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Claims Decay - Dynamic Diplomacy [2.8]
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Apr 7, 2018 @ 9:09am
Nov 7 @ 11:39am
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Claims Decay - Dynamic Diplomacy [2.8]

Version 2.8.*

Ever been unable to invite a long-term associate to join a federation because of a war they had with a member 200 years ago? Can't form a federation in the first place because you took a system someone wanted of a mutual enemy 100 years ago? This mod should address some of these annoyances.

Claims Decay
Adds a new chain of Galactic Community Resolutions - Claims Decay. Once unlocked, every empire in the galactic community will periodically revoke one claim it has on each other member of the community who is not on breach of the resolutions. This happens, on average, every:
  • De-escalation Channels: 10 years
  • Amnesty Conventions: 5 years
  • Bureau of Reconciliation: 2 years
This should prevent claims from hanging around forever and preventing peaceful coexistence. This chain also reduces xenophobe attraction and border friction! However, higher levels come with a price- maintaining a peaceful galaxy will cost you envoys.

Does this modify/is this compatible with/...?
It edits no existing files, only adds new ones.

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BlackMage99 3 hours ago 
Hi, you have a great mod out there, I really like it! But playing it in another language as english is rather painfull, as the localisation files aren't set up correctly. If you want, I could give you a few tips and also implemented a german localisation. So just contact me if you're interested. :steamhappy:
Toaster  [author] Dec 1 @ 3:33pm 
Bear in mind that's one claim relinquished every 10 years- so if they have claims on 10 systems of yours, it's going to take 100 years before they've given up all of them. 50-100 years would mean that you'd lose maybe -20 points of claim opinion penalty over the course of the entire game, making the mod not really make much of a change to anything.
Fisicosaurio Dec 1 @ 10:52am 
I thougth of this mod like a good way of getting rid of claims with neighbours I improved relations with. I think 10 years is too little time. I think this mod would make them decay gradually, and over 50 or 100 years. Claiming a system is not cheap usually, and this mod breaks this, unbalancing greatly the war system. Maybe you could extend the time, or add a policy to let us decide.

Thanks for making this mod.
Tovius Nov 2 @ 11:17am 
It looks like it should still work in 2.8, although I haven't tested it.
tcmdan May 30 @ 8:40am 
i've been using it and it has been working fine for me. nothing that this mod does has been changed so it shouldn't break at all
lyndonguitar May 21 @ 12:42am 
Asking the same question
Wewei May 19 @ 7:11pm 
Does this work with the current version?
Tosin May 17 @ 11:12pm 
Does this work with the current version?
Toaster  [author] Apr 13 @ 7:10am 
Oooh, didn't know about that. Cheers! If only there was a PyCharm/CLion plugin...
LordOfLA Apr 13 @ 3:17am is great for syntax highlighting and error spotting.