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⌜How to get every Non-Prime Warframe⌟
By Weeb Trash
Guide to get every Non-Prime frame in Warframe.
Just a little information about Prime frames:
Primes are able to be obtained from relics.
Some primes are VAULTED so you will be UNABLE to obtain them.
If they are UNVAULTED you will be able to get them.
This game is seriously F2P so if you think its P2W or P2(Progress) It's not. (Unless of course you want some tennogen) All Non-prime are obtainable without spending plat, unless you delete a part that can only obtained from a quest.

Hopefully you can make use of this guide.

(Dropped Guide)

All Non-Prime Warframes
All Warframes Obtainable at the Moment

TL;DR at the bottom of the page.

Frames/Parts from Bosses

Not in any order

Obtainable from Jackal in Venus
Mission Name: Fossa
Blueprint obtainable from market

Obtainable from General Sargus Ruk in Saturn
Mission Name: Tethys
Blueprint obtainable from market

Obtainable from Vay Hek in Earth (Level 20-25)
Requires MR 5+
Mission Name: Oro
Blueprint obtainable from market

Obtainable from Lt. Lech Kril & Cpt. Vor in Ceres
Mission Name: Exta
Blueprint obtainable from market

Obtainable from Tyl Regor in Uranus
9 Parts in total (Day & Night aspect + BP) Takes 6 days to make.
Mission Name: Titania
Blueprint obtainable from market

Obtainable from Lt. Lech Kril in Mars
Mission Name: War
Blueprint obtainable from market

Obtainable from Hyena Pack in Neptune
Mission Name: Psamathe
Blueprint obtainable from market

Obtainable from The Sergeant in Phobos
Mission Name: ILIAD
Blueprint obtainable from market

Obtainable from killing Lephantis in Orokin Derelict
Keys constructable by finding Lephantis Coordinates in crates in any Orokin Derelict mission
Mission Name: Orokin Derelict Assassinate
Blueprint obtainable from market
(Prime version is easier to obtain and has better stats)

Obtainable from Alad V in Jupiter
Mission Name: Themisto
Blueprint obtainable from market

Obtainable from Infested Outbreaks on a boss node
Mission Name: Varies
Blueprint obtainable from market

Obtainable from the Raptor in Europa
Mission Name: Naamah
Blueprint obtainable from market

Obtainable from the Ambulas in Pluto
Mission Name: Hades
Blueprint obtainable from market

Obtainable from Kela De Thaym in Sedna
Need 25 Judgement points
Mission Name: Merrow
Blueprint obtainable from market

Obtainable from Dojo/Quests/Drops from Enemies

Clan Dojo Frames (Has to be researched [Ask to join a clan with all of the frames researched])

Obtainable from Quests

**All requirements for Quests are able to be seen from your codex in your ship**

Silver Grove Quest (Have to be MR 7 or above)
Obtainable from New Loka
Have to craft Apothics that are given to you by New Loka's Leader to gain access to the next part of the quest for that part.
Apothics require plants that can be scanned.

Hidden Messages
Quest obtained from Sedna Junction
Blueprints and Parts obtained in quest
Just like Limbo's quest you have to wait for the parts to be built in order to gain access to the next part of the quest.

Sands Of Inaros Quest
Obtainable from Baro Ki'teer
Needs Ducats and Credits
Ducats are from the kiosk where you can trade your prime junk for 15 - 100 ducats each.
Blueprints & Parts obtained in quest

All parts are in different locations
Blueprint obtainable from Octavias Anthem Quest (Enter Cephalon Suda's room)
Parts from
Chassis: Lua Music Puzzle (Mission is called Plato found in Lua)
Neuroptics: 20 Minute Orokin Derelict Survival (Rotation C [Explaination about Rotations at the Bottom]) *Not guaranteed drop*
Systems: You only need to get 1 Orokin Cache but more can give you a higher chance at drop (Bring a team of 4 and equip mods like: Thief's Wit & Loot Detector to make each run go faster, should be able to get the part in 3 ~ 4 runs)

Chroma (do not sell any of his parts or else you will have to buy him with plat)
Blueprint from the New Strange Quest
*MR 5 & beat the second dream (Talk to Cephalon Simaris)
Neuroptics from Uranus Junction
Chassis from Neptune Junction
Systems from Pluto Junction

Blueprint obtainable from Jordas Precept Quest
Parts dropped from Jordas Golem in Eris
Mission Name: Jordas Golem Assassinate

Blueprint obtainable from Patient Zero Quest
Parts obtained from Mutalist Alad V Assassinate
Mutalist Alad V Coordinates obtainable from Infestation Missions as a Battle Pay (Have to do the mission 3 times to get 1 MAV coordinate.You need 3 to craft a key.)

Everything obtainable from The Limbo Theorem Quest
Quest from the Europa Junction.

Blueprint obtainable from The Glast Gambit Quest
*Beat the War Within
Parts obtained from the mission Oestrus in Eris (Parts drop on Rotation C - Every 4 Waves)

Blueprint obtained from The Chains of Harrow Quest
Finish the War Within
Finish the mission called MOT in the void
Chassis: Kill corrupted enemies from void fissures (Should've gotten one by now)
Neuroptics: Finish the Spy Mission in Kuva Fortress called Pago (Have to get all 3 vaults)
Systems: Defection Missions (Every 8 SQUADS you RESCUE you get a CHANCE for the systems)

Blueprint obtained from Saya's Vigil Quest
Finish Vor's Prize (First quest)
Attain MR 1
Do a bounty from Konzu
Obtained from the bounties that Konzu gives you in Cetus (Not guaranteed, when looking at the bounties look at the right to check if there is a drop)
All of these bounties should have some sort of part for gara in the rewards.

Frames obtained by different ways

Parts obtained from Manics (Parts dont drop from drekar manics)
High level missions for manics to spawn or play the LOR (Law of Retribution) raid for a bunch to spawn.
In Ophelia, Uranus (Survival) a Manic will spawn at 15 minutes, which can also be used to farm Ash parts.
^^Credits to Absolem113 for finding out this information!^^

Parts obtained from Spy Missions ranging from Level 1 - 26+ (Nightmare Mode works too)
Require 3 successful data extractions. (Rotation C [Three Vaults])
VVDrop Table from Warframe WikiaVV

Parts drop from eximus enemies (Almost in every mission in Warframe)
Try doing a sortie if you finished The War Within to find a bunch of eximus.

Wait for alerts that have the parts in them.
(Vauban Prime is easier to obtain but needs 20 nitain)

Rotations explained





All of these videos were not created by me (obviously) all rights belong to their respective creators.
Prime Warframes
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<IN PROGRESS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Ash Prime (V)
Nova Prime (V)
Mirage Prime (New)
Oberon Prime
Vauban Prime
Rhino Prime (V)
Banshee Prime
Loki Prime (V)
Ember Prime (V)
Frost Prime (V)
Nekros Prime
Hydroid Prime
Excalibur Prime (Not Obtainable Anymore)
Mag Prime (V)
Nyx Prime (V)
Saryn Prime (V)
Trinity Prime (V)
Volt Prime (V)
Valkyr Prime

(V) = Vaulted
Look at description for info about prime frames.
<<<<<Will add in names & what they did to contribute to the guide>>>>>>
If more people point out any thing, ill move their names to this page, just so I don't have to squish everything into that small section.

Prime Section will be completed soon
Will include only primes that haven't been vaulted yet.

I may or may not do a guide for prime weapons since everyone knows how to get normal weapons it seems.
Updates/Soon To Be Updated [Big Update]
-Created Prime Section
-Created Credits
-Saryn, Titania, Mirage updates
-Excalibur + Frost + Trinity all switched, Trinity now in Pluto, Excalibur in Mars, Frost in Ceres.

Soon to be updated
Prime Info

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