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Better trade nodes and trade flows
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Apr 14, 2018 @ 5:18am
Jun 9 @ 10:11am
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Better trade nodes and trade flows

Adjusted Trade routes to better steer into more potential capital placement, rather than always to a few "best locations" (London, Venice, Genua etc.) Now Germany is the only end trade node, inland trade nodes in Europe is also gone.

For example, Ottomans can now access the atlantic trade (Sevilla->Alexandria->Constantinople).
Or you can collect all of italy from the same node!
Germany was chosen as the end node because I think it's the hardest to "dominate" due to HRE.

I’ve also removed & simplyfied some trade nodes and trade routes that I didn’t feel added anything to the game (less is more), this also have the added benefits of increasing performance slightly.

My aim with these changes was to make a more "dynamic" flow of trade and open up more options to steer trade into new directions & capitals.
I also hope these changes means that the trade war should be more about the amount of trade power you have rather than were you collect your trade.

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* If you're using another mod that refers to a trade nodes no longer existing in this mod, or refering to a sea zone that's not in my trade zones, let me know and I can check if I can make it compatible.

List of trade routes:
california -> mexico , girin
girin -> beijing , samarkand , nippon
laplata -> brazil , lima
lima -> carribean_trade , mexico
mexico -> carribean_trade , mississippi_river , nippon
mississippi_river -> carribean_trade , chesapeake_bay
australia -> the_moluccas , cape_of_good_hope
canton -> malacca , hangzhou
hangzhou -> beijing , philippines
beijing -> yumen , nippon
nippon -> philippines
the_moluccas -> philippines , malacca
philippines -> malacca , carribean_trade
malacca -> ganges_delta , cape_of_good_hope
yumen -> samarkand , kashmir
ganges_delta -> comorin_cape , kashmir
comorin_cape -> gulf_of_aden , indus , cape_of_good_hope
kashmir -> samarkand , indus
indus -> gulf_of_aden , persia
kongo -> ivory_coast , cape_of_good_hope
gulf_of_aden -> cape_of_good_hope , alexandria , persia
cape_of_good_hope -> ivory_coast , brazil
samarkand -> persia , novgorod
persia -> crimea , constantinople , alexandria
timbuktu -> ivory_coast , sevilla
brazil -> ivory_coast , carribean_trade
ivory_coast -> carribean_trade , champagne , english_channel , sevilla
carribean_trade -> chesapeake_bay , champagne , sevilla
chesapeake_bay -> st_lawrence , english_channel
st_lawrence -> english_channel , champagne , sevilla
sevilla -> italy , alexandria
alexandria -> constantinople , italy
crimea -> danzig , constantinople , novgorod
constantinople -> italy , danube
italy -> danube , champagne
champagne -> english_channel , germany
danube -> danzig , germany
danzig -> baltic_sea , novgorod , germany
novgorod -> baltic_sea
english_channel -> germany , baltic_sea
baltic_sea -> germany
germany = End
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Naeven  [author] Jun 9 @ 10:14am 
Mod is now updated for 1.30 \o/ , also:
Added all tradenodes as tradecompanies just like in vanilla (Not colonial regions)
Went thru all vanilla missions and fixed quest refering to tradenodes
thatboyrosco Jun 5 @ 3:56pm 
@naevan ahhh see that puts a dent in my idea as i was going for some trianglular points for trade to flow into every continent. i wonder if paradox would address that bug for modders in future games, but then im not holding out much hope.

thanks for the advice though, ill get back to planning.
Naeven  [author] May 31 @ 12:52am 
thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Yes, in the tradenodes files the nodes needs to be defined in the order that they flow. So all the started nodes on the top of the file and working your way down to the end nodes at the bottom.

If you see my list above, this is actually taken from the sort order of the nodes in tradenodes files.

I ran into this alot when I was testing big changes, as everytime you changed a flow you need to make sure the new order works as well.
thatboyrosco May 30 @ 5:04pm 

love this mode mate. i began to edit my own routes, with the intention of being able to steer trade to whichever continent you start from but after successfully adding my nodes i ran into some issues with the routes.

i know nodes cant go back into each other etc but is there a certain string you must follow when creating routes?

for ease i bunched all my code into continent order but it seems to crash when i load the game to use nudge.

[tradenodedefinition.cpp:59]: Shanghai=>canton ( ERROR: Trade nodes must always be defined so that an outgoing is defined after in the file, or we get processing errors)

do the nodes need to be in a certain order as in the above canton cannot be above shanghai
Naeven  [author] May 12 @ 6:33am 
@Cornelis van Greelkerken & @D A D
I think both of yours suggestions would be cool, but it would require a major rework of the asia/america trade flows to get it to work.

The problem is a limitation ingame were you can't create "loops" of trade flows. For example, currently Canada can't go into California because California already leads into Canada indirectly further down the flow, that would create a "loop" and crash the game.

I will think about reworking it towards this end tho, and see if I can get it to work without making it to messy for europeans to do the same.
D A D May 10 @ 3:11pm 
It drives me nuts that in vanilla you can't pull trade from the Indonesia/Philippines/Oceania into China. It may not be super historical but it would make sense that you would be able to I think. Kind of disappointed that this mod doesn't do that :( It makes an eastern originating colonization strategy very unrewarding to play.
Cornelis van Geelkerken May 10 @ 7:05am 
Would it be possible to have Canada connect to California? I'm asking because if Asians colonize the new world they can only get trade from 4 of the 9 trade nodes in the Americas.
Naeven  [author] May 7 @ 6:29am 
Updated with known issues;
* Some nations have trade missions refering to sea zones no longer in any trade zone. I will go thru all missions and fix this when Emperor DLC goes live with new missions.
* If you're using another mod, that refers to a trade node no longer existing in this mod, or refering to a sea zone that's not in my trade zones, let me know and I can check if I can make it compatible.
Naeven  [author] Apr 24 @ 4:59am 
Those are oversights, I also found some more small islands missing now. I'll patch them shortly.

Aleut, actually belongs to the Northern Polynesia Area, so that's why I guess :-) but I changed it to California trade node now, that makes more sense.
Licarious Fenrir Apr 23 @ 6:38pm 
Cool mod.
Is there a particular reason why the Falklands and South Georgia are not part of a trade node? Also it looks like Aleut up in Alaska is part of the Philippines trade node.