Diesel Railcar Simulator

Diesel Railcar Simulator

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By implicit A
a neat way to use as natural as possible your joysticks axes and throttle in DIESEL RAILCAR SIMULATOR
realistic mode
configure joytokey
with a specific Joytokey profile ( download joytokey v5.9) :

first of all :

- set in joytokey option for analogic axes : Theresold for input set to 60% ( it gives a large neutral deadzone )

then :

for throttle :
defaut keys are z ans s
so map the z key to "up joystick axe action" and set a repeat fonction ( repeat after 2000ms one time every 2s )
do the same for the s key to "down joystick axe action "
do the same for Shift up and down ( a and q key )

( c , d and e keys )
now,your joystick throotle axe will have release / Lap / Apply on the same axe :
to do so use "keyboard2" settings and set the option press = key C and release is key d (LAP)
do the same thing for press = Key E on opposite side of axe and release is key d (LAP )

in that way axes full left = C middle = D(LAP) full Right = E

done !
and a real pleasure to throttle down and gear up/down ... in a very natural way.

PM those tutorial can be used also for other railsims.
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albertbailey47 Aug 30 @ 11:23pm 
Hi, I would like to use your suggestions for Train Sim World but do not know what the keyboard commands are in Diesel Railcar. Throttle & Brake are A & D. Indirect brake is ' for increase and ; for decrease. I'm using a Saitek X52 pro joystick
Alien147 Aug 8 @ 5:57am 
Great guide implicit A. This works really well with an Xbox360 wired controller, I have full control of the throttle, gear and brake on the two thumbsticks...works like a charm!
MorsMors Jul 21 @ 2:49pm 
It works