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Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1
Number of Players: 2
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Feb 6 @ 11:08am
Jul 25 @ 5:45am
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Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1

About ASL
Advanced Squad Leader is a WW2 tactical combat game known as one of the most realistic and complex board games of its kind. The Starter Kit #1 is a great introduction to the game because it focuses on infantry and thus remains streamlined compared to the full game. The second Starter Kit which introduces heavy guns and ordnance can be found here
  • A digital tutorial and several playing aids
  • 6 Scenarios with pre-arranged counters
  • 2 Maps + custom made maps for each scenario
  • American, German and Russian infantry and weapons
  • Over 60 high-quality counters

About this mod
Up until now, the only way to play ASL online was via VASL. While the scope of VASL is enormous, covering the entire ASL universe, the quality of the components is lacking and the program itself feels more like a tax program from the late 90s. This mod, since it covers only the first Starter Kit, has a small scope which allows it to focus on a high quality conversion of the physical components of the game while also making it easy to set up and play. I hope both new and old ASL players can enjoy this version.

Copyright and contributors
  • All graphics and assets in this non profit fan mod are owned by Multi-Man Publishing.
    If you enjoy ASLSK#1, you can buy it (and many more ASL products) on their website[]
  • The wonderful Kraken table was created by Lily, you can download it in the workshop
  • Paul Cornelissen created the ASLSK#1 Rules summary. You can find it on BoardgameGeek[]
  • Jay Richardson made the famous ASL Starter Kit Tutorial found on the tablet. The version used here has been further edited by Peter Krujit. Find it on BoardgameGeek[]
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Feb 14 @ 8:28am
Francophones voulant jouer a ce jeu PA
FR-GRD JB d'Amiens
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Richthofen56 Aug 5 @ 7:58pm 
Thanks so much for this TheCze. Awesome mod!
Friedrice73 Jul 29 @ 8:07am 
Thanks! I have always wanted to get into the game, I played it on Thursday nights with others for $5. We were supplied with maps, counters and scenarios. I always wanted to own my pieces to play on my free time, but it was just too damn expensive! This is perfect!
phoenixrann Jul 24 @ 5:14pm 
Thanks for this..was able to try it out and get back into ASL for the first time in two decades.
skeeveyoshikawa May 26 @ 6:50pm 
Wow!! ASL in Tbletop Sim!! Thank you!!!
Tigrouh00h00 May 4 @ 12:44am 
Cze, you rock! Thanks for bringing this awesome game into tabletop sim!
Do you have plans to add more kits or modules?
b4ry Apr 21 @ 6:49am 
A great way to play ASL without bringing it!
Zyme Apr 16 @ 5:34am 
Add me if you want to teach and play ASL.
Seschwa Apr 3 @ 11:30pm 
Absolutely brilliant, and so much more appreciated than you can imagine. I've always wanted to play ASL so heavily - going as far as to create my own cardboard, laminated tokens and board.. print & play style.. but couldn't find anyone to actually play it with. My "handmade" box sits with my other board games, not once used. Very much looking forward to utilizing the wonders of the internet to find someone who wants to play!
TheCze  [author] Mar 24 @ 4:42pm 
I just released the second Starter Kit! Find it here
TheCze  [author] Mar 7 @ 12:21pm 
Dude-o-Matic: I won't include a dice tower in this mod, however you can easily import any dice towers you like. First open the dice tower mod (like the simple dice tower) like any regular game in TTS. Then right click on the dice tower and press "Save Object" and save it under any name you prefer. After you open the ASL mod, click the "Objects" button on the top and chose "Saved Objects". There you can select the saved dice tower and it will be added to the table. It starts locked in place but you can easily unlock it using the right click menu on it or by simply pressing "L". Move it to your prefered location on the table and press "L" again to lock it.