Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV

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Better Tradenodes and Tradeflows
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Apr 14 @ 5:18am
Oct 1 @ 8:43am
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Better Tradenodes and Tradeflows

Adjusted Tradeflows to better steer into more potential capital placement, rather than always to a few "best locations" (London, Venice, Genua etc.) Now Lübeck is the only end node, inland nodes in Europe is also gone.

For example, Ottomans can now access the atlantic trade (Sevilla->Alexandria->Constantinople).
Or you can collect all of italy from Venice node.

I've also removed & simplyfied some nodes that I didn't feel added anything to the game (less is more), this also have the added benefits of increasing performance slightly.

My aim with these changes was to make a more "dynamic" flow of trade and open up more options to steer trades in to new directions & capitals.

(see changelog for full list)

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Naeven  [author] Sep 17 @ 8:07am 
@mamma , depends if they add provinces and if they adjust the tradenodes/companies themselves, if they don't, then it should be fully compatible
mamma Sep 17 @ 3:45am 
@naeven is it compatible with extended timeline?
Naeven  [author] Sep 16 @ 7:32am 
Updated to 1.26 now, sorry it took some days.
i.hate.that.spam Sep 9 @ 5:42pm 
doesn't work in current version
Naeven  [author] Jul 1 @ 1:08am 
@GreekIrish, thanks! I'm happy you like it. :-)

English cannel not an end node is very intentionall tho, I would prefer not having any end nodes to be honest, but since I need it to end somewere, I decided to end it in one of the harder nodes to control (HRE). I want the bigger nations to actually have to setup resource to defend trade and build up trade power also in their homes.

That said, could be that England needs a buff, but then I rather place another COT or similar for them. I've not played them in a long while so feedback like this is good.
GreekIrish Jun 30 @ 1:24pm 
I love this mod, and in does everything I've always wanted done with trade nodes.

I do think English Channel should be an end node though. England is nerfed hard now that the English Channel isn't an end node, and it can be really hard to get the trade centers in the HRE to control the node. So maybe take some trade centers out or make it an end node again? Or at least make East Frisia a trade center again.
lemuria May 23 @ 2:30pm 
Not what I meant is to create a node from seville to lisbon, that I can transfer power from seville to lisbon, as happens from seville to genoa
Naeven  [author] May 23 @ 8:52am 
@lemuria, thanks for the feedback, but that would not be in line with my general strategy of this mod: simplifying & open up the network to more nations (on the contrary, that would be beneficial only for Portugal)
lemuria May 22 @ 2:09pm 
Good afternoon I'm from Brazil and I like your MOD, you could make a new node that ended in Lisbon, kind of seville for lisbon and Brazil for Lisbon. Thanks for the time