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Teamwork in CS:GO
By M A H L W Ξ R K and 1 collaborators
This guide is based on team performance, NOT individual skills.

When playing matchmaking remember that the teams are balanced, By saying balanced I mean 5v5 not 1v5. The key to winning rounds is based on wheather or not your team can out perform the other team, one round at a time. Teamwork is the strategy that is going to best help you to overcome your opponents. Below are a few guidelines that if followed will help your team to be more successful in winning rounds.
Stay Positive
As we all know, while in a match there is always something said by either the other team or even your own teammates that bring a negative feeling to the game.

You and your Teamates
During the match, everything you say negative to one of your fellow teammates helps the other team. Try and provide positive input that shows your teammate that yes, they are doing something wrong and how they can correct it going forward. This keeps their confidence level high and believe it or not, will help their performance in the long run.

If you keep getting killed by the same player every round, don't go on tilt and start calling hacks just because you keep dying. Yes, we all know the amount of hacking that goes on in matchmaking but just keep in mind that there are many players out there that are just good and obviously better than you are. Just take a deep breath, set back and consider it a challenge to turn the table on them, hacking or not. Negativity can run through your team like cancer so keep your cool and move on.

The Opposing team
The one we all love to hate. Don't let the smack talk from the other team put you or your teammates on tilt. Replying back to them can drag out to where you may lose focus on your game so be careful how much you allow yourself to get involved. Certainly do not allow them to get under your skin so much to where your game goes to hell in a hand basket. If they start talking about your mother, keep in mind that they really don't know her...

If this all bothers you that much, just mute the other teams players. I'm sure you and your mother will survive just fine.
Player Positioning
Player positioning is very much the key to winning your rounds. Once your strategy for the round is determined make sure everyone knows their role and where they should be playing. One man out of position could cost your team the round. This applies to both CT and T sides of the match!

On offense or defense, If gaps are left in your coverage strategy you have a quick recipe for disaster. Make sure your teammates stay in their positions until gameplay changes that requires their relocation. Don't just rotate somewhere and leave your fellow teammates unprotected (ie; from their flank or elsewhere) without informing them. Keep in mind, if you need to relocate due to new game information then your other teammates may need to rotate as well.

- Important
The mini map shows all of your teammates positions but DOES NOT tell you of their intentions. Yes, you should ALL have mic's and know HOW to use them!
Buying at the Start of Rounds
Keep in mind that before each round starts everyone has only 15 seconds to decide and purchase their loadouts. Always be aware of everyone's cash amounts before purchasing.

Lets say that you have $5k but everyone else only has 1 to 2.5k. Your team should be on an "eco" round until everyone has enough cash to purchase half to a full buy. If the round is a crucial round then you could do a force buy to better pistols/smg's with additional help from your high cash amount. Be careful how you make your decisions though, because if you fail the round you may be going eco more rounds than wanted.

Never be the only one to max buy and send the rest of your team into the round with only pistols. Remember, this is a game that requires teamwork to be successful so don't just think of yourself but your teammates as well.
Be QUIET when you are Dead!
First of all, If you are dead keep quiet. There's nothing worse than one or more dead teammates trying to narate the match or constantly talking trying to tell your remaining teammates where everything is at and how to play the game. If anything make a simple call and shut up. Concentration is key when trying to clutch the round. Everyone has headsets, if there is so much chatter how is your teammate supposed to hear anything in game that is way more important than what you have to say.

NOTE: Keep your personal life stories for in the lobby...

Simple messages
  • 1 in checkers
  • 2 are Highway
  • Bomb down on heaven

Bad messages
  • Crap, I just got killed by a guy on long A. He should be dead, I don't know what happened but he's only lit 75. I'll try and get him next round... sorry.
  • I had a girlfriend over this weekend and we... on and on and on...
  • Go here, over there, watch out for... on and on and on...

One person doing this is bad, two or more is cancer.
Call Outs
Information passed along to fellow teammates is crucial from the beginning to the end of every round. Key information plays a major part in winning rounds.

  • Don't say "they're ALL on A" when you have only spotted 3 enemies.
  • Don't tell everyone to rotate B unless you have spotted the bomb and it's location.
  • If you are in a gunfight with 3 opponents and kill one before dying, Report 3 spotted and 1 of them down (at your current location)
  • Do not report that you were killed by one on long and he is A doors, maybe blue dumpster, or possibly car, hmm.. could be pit.
  • Try and learn the proper callouts for the maps that you play. (ie; Long, B Main, Tons, Highway, etc...)
  • Be precise with your call outs and help your team win the round!

Baiting Your Teammates
Good baiting
When yourself and another teammate agree that one of you peek out to draw the enimies fire. Which in turn, (1) exposes his position and, (2) drawing his attention away from you so you can easily take him out.

Bad baiting
If you tell your teammate/s "Lets push out and rush the site", then you set back until everyone is either dead or heavily wounded before you follow. You are baiting your teammates to grab some easy frags and this is BS. Don't set up your fellow teammates to get killed just so you can stay alive and get the easy trade out kill/s on their behalf.
Objective vs Frags
Let's start by assuming that you normally go into matchmaking with a full 5 queue team. For the most part all 5 players will be somewhat of a similar rank. With that being said, keep in mind that just because you are all of similar ranks it doesn't mean that everyone has the same exact skills when playing. You can play 100 matches and someone will always be bottom fragging. Yes, it could be yourself at times as well as anyone else so keep this in mind before scrutinizing fellow teammates.

Bottom fragger
If you have a player that is only going 3 and 9, don't go off saying that he cannot pull his own weight for the team. His kills could have been crucial kills that helped your team to secure one or more of your rounds. Maybe this player goes to "A" every round and 80% of the action has always been on "B". Someone still has to be on "A" to maintain the site and provide information to the rest of the team as the round progresses. When the fight does come to him, he could be being put into an impossible 1v2 to 4 situation. Always ensure that your teammates are spaced properly for the strategy you are trying to execute.

Let's say by the half this player is going 11 and 14. Well, if he has gotten 1 kill every round for 11 rounds then he is doing his part for the team. Just because his score is not positive does not mean he is not contributing. For those of you going positive that's great, but are your kills 100% kills or are they from being eco (light weapons / no armor), or already damaged players by someone else? Just remember that a lot comes into play when you look at the overall stats from the match.

Top fragger
You may be top fragging and getting 4 kills every round but if you are not playing as a team, that last enemy man standing is all it takes to lose the round. Everyone has their on and off days. When you are on and either carrying or top fragging, try and keep your own ego at bay and remember that it's not only what you do but what everyone else contributes as well. All I'm saying is getting the majority of the kills does not clinch the round without the entire team playing the OBJECTIVE together.

It's a lot eaiser to win rounds 5v5 rather than 1v5.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide. I hope it was helpful enough to understand some of the basic strategies of matchmaking. Feel free to comment below and please give it a Like/Share if you found it helpful!

- Mahl

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shrike Apr 13, 2018 @ 3:44pm 
typing "cl_mute_enemy_team 1" in your console can mute the opposing team's chat messages. It can help if they are flaming your team. You can unmute them by typing "cl_mute_enemy_team 0" into your console
βrαNΔθN Feb 11, 2018 @ 8:11am 
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Teamwork in CS:GO is non-existent and you know it.
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