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Addresses & Names Mod 1.5
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Mar 6, 2018 @ 6:09pm
Jun 8 @ 8:11pm
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Addresses & Names Mod 1.5

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Compatible with Industries update (1.11.*)

This mod allows to customizate the generated names for streets, roads and other car tracks on the city. This also generates a customizable postal code for each road segment and show at top of building info panel, with it complete address (with numbering based on distance from street start point.

The naming files can be created easily by putting each possible name in each line of the file. Is recommended to put at least 200 names in each file to it not repeat the names so much. The naming file can be specified by district, also.
Sample name files can be found at Addresses Files project at GitHub[]. Anyone can contribute just sending files via repository cloning and then requesting merge.

Also is possible to add customized prefix/suffix for each road type based in it attributes. Read more about how to do it at this page[] (disponível também em português[]) or simple download the base file and put in the indicated folder.

You can edit the files and reload them at any time, just need to click in reload button above the dropdown.

You can easily access the folder which the files would be placed by clicking in the path button at mod settings screen at pause/options menu.

Incompatible with other mods which changes the default road name engine.
Klyte Commons required.

Now this mod can be localizated by editing the i18n files and sending merge requests[]. Non listed language files can be created also.

NEW IN 1.5
- Campus DLC update
- Added zero marker feature (for future use)
- Added color district feature (for future use)

- The neighbour names only is active when you have 2 or more cities. With only one, the game assumes the default behaviour.

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Klyte45  [author] Jun 23 @ 2:57pm 
The zero marker will be used in a future update of my mods
Top Tol Jun 22 @ 11:17am 
is zero marker works or it's just an icon for next update?
PALiX May 2 @ 9:29am 
At the moment last names are the same for both males and females?
Would be awesome to be able to set different last name endings (prefixes) for spouse males, spouse females and daughters. And example from my language: "Pavardenis" (spouse male and son); "Pavardenienė" (female spouse); "Pavardenytė" (daughter or non-married female). So in that way last name should be set as "Pavarden" and then ending prefixes: male - "is"; female - "ienė"; non-married female -"ytė"
cammillotto Apr 21 @ 3:47pm 
hey, how do the district name and prefix work? Is it prefix is like "hills, park, meadows, etc" and name is.. a name or adjective? Like "sparrow, rose, high, low", so you get Rose Hills, or Sparrow Meadows, etc? Thanks! I've searched on github but found nothing...
KG79 Feb 22 @ 10:05am 
Currently on my system the UI also shows just the codes like on the screenshot of Enzo, in the options and in game. Language is at the game language setting (which is german), but switching it to EN (and reloading) also does not work, it always looks like this. Debug mode is unchecked.
Btw could someone explain how to set up a germal postal code format in the game with a two digit number leading for the whole city and then having 3-digit numbers for the districts following. I know that I made it some time ago in a previous version of this mod, but last time I tried it did not work. I remember rthat I manged this with try and error but never understood how it really works. Maybe it would be cool if there would be presets for country formats configured by a file, which users could contribute and share just like with the other files in gifthub.
Klyte45  [author] Feb 15 @ 4:55am 
Seems that you turned on the debug mod. Turn it off at the pause menu mod config screen
Young Drachma Feb 10 @ 1:23pm 
Why are numbers in brackets showing up on street roads that never used to happen. How do I get rid of them? I can't figure it out, but it never happened before the update (I haven't played in a few weeks.)
Klyte45  [author] Jan 27 @ 1:38pm 
This only happens when you change any language setting.
A simple game reload solves it
Enzo Jan 27 @ 10:37am 
the menus are glitching out a bit
Altitona Jan 18 @ 7:43am 
@Klyte45 Thanks, it really works!