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Map Retexturizer
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Map Retexturizer

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BRASIL, Junte-se:
GMBR, criadores BR de addons e vídeos e tudo.


Hello, there!

I've created Map Retexturizer for players to play around, for server owners to make unique outdoors / advertisement / maps and for filmmakers to reinvent their scenes more freely.

Note: this process of changing materials consists of manipulating them in RAM and in custom backups, so the original files on the disk are always intact. Also, saving and loading are only associated with creating and reading texts files containing the modification structures. You can relax and use the tool at will, nothing will be destroyed or set on fire!

> TO-DO + Requests and bug reports
> Source code on GitHub[]
> My other tools
> my HL1 mod, Hu3-Life

  • Copy, paste and restore materials;
  • Manipulate materials of brushes, models and decals;
  • Change many material properties;
  • Tool gun and undo support for almost everything;
  • Works with any mounted game and manually installed vmt/vtf files;
  • Fully prepared for singleplayer, listen servers and dedicated servers;
  • Full support for GMod saves;
  • Save / Autosave / Load / Autoload;
  • Change all map materials at once (but water and models);
  • Full cleanup by categories;
  • Preview mode;
  • Material Browser;
  • Console commands.

Server Owners / Admins

Here are our commands:

mr_admin 1/0 = Turn on/off the admin protections; mr_materials = List all the map materials; mr_cleanup = Clean all the modifications; mr_list = List the saved game names; mr_load "name" = Load the saved game called "name"; mr_autoload "name" = Set a saved game called "name" to load when the server starts; mr_save "name" = Save the current tool modifications into a file called "name"; mr_autosave 1/0 = Enable/Disable the autosaving; mr_delete "name" = Delete the save called "name"; mr_delay = The delay between each materiall application on a load; mr_dup_cleanup 1/0 = Enable/Disable cleanup before starting a load; mr_progress_bar 1/0 = Enable/Disable the progress bar; mr_instant_cleanup 1/0 = Clear the map as fast as possible (may cause a temporary freeze); mr_add_disp "material" = Add displacement to the menu; mr_rem_disp "material" = Remove displacement from the menu.

Changing the Skybox

You can apply any material on the skybox using the tool gun.

If you want to use a 6-sided sky, install it and write the name in the skybox path, omitting the suffix. For example, on sigleplayer:

1) Download: 2) Place in the addons folder; 3) Open the game (or disconnect, run reload_legacy_addons and restart); 4) Go to tool skybox textbox and write:
Then you are going to see the material repeated. Just remove the suffix "ft" and try again:

Note: Check the documentation if you want to create your own sky materials
Note 2: if the map has a customizable skybox like the one in gm_construct, changing it has a noticeable impact on performance, otherwise the impact is null.

Adding Materials

You can use your own materials by correctly creating[] and placing them in the folder:


In the above path, change "mystuff" as desired.

- VTFEdit[] to edit/create .VTF; (OR Gimp[] with the gimp-vtf[] plug-in) - A nice text editor like Notepad++[http//Notepad%2B%2B] to edit/create .VMF.

Sharing Your Saves

The save files are organized per map and located in the folder:


You can zip them up and send them to others, that's it.

Note: in multiplayer save files are kept only with the server owner, that is, clients don't receive copies of them (only a list of names).


Here is a list of the things that I'm struggling to do or I can't get to work:
  • Change many of the brushes material properties, including but not limited to color and bumpmap;
  • Get displacements texture paths with Lua[];
  • remove and copy decals (+undo +toolgun) (We can't[])
  • Change map models (They are identified as **studio**)
  • The new material preview is very light but it requires a current map material (applied) to work, so I left it kind of disconnected and it affects the missing textures


TL;DR; Disable the Shader Cache in your NVidia Control Panel or AMD Settings.

People are having some weird errors because of graphics cards configurations optimizing the materials storage, and for some reason it's only affecting dedicated servers.

If you are copying materials with the right mouse button and they aren't rendering correctly in the preview window, you are being affected by this.


Support my work if you like it:

The testers:
  • Beckman;
  • BombermanMaldito;
  • duck;
  • le0board;
  • Matsilagi;
  • Nerdy
  • NickMBR;
  • XxtiozionhoxX;

  • Lou;
  • Aliendude;
  • SMG5;
  • Gatíneo.
  • Kyle Calhoun

English errors, stupid text? Please, let me know!

More tags: video / cinema / youtube / vimeo / tool / addon

Made in Brazil. Valeu, pessoal!!!
Enjoy it! Hopefully, it'll be worth the weight. (Yes, WEIGHT!)
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Many problems... I'm taking a few days off, I'll try to solve them soon.
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