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Silent Hill: Homecoming Fixes & Troubleshooting Guide [Updated - 06/11/18]
By [4K]XxDEATHB3TCHxX✔ and 3 collaborators
This guide is aimed to fix crashes and all other sorts of issues that this horrible PC Port has. I haven't got a single crash from this game anymore. Additionally it’ll help you eliminate nearly all the issues you may encounter when playing!

NOTE: Steam006 is the thief who stole main patch and converted it into memory wrapper, as a fix to the game, the truth is that the memory wrapper is actually unknownproject's main patch, it's been converted into a *Memory Wrapper*, it involves new files instead of changing the original .sgl file. You can even see that unknownproject has made the first patch was before the *stolen* memory wrapper here:

We will never promote any liars at all. For FREE and without confirmation.

Do not download any unknown or third party memory wrapper/fixes for this game, they all/most have been stolen from people who originally created them (Which are in this guide and are guide's contributers). If you want to use it, go ahead but don't expect any help nor compatibility support.

WineD3D isn't recommended at all, if you use it we won't be able to get support from us.

If you have any issues, hit them in the comments, we'll try to help.
Main Overall Patch v1.23 [NEW]
Credits: unknownproject

This patch contains most of the fixes that is posted in this guide, all crunched into one big patch!


-60+ FPS
-Increased Memory. (Doesn't require that 4GB Patch Tool, this makes the game more stable/stops the game from crashing frequently).
-Animations & Physics fixes (No more fast talking character models & physics not rapidly twitching)
-Access your game save file via game's root folder.
-Map & Item inspection, Photos & Drawing inspection UI has now been fixed! (Up to 4320x2160 screen resolution support.)
-Fixed occasional long freezes. (This results in disabling the autosave feature as that was broken and causes the issue..)
-Fixed minor animations that was affected by 60FPS+.
-Includes hotkeys.txt to display assigned hotkeys. -Hotkeys.txt can be downloaded seperately in Github.
-Supports up to 4320x2160 screen resolutions.
-Support for 21:6 aspect ratio screen resolutions [Experimental].

Download Link - Password Protected[] - To get the password see the bottom of the page when the link page opens.

21:9 Note:
This is how the game recognizes your resolution (especially for 21:9 AR):
2560x1080 => 2560x1440
3440X1440 => 3440X1935
3840x1600 => 3840x2160
3840x1080 => 3840x2160
3840x1200 => 3840x2160
4096x2160 => 4096x2304
4320x2160 => 4320X2430


Known Issues:
Crash Fixes
Solution 1:
No Longer Required when using Patch v1.21b
It seems like the game doesn't like it's current 2GB virtual memory limit as this is a 32-bit program hence it's why it has 2GB virtual memory limit. So we going to make the game allocate more virtual memory (Up to 4GB) to prevent crashes from randomly appearing.
(I'm not too sure if the virtual memory of 2GB runs out when using High quality settings in-game)

-Download this 4GB Patch Tool to allow the game utilise more virtual memory: 4GB Patch Tool[]

-Once downloaded, open it, it'll will request you to open an EXE that you wish to patch.

-Find the game's executable, usually it'll be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Silent Hill Homecoming\Bin

-Once you found it, select it and open it. If the patch has successfully been applied, then it should pop up saying patch successful.

REMEMBER: The patch tool creates a backup of the exe in wherever the exe was originally was, so you can revert back to that by taking .bak off it.

If that didn't help go to Solution 2.

Solution 2:
Reducing the amount of background applications seems to help with the game's stability, so we are going to reduce the amount of background apps by using Task Manager to reduce the amount of background apps.

-Close the most background processes/application, this game since to have issues if there's many programs in the background opened (Like: Adobe Creative Cloud).

-Use the Task Manager to end tasks that lies around the background process group.

If that didn't work then go to Solution 3.

Solution 3:
The game seems to not work with any sound quality higher or lower than 48000Hz.

-Right-Click on the sound icon in the taskbar, click on Playback Devices.

-Double-Click on your default Speakers that you're using, go to Advanced Tab, then change the Sample Rate in the Default Format box to 48000Hz (Any bits will do)

-Click OK then try the game out.

Solution 4:
For some odd reason this game dislikes Intel XMP profiles, usually its to boost your memory clocks to their maximum frequency. But when I was testing this out, having XMP made the game load slower & made some random crashes to occur.

-Go to your BIOS and disable XMP profile

-If possible set your RAM speed to 1600MHz if possible.

-Save the settings and try the game again

That's all the solutions I have discovered so far, if this didn't help you I apologise for that, if you found any solutions let me know below in the comments.
Sewer Crash Fixes
Solution 1:
When getting out of sewers the game may crash, giving you an error mentioning pagefile or something max because of "Lurker". For some odd reason leaving enemies behind without killing them triggers this error!

-Every enemies you encounter, make sure you kill them during the Sewers arena to prevent this from happening.

Solution 2:
After the cutscene from the parking lot outside the main entrance of the Police Station where you escape into the Sewers the game may crash, seems like a simple game restart will fix this addtionally lessen the amount of background processes that are running.

-Quit the game and start it up again.

^If that doesn't work then kill all enemies in the police station.
Button Prompts & Remove Film Gain
Original Source:
Link To Thread

The creator of that tool: grasmann


I created a patcher for Silent Hill Homecoming.
It has two features:
- Remove film grain effects
- Replace button icons ( XBox / Playstation )

-You'll need 7-Zip[]
(Winrar works fine too)

Put the exe file where ever you want.
When a patch process is started the patcher will ask you to open the GLOBAL.PAK from the PAK folder of the game.

The patcher will create backups for every file it changes and provides the function to restore the game to it's original state with these backups.

Backup Conflict:
The button icon patch and film grain patch can be applied indepently.
However if you apply both patches there is one file that needs to be changed by both ( GLOBAL.PAK ).
It contains the button icons and the film grain texture for the loading screens.
This isn't a big problem but it leads to a backup conflict where you could end up with a changed file when restoring the backups incorrectly.
But don't worry the patcher will take care of that for you.
It will store some information in the registry to keep track of the applied patches and remind you to remove them in the correct order. ( see section "registry" below )

In order to keep track of the changes done to your game files the patcher will create some entries in the registry.
Of course this only works until either you delete those entries or reinstall windows.
The entries can be found under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\SHHPatcher\3.0".
How to configure your HD Audio for 5.1 audio simulation
Creator: unknownproject

This is a step-by-step guide to help you fix the sound issue with the game without third party drivers.

Click here[]
[Alternative] Sound Fix For 2.1/5.1/7.1 Speakers
Original Thread:

Creator of this fix: xsandercage2

(This is a copy and paste of the thread with formatting)

Finally I've found out how to fix all sound bugs on all audio system types from Stereo to 7.1 in Silent Hill Homecoming!

No more wrong sound mapping on Surround systems!

No more 80% sound out from right speaker on Stereo systems!

So let's begin!

First at all, this game has TWO major problems with sound.

Problem number ONE:
This game absolutely doesn't like non 5.1 surround systems. It has been designed only for 5.1.

Problem number TWO:
Ok, you can say: I have 5.1 surround, I want to play like GOD!
Suck my binary code! - This game will answer.
Even if you have 5.1 it's not save you from troubles, because this game has wrong sound mapping.
What is this mean? E.g. when it plays cinematic video clip, all sound are shifted to left, so voice which must to sound from central channel is sound from left channel, left channel sounds from rear left, rear left from subwoofer! (sic) etc.
I've done big investigation and work.

Result - this big patch

Copy link in the adress bar, and add 'h' letter to the beginning

If you play on 5.1 sound system - your problem is solved at this stage!
But if you play on stereo system, you must move on to the next chapter
How to fix sound on Stereo systems:
When you play on stereo, 80% of sound is reproducing from the right speaker. This happens because game can't perform correct downsampling from 5.1 to Stereo (it looks like KONAMI doesn't give a ♥♥♥♥t about betatesting at all).
So the only solution is to trick the game with special sound driver.

Recipe is:
Install my BIG Sound FIX to correct wrong mapping in game audio files
Install special driver which can give an illusion of 5.1 sound to the game and convert this sound to Stereo for your sound system at the same time
Correctly config your sound settings after installing the driver

Copy link in the adress bar, and add 'h' letter to the beginning
Official surround sound driver from Razer.

After installation you must go to your sound devices setting and choose Razer Sound Device by default.
Windowed Mode [New]
Originally posted by unkownproject:
"it doesn't have window mode"
Open vars_pc.cfg.
Change FullScreen=True to FullScreen=False.

Silent Hill Homecoming has ability to go to Windowed mode, it's just isn't embedded into the the options in main menu, hence only able to change in the configuration file.

It is strongly recommended to avoid windowed mode as it can cause more frequent crashes, plus avoid ALT+TABbing


-Open the game directory folder ------> Open Engine folder.
-Open vars_pc.cfg in notepad.
-Find Fullscreen=True & change True to False to make it Windowed.
Level Skips, Extra Weapon Unlocks & Costume Unlocks
Originally posted by unknownproject:
How to unlock extra weapons and costumes
- The Cheaters Way - (if you don't want to replay from 11 to 14 level):
-Open default_pc.cfg;
-Change map = shell
to map = M15_010_010
or map = M15_020
or map = M15_030_010
or map = M15_040
or map = M15_045_010
or map = M15_060
OR if you don't want to spoil yourself you can go to the level you want:

map = M02_SGTOWN1
map = M03_ALEX1
map = M04_SGTOWN2
map = M05_HOTEL
map = M06_SGTOWN3
map = M06_SGTOWN3B
map = M07_DESCENT
map = M08_SGTOWN4
map = M09_ALEX2
map = M09_050B_LAKE
map = M10A_SHTOWN1
map = M10B_SHTOWN2
map = M11_PRISON
map = M13_CHURCH
map = M14_LAIR

You can also change current map with commandline argument map:%mapname%
Other Engine Options/Codes
Originally posted by unknownproject:
I'm still diggin' inside the engine code and what I've found for now:
-Open default_pc.cfg
-Comment or delete "loadingscreenxml = Interface\LoadingScreen.xml" line;
Now the engine turns to debug mode.
-Add "enableFinalFPS = 1" line to activate ingame FPS counter;
-Add "costumeIndex = 6" line to change your costume. Value between 0 and 6. 6 means pyramidhead. This global value will replace your current costume anytime you start or continue your game.
Engine allows you to set vertical syncro by adding two lines like this:
vsync = 1
vsyncInterval = 1.
-Add "playerHealth = 100.000000" line to set your health;
This one is also global value so if you want to challenge yourself you can decrease or increase it to make your adventure much easier.
Q1: I have a black screen at startup, what can I do?

A. Delete vars_pc.cfg then restart the game. If it doesn't work, disable any compatibility settings you have applied on the game. If still doesn't work, remove any d3d wrapper that hasn't been tested in full game save from start to finish.

Also reset your GPU settings to application controlled, do not override any settings. Adaptive V-Sync causes some bugs/glitches.

If this happened after switching to higher resolution/may not be supported, please provide:
-Your vars_pc setting.
-Your current screen resolution.

Q2: Blood decals/pool that comes out from the enemy disappears very quickly.

A. This is because of 60FPS+, it'll disappear a lot quicker, there isn't any fix to this at all.

Q3: Cannot get same FPS as my refresh rate (usually 144Hz or more).

A. This will be patched in the next update.

Q4: Game freezes in certain area (long freezes) any way to get rid of them?

A. You can minimise the duration of the long freezes by using the solution above, but it won't get rid of the freezes completely, this is because of the game engine is unstable.

Q5: Game crashes when ALT+TABbing.

A. Game will always crash when switching to another app which is what ALT + TAB does.
ANY 32 BIT application will crash if you have less than 30% of RAM or love to alt-tab a lot and have a working broswer opened.

Q6: Game crashes at startup.

A. Game engine is unstable, launch the game up, while it does but don't click anything or do anything till the game loads into main menu.

Q7: Game doesn't checkpoint anymore or autosave at certain points of the game!

A. The latest update of 08/09/18 has disabled autosave/checkpoint this is because it caused the game to freeze a long period of time.

Q8: Game crashes when I go to desktop and go to an app or program.

A. This happens when you switch to apps, the game cannot recover after it has been unfocused by going into desktop and being auto minimized.

Q9: Cannot use 21:9 screen resolutions.

A. The latest updated main patch now fixes it, just a reminder it's experimental.

Q10: QTE not responding to the buttons that I'm pressing.

A. The game engine fails to recognise input button when being rapidly pressed.

Q11: The main patch file is encrypted.

A. Thanks to those guys who steal the fixes/patches, the main patch file is password-protected, to get the password, see the readme at the bottom of the page in Github.
Myself ([4K] XxDeathB3TCHxX) - For creating the guide and linking all the fixes together.
unknownproject - For main patch that fixes majority of the problem that this game faces.
xsandercage2 - For sound/audio fix that fixes issues with voice/audio on all configured speakers.
grasmann - For button prompts & film grain remover patch.
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PeNdEjO! 1 hour ago 
The password is my nickname in hex [UpperCase].
Can't extract the file.
Artures 2 hours ago 
And could you change this time ?
unknownproject  [author] 11 hours ago 
Event Logger is very useful tool to understand what really happens.
Issue N1: StartUp Crash [ ].
As you can see that crash happens because of gpu driver and can be fixed by restarting the application.
Issue N2: AltTab Crash [ ].
This time we can't restore our window/direct3d device to make them work as expected after switching back via AltTab.
Both errors have the same access violation exception. It happens if application is trying to access invalid memory address. Working with direct3d device is very complex process and actually needs to be controlled.
Why it happens to me ?
Answer: It takes some time to create d3d device / process all resources. The Game expect it too fast or too slow so the actual device is not ready to create or restore the interface properly and application is trying to access a zero memory block.
unknownproject  [author] 13 hours ago 
I can't patch the whole game to make it fully debugable but I strongly recommend to disable loading screen. You will see all loading steps through internal debug interface.
Successful loading means blue "First frame..." string at the bottom.
unknownproject  [author] 17 hours ago 
All other games were directx8 games (Buffy, IJET, Wrath, SWEp3, MarkEcco, DaVinciCode). So people quickly rebuild their engine for dx9 support. It make sense.
unknownproject  [author] 17 hours ago 
Well. Performance and stability on different platforms (I have two different laptops) make me sick too.
No one ever played this games more times than me.
I did it about 1000 times for different purposes.
And I can't actually fix anything. I'm work with everything alone and I can't build all possible PC configs to test it. I always working alone. And I really understand that this game need to be recompiled for x64 support and the whole engine need to be tested by a single part. But we're not talking about PS1 game with a few amount of functions. And I know that Konami forced the porting process to make money on PC releases. I've never seen such a big console specific limits for all time. And like I said before - this is the only game with havok and directx9 support but based on the same engine with all games developed by The Collective.
Lepšis Lo 19 hours ago 
@ Rancid - Pretty much what you said, just for me it's a little bit more stable (but clearly not stable enough). And how you missed the first save point. It should be near when you first time see Josh I think.
Rancid Nov 14 @ 4:04pm 
Even after applying your patches and closing as many apps as i can this game still randomly crashes making you loss your progress. What a terrible port really. I just giveup trying. Thanks for your work. You patch really improves the experience a lot, but the base you have to work with is just utter shit.

After 40 mins playing with nowhere to save around, the game just forceclosed randomly. It still crashes on startup 75% of the time and since i'm using DSR for 4k i have to restart the computer.

Fuck Konami.

Lepšis Lo Nov 14 @ 3:05pm 
@Alb3rT-pr0 - maybe you entered the wrong password I think.
@[4K]XxDEATHB3TCHxX✔ - I found out that my laptop doesn't support XMP. I I replaced patch agan, deleted the vars_pc.cfg file, but it didn't help. One time at police station game stopped loading during loading screen and frame rate dropped drastically. when I reached sewers. It's weird with frame rates. For awhile it works fine, but in other instances frame rate drops
[4K]XxDEATHB3TCHxX✔  [author] Nov 14 @ 2:39pm 
@Lepsis Lo, ahhhh sorry about that. Well XMP is known to slow this game down, I have no idea why this game is like anti-xmp.

@Alb3rT-pr0, most likely your download is corrupted, I never had a problem with the file.