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Jevel the Merchant
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Feb 12, 2013 @ 5:07pm
Feb 28, 2013 @ 3:54pm
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Jevel the Merchant

This mod adds a merchant named Jevel in the Ragged Flagon in Riften's Ratway.
He sells weapons, spells, and some necklaces, all with special powers.

If you have any criticisms for this mod, give them in a constructive manner please.

This mod is also WIP (Work in Progress) so if anything doesn't quite work, tell us about it and I'll see what I can do, as well as there is more content that is to be added in the future.


A new merchant that sells items exclusive to him

Fully compatible with all the DLC (Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn)

SHOULD be compatible with all other mods

...that's about it so far, we plan to add a questline later.

Extra Credits

AljoOS v1337.101_z for coming up with an idea for a staff

Note to the subs and everyone else who might care:
The 1.3.0 update may or may not be the last update for a while. I have gotten a new idea for a mod, so I'll be spending more time working on that instead of working on this.

Now, on to the new things this mod adds because that's probably why you'd consider downloading this mod:

New Weapons:

Soul Sucker

Every time you hit someone with this sword, it absorbs 35 HP from them and gives it to you, as well as it absorbs 15 Magicka and 15 Stamina from them. And to top it all off, it traps their soul in a Soul Gem if they die within 60 seconds.

The Smasher

This weapon, for the most part, is a weapon that is just for fun. Not the BIGGEST help in battle, but it can be fun to watch what happens. When you hit people (or animals/monsters/giants/anything that's alive), it sends them flying into the air. I had some good fun with this for a while as I was testing it.

Blood Thirsty Battleaxe

Absorbs 100 health from your enemy. Kinda OP, I know, but if you think it should be nerfed or more expensive, just let me know.

The Burner

It's a dagger that sets people on fire. Kinda self-explanatory.

Staff of General Damage Magicka

Removed from Jevel's "to sell" inventory until I can fix the problem where it doesn't fire.

Mr. Hurt

This mace is very painful to get hit with. It drains 50 Stamina, 50 Magicka, and 50 Health from enemies (and everything else).

New Spells:

Death Bolt of Light

This spell is a Fire and Forget spell that sets enemies on fire and puts Magelight on them. Magelight not only makes it easy to see in a dark dungeon, for instance, but also helps you see where they are so you can hit them again more easily.

Shot of Power

This little creation I whipped up costs a LOT of Magicka to use. And I mean, a LOT. Like, around 600 Magicka points. However, it packs a heavy punch. Worth it? Maybe not. That is, it's probably not worth it if you don't have a certain item that this mod adds...

Refuse to Die

This spell also costs a lot of Magicka, as it takes 400 points of Magicka to cast. The spell increases your health by 300 points. Now THAT'll make you hard to kill!

Pocket Follower: Warrior

This is a Conjuration Spell that summons a warrior decked out in full Ebony Armor with an Ebony Greatsword that lasts for 1 hour.

Pocket Follower: Archer

Summons an archer wearing Elven armor and uses an Elven bow and Elven arrows.

Pocket Follower: Destruction Mage

Summons a Mage that uses Flames and Chain Lightning.

New Amulets:

Necklace of Magicka

This necklace provides you with 50 extra points of Magicka, as well as it makes your Magicka regenerate 50% faster than it normally would.

Necklace of Advanced Magicka

Fairly similar to the previous entry, just with stats doubled and a different model.

Necklace of Ultimate Magicka

This necklace is ALSO very similar to both of the aforementioned, but this one gives you 200 more Magicka (Maybe 150, I'm writing off of pure memory of a couple days ago, so please forgive me if any of these are wrong), and 200% faster Magicka Regen.

Now, remember before when I was talking about an item that this mod adds? I mentioned it in the Shot of Power segment in New Spells. No? Alright, well that's okay. Prepare for the greatest necklace in this mod. Ready? GOOD.

XxNecklace of Mage SwagxX

I am not kidding, that's the actual name. I was kinda bored that day. Anyway, this necklace gives you 300 more Magicka and you regenerate Magicka 300% faster.

New Armor:

Gauntlets of Strength

These gauntlets let you carry 200 pounds more than you can carry now! Why did I put this in, you ask? Well, I'll answer that question with another question: Don't you hate it when you can't carry any more loot? I know I do.

Alright, well that about wraps it up!

Remember, if you have any criticisms, please tell us in a constructive manner, and have a good day/night/morning/afternoon!


1.3.0: New Conjuration Spells detailed above
1.2.0: Added a new spell: Pocket Follower: Warrior
1.1.1: Removed Staff of General Magicka due to unexplanable problem where it can't fire
1.1: New Spell: Refuse to Die added, New Weapon: Mr. Hurt added
1.0: Initial Release

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Trashcan-Shaped Recycling Bin  [author] Mar 22, 2013 @ 12:06pm 
Unfortunately, the spell to summon Jevel whenever you wanted and have him act as a merchant didn't work. I tried multiple different ways, but they all ended up not working.
Trashcan-Shaped Recycling Bin  [author] Feb 24, 2013 @ 5:55pm 
Ok, I know, I only added one spell, but I'll add more on Feb. 26 (maybe 27). I kinda rushed to get this update out.
Trashcan-Shaped Recycling Bin  [author] Feb 21, 2013 @ 7:04pm 
Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't updated this in a little bit, but I intend to add a few more spells and some armor sometime during the weekend :)
Trashcan-Shaped Recycling Bin  [author] Feb 15, 2013 @ 9:02am 
@inglett I see. Well, I don't know for sure if I can make a summoning spell to summon Jevel (to my knowledge, the merchant chest where all of his items to-be-sold are has to be in the same room as the merchant who's using that chest), but I could probably make a spell that allows you teleport to the Ragged Flagon. But, maybe I'm wrong, and you can summon a merchant. I'll have to try that sometime.
inglett2011 Feb 15, 2013 @ 8:18am 
Its just a merchant that I could call upon with out having to fast travel back to Riften Thiefs Guild entrance all the time. I have the Dovenkin werehouse that puts me right in the Bee n Bard tavern not the Red Flagon. But if he has a good quest line put in a ablity to call him up? Summon :)
Trashcan-Shaped Recycling Bin  [author] Feb 15, 2013 @ 8:10am 
@inglett I chose the Ragged Flagon because of the plot that I came up with for a questline in this mod, but with a few modifications, I could move it to be near Ivarstead. I hope that answers your question :)
inglett2011 Feb 15, 2013 @ 5:34am 
Question: Why the Red Flaggon? I could use someone like this in the Pale or Morthal. Riften has merchants already. Iversted, Dragon Brige, some small towns that don't have regulars. That's I know cheat or fast travel to a city. Why not have one you can call on magicaly. Has lot's of gold to buy off that supply of undead equipment you just robbed from the Nord Graves.
edrountree999 Feb 14, 2013 @ 8:28pm 
Wow Seams you put allot of work in this mod ! :-)