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Trailing- & Crawling-maps for MudRunner
Itching to slowly and meticulously work your trusty 4x4 across muddy and rocky paths that were very clearly never meant to be driven on? Without having to worry about any logs? Here's a bunch of maps centered around activities like trailing, rock-crawling and rock-bouncing to scratch that itch.

(If I missed one that you think I and others looking at this collection should check out, feel free to point it out in the comments.)

[The header image is a screenshot taken by myself, driving the "Suzuki Samurai" by terminatorx58 on the map "HWC Bushwacking" by HarrisonWC.]

UPDATE: Back from Snowrunner. Main campaign was a fun romp, but some of the traction properties of different materials feel quite weird. Which especially made rock crawling on the mod maps that I tried distinctly unfun (feels like that 'driving on soap'-syndrom that original Spintires had for a while). So, I'm back to Mudrunner for now. Which, of course, also means I'll be updating this again, at least sporadically.
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Fear's Trails
Created by FearWheels
Fear's Trails - Created by FearWheels

Link for manual install -

"Don't forget to hit the thumbs up. Thx."

Class 5, 4x4 Trails
Sever conditions. Extreme c...
Rox Valley Trailhead Summer
Hardcore rock crawling/ Trailing...
Mountain Trails
Created by niccan69
It's a map for the pleasure of driving .... no logging !!!

Rock textures : Nix and Spun .
Thanks to Nix for his tuto .
And a big thank to smed for his help !!!! Thanks Dude !!!

enjoy !!!...
Country Trail
Created by niccan69
Hi guys

It's my first map .
Just for the pleasure of driving .

Rock textures : Nix and Spun
Thanks to Nix for his tuto .
And a big thank to Smed for his help !!!! Thanks dude !!!

Enjoy !!!...
Created by |THC| Mexican
**Trailzz by |THC| Mexican**

This is a 32x32 trail only map, no logging. While it is passable with stock vehicles, smaller 4x4/scout vehicles are recommended due to the limited space at spawn, as well as some very tight trails and sharp turns. A veh...
the Badlands - A PiX3LMonkey Map
Created by PiX3LMonkey
Map Name: The Badlands
Size: 64x64
Type: Primary Focus - 4x4 Adventure with challenging logging unlocks for those brave enough to take them on.

Features: Custom Rocks, Tight cutbacks, Varied Terrain, Steep Elevation Changes, Rally Track, Rock Climbin...
Created by |THC| Mexican
** Rubi **

This map uses the actual heightmap of the Rubicon Valley, and is one of my personal favorites. While initially intended to be a 1:1 of the world famous Rubicon Trail, cramming nearly 22km of a point-to-point trail system into a 1km² area wasn...
the Gauntlet - A PiX3LMonkey Map
Created by PiX3LMonkey
The Gauntlet Map V.8

Size: 48×48
Garages: 3
Fuel Stations: 3
Lumber Mills: 4
Total Vehicles: 6
Custom Vehicle Slots: 3
Game Balance: 8 Stars

If you enjoy a challenge get ready for the Gauntlet. This map was created with a little of of everythin...
Created by HarrisonWC
This map is a trail map that is finally finished after working on it for a long time. Some of the trails are more difficult than others and may require some winching.

The awesome rock models used are made by Nix and Spun.
You can download them here i...
Bismark Trails
Created by Draftii

𝕭𝖎𝖘𝖒𝖆𝖗𝖐 𝕿𝖗𝖆𝖎𝖑𝖘

There are 2 Trails in 𝕭𝖎𝖘𝖒𝖆𝖗𝖐 𝕿𝖗𝖆𝖎𝖑𝖘, made to be challenging and rough. There are Bypasses for each part of the course for those whom are not ab...
Nix San Dimas Canyon
Created by Nix_909
For updates on my mods and maps follow me on youtube:

San Dimas Canyon: Nix_909
Rock Models: Spun / Nix_909
Log Models: Nix_909
Trail signs: Nix_909
Special Thanks: Spun, BruteTerror, Hazzard,...
the Gauntlet Part 2 - A PiX3LMonkey Map
Created by PiX3LMonkey
Info about the mod:
If you enjoy a challenge get ready for the Gauntlet Part 2. This map was created with a little of of everything to cater to all types of Mudrunner fans. There are steep rock climbs, deep muddy roads, hairpin turns, dry creekbeds, and o...
Crawling Central
Created by remoh667
2 Garages
2 Fuel Stations
4 Trucks at spawn

A mid size map devoted to crawling and climbing. Large rocky mountain, washout ditches, tough steep hill climbs and lots of rock trails...
An Uphill Battle
Created by remoh667
1 Garage, 1 Fuel Station
2 Log Stations
3 Lumber Mills

Some Challenging Logging runs on the main roads and some Tough Small Trail action if you get off them. Lots of roads to get lost or stuck on….. Maybe both if you are lucky enough!!

The Swamp Trails
Created by Digital X
**NOTE** If you subscribe to this map, do NOT under any circumstances upload, part or the whole of my map or any models. I have been in contact with the owner of and got my maps taken down from him.

If you wish to use models ask me fir...
Hillside Trails
Created by Falcon
A map I made a little while ago with some challenges

Adventure Map
Created by Redex
Overlanding Map made for average and overland vehicles.

Updates will come through for the map as time goes on and feedback is much appreciated....
RCBuzz Trail Forest
Created by RCBuzz (F19)
This is my first map based on the NIX_909 tutorial videos on Youtube!!
It´s a Trail map with some crawling sections, some mud, water, etc,....
I hope you enjoy it, still some work to do and a lot to learn, but for the first attempt its not bad, I think,...
4 trails off-road Park ( Wiz12 )
Created by WIZ12
This is a great chance to test your driving abilities as well as the abilities of your truck. its the ultimate off-road park with 4 trails only 3 currently finished this is still a work in progress i would love your feedback. The trail that is open is the ...
LandCruiser Park
Created by Eat-The-Ham
Hey Everyone, This is my first workshop map, so please leave feedback and I hope you all like it :)

This map was based of LandCruiser Park in QLD Australia. This map is very realistic with a few added sections for fun ;).

This map has:

2 - Garages...
Lakeview Tour
Created by remoh667
Another rugged trip through the forests and fields to deliver our precious cargo.

This adventure will take you through rolling open terrain, thick forest trails, big hill climbs and more than your fair share of mud to slug those logs through.

Big or ...
rock crawlin trail
Created by kou4848
a rockcrawling trail made for people who would rather drive a trial than do logs
Created by FatBoy ò.ó
This is a large trailing map, no logging.
Only objective is to keep the rubber side down.

4 garages
4 fuel stations
0 cloaks

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to the folks in the community who share their models with guys like me, it's much appreciated.
Forest Hills Off Road Park
Created by vibe_check

Trails are tight all throughout, don't go too fast. Vehicles set up for crawling are reccomended.

The hill climbs are pretty challenging but doable in most vehicles if you find the right line.

Enjoy! Please leave your feedbac...
TrophyStorm Navigation stage 2 - 3
Created by Mik27
Представляем Вашему вниманию карту, включающую в себя 2ой и 3ий спецучастки соревнований TrophyStorm.
Основная задача - доставить необходиммое количество баллов на каждый контрольный пункт (КП) выбранного цвета. В начале игры Вы выбраете себе автомобили, ...
Black House Mtn
Created by Gabe
Welcome to Black House Mountain.

Being my first map, I wanted to build something that actually ment something to me. I grew up wheelin' at this place. I have done everything off-road that can be done here. I even spent my honeymoon here! lol! I have tr...
Cikole 4x4 Park & Resort
Created by Lifhadi
This map is inspired by a famous trail in Indonesia called "Cikole" (you can google it, if you want to). This particular map is not by any means huge, but it is packed with trails both natural and man-made. You'll start the map in the resort's parking lot ...
The Back Forty
Created by remoh667
Are you ready to push your vehicle to the limits?

This map is designed with trails and crawling as the main focus.

There are very few spots on this map where you can relax.

I have added 3 Lumber Mills and 1 Log Station because I know some of ...
Pines Creek
Created by niccan69
Hi guys
Here is my new map, Pines Creek .The size of the map 26x26.
Take a good truck and go on the roads to discover this region.

And enjoy !!!!

Rock textures : Nix and Spun...
Martinez Canyon (Desert Map)
Created by « RoughRider »
Thanks Wrenchin Monkey, Nix, Spun, Forces, SmarOneNine, Hazzard, And anyone else has contributed to this project.
I'm using the custom models from Nix and Wrenchin Monkey with permission.

This map is based off of the real life location of Martinez Can...
The Long Crawl
Created by Fuzzy
The Long Crawl is an "end to end" style trail map... You can start off in any direction (I suggest trying it in both directions).

Garages: 1
Fuel points: 1
Difficulty: low - medium
Objectives: None
Logging: None

This is my first Mudrunner map t...
mud trails
Created by touch my krisp
Crazy Trails
Created by crazyman444
First spintires map I have made, there will most likely be some mistakes here and there. Still learning. It is built for trail riding only, No missions present.

Does has some custom rocks throughout the trails. It is still a work in progress so I will c...
gunung putri off road trail
Created by LT测试员
this map is for people who likes mud obstacle more than rocks. ( if u search it in game its gonna be called beta.)

-Gunung putri is a place that i visit when i go to indonesia, just like the real trail theres very little rock obstacle and alot of mud, w...
Into The Wild
Created by remoh667
Get ready for a little different offroad challenge...

In this edition you are the one to make the trails, a choose your own adventure offroad experience

The landscape has been carefully created to suit a free roam style of play, providing more realis...
Lancang dam 4X4 Trial
Created by Nick
This level is my second introduction to what we can do in mudrunner besides loggiing, this time is all about trailing, it was made for and tested mainly by certified vehicles, this level isn't hard and is best played on hardcore mode (for sure it will be m...
To The Summit
Created by remoh667
As the name implies this map is mainly hills and rocks but there are some fast running trails mixed in there

Some challenging logging runs mixed with a lot of trailing and crawling

Lots of trails on lots of terrain with large detailed climbing areas...
Sentul Highlands
Created by Lifhadi
I proudly prensents to you my second map. As always it is based on a real place not far away from Indonesia's capital city, Jakarta. Sentul is a popular destination for offroad activity. Its hilly area give challenging inclines and declines, the sort of th...
level mod planz 4x4 map imported2016
Created by Hydrazombie
1 unlocked garage
8 locked garages
8 fuel stations
9 vehicle slots
20 balance points
lots deep mud
lots of rocks
lots waypoints

map was not an easy conversion, i had to remove all the plants ( they kept me from from painting new dist...
Created by royalplaytime
Hi Everyone

This is my second map I've done first one had a missing file problem that i couldn't fix so it was deleted.

This map includes
4x Starting vehicles
5x Fuel stations
4x Garages
1x 4x4 Course
1x Semi dry yet muddy river bed
1x Mountai...
Mountain Rush v1
Created by Sand_Korn
This is my first adventure map with some difficult passages. Best to drive with high and powerful vehicles.

Thanks and have fun.

Pogue Creek Canyon, Summer& Fall
Created by Gabe
Pogue Creek Canyon,

The best way to describe it is BIG! This is a full size map that was built on a height map from the actual Pogue Creek Canyon terrain in Tennessee. I didn't realize this area had so many mountains so close together. After seing it i...
The Path Less Travelled
Created by remoh667
A trailing and crawling map at heart that makes for some good hard logging runs. Lots of different trails that will take you through all sorts of dirt climbs, swampy mud holes, rivers crossings, and steep rock faces .The trail sysem is only half the fun.
Created by
This is a trail based map with a basic off road park and has a prerunner race track. The terrain veries as you travel around the map from mountaines to forest and swamp land. I would like to add this is my first map and i would like feed back in the commen...
Created by
map #2 let me know what you all think about it. Alittle something i've been working on for the past 2 months off and on enjoy. Loggoing and trail map have fun. As always thanks for the support!!!...
Mad River
Created by remoh667
A Large, fast river cuts through this muddy mixed forest landscape.

You will make your way across logged out areas, thick forest trails, swampy bogs and tough hills climbs in your quest to fill your lumber mills.

Lots of muddy trails with all sor...
level test first map
Created by Eggshellboy
this is my first map ever created, any input would be awesome . hope you enjoy and any feedback will help inprove the map thanks. i will continue to update the map as i learn more....
Mad River Crawling
Created by remoh667
This is the Mad River map showing its attitude. All the trails have been worked over to change this into a completely different experience.... A Hardcore Trailing Map. Tons of rocks, mud, and bush trails. I put 3 lumber mills on here if anyone wants to g...



Frontier Trails
Created by remoh667
The view is nice, unfortunately the roads are not. This overlanding adventure will take you through a rocky landscape with generous helpings of mud. Completing the logging objectives will be tough but scouting the proper roads to travel will come in handy....
Smooth Operator
Created by remoh667
Fast rivers, Lots of Rock, Tough Hill Climbs and an Expansive Trail System.

This adventure starts you at home with a couple local garage deliveries to complete.

After that its all up to you

2 Fuel Stations
1 Garage (Locked)
2 Log Stations
2 Log...
The Long Haul
Created by remoh667
It's not just a clever name....

you will see alot of different terrains. Some of everything really....

There are alot of trails on this map and enough room to make your own.....

Long, Challenging lumber runs and a ton of great trailing.

NC Rock Canyon
Created by niccan69
Hello everyone !!!!
Here is my new map on MudRunner, NC Rock Canyon. There are a lot of rocks, take a good truck for crossing and enjoy !!!!
Size: 1024/1024 .
Rocks : Spun and Nix ....
Created by RockRunner Gaming
Thank you for checking out the Kane Creek Forest map and be sure to watch the trailer video above! This is the first official map from RockRunner Gaming!

I hope you have enjoyed my maps as muc
<AGA> New Paramount Circuit
Created by Jenggot464
New Paramount Circuit


- Speed ​​Offroad
- Adventure Offroad Park (Special Competition Stage)

- Garag...
Hit the Trail
Created by CaptSean
There isn't much of a discription I can give for a trail map; its trees, trails, and hills, with a shallow sandy bottom river flowing through the middle of it.

The Climb
Created by CaptSean
This is basically a trail riding map to the top of a mountain with a small amount of rock climbing thrown in.
Mountain springs run into the trails turning them into streams.
There is no mud or tint added. Considered tint to make wet areas slippery but ...
the woods map
Created by D I P S T I C K
this is the woods map based off of 1 of my local offroad parks it has plenty of trails and rock crawling,hill climbing, trailblazing, plenty of mud and creative touches i added like a gas well and a broken bridge

note:this is my first map has some bugs ...
Delta Trail I
Created by CaptSean
This is the first of three similar trail maps. This is the original and the largest, it crashed the editor because of too many plants, trees,... I made another smaller one, it bound itself to the original (two maps in one). Made a third similar to the seco...
Delta Trail II
Created by CaptSean
Delta Trail I is a long easy trail. Delta Trail II is a short hazardous trail.

I rode through it several times and only found one hole that stalled me. I shallowed it up with some stumps.
As you can see with the screenshots there are holes along the ...
Delta Trails III
Created by CaptSean
This map is similar to Delta Trail II, if you have played it, but with more stumps and a better chance of losing sight of the trail.
Personally I think this one is the more frustrating of the three; Delta Trail I, Delta Trail II, Delta Trail III. The firs...
Cole's Revenge 1.6
Created by ColeAshlock22A
Work in progres. There will be more added in do time.

Trailing map, with some hard core log hauling. It can be done, ive done it but took a long time and a lot of differnt trails.

Please tell me what I need to add to the map to make it more challenge...
The Trailing Expanse (W I P)
Created by Wintergrasped
Just a quick little map to get back into making maps for Spintires and start Making maps for MudRunner expect to see more added to this map very regularly and new maps coming soon. Comments, Questions and or Concenrs are appreciated.

Please feel free to...
Trails and Rocks
Created by CaptSean
This was my first map. I built and tweaked the rock trail (to your right when you start) for about a month, and then realized I had only covered about a third of the map without a clue what to do with the rest of the map.
So I decided to stop and build sm...
Humble Beginnings
Created by TnB Xofroggy
My First Map, intermediate trails with lots of rocks, mud, and dips in your way. overgrown forest trail, huge mud pit in the middle, and curved stretch of flat road for getting speed. Rock Bridge across the mud pit. Rock Wall for experienced climbers. a co...
Created by royalplaytime
A 4x4 adventure waiting to be explored and conquered.

Strictly a trail map no logging at all. There is 2 garages, 3 fuel points, a few way points sharp turns up and downhills, rocky roads, some rock crawling points may need a winch, muddy swamps and riv...
Pine Valley Trails [WIP]
Created by Xak Teratoma
This map is a WIP, most trails are unfinished...
Fear's Cove
Created by FearWheels
Трейл карту для вас, чтобы проверить свои навыки вождения и транспортных средств. Карта-1024x1024

Trail map for you to test your driving skills and vehicles. Map-1024x1024

Testing- CobraChicken420 - Sully Courage - |THC|Mexica
Birchwood Outlands
Created by remoh667
Another run through the countryside that will take you through muddy swamps, steep hill climbs, rocky paths and tough winding trails. Lots of road options to find your way to the mills or just take a nice drive to see what nature has to offer.Tough trails...
Coldwell County Mud Trails
Created by CaptSean
I've been asked several times to make a mud map. I made two, this one and a logging map called Bogging for Logs #2.

This is a previous logging map, Scavengers, copied and revamped as a mud trail map.

WM Tyrant and Fall edition
Created by WM
wanted to make a fall edition. so i updated :)...
WM Rausch Creek
Created by WM
Scenic Island Trails By RoughRider
Created by « RoughRider »
Welcome to a whole new landscape for Spintires mudrunner. As far as i know, I'm the first person to bring this type of setting to a map on the workshop. I love things that are different in the game, because anything new that hasn't been done makes the game...
Created by RockRunner Gaming
Thank you for checking out the Big Springs Valley map and be sure to watch the trailer video above! This is the second official map from RockRunner Gaming!

I hope you have enjoyed my maps as m
Hillclimb Trial 4x4
Created by Elkiss_
Hi everyone,
Finally there is my map ! ( My first one )

So half is forest, and half is desert.( Some of guidance track on dessert, hope you will find the road )
The map is a lot of better by day.
You must take two cars or play with a friend in cases...
Frog's Offroad Park (Mini)
Created by TnB Xofroggy
Small Testing map with a variety of things to crawl to really test your vehicles ability offroad.

American Wilds Textures and Models used but DLC not required

Rocks by Tat, Spun, and Nix

Tested with Wrenching Monkey's Jeep ZJ

Reuploading anyw...
Birchwood Trails
Created by frogpondfoug
Birchwood Trails

The weather is nice this time of the year. Come on over to Birchwood trails. We’re open all season long. Your ultimate adventure park for the true enthusia...
Raiden Hills (Small Trails)
Created by SlicedTacos
This is my first map, of many more to come, this map is a MODERATLY SMALL map!

Larger and more diverse maps are to come soon within the next couple of months!

Criticise The map, for future references on what i should fix/make better...
Insanity Peaks
Created by I'm51/50
Welcome to Insanity Peaks

The map is both a trail with rock sections and a logging map.

Difficulty for logging will depend on the trucks/add on's used and the route you choose.
All objectives can be done with default trucks.

Known issues
When us...
Sliprock Valley
Created by remoh667
Steep hills climbs, tough technical paths coupled with a large choice of trails should keep the challenge level high. Many different road types that can take you through rock crawling routes, difficult technical dirt routes or just rip through the nearest...
Beaches & Bogs
Created by remoh667
A large challenging trail system will take you through rocky pine forests, deep sloppy swamps and steep hilly sand dunes on your way to and from the lumber mills. Many different paths will give you the choice of how you want to get there and what challenge...
Out There
Created by remoh667
Maybe you need to be Out There, or maybe you're crazy even going. Either way you won't forget it. This map features many different terrain types littered with the largest trail system I have made so far. Everything from soft sand dune to steep and narrow r...
Frog's Creek
Created by TnB Xofroggy
Trail focused Map with a minor focus on highway logging. Mixture of muddy and rocky trails, some laid back easy trails and some more intense trails, as well as a few surprises and hidden things around the map(Can you find the Frog Cabin?). This map is su...
Cliff Hanger
Created by CaptSean
Played a logging map recently that involved driving along cliffs and thought that a trail map along cliffs would be interesting.
The map is 1024x1024 so it is rather large; a lot of interconnecting trails spanning from cliff peninsulas to cliff islands....
Lakes Valley (Overland)
Created by niccan69
Hi everybody !!!
Here is my new map, Lakes Valley (Overland) !!! It's a map that I built to ride with trucks and their trailers. You will meet mud and crawling.
Recommended trucks : Spun CJ7 Overland.
: Nix 2012 Jeep ...
Frog's Creek Winter (Updated with Ice)
Created by TnB Xofroggy
Snow has fallen on Frog's Creek, has custom friction on snow(being worked on). lighting changed to autumn trees are now covered in snow. slippery ice where puddles used to be. will make small updates if needed, look to change notes for any info.

Known I...
High Country Trails
Created by Falcon
(This map is a work in progress)

I haven't seen any high country trail maps on the workshop so I thought I'd give it a go.
It isn't the best representation, but I think it'll be alot of fun.
One half of the map is still being made, watch out for updat...
Nix Green Mile TTC
Created by Nix_909
For updates on my mods and maps follow me on youtube:

Green Mile TTC: Nix_909
Custom models: Spun/Nix_909
Special Thanks: Spun, BruteTerror, Hazzard, WrenchinMonkey, King and Serious.

Mountain Havoc
Created by Gabe
In The Sticks
Created by remoh667
Another fun romp through the forests and swamps. Be prepared for anything and everything as you make your way around this challenging trail system. Rugged roads and tough climbs found throughout the landscape will keep you working whether logging or trail...
4th Times A Charm
Created by GameJunkys513
4th Times a Charm is a trail ride map With lots of off camber twist and turns, with a fair share of hill climbs. This is my first attempt at map making so stay tuned for bigger and more extreme maps in the future. Have fun!!...
HammerFest ( 3 Creeks )
Created by FatBoy ò.ó
This is a trailing map, no logging to be done here.
Take something capable, winch/lockers required

Thanks to PixelMonkey (Rocks), Nix (logs, concrete blocks), Tattoo (Rocks), Nix/Spun (Rocks) for letting me use their models.
Also thanks to the guys wh...
Created by C. Sander
Created by Davracing
Old map from spintires redone, trail and logging....
Aussie Trails
Created by C. Sander
Aussie trails is a a trailing map only, the is NO LOGGING.
Trails include:
-mud pits
-hill climbs
-river crossings...
Just Trailing
Created by CaptSean
A simple snow trail map to explore.

Lost Time
Created by remoh667
Many different paths will lead you to the mills, choosing the right ones will make it alot easier. This landscape consists mainly of hills and technical trails that will push your driving skills. There is some mud but definitely more focused on hard trail ...
Passeio Off Road (beta)
Created by henriquetironi
this time i did this map, its just a test and a beta but tell me what you thing and things that i need to change, i dont know to much how do this maps but i try to do small maps just for fun and some tracks do test my cars.
If you like this map don't forg...
The Badlands 2 - A PiX3LMonkey Map
Created by PiX3LMonkey
Here it is. The much anticipated followup to my last map "the Badlands". I have spent over 5 months crafting custom rocks and objects to give this map a unique feel. Quite simply, there is no other map like it out there. It features rock walls, deep s...
circuito 4x4
Created by Andres-X
- dos grajes

- cuatro observatorio

- dos aserraderos

- tiene dos pistas off road

un mapa complicado con muchos obstáculos...
The PlayGround v1.1
Created by KrugerTheSavage
This is my first map, all criticism is accepted as i just want to make better maps. Thank you....
The Rescue
Created by haywoods mods
trailing map


hi guys, my first upload to steam.. my map is called the rescue, name speaks for it self

A buddy of yours called and needs you to go get him in your pick up truck and car traile...
Created by haywoods mods
trailing map only

NOTE name might appear different in game map menu.. not sure why i will figure it out

Hi guys this is my map called rut mountain, again name speak for it self, this map is a constent crawl climb and flex map.. lots of water mud, roc...
The Off-Road Path
Created by henriquetironi
hello, this time i'm publishing a small maps that i did because i dont have too much ability in maps. But i did and decided to share it. have fun with this

this map has a lot of small trails and you can carry logs if you want or just drive with scout c...
The Forgotten Hills
Created by Wintergrasped
Some Fun Wheeling trails. Mostly Dry and tight.
Lots of Elevation Change. Lots of Tight Rocky climbs and descents with tight turns and dips.
Wood hauling is Possible.
2 Mills
1 Lumber Station
2 Garages
1 Fuel Station.
Lots of Trails
1 main road (...
Badlands Revisited - Streamer Edition - A PiX3LMonkey Map
Created by PiX3LMonkey
Map Name: The Badlands Revisited
Size: 64x64
Type: Primary Focus - 4x4 Adventure with challenging logging unlocks for those brave enough to take them on.

Features: Custom Rocks, Tight cutbacks, Varied Terrain, Steep Elevation Changes, Rally Track, Roc...
Losing Grip
Created by remoh667
A good mix of roads and trails should make this a good map for logging or trailing. There are definitely trails you would prefer to avoid with a log trailer... or maybe not!! A little more trailing oriented than my usual maps but that just makes it more ...
Created by 08_JK_
Small trailing map nothing special.
The fun part starts at 11:30 in the video.
No logging.
1 garage.

Rocks- Nix and Spun....
level ruta offroad
Created by Andres-X
tiene 1 garaje
3 carros a elejir
2 aserraderos
1 estacion de toncos
1 estacion de combustible

un mapa donde hay que seguir la ruta tiene varios obstáculos
HWC The Gorge
Created by HarrisonWC
This is a challenging trailing and crawling map. There is a summer version and a fall version. I have been working on this map for a long time and it is finally finished. The rock models are made by Spun and Nix.

Enjoy the wheeling and if you like the ...
South of Nowhere
Created by KASTHEWAY
Most of the rocks in this map are made by spun-nix...

follow the trail to the end of the river then crawl up the river back to the garage...


Re-uploading anywhere else is strictly prohibited.....
Area 259
Created by 08_JK_
259 acres of fun. This map caters to more than just one type of wheeling from casual trail riding to rock crawling to mud slinging and desert roaming. This map has 4 hill climbs, 2 of them are mild playing areas, then there is a race hill that's wide enoug...
Created by haywoods mods
trailling map only..... sorry been a while since ive released a map

this is my map called wasteland.. theres a wheeling area in my area that I kinda took the name from its called The Waste, its called that because of the run down trails with huge run ou...
Frog's Mud Fest (One Trail)
Created by TnB Xofroggy
Welcome to Mud Fest, despite the name it is not just mud but also contains lots of rock sections to put a mud truck to the true test. can also be driven through with a normal trail rig like something Spun has released (has been tested with a variety of tra...
The Flatts
Created by KASTHEWAY
This map IS a ROUGH TERAIN MAP its not hard but its also not easy.. please send any feed back my way and also


all the rocks i used are made by NIX and SPUN

Re-uploading anywhere else is strictly prohibited.....
Steeply Inclined
Created by remoh667
Lots of hills, Lots of mud, Lots of trails. This edition should keep you having fun while logging or trailing. Good mix of main roads, tough side trails, and a good size rock crawling area. There is not alot of flat terrain to be found so bring a sure fo...
Created by haywoods mods

tester of larger project!!!!!
This map here is called tazzie,,, its set in tasmania aus were its always wet, lots of rain in that area, so thats how my map is.. lots of ruts, lots of mud and flooded areas and hills climbs, rocks too... sho...
Sasquatch Mountain
Created by Blackwater
anyone willing to donate, feel free to do so...hard times are upon us. Link in my profile!

Redone, Revised, Remastered idea I had when I originally created Blackwater Canyon, from the ground up. This is a totally new map for those of you who played the ...
Back Woods - The Flood
Created by bcs_1985
BackWoods - The Flood

This map is strictly mud bogging and trailing, no unlocks and no logging. This was my first attempt at a map so it's smaller then I would have liked, but since there isn't many mudding maps I decided to publish it anyways.. Enjoy!...
Wild Turkey
Created by Gabe
Laid back trail riding map with a little rock crawling and a few log stations. Enjoy!

Thanks to, Spun, Nix, Jay, Brute, King, and Blackwater....
Created by RockRunner Gaming
Thank you for checking out the White-Knuckle Trails map and be sure to watch the trailer video above! This is the fourth official map from RockRunner Gaming!

I hope you have enjoyed my maps as
Mud Rivers
Created by KASTHEWAY
to those of you who do not have the mod tools.. take your time you`ll only have a certain amount of fuel and your truck is 40% damage, play on HARDCORE and PULL another truck for it to be more challenging .. please give me any feed back

ALL rocks on thi...
Breaking Point
Created by remoh667
This edition is split into 2 distinct landscapes. The first being a heavily forested area with tight trails and tough obstacles. The second is an open style terrain filled with some good crawling trails and even tougher hill climbs if you free roam a bit. ...
Don't Flip
Created by TOPKEK_HAWK
This is my first map i have ever made.
Please give me feedback so I can keep making better maps.

The general idea of this map is some Crawling,and a lot of just trail and big ruts.

Thank you for Spun and Nix for letting me use their rocks....
Ranger Station Alpha
Created by DECOM45
This is my first attempt at making map.


In this birch forest there is a ranger station. To find it follow the road to one of the two trailheads. These trails are not difficult for most built vehicles and are mainly dirt roads. There ar...
Back Woods 2 - Aftermath
Created by bcs_1985
This map is set in a small town dealing with the aftermath of a devastating flood. All garages are closed and the mills are empty due to supplies lost in the flood. The mills are in need of logs and you will need to find and collect the missing garage cart...
Rocky Waters
Created by KASTHEWAY
i wanted this map to be an easy map at first.. but after driving on this map over and over and over again.. easy is boring,
so this map is not hard but also it sure as hell isnt easy... its mainly just a trail cruising map but there are some rock crawl an...
Carson Creek
Created by niccan69
Hey Guys

It's my new map , Carson Creek !!!
Crawling and mudding !!!
Size : 1024/1024 .

Thanks to : Nix , Spun , WM and Tatoo .
Rocks : Spun and Nix .
Cliffs : Tatoo .

Thanks to Nix for his news textures . ( Rocks , .... ) ....
RCBuzz - The Caves Trail Park
Created by RCBuzz (F19)
This is my second map,.....
This is a Trail map from point A to Point B with some crawling / trailing sections, mud, water, etc,....
It as a log mission too,.....I hope you enjoy it!!!
Please rate and comment what you think,.....Thanks!!!
If you see ...
Created by louditore
Ranger Station Bravo
Created by DECOM45
Travel through the forest trails to all of the cool scenic views. There's a mix of mud, rocks, water crossings and a water fall. This map isn't difficult and can be driven on by most vehicles. Perfect map for anyone with an Overlanding style vehicle. Overa...
Jeep TriaL
Created by Mik27
Трасса для триала (прохождение траектории, заданной воротами) Рекомендуется проходить на предлагаемом УАЗе, так как на более проходимых модах может быть не интересно. Так же есть места, где прокатиться на грузовиках.
Можно пройти как в прямом так и в обра...
Hung Up
Created by remoh667
If you're in the market for some good hard logging mixed with some truck pounding trail riding this is the map for you. Most of the landscape is covered with rocks and tough uneven trails that should give most trucks a good run. Some roads would be conside...
Cedar Highlands
Created by remoh667
Steep climbs, Tight trails, rough roads, and a large river system are what's waiting for you on this adventure. You will find lots of different route choices mixed with many kinds of trails that will start you in the beaches and challenge your driving skil...
Sunday Drive One
Created by DILLIGAF
Casual Sunday afternoon drive. Deliver a few logs. (Maybe

12 watch points (It's a big map)
2 garages (locked), 2 fuel stations
5 Lumber mills
1 log station for casual drivers
1 one log kiosk if hardcore
1 truck to begin, 9 trucks in total, 3 rando...
4x4 acres
Created by JeepMan4.0
Hello all im Fordman and i am new to map making this is my 2nd map. i have spent a few months on this. and have finally got it ready to trail. please feel free to leave comments , of any errors u may encounter or maybe something you would like to see along...
Lake Within A Mountain
Created by KASTHEWAY

its a small map but.. its pretty good. hope everyone enjoys
Welsh Run
Created by Akai
west v trails
Created by Scoot
This is a trail map it's my first one that i have released hope everyone likes it.

thanks to spun and nix and tatt for sharing their rock models
and a big thanks to all the modders with out u the game would have died long ago....
MoeRon - Evans Creek - Final
Created by MoeRon
Added this to MR awhile ago, decided to release it one last time. I changed it up a bit but if you played the OG Evans Creek map, you wont have any troubles finding the trails. Enjoy!
Old Skool Rock Crawl & Ultra-4
Created by Gabe
Spun had this crazy idea to build a obstacle course that was based off the "Old School Rock Crawl" that is done in Utah. So now we have a map to drive the buggies on and do some Ultra-4 racing.

Big Thanks to Nix, Spun, Jay, Brute and King.

Created by RockRunner Gaming
Thank you for checking out the Rock Mountain map and be sure to watch the trailer video above to see what this map has to offer! This is the fifth official map from RockRunner Gaming!

I hope y
overland trails
Created by D B_gaming
2nd map not challenging but i enjoyed making this make sure to leave a review thanks all also credit to nix spun smar and if i missed anyone else sorry let me know more then happy to give credit thanks all :)...
The Legend Of Mike
Created by AXIOMATIX
This Map goes out to our good Buddy MIKE! YOU LEGEND. hope to see you dominating it out there in you're UAZ469

This map is for rock crawling and trailing
no mud or rivers just hard packed dirt.
there are easy lines and hard lines and crisscrossing tr...
steady creek
Created by D B_gaming
hey all my 3rd map please feel free to leave review also credit to nix spun smar and if i missed anyone else feel free to let me know down below!!!!...
MoeRon - Kanaskat Trails
Created by MoeRon
This map isn’t for logging. Trail rigs recommended.
Had this map sitting in my Prebuild for ages. Parts of it might be a little unfinished, but it has LOTS of trails. Easy to get lost. Enjoy!

FinHawk Trails
Created by AXIOMATIX
small trailing map' Or adventure map.

Lots of rock crawling with some simple dirt trails

River crawl with a spawn point, the river itself is off to the right of the spawn point.

Big jump because why not

Rock models are by Tattoo re-shaded to ...
Shelterwood County
Created by remoh667
1 Garage
3 Fuel Stations
5 Lumber Mills
6 Watchpoints
Hidden Vehicles
4 Starting Vehicles

Some tough logging runs mixed with trailing routes branching off the main roads. Some routes are unmarked and some routes will be tough with a logging tr...
Silver Island
Created by Akai
Sunday Drive Two
Created by DILLIGAF
Second gen of Sunday Drive, same map, more trails & challenges.
- 4 trucks to start
- 5 more placed on the map
- 2 garages (locked)
- 1 log station
- 1 log kiosk
- lots of logs placed on map (check out the bridge). More then enough to finish

Any ...
Lakeview Tour Fall Muddin
Created by remoh667
I've spent about 25hrs and totally reworked the Lakeview Tour run. More trails, different lumber mill and log station locations, all roads changed or added to. This is a tough swampy map with loads of hills and many different routes that will take you to...
WildCat Woodlands
Created by KASTHEWAY
Credits to nix, spun, tattoo, WM, RockRunnerGaming,XOFROGGY Thanks for yall's models

Thanks to devianton217 For being my map tester

Bring Your best Crawler.. enjoy everyone...
Rock Blocked
Created by remoh667
This is the first map since some of my earliest to focus on trailing and crawling. Lots of trails to cruise around the map and a couple heavy rock crawling areas for you to stumble upon. Long steep hill climbs, good mudding areas, very few easily travele...
Lost Property (Daytime Trailing)
Created by KrugerTheSavage
This is my 2nd map, constructive criticism is openly accepted. This map features some intermediate trails with a fast paced jump somewhere in between. Other than the jump, it is all trails. I recommend the JK Wrangler Jeep Black for its traction and short ...
Manicouagan crater
Created by Pyro-xv

this is my take on an open map, no road at all. it's more about off roading, reading the terrain carefully, decide wich line to take and drive technically.

-1024m x 1024m
-1 base camp: Unlocked garage, Gaz reservoir, 8 points l...
Solo's Pine Trails
Created by SlicedTacos
This is my second map. I will be using this map specifically made to test certain vehicles in a variety of enviroments, ranging from swamps, to rock crawling, to water forwarding.

This is one of many more maps to come, so, i hope you enjoy!

Map Con...
Get Rocked
Created by CaptSean
I've been asked several times to build a rock climbing/crawling map. In 70+ maps I have only built one called 'Trails and Rocks', all the others were trail maps and logging maps.
It is a small map; kept it condensed into a small area. And it isn't easy; ...
Created by DECOM45
This map has a moderate set of trails that can be driven on by most vehicles. There are a few places where a winch will be needed for closer to stock vehicles. The trail winds its way through this large forest in which a great tree lives. You will encounte...
Slipknot Creek - Surge
Created by JustCallMeSurge
Slipknot creek, This has been a little project of mine for a few months.. an as of recent i haven't been editing the map due to i'm burnt out on it so im releasing it as a WIP,

hope i can return to editing this map some day..

All the cars in the scr...
Offroad - Blaricum
Created by Mennodonker
Hi Guys,

Made my first map, Had some problems publisching it.. but its here now.

To bad the start isnt the same anymore. When you spawn follow the grass to the bridge from there it is all how i made it.
15sec drive to the start of the trial.

Busted Knuckle Trails
Created by KASTHEWAY
Id definitely bring a crawler..

have fun and enjoy...

Credits to RRG for the rocks thanks man..

Map Testers..



TnB PullOutPrince69

TnB invalidredneck

TnB XoFroggy...
Mud Races
Created by KASTHEWAY
credits to smaronenine for his models, Rockrunner Gaming for his rocks

there are some trails,some rock crawls and the rest is mud.. have fun and enjoy

and to the map testers yall know who yall are...
Created by RockRunner Gaming
Thank you for checking out the Rock Island map and be sure to watch the trailer video above to see what this map has to offer! This is the sixth official map from RockRunner Gaming!

I hope you
Hill Climb
Created by Slayertc118
Some Crawling Trails. have fun.

This is my first map. First off, thank you Nix_909 for the tutorial videos. also want to give credit to Nix and Spun for the Rock Textures, pretty much every boulder or big rock is theirs. as far as the rest of the map, t...
HWC Bushwhacking
Created by HarrisonWC
This map has both some light trailing as well as some crawling sections that you'll have to work at to get through.

There is a lot of foliage with dense forest which means you'll probably have to stick to the trails and there are some spots where you'l...
Created by remoh667
Rock, Mud, Rough Roads, Steep Hills. This map should give you a pretty challenging log run. I have mixed a bunch of different trails with a variety of terrain if trailing is your thing. Should be something for everyone on this one.

2 Garages
1 Fuel ...
D B trails
Created by D B_gaming
not the best but hopefully some of use enjoy the map :)...
Created by nickyjralph
hey this is my first map and i know there are some small things wrong with it but all round good trail map in my eyes, hope u enjoy...
Created by jokerinthepack20
This is my first map, there is no log jobs, watchpoints, unlock garages or any tasks to do, this is only to ride and enjoy since this is my first map i would like that you guys try it out and comment what i can change or improve.
thank you and good ride...
Carroll County
Created by Redd
This is my 1st map and have to give big thanks to Nix for his "Map Tutorial videos" and I also used Spun and Nix's rock models. I had trouble with the map files so unfortunately their will be no updates. Thanks to JustCallMeSurge and SmarOneNine for helpi...
Maxxi Trails
Created by Clixx
Bridport Dunes
Created by nickyjralph
this map is based off my local dunes in Tasmania, Australia and i have tried my best to make them very similar.

the cars used in the screenshots are made by surge and the rocks in the map are made by spun

hope you guys enjoy

1-fuel station
Created by RosenRot
1st map

All comments are welcome, I'd like to hear what you think...
If you notice something that needs a fixin, put it in the Discussion tab.

BIG THANKS To Ghost Media For all His Models.

6 Vehicle Slots
2 Garages
2 Fuel Farms

Not a logging...
the fall
Created by D B_gaming
mason creek
Created by D B_gaming
Coopers Creek (Pre-Release): A PiX3LMonkey Map
Created by PiX3LMonkey
Spintires Mod is REQUIRED to run this map. You can find the installation instructions here:

If you would like to help support my efforts to continue wo...
Clifton Creek
Created by morpheus_tn
Off road trails modeled after a local 4 wheeling area in East Tennessee....
The Scarab desert
Created by AXIOMATIX
The Scarab desert
Objective is to find the 4 hidden trailers spread out across the map

but the majority is just for trailing and having fun.

2 garages
4 starting vehicles
2 race tracks

sand dunes with big ol bowls and woops

New never ...
The Playground
Created by BeachBum91
DISCLAIMER: This is my first map. I kept it simple in order to get a feel for the editor. Future maps will have much more detail. This map seems like a good playground so I'm releasing it. Like, subscribe, and ENJOY!!!

This map features an Ultra4 styl...
WM Coffin Run
Created by WM
TTC Map made by me for 2018.. Enjoys guys..we do this for you happy wheelin...would be cool to see you guys run some comp....
Soo line Trails
Created by Cosmologist
This is a trail map this map is not for logging its for playing around I hope you injoy!...
Roughneck Ridge
Created by Generation-X
This is a Trailing, Mudding, Rock Crawling Map that is able to be logged. This was designed for the use of mod vehicles. A vehicle capable of rock crawling is required to access some of the watchpoints. Most of the rock features are driveable. Expect st...
Pine Ridge Run
Created by remoh667
A tough logging run filled with long steep hills and tight winding trails. Be sure to scout your route since some trails will be just about impassable with a log load. Suited for trailing or logging. A good variety of mud, rock, and no rock trails shou...
Nix Test Map
Created by Nix_909
This is the map I use to test my mods, thought I would share it.

Rock crawling sections
Hill climbs
race track
stunt track
Obstacle course

Special Thanks: Spun, BruteTerror, Hazzard, WrenchinMonkey, Gabe, King and Serious.

Re-uploading without...
An Uphill Battle Total Rework
Created by remoh667
A complete update on my first ever workshop map. Updated rocks, added another mill, reworked and added new roads. Lots of trailing/crawling routes. Big variety of roads and trail types. Lots of hills and mud. Many unmarked trails waiting to be found.

4x4 trail
Created by rontheman42089
this is my first map. its a trailing map with some mud and rocks. please leave a comment and let me know thoughts.

rock models: nix, spun and tattoo...
Bear Forest
Created by Slayertc118
Bear Forest is a deep forest trails map. Each trail provides a troubling amount of loose rocks, stumps and fallen down firs. There are a couple technical rock sections to go through. Chose your rigs wisely and be sure to be ready for a long trail ride.
The Scrublands
Created by remoh667
This map is all about trailing, rock crawling, and mudding. No logging just truck smashing terrain. Different levels and styles of rock crawling found throughout. Huge swamps with lots of mud. Lots of unmarked trails suited for overland adventures that ...
The Great Divide - A Fatboy/PiX3LMonkey Map
Created by PiX3LMonkey
Welcome to the Great Divide - Streamer Edition. This is the result of over a year of work by Fatboy and PiX3LMonkey. This is the first of hopefully many mashups by creative map makers to hit the workshop. The Eastern half of the map was meticulously ass...
Lake by the Sea
Created by signorFudgel
So here is my first ever map for any game, hope you all get some enjoyment out of it.

Included in this map is a homage to Gunshot Creek, Telegraph Track and a couple of recoveries some friends and I have had to assist with when we've been out and about....
Riddells creek
Created by D B_gaming
river bottom trails
Created by carpenterjames88
Just like the midwest river bottoms in spring, there is plenty of mud, river crossing challenge hill climbs, some rocks, and a deep mud pit. this is my first published map, i spent about 2 months on it so let me know what you guys think ever trail can be d...
King of the Hammers (East)
Created by Slayertc118
This map is based on Johnson Valley, CA, Home of the King of the Hammers Ultra 4 Series. This map includes my best creation of the famous trails on the eastern side of the valley such as: Chocolate Thunder, Tack Hammer, Jack Hammer, Sledge Hammer and Wreck...
Scarab Back 40
Created by AXIOMATIX
This map might be to much for older systems

scarab back 40 desert map

lots of rock crawling

tried to add some kinda logging

Thanks to everyone that helped with testing

wanted to ad much more but added way to many rocks
Sorry in advance f...
The Emerald Forest
Created by Wintergrasped
Map is mostly in dense forest with alot of brush and tight trails. Over 50km of Trails with more being added every day, Consistantly adding varrety including muddy river side trails with rocky mountain trails to dense overgrown tight rutted trails and now ...
trail track quinta da bicuda 2
Created by jokerinthepack20
no checkpoints, no logs, no mills, just for the thrill...
VooDoo Valley
Created by KASTHEWAY

This is a logging/rock crawling/trailing/scenic map...
The logging is simple with challenging terrain..

The trailing is mostly rough terrain...
The rock crawling is hardcore and easy and some just hard its all mixed ...
4X4 Duel adventure USA vs Russia
Created by Nick
My third map, is all about 4X4 off-roading, unlike my last map this time it's a competitive 4X4 adventure,
two similar trails with pretty much same off-road conditions will have to be driven by two (or 1 vs 1) teams, US vs Russia vehicles, to prove which...
Unfair Advantage
Created by KASTHEWAY
Credit: Nix for his rocks....

Map testers: Deviantdon217, MUDRUNNING MANIAC 74..

its not an easy map so take a buddy or 2

hope yall enjoy it...

try not to winch probably isnt possible but have fun

if there are any problems let me know thank...
Rock Quarry by Pearce95
Created by Pearce95
A rock crawling/trail map made from a heightmap based on real terrain in Moab USA.

This is my first ever map so please let me know of any issues you may encounter.

There is a 'play ground' in the centre of the map as shown in the images.

2x Garage...
Offroad Challenge
Created by Dark Horse
Map designed to challenge your offroad driving skills....
Created by BigDubz420
Light radio chatter……. Mr. Coffee come in Mr. Coffee, this ranger #420 to base camp. We have us a gentleman here that is, well to put it. Up a creek without a paddle! Mr. Bert Wiley out of east Texas here, was doing some wheeling up on the North pass, and ...
Crater Lake Trail System and Bradley OHV Park
Created by AyAyRon
Beta trail map I'm working on. I've designed it as a trail system with a subsection that is a OHV park. It's about 5% done right now. Looking for models of higher quality or someone who can improve the models I have, if anyone is offering....
Boggy Cape Trails - EXO
Created by The_EXorcist
This is my 2nd map and is inspired by some north australian cape trails. The beach run has mud simulating soft sand and has no recovery points, so a second vehicle or mates will be required for a recovery.

Thanks to SmarOneNine for some help on this one...
Created by Odyssey
My first rock crawl map. a few loops with different lvls of difficulty. Hope you enjoy....
Bazz Trails
Created by bazz1575
Riverside Woods - EXO
Created by The_EXorcist
Thanks for checking out my 3rd map, its a bit more ambitious than my last 2. There is a selection of tracks from medium to hard that should challenge most vehicles short of extreme buggies. There are also 2 narrow forest trails that are more scenic than di...
Tree Bangers
Created by BobChingWing
This is my first map, and there will be some bugs.

Thanks to:

RockRunner Gaming

Models used:
Tattoo/Rockrunner rock models
Tat signs

Rate it a thumbs up if you liked it, thumbs down if you disliked it, and comment what i should do ...
Wings Trails
Created by BobChingWing
This map is mainly a rock crawling and trailing map. If you like logging, you should find a different map.

Wings Trails is a small trail system that has some challenging spots with different lines. there are a few trailing trails that have little to no...
ssv - Cattail Creek
Created by ssvqwnp
Women are like tile floors... If you lay them right, you can walk all over them for years....
Get Rocked Again
Created by CaptSean
One year ago I built a similar map called 'Get Rocked'. This map is smaller and has a snow terrain, but with the same level of challenging rock climbing.
I initially built this and kept it private some months ago with plans to tweak it and then release it...
WM Flatrock
Created by WM
WM The Few
Created by WM
Wombak Forest
Created by WM
WIP map to be built while you play it :)

will need mod tool to play it as the terrain is extreme in heights, mod tool allows us to use taller mountains and lower valleys....
Forest Mountain - EXO
Created by The_EXorcist
Welcome to my 4th map. This is a medium grade track with some difficult and tricky sections set in a mountainous forest . It features some muddy and rocky climbs mixed in with some tricky angles. Big thanks to Smaronenine for helping up the quality of my ...
Dantes Inferno
Created by Dark Horse
Diablo Trails
Created by Dark Horse
Created by Dark Horse
Trailing Map
No objectives...
Smeds Moab
Created by Dark Horse
Mongrel Park - Surge
Created by JustCallMeSurge
Mongrel Park is an Australian themed off road\camping park. Featuring Hard\Technical trailing sections and a beach run. It's also fully hand made.

All cars in the previews are built by F19 Mods -

All photos are taken u...
Aus RockBouncer/Ultra4 Complex
Created by NiiNJA_FiiGHTeR
Hey people this is my 2nd map I made for rock bouncers or ultra4s only a short map I'm in the middle of making a big trailing map and plan on doing a lot more :)

Can anyone please also help me with changing the name for when you go to choose the map ins...
RockBouncer Park - Hill Climbs
Created by NiiNJA_FiiGHTeR
Rock bouncer in photo made by {DCMT}>>DrGoNzO1489<<

will be adding new stuff to the map over time....
MC Hammered Trails
Created by coltdawg1877
this is orv park style trails with lots of wheelin theres no gas pumps or anything so pack fuel! this is my first map so its not some beautiful masterpiece but ima keep practicing let me know what you think any postive feed back is much appreciated
Fraser Island - EXO
Created by The_EXorcist
/// This map is massive and requires spintiresmod to run.
/// If you do not have stm installed...
Mayhem Trails
Created by Korus
This is Mayhem Trails!

In this map you tackle many obstacles such as, river crossings, hill climbs, technical driving and rock crawling.


If you discover any i...
Windrock Trails
Created by Dark Horse
Trailing and rock crawling map. This is a large map with a lot of different trails. Some are muddy old logging areas and others are hardcore rock crawling. Plenty of options so you wont be stuck repeating the same trails.

Huge thanks to Rosenrot, Mudrun...
Lawson River Ranges - EXO
Created by The_EXorcist
Lawson River Ranges features many rutted, steep hill climbs, several river crossings all set in a dense forest range inspired by Victorian and New South Wales mountain ranges.

Credits -

Smaronenine - Base terrain geometry and Mr V
Nameless Trails
Created by Tojuhi
- 3 starting vehicles
- 3 garages
- 3 fuel stations
- no sawmills
- watchpoints
- include uncertified mods
windsor creek
Created by D B_gaming
Hammer Claw
Created by KASTHEWAY
This is a desert wooded crawling map.. There are a few trails that are just for the scenery,,,I Hope Everyone enjoys.. Feedback is welcome..

I had alot more plans for this map but i started having problems with the map so here yall go!

thanks to SPU...
Created by coltdawg1877
here it is guys map number #2 SKAGIT trails another hardcore wheelin map sorry its taken so long lol there is areas where winching is required but not too much ,gas pumps are right by garage fuel up and have fun let me know what u guys think any feed back...
Glenbye Spur Track - EXO
Created by The_EXorcist
Welcome to Glenbye Spur Track.

It is a medium grade trail map with some challenging sections. It features some water crossings, muddy climbs and plenty of rocky sections. This is a rebuild of the first map I released over a year ago so felt it was deser...
FlawLess Flower Trail Run
Created by Arty's Mods
Made the map a while back, finally released and published. There possibly could be more updates or bug fixes etc.

Cheers To Nix And Other People For Freeing Some Models.

Map Isn't Too Big As Its More Of A Playground Instead Of A Proper Trailing Map
Created by Jesus
Hardcore 4wd tracks big hills and river crossings and big off camber sections if you like Australia you will like this...
Sydney NSW Menai 4x4
Created by NiiNJA_FiiGHTeR
Hey people this is my unfinished 4x4 map I'm making i will be adding more stuff over time, the map is mostly a trailing map hardly any rocks as i do not have any rock mods atm :( so i could not add the most common sections of the place, its not a replica ...
Ozzy's National Park
Created by Tydus
Map, i started on Snowrunner. then i moved it to Mudrunner. Happy Wheelin!!!...