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Shores of Infinity
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Shores of Infinity


Immerse yourself in a cosmos that looks and feels more realistic and bigger than ever in SR2. Experience a slower paced, more traditional 4X gameplay blended with the original real time aspect of the game.
Evolve in a universe where each star system is a distant milestone promising a wealth of new resources and opportunities; where the speed of light is a real boundary and FTL is not an option.

Welcome to the Infinity. Don't lose your way en route to the next sun...

This version is a beta. Balance is experimental and far from final. Game progression may also feel a bit slow, especially in the beginning of the game; this will be fine-tuned and balanced with more content in future versions.
Competitive multiplayer games are not recommended until balance is fine-tuned.

Current version: 0.2.3b
Based on Rising Stars v1.2.1

- A universe with a scale closer to reality: stars dwarf planets, which dwarf ships. If you still feel a bit cramped, try visiting the local supermassive black hole.
- Gas and ice giants and their numerous moons are waiting for adventurous settlers.
- Relativistic physics elements, aka Einstein messing with Newton: sublight speed cannot exceed the speed of light and acceleration loses effectiveness as it gets closer to it.
- A new planet exploration option will widen your horizon below the stars.
- A new research grid maximizing options and logically organizing technologies in six wide areas: Governance, Engineering, Industry, Warfare, Harnessing, and Efficiency.
- A rebalanced gameplay progression and economy stressing the immensity of space as you climb the technological ladder to finally rule the stars.
- New buildings and orbitals introducing new ways to take advantage of the environment.
- New subsystems opening new gameplay options, including a weapon modification system.
- Overhauled mechanics for Mechanoid, Star Children and Ancient lifestyles.
- An improved AI with better budget management and new construction capabilities.
- Most features from Rising Stars up to the currently supported version.

Special Thanks
- The Star Ruler 2 dev team for creating such an open modding engine with almost endless possibilities.
- The ABEM / Rising Stars dev team and especially Dalo Lorn for their hard work who provided me with a huge starting point with their mod.
- dolynick whose work on rescaling the game for DOF saved me hours of research and work, that I could use to expand on it.


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soloriens  [author] Jul 6 @ 10:22am 
You can explore a system and reveal ships in it with a telescope.
also, a feature request, make it possible to do planet exploration by right clicking on the planet. This would make it much less tedious.
The scanner range feature does not interact so well with the gaurdian ship, which blocks colonization of the galactic black hole (this is from Rising Stars), it's blocking my expansion by being invisible instead of by being hard to kill.
meme boy Jul 3 @ 1:26pm 
Love your work.
soloriens  [author] Jun 28 @ 8:34am 
No, but I wanted to point it out as it certainly does on Linux.
Dalo Lorn Jun 28 @ 8:30am 
On Windows, it won't matter.
soloriens  [author] Jun 28 @ 8:11am 
The new version is up. It may be different on Linux, but on Windows a simple update doesn't change the folder name, so you may need to unsubscribe and resubscribe to the mod for the changes to take effect.
soloriens  [author] Jun 28 @ 7:43am 
Ah right, sorry about this. My dev version is in the game local mod folder, which is a different location where it actually has its real name and I completely forgot about the workshop id. Also for future reference, you can check the actual mod name by opening modinfo.txt at the root of the mod folder.
Glad we found the issue. I'm going to upload a new version that fixes it for everyone then. Happy gaming :)
Dalo Lorn Jun 28 @ 7:36am 
The mod number isn't random, no - it's its Steam Workshop ID. If you know what to look for, you can actually find the IDs for both SOI and RS in the links in the mod description.

(Similarly, 282590 is the Steam app ID for Star Ruler 2.)
Case matchign fixed it!

For future reference those sorts of instructiuons are sometimes impossible, The workshop names the mod a random number (or maybe its the same for everybody? I have 282590/1283933161), I was only able to do this because I installed the mod so recently and could sort it by date.