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DOOM Super Shotgun
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Feb 24 @ 11:46am
Feb 26 @ 8:56am
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DOOM Super Shotgun

Replaces the Pump-Shotgun

For the sake of online compatibility, it's reloading animations are twice the speed.

Original: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=858272541
Bethesda - Model, Sounds, Textures
Matsilagi - Ripping
1955 - Animation
TFA - Materials, Texture Edits
ImBrokeRU - Idle/Run Animation
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Kongo the Bongo Aug 29 @ 11:05pm 
is there a mod for this for the auto shotgun?
HellspawnMalebolgia666 Aug 1 @ 12:16pm 
the super shotgun has 2 mods one shoots a single blast of shells and the other shoots one shell at a time
Sokol Jul 31 @ 3:17pm 
You don't need to speed up weapon animations to make them work online. Servers automatically enforce consistency and will speed them up. I know because I've seen it happen in my own game. A particular katana mod, the laido animations, made the katana quite a bit slower, but online they were normal speed.
ScaЯ Jul 4 @ 11:59am 
I hex for spas/m1014, now is perfect!
BQ Jun 14 @ 11:39pm 
Spas version please.
Agatha Apr 10 @ 11:44pm 
I'm so conflicted with this one. like I love the model and the sounds and the meshes are all obviously really nicely done but... christ, why the shotgun slot?

it's so very confusing and disorienting to have such a large gap between shots where a pump should be happening and it keeps throwing me off. wouldn't it be a better fit as a autoshotgun replacement, considering the SSG already goes off at the same rate with the double trigger pull upgrade?
Sokol Mar 31 @ 6:48am 
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