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Divinity: Original Sin 2

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The End Of The Known World (DOS2 Adventure)
This is the official Guide for "The End Of The Known World" DOS2 Adventure-Campaign.
BETA-BUILD 00.1 This guide is a work in progress!
After discovering you have been resurrected by a lich! You're faced with the task of amassing treasure, only to hand it over to the lich. You discover that there's bigger problem.
The lich is in debit with a dragon and that dragon has come a calling!

This guide can be considered the roadmap of this "Divinity of Sin 2" Monkworks Adventure and in detail provide everything you needed to know about this upcoming mod for Divinity of Sins 2.
** This is a respawning Monster and treasure Adventure***
This guide's intention is to harness a place where I can log updates and share knowledge. This guide will be the core location and centralized point of communication.
The point of eruption! A centralized place to communicate to everyone or anyone who maybe interested in this adventure.

"This is the developers log" in terms of the goals for this guide. DEVELOPER!

I'm using this guide as a developer-diary. Its not a players guide that has been governed to not give the explicit details about the design. This guide has explicit details about design and should be considered a spoiler. The guide will be reporting detailed updates, technical fixes. Plus share new content about the design. I say beware because I'm going to show the innards' and interworking's of the mod-adventure. I will also stop using the term: "Mod" as its vastly insuperior to what an adventure is.

I don't think even if you wanted to eventually play the adventure, that looking a little, would change that much at the moment for your playing experience.

Before you waste your time, and to determine your taste; here is the shortened hashtag style version of the elevator-pitch. So you can made a determination as to whither or not you would like to play or contribute to this type of adventure.

Dark, Evil-Aftermath. End-of-the-surface. Extinction of light dwellers. Horror. Strategic-mini-MMO; trainer-style. Re-Spawning loot & Monsters. Co-Op. GM ready. 1-30 lvl Campaign. Two part.

If you have question(s) post them below.
Builder & Creator
Time developing The End of The Known World:
Time test-playing The End of The Known World:
After the calamity of the known world.
Magas the Litch has turned to resurrecting dead adventures to make a profit.
Yes, times have gotten hard for the old bone hoarder. Will the adventurers survive his bidding? Will they uncover what's really going on, what happened to the known world?

Dead for over 50 years...
The adventurers are brought back to life (resurrected) by a Lich “Magas” . A group of undead lead by Magas have created a small town inside an old crypt. The crypt has been there for hundreds of years deep in a lost city that has sunken into the swamp long ago.

Magas has resurrected the adventures to serve his immediate needs. Paying off a troublesome Dragon...The Lich and his clan are threatened by a nearby Dragon whose name is Nikillix. The Dragons army has arrived at the Litchs doorstep, demanded treasure each month or complete destruction is planned for the lich base.

Magas is running low on treasure. So Magas has been resurrecting adventurers , casting them into the many dungeons and selling them equipment in trade for gold. Compelled by the Litch, these adventurers search for treasure and hand it over to the Lich, mainly to keep their lives but also to equip themselves to better gear.

The Dragon is paid out of these treasure spoils produced by the flesh adventurers... It's a micro ecosystem for sure!

The adventurers must somehow produce the treasure or face the wrath of the Lich, who will send them back to death, or worse, if treasure is not produced!

The Litch will persuade the adventurers to do his bidding and the adventurer really has no other course of action.

The world is now in an apocalyptic state. All governments and countries are gone. The flesh races are almost extinct. Undead roam the world. Humans, Dwarfs and Elves (others)have been smashed back to the stone age. Their existence now is about hiding in small groups and clans, surviving in small numbers and living underground in caves. Utter destitution. A few group planning for the day they can reclaim it all again...

Dark, Horror, wasteland. World in shroud of evil and destruction.
The surface of the world has been destroyed by massive wars between the Demons, Dragons and Giants. Burning forests, poisoned swamps and chard earth are now what remains of the surface.. Humans and Dwarfs taken as slaves. Elf’s murdered on sight and dawn to extinction.. Not much is known about what happened. Possible dimensional breach with some horrible plane. Maybe even the planes of Hell. Demons roam freely.

The adventurers will uncover the history of the destruction of the know world. What is left on the surface? Can the flesh races survive? Can they escape the clutches of the Litch? Will The Dragon destroy them all?
The Old Ruin
The old ruin is a tomb that was turned into a small town for undead. This tomb sunk into the swamp long ago. It's the home of Magus and his followers. There are a number of traders and a bar where you can pick up companions. A ladder leads to the "UpTop". Four locations connect to this level. Weapons. Armour. Equipment can found here for sale.

UpTop was once a massive human city. Now totally destroyed in the old Wars. The old ruin is surrounded by a massive swamp. Over the last 100 year the swamp is slowly reclaiming the city. Only the grave yard and tomb area remain. The walls are falling apart and the ruin is landlocked. A raft can be taken out into the swamp to explore. The old tomb gives access to the Old Ruin below. A ladder extends down 200 feet into the tomb.
The Swamplands can be reached by a raft found in UpTop. Its a deep swamp with many terrible creatures and mystery's . There was once a human tower here, but now swallowed up by the swamp long ago. Mostly a stinking bog. Not much is known about the swamp.
The NorthHall is reached through the Old Ruin. Its a dark and dangerous dungeon with many monsters and traps. It provides access to the BoneWarrens. Its also know to have a deeper cavern system running underneath it. The northern position of the dungeon has many doors and rooms eventually leading out to the forest above.
CrossHall is a dungeon with two great halls that resemble the shape of a Cross. Its a extremely dangerous place and has many hidden secrets. The dungeon is known to have traps and hold tombs with many riches. Guarded but deadly creatures. Its not clear what group has control of this place.
ChapelHall is a dungeon with an ancient chapel. Its now home to a witch and her undead. Its well defended and full or riches. A terrible dark place. There are some deeper tunnels with hidden secrets. Most adventures never return from his place.
Bonewarrens is accessed through the NorthHall and is a massive cave system with many horrifying monsters. Its natural cave system with waterfalls. There was once a city in there. Now Ruins.
This is a massive level.One of the biggest dungeons in the Mod. UnderRuin is the old sewer system to the city. Mostly underwater, there are tunnels leading to Uptop and SwampLand.With over 20 rooms and some 30 different monsters.
Under construction...
Currently the mod has some companions. Their all undead to fit the naritive and are mainly used for testing. I intended to build them out and add more. The cost for a companion is 250 Gold but this cost is going up to 650 as discovered in testing.
Magus The Great

Nine Traders

Boon Boy

Master Of Time

Master Of Knowledge

Master Of Eternal Darkness

There are currently two pillars of quests. The Boon Boy quests and then the Magus quests. Each line is very fledgling. There are other quest lines: see NPC's
Monsters and Denizens
Current Boss Monsters:
Elder Witch
U'lridge BlackMark Leader
Red Cave Drake
Bone Knight
Groggo Walker
Githtook Master
Magus The Great

Named monsters:

BlackMark Liberian
BlackMark Jailer
Raging Red Eye Bull

Bone flesh
Elder Troll
Skeletal Cat
Black Bone
BlackMark Bone Collector
BlackMark Forward Skeleton
BlackMark Hunter
BlackMark Rot Master
BlackMark Knight
BlackMark Caster
BlackMark Skeleton Archer
BlackMark Tasker
Ooze of Carrion
Cave Imp Archer
Cave Imp Guard
Cave Imp Summoner
Mage Skeleton
Skeletal Guard
Skeletal Thief
Flesh Ooze
Dark Owl
Githtook Tracker
Githtook Scavenger
Githtook Hound
Githtook Hunter
Githtook Fighter
Githtook Flamer
Githtook Skeletal Guard
Githtook Caster
Dugar Fire Bone
Elder Bones
Elder Bones Archer
Elder Bones Sword
Elder Guard Dog
Elder Rot Flesh
Blood Bat
Green Ooze
Poison Turtle
Rot Deer
Cave Croc
Swamp Crocodile
Snapping Turtle
Bone Guard
Rot Hound
Killer Bunny

Build Notes
Build notes: 06-11-18
Continued effort on the CopperHills level. I have added two more screen caps of the volcano area above.

Build notes: 05-30-18
Working on "CopperHills" wilderness area. Some screens above to look at.

Build notes: 05-14-18
UnderRuin Scripting completed! We now have repawning monsters and treasure. It was a challenge because the dungeon has multiple access points.
Added a new Companion (healer)
Moving on to design one of the final levels. in the design stages now, its a forest!

LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD TESTERS ( please post and leave your contact info.)

Build notes: 05-07-18
Further time spent on UnderRuin scripting. I could be finished this level in the next few weeks.

Build notes: 05-05-18
Continued development of the UnderRuin level. Finishing up the respawning scripting of Monsters and treasure.

Build notes: 04-17-18
Development of massive dungeon "UnderRuin" continues. This is the biggest dungeon I have build in DOS2. With 36 rooms, many hallways. Its a Cam-lock nightmare extraordinaire. That's hundreds of camlocks, Secret triggers. Add in multiple access points from other locations, and it becomes a logistics nightmare. so we're about 100 hours on this level so far. I still need to add monsters and treasure, quests. I have added a draft mini map above (in the level section).

Build notes: 04-08-18
Development of massive dungeon "UnderRuin" continues.
Because of the free form design of the world, alternate triggers have been set up. The levels are multidirectional for exploration. (This was a lot of work)

Historical build notes:
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