to many players.
Das Modell May 11 @ 12:43am 
You can use the AKS 1P29 Scope to range. It has the same rangefinding tool as the SVD scope and it's located to the right of the aiming reticle. Ranging starts at 400 metres, with the base height used being 1.7 metres.