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Map Retexturizer
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Apr 10, 2018 @ 10:14am
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Map Retexturizer

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Hello, there!

I've created this tool for players to play around, for server owners to make unique outdoors / advertisement / maps and for filmmakers to reinvent their scenes more freely.

Here is my modified gm_construct from the video if you just want to see the addon in action without getting your hands dirty (remove the white spaces):

www . mediafire . com/file/xn7wyspy1qftw11/
Unzip it inside your "./GarrysMod/garrsmod" folder.

And check these links:

  • Copy, paste and restore map, model and decal materials;
  • Change all map materials at once (close enouth);
  • Change the skybox of any map with almost any material;
  • Works any with mounted or manually placed materials;
  • Support for duplicator, undo and GMod saves;
  • Fully prepared for singleplayer, listen servers and dedicated servers;
  • Preview mode;
  • Material Browser;
  • Change many material properties;
  • Save / autosaving;
  • Load / autoloading;
  • Detailed cleanup;
  • Admin / Client modes;
  • Remote control.

Server owners

You can remotely control the tool with these commands:
  • mapret_admin 1/0 = Turn on/off the admin protections;
  • mapret_remote_list = List the saved game names;
  • mapret_remote_load "name" = Load the saved game called "name";
  • mapret_remote_autoload "name" = Set an autoload;
  • mapret_remote_save "name" = Save the current server materials into a file called "name";
  • mapret_remote_autosave 1/0 = Enable/Disable the autosaving;
  • mapret_remote_delete "name" = Delete the save called "name".
  • mapret_remote_cleanup = Clean all the modifications.

Changing Skyboxes

Usage example:

1) Download: 2) Place in the addons folder (from both server and client); 3) Restart the game (and the server); 4) Go to tool skybox textbox and write:
You are going to see the material repeated. But remove the "ft" from the end of the name and try again...
Note: Check the documentation if you want to create your own sky materials
Note 2: If your computer is old and weak you are going to feel a slowdown using this function.

Managing Materials

HL2 textures and their properties are in these .VPKs:

[...]\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\sourceengine\hl2_textures_dir (For Valve Texture Files - VTF)
[...]\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\sourceengine\hl2_misc_dir (For Valve Material Files - VMF)

You can use your own materials by correctly creating them[] and placing in the folder:


Change "mystuff" as you like.

- GCFScape[] to open .VPK;
- VTFEdit[] to edit/create .VTF;
(OR Gimp[] with the gimp-vtf[] plug-in)
- A nice text editor like Notepad++[http//Notepad%2B%2B] to edit/create .VMF.


Here is a list of the things that I'm struggling to do or we can't get to work:
  • Modify displacements;
  • Change many of the brush material properties, including but not limited to color and bumpmap;
  • GMod can't give me the complete map material list[], so the "Change All" button works bad (I even hid it because of this problem. Use the command "mapret_changeall" to test the function);
  • Change materials per brush (How?);
  • Get displacements texture paths with Lua[];
  • Rezise decals[];
  • Remove decals individually (How?);
  • I was not able to use CreateMaterial() to change map materials (shows missing textures), so files are needed to get the work done.


TL;DR; Disable the Shader Cache in your NVidia Control Panel or AMD Settings.

People are having some weird errors because of graphics cards configurations optimizing the materials storage and for some reason it's only affecting dedicated servers.

if you are copying materials with the right mouse button and they are rendering wrong in the preview window then you are being affected by this thing.

Development status

TO-DO + Requests and bug reports

Source code

Here it is![]


Thanks to the testers:
  • Beckman;
  • BombermanMaldito;
  • duck;
  • le0board;
  • Lou;
  • Matsilagi;
  • NickMBR;
  • XxtiozionhoxX;
  • Aliendude;
  • SMG5;
  • Gatíneo.

English errors or stupid text? Please, let me know!

More tags: video / cinema / youtube / vimeo / tool / addon

Made in Brazil. Valeu, pessoal!!!
Enjoy it! Hopefully, it'll be worth the weight. (Yes, WEIGHT!)
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