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Fumiko! Complete Walkthrough + 100% Achievement Guide
By Fumiko Games
This is a complete walkthrough of the game, should you ever get stuck. This guide includes screenshots of Memory Fragment locations and Achievements to help you, should you go for 100% completion.

This guide does not yet contain the additional, optional homeworlds in Hyperion. If you're playing for the first time and using this guide as a walkthrough, please check out the Map in Hyperion for more places to explore that are not required to complete the story or achievements.
The Menu
Read the messages on the ground carefully. If you return to the menu at any point after a session or with the ingame menu, you‘ll see your collected memory pieces appear in the area.

There are 3 gates in the menu, representing 3 autosave channels. Enter one of them to start the
game. If you return later and a savegame exists in one of the autosave channels, you‘ll find a gate
titled „Continue“ next to it.

Please note that collecting Memory Fragments is an optional part of the game.
This guide includes screenshots of Memory Fragment locations and Achievements to help you, should you go for 100% completion.
Level 1: Kronos City
You‘ll find yourself in a digital church that has been repurposed as a central meeting area. This
section is meant to provide you with freedom that you have yet no use for. Walk around and talk to
people by collecting the „?“ positioned on the floor next to people that you can talk to.

There is a „?“ Conversation Symbol flickering between red and green at the entrance. If you
approach it, the screen flashes. Collect it to trigger the ending sequence of this level.

Level 2: Wilson‘s Testing Lab
Watch the intro sequence until Wilson tells you to move. There are blue particles in the white area
next to where you started. Walk into them and Wilson will unlock a new section of the level.

Read the messages carefully and progress to the highest cube. There is a drop shadow in the form of particle effects below you while you‘re in air. If you reached the cube, Wilson will open a gate for
you to enter. Enter it.

Level 3: Abstract Mainboard
You‘ll find yourself in a new place. Wilson will attempt to explain his motivation to you – If you
have trouble reading text, follow the advices given in the area.

Move forward until you reached the gap between you and the other platform. A sequence will trigger and Wilson will order you to fix the mainboard. Walk to the second platform by crossing the invisible path which will stay visible if you‘re walking on it.

Arriving on the platform will trigger another sequence. Your goal is to collect the floating pickup
and touch one of the connectors. There is no order to follow and you can use one pickup to activate multiple connectors.

Once all 4 turned yellow and are active, the place becomes clean and Wilson will tell you that you behaved correctly. Leave the area through the exit gate that appeared next to the mainboard.
Level 4: Wilson‘s Testing Lab #2
This part is meant to emphasize Fumiko‘s movement abilities. The game will tell you that dying
does not have consequences for your progress. Read the messages carefully and try out the self-
explosion ability. You‘ll reset at the gate. Use this if you fall down to the ground to skip having to
jump all the way back up.


If you haven‘t got it already, you‘ll unlock an Achievement for dying your first time.

From the sign telling you to jump further than you think leap across to the next platform with a
sign. Once you arrived, follow the advice to jump higher than you think to reach the top of the
platform with a single jump. Walk to the end of that platform and jump on the cube to open an exit
gate. Enter it to leave the area.

Level 5: The Playground
Memory Fragments: 3

You‘ll unlock triple jump upon entering this area. Jump down and stand in front of the dancing robot on the floor. He‘ll talk to you and explain his purpose.

After talking to him read the signs carefully. You‘ll be able to hold down LB to look around. You have a choice how you want to get to the next platform: A path consisting of explosive red cubes that will not explode if you collect the red pickup in front of them (which lasts only for a short time) or you follow the advice floating between the platforms to leap as high and far as you can. Both will get you to the same platform.

There are two Memory Fragments that can be found here: Find the first one by following the path to the right that is built from explosive red cubes and non-lethal transparent cubes. Collect the red power up to land on explosive cubes safely. Again, jumping as high and far as you can will get you to the other side safely. Collect the „i“ symbol and a yellow particle cloud will appear. Walk or jump into it to trigger the Memory Fragment. Once finished, you‘ll unlock an Achievement for collecting your first fragment.

The second Memory Fragment can be reached by jumping all the way to the top of the platform and walking to yellow floating cube. These cubes will store your position for this session, making you respawn at this location. Directly in front of the Respawn Cube, you‘ll notice an invisible path with cubes flashing to indicate its existence. You can walk on these cubes at all times and they‘ll pop up if you‘re standing on them. Walk to the end of the path or leap as far as you can. You can use your drop shadow to indicate whether or not an invisible cube is below your character.

Once you collected the second Memory Fragment, explode yourself with the Y Button. You‘ll respawn at the platform where the path started. Walk to the other side of the platform and you‘ll
notice another structure below looking like a tunnel. Jump into it and fall down to the platform below it. You‘ll find a sign that says „Press X to jump down in air“ and a cube embedded in the platform‘s floor. Walk or jump on it and it will drop down with you.

You‘ll fall down a long tunnel into a hidden area. A voice will tell you to leave this place and defy Wilson. Wilson will interfere and tell you to walk into an exit gate he spawns next to you.

To find the third Memory Fragment, ignore the exit gate and walk to the area with red explosive cubes and flashing invisible platforms. Wilson will reset you and teleport you next to the exit gate.

Ignore his calls and walk to the area again. This time, wilson will only complain about your actions but does not teleport you.

There will be multiple Respawn Cubes if you start climbing up. Reach the third one and follow the path of the transparent cubes and drop down to collect your third Memory Fragment.

Once collected, Wilson will teleport you into the exit gate.
Level 6: Wilson‘s Testing Lab #3
Watch the dialogue and cutscenes. Wilson will reset Fumiko multiple times to restore an old version. Somebody will interrupt this attempt and you‘ll fall down into a huge black pit. Run towards the rotating cubes and touch a flame in the center of the storm. The area will turn white again and Wilson will be proud of his superiority. After he tells you to wait again, you‘ll be able to walk freely. The flame is still waiting for you – Walk into it and trigger the ending sequence of this part.

Level 7: Kronos Platform
(ACHIEVEMENT: Freedom) You‘ll earn an achievement for leaving the lab.

You‘ll wake up on a platform suspended in air. Wait until Fumiko stands up and listen to the unknown voice.

(ACHIEVEMENT: You can‘t tell me where to go!) Fall down from the platform.

Walk into the exit gate to leave this level.
Level 8: Kronos Gate
Memory Fragments: 3

You‘ll unlock quadruple-jump. This is strong enough to get you all the way up the wall in front of you. Walk the path to collect another „i“ and approach the wall. The unknown voice will tell you to avoid Firewall Bots. Explore the area and find 3 Memory Fragments or exit the level by reaching the platform with the exit gate.

Level 9: Kronos Bridge
Memory Fragments: 3

You‘ll unlock dash. If you‘re holding down dash and pressing the jump button at the same time, it‘ll have a high influence on your jumping height. With a bit of practice, you should now be able to go anywhere you want. Follow the magenta trails of data to the end of the level. There‘ll be two Respawn Cubes on the path, each triggering a cutscene with a dialogue.

If you reach the second one, Eunomia will activate scanner modules to prevent you from leaving the level. Jumping as high as you can and using the Dash repeatedly to travel across the scanners this shouldn‘t be too much of a problem. In front of Eunomia but located at the bottom of the path the Exit Gate should be visible. There is a Respawn Cube in the center of the remaining path and right in front of the Exit Gate.

Level 10: Homeworld of Arnold Haymen
Memory Fragments: 4

You‘ll spawn at the top of Arnold‘s library. The Memory Fragments in this level are usually located in or on the shelves. The first one can be located in the shelf you‘re standing on.

This section of the game is more about casual exploration. Explore the area as you want and leave the level by standing on the Exit Gate at the bottom.

Level 11: Hyperion
This social hub has access to 12 mostly optional levels to explore (Arnold‘s library included). We‘ll not go into detail for each of them, but will highlight were to find Memory Fragments and complete Achievements.

If you jump down from the house you‘re coming from, you‘ll notice a big street with people walking around. At the center you‘ll find a map of the area and Secur-o-tron waiting for you. If you want to explore every optional homeworld, you‘ll find where to access them on the area map. To continue straight forward with the main story and get all achievements for this area, follow the guides on the next pages.
HYPERION GUIDE #1: Progress the story (skipping Memory Fragments and most Achievements)
Enter the gate opposite to Secur-o-tron, it‘ll be the one with a yellow+blue shape. There should be a sign saying „welcome to S.O.C.I.A.L.“ on it. You‘ll now enter the S.O.C.I.A.L. company building.

To progress as quickly as possible, Jump+Dash straight upwards to the top of the building and pick up the Conversation Symbol in front of the big particle eye. Eunomia will talk to and recognize you. Your screen should start to flash every few seconds to indicate that something has changed.

(ACHIEVEMENT: We‘ll meet again)

You can now leave the area.

Back on the main street, talk to Secur-o-tron or jump into the gate right next to him. Entering this gate would normally bring you to the Hyperion University.

This time around, Eunomia is demonstrating her control over the area and will kick you out. You‘ll be brought back to Hyperion immediately. Talk to Secur-o-tron to leave Hyperion.
HYPERION GUIDE #2: Achievements and Memory Fragments
Memory Fragments: 4 (not including fragments from Arnold‘s library)

We‘ll start getting the Memory Fragments first. There is one Memory Fragment in each of the four following levels:

Hyperion University
Abandoned Homeworld
S.O.C.I.A.L. Company Building
Wrenn‘s Homeworld

Fragment 2: Hyperion University

Enter the gate right next to Secur-o-tron to enter the Hyperion University. You‘ll find yourself on a circular platform surrounded by a tube-like wall. The Memory Fragment will appear at the center of hte platform if you solve the switch-puzzle in this area. Grab the floating Power Up next to a person in the center of the platform and run to one of the switches to activate them. The Power Up runs out quickly and you‘ll have to grab it multiple times. There is one switch in the center and the remaining ones are placed on top of the tube-like wall surrounding the place. Once you activated all of them, a sound effect will play and you‘ll be able to grab the Memory Fragment in the center of the platform.

You can now leave the Hyperion University. Go to the left past Secur-o-tron and to the map. You
should be able to see the next gate when looking upwards (see screenshot). Jump+Dash to it and enter Wrenn‘s Homeworld.

Fragment 2: Wrenn‘s Homeworld

To get the Memory Fragment and the Achievement related to this level, climb all the way to the top to the platform where a person is standing with a Conversation Symbol.

The Memory Fragment is located even higher up at the top of the ice crystal floating over the platform. Grab it and then talk to Wrenn on the platform. You might want to create a SaveGame with Store Savegame to return to this point before you finish talking with her.

(ACHIEVEMENT: Connected!)

Talk to Wrenn multiple times until the conversation ends (this will be the precursor to a second Achievement later on, skip this if going for the Death of Secur-o-tron Achievement!)

Once you have the Memory Fragment and the optional Achievement, leave the area through the Exit Gate at the top.

Fragment 3: Abandoned Homeworld

Jump back to the main street and walk to the left (the direction where „the impossible teleportation madness“ teleporter is located) and watch the houses floating to your left. There is a gate that can be reached by jumping from the street.

You‘ll be greeted with „Homeworld of {unknown user}“. If you‘re only looking for the memory fragment, try to Jump+Dash as often as you can to reach the top of the building. Land on any platforms to get your jumps back and continue traveling upwards. The Memory Fragment is located at the top of one of the two green trees.

After you got the Memory Fragment, jump to the platform with a table and a Conversation Symbol on it. Collect the Conversation Symbol and an Exit Gate will appear.

Fragment 4: S.O.C.I.A.L. Company Building

Enter the gate opposite to Secur-o-tron, it‘ll be the one with a yellow+blue shape. There should be a sign saying „welcome to S.O.C.I.A.L.“ on it. You‘ll now enter the S.O.C.I.A.L. company building.

Jump+Dash straight upwards to the top of the building and pick up the Conversation Symbol in front of the big particle eye. Eunomia will talk to and recognize you. Your screen should start to flash every few seconds to indicate that something has changed. (ACHIEVEMENT: We‘ll meet again)

To get the Memory Fragment, continue jumping upwards until you find a platform with a small flashing cube floating on it. This cube is a Jumping Platform that will hurl you into the air. Hold down Dash after jumping on the platform to get as high as possible. It might take a few attempts.

Once you‘ve reached the highest point, you‘ll be able to land on top of the red pillars supporting the company building. You can also land on the rotating cube in the center. The Memory Fragment is located on one of the red pillars. Grab it and leave the level.

You now have all the Memory Fragments for that area. We can now get the Achievements and leave Hyperion.

There are two more Achievements available in Hyperion:

(ACHIEVEMENT: Dance Apprentice)

The Dance Apprentice Achievement is a prerequisite for the Lonely Dancer Achievement, so we‘ll get that first. Stand in front of the map at the main street and go to the right. There is a gate with digital flying birds in it: Enter it to visit the Hyperion School.

This will be a small living-room with a whiteboard, a teacher and pupils dancing in front of her. To get the Achievement, learn how to dance by standing at the particle effect next to the pupils. Fumiko will try to mimic the dancing and learn how to dance.

You can leave the school afterwards.

Leaving Hyperion and getting the Lonely Dancer Achievement

Back on the main street, talk to Secur-o-tron or jump into the gate right next to him. Entering this gate would normally bring you to the Hyperion University. This time around, Eunomia is demonstrating her control over the area and will kick you out. You‘ll be brought back to Hyperion immediately.


If you want to experience the glitching homeworlds, do not talk to Secur-o-tron to leave Hyperion. The Lonely Dancer Achievement is only available during the time between right before leaving Hyperion. You‘ll notice that some of the gates are now having a red glitch effect on them. This indicates that something has changed about that homeworld.

(ACHIEVEMENT: Lonely Dancer)

To get the lonely dancer Achievement, walk to the right from the University (the side where Secur-o-tron is not standing) until you reach a gate that is decorated with Balloons. Walk into it and you‘ll find yourself in a black & white place with a record player noise playing in the background. Walk to the center of the platform into the particles on the ground and Fumiko will start dancing. Leave the area after you got the Achievement.

Now talk to Secur-o-tron to leave Hyperion.
Level 12: Destroyed Hyperion
Once you successfully escape Hyperion, you‘ll find yourself lying on the floor and thinking about what happened. Once Fumiko has recovered and you can move, leave the room through the small hole at the top and you‘ll enter a bigger room outside of it. Depending on whether or not you have spoken to Wrenn until you got the Connected! Achievement, Secur-o-tron will either have died or survived.

If you are trying to get both Achievements, you can use one of the backup savegames via Load Game → (Backup) Hyperion or use your own Savegame your created when visiting Wrenn. This will get you back to Hyperion. Leave Hyperion again without speaking with Wrenn and you‘ll trigger the Death of Secur-o-Tron.

(ACHIEVEMENT: The Death of Secur-o-Tron) If you haven‘t spoken to Wrenn
(ACHIEVEMENT: The Rescue of Secur-o-Tron) If you have spoken to Wrenn

Continue forward by leaving this room again until you find a large pit with flickering transparent cubes indicating a way over. Your first instinct is likely to use Dash+Jump to cross the gap, but you‘ll lose your Dash shortly after anyways. Instead, focus on the transparent cubes and the birds sitting on them. You can savely traverse this path by jumping to the birds.

Collect the Respawn Cube on the other side of the pit. Continue walking in that direction to progress. You‘ll jump down a few times following a tunnel that gets you past a girl with glitching birds and bring you to an area where the next Respawn Cube and scanners are located. Take the Respawn Cube and get through the scanners. Most of these scanners can be easily jumped over, but beware of the rotating ones. Once you finished the scanner path, follow the particle hint and jump down the cliff to land on the next Respawn Cube.

You‘ll lose all jumps but the double-jump. Walk forward past the circular tubes and progress to the next area, which is a large pit with blue cubes that hint at a way through it. These cubes will fall down as soon as you step on them. Remember to jump as far as possible and skip as many cubes as you can until you find the first Respawn Cube. From this point on you can decide if you want to continue on an invisible path or continue jumping on dropping cubes. There is no gain in following the dropping path, so choose the invisible path.

Continue the invisible path until you reach the other side of the pit. You‘ll need to jump up at some points. Invisible Cubes will appear as soon as you touch them. If the path suddenly stops, check if there is a cube next to you that leads upwards.

If you reached the other side of the pit, collect the Respawn Cube. A wall will appear that stops you from going back.

Follow the path upwards and jump up a pillar to reach a second level. The path will continue again and lead you to the next pit. Collect the Respawn Cube and jump right into the red Power Up that will stop Red Cubes from exploding. Follow the path until you reach the next Respawn Point at the bottom of a broken Tube.

Jump up the tube by jumping on the Jumping Platforms. Each of them will reset your jump count. Reach the top of the tube and follow the particle hint out of it. Land outside of it and you‘ll lose your ability to jump. Follow the path to the end and you have finished this level.

Level 13: Zeus Bridge
You can Quadruple-Jump again but not Dash. This level is pretty much linear. Walk to the end of the platform you‘re on and jump on the next one. There‘ll be Jumping Platforms hurling you in the air to get you to the next platform. Use them and rotate the camera to see if there is a platform close to you. Land on it and continue.

Follow the path until you reach a section where you need to jump up multiple Jumping Platforms (one big one and multiple cube-shaped ones). Use them to get to a platform higher up with a Respawn Cube on it.

The next platform will have a floating Power Up on it that allows you to Dash again. This time you‘ll be able to hold down the Dash button for 1000 seconds, which basically makes it endless. To get past the rotating windmill of red particles, Jump+Dash as high as you can and just fly over the following platforms until you reach the last platform before the other red particle walls. There will be a Respawn Cube on it.

The Exit Gate for this level is behind these red particle walls, the place where bright particles are coming from. Jump as high as you can and fly behind the particle walls. You‘ll be able to land on the platform safely.
Level 14: Homeworld of Ariana the Beauty
Memory Fragments: 1

You'll arrive in this homeworld in the inside of a tree. Leave the tree by jumping out of it and you'll be able to spot a large building structure with a wide rooftop. At the bottom of this building you can find the key to quickly progressing through this level. To continue your story, talk with Ariana, the woman standing at the bottom of the building next to the swimming pool. She'll talk to you about diverse topics and tell you to meet her at the top of the building. Follow her by jumping as high as you can (and a bit to the side) to land of the building's roof. She'll be standing on one of the soccer-goals.

(ACHIEVEMENT: Five Points for Orange!)

Influence the game by pushing the magenta soccer ball into the green gate (walking into it). If you idle in this level long enough, it is possible to get this achievement without actually participating in the game.

Talk to her again and she'll move to the sea. There is a boat floating at her general position. Spot the boat and talk to her again. If you want to grab the Memory Fragment, jump to the boat and follow an invisible path to a small island.

If you talk to Ariana, she'll move to the swimming pool again. Follow her and talk to her again. She'll open a portal through the swimming pool. Jump into it to leave her homeworld and enter the I.M. Server.
Level 15: I.M. Server
Memory Fragments: 1

I highly recommend watching the video for this one.

To solve this level, you'll have to open 3 cages that trap friendly particle clouds in them. To open a cage, you'll need to use a new Power Up that colors you in a shiny magenta. Magenta Cubes will move out of your way while you are transformed, allowing you to both open the cages and open teleporters that you haven't had access to.

This level consists of two different towers with multiple layers. In the center of each layer you can find its height level. You'll have to open a cage in layer 0, layer 3 and layer 5.

There is a Memory Fragment directly under your starting position. Take a teleporter to get to the layer below you and collect it.

To move up and down a tower, you need to use the teleporters. There are explosive walls between the layers, but they are different for both towers. If you cannot ascend to the next level, take a teleporter and move higher up. Using that kind of ping-pong mechanic you'll be able to move up and down very quickly. If a teleporter is blocked, take a magenta Power Up and open it.

Open a cage by collecting the Power Up in front of it and flying into it. The particle cloud will escape and a cutscene will appear. Once all 3 clouds are freed, you'll be teleported to the exit gate.
Level 16: Eunomia Core
Step out of the gate and follow the red platforms on the same level. There'll be a red Power Up (anti-firewall orb) that usually protects you from explosive cubes. This time around you'll pick up the Power Up and stand on the golden cube next to it. Doing so will overload it and destroy the barrier that is keeping you from entering the level.

Notice that the cube will only overload as long as the Power Up is still active. If the time runs out, collect the Power Up again and repeat until the core explodes.

To solve this level, notice the long red particle connections to the big particle cloud in the distance. You'll need to remove each of these connections and then fly straight into the particle cloud to face Eunomia.

Each of the connections works just as the beginning of this level, with some slight additions. There will be enemies, which will try to kill you on sight. However, since the Power Up is supposed to overload firewalls, collecting it will make these enemies explode on contact. Your strategy should be collecting these Power Ups as quickly as possible and then stand on the golden cube. Enemies won't be able to harm you and the cube should overload after a short time.

There is a Memory Fragment that can be seen from afar.

If you saved Secur-o-tron, one of the connectors will automatically overload as soon as you approach it. Another one of the connectors is blocked by a magenta cube. Collect the magenta Power Up below first and a red Power Up afterwards. The magenta cube will move out of the way and you'll be able to overload the connector.

Once all connectors are cleared, the barrier will explode and you'll be able to enter Eunomia by flying into the big eye.
Level 17: Eunomia

After the initial starting dialogue you'll land on a Respawn Cube with a Safe Zone around it. Standing at this place will make enemies stop chasing you.

At the beginning of the fight, Eunomia is still in a calm state and she'll only attack once you're getting close to her. There are Cubes and Power Ups spawning in the upper level. The Power Ups will make you conductive and touching one of the Cubes will push it away from you. The duration of these Powers Ups is quite long, so you'll have plenty of time trying to push one of the Cubes into Eunomia.

Once you hit Eunomia with one of the Cubes, she'll awake and send her A.I. clouds after you. If your screen gets blurred and random numbers appear on your screen, one of the clouds is chasing you. Fly away from it until your screen returns back to normal.

To defeat Eunomia, continue pushing Cubes into her. Each time more mechanics will appear, making it more difficult to move around safely. Pushing Cube #4 into her will trigger a cutscene that shows you the bottom of the arena. You can then stop pushing cubes and drop down. There'll be a Respawn Cube at the bottom, collect it.

To complete her second phase, continue collecting conductive Power Ups. You'll notice 3 platforms with switches on them like in previous levels. Being conductive and touching a switch will toggle it on and a particle connection to the center of the arena will be established. Once you activated all 3 switches, an additional switch will appear in the bottom center. Activate the last switch and a cutscene will play.

(ACHIEVEMENT: A Part of Me) You have now consumed Eunomia.

You'll enter a bright area with a Memory Fragment, this is the place you protected from intruders at the beginning of the game. Collect the Memory Fragment. Once you are finished, the screen will turn white and a soothing music will start to play.

Shortly after, Wilson will tell you that he captured you again.
Level 18: Escaping Wilson #1
After the intial dialogue with Wilson, you'll find yourself standing on a white cube in the center of a white area again. Jump to the ground and Wilson will spawn multiple enemies in the area and scanners at the ceiling of the area. You'll have a safe zone, a new Power Up type and 4 portals around you. As long as you're inside the safe zone, enemies will stop chasing you.

The goal of this level is to reach the exit gate at the top of the level, past the scanners. However, even the new Power Up will not be enough to get you there. You'll be able to reach the platform, but the enemies will follow you and cancel the loading sequence.

To prevent that from happening, you are now able to clone yourself through the four portals around you. Collect the new Power Up, which will surround you with a shield. This protects you from the enemies, but only for a limited amount of time. Use this to safely fly through the portals multiple times. Use different portals to spread your clones out. They'll act autonomously and most likely fly away immediately as there are enemies nearby.

The enemies in this area will follow their nearest target, which allows you distract them with your clones. Spawn clones and Dash+Jump away as fast as you can. Even with some clones you should be able to fly straight up to the sky, past the scanners and to the exit gate. If you're further away from the enemies than any of your clones, none of them will be able to cancel the loading screen.
Level 19: Escaping Wilson #2
Wilson will put another obstacle in your way. You'll spawn on a magenta platform, which is susceptible to magenta Power Ups. Like in the first I.M. Server, this server has friendly particle clouds trapped in cages, which will unlock an exit gate once freed. There are platforms at the top with magenta Power Ups sitting on them. Collect the Power Ups, fly to the cages and the bottom platform and destroy as much of it as you can.

There is one particle cloud in each cage and 3 particle clouds under the bottom platform. Wait for them to reach the top of the level and a cutscene will be triggered, opening the exit gate.

The enemy in this level can be a nuissance. Try to keep away from him and move quickly. Should he pull you in, Dash+Jump away. If you can't for some reason, self-explode with Y.
Level 20: Kronos Fall
This level is fairly straight forward. You need to reach the bottom. Jump from the platform directly into one of the magenta vortex, which will accelerate your fall speed to the maximum. To keep falling that quickly, press X to jump downwards. Your dash will stop you from falling, so avoid using it. If you're not falling fast enough, chances are high that one of the enemies will get you.

Dodge everything and just keep falling. You can quickly regain your speed by pressing X, so if you have to use Dash to dodge an explosive cube, do so.

Reach the bottom and fly past the explosive cubes and the next level will load.
Level 21: Kronos
Memory Fragments: 5

Don't worry about the long intro sequence. This level is huge and it takes a while to load, so wait until the intro text disappears and you'll be entering Kronos.

There is a Memory Fragment right at the beginning, sitting on a building next to a giant teleporter. The other four Memory Fragments are inside the barriers. It is easier to get the Memory Fragments and solve the Kronos Puzzle if you don't trigger the clones through the story in this area.

Kronos consists of old ruins of buildings and a church in the center. To progress only the main story, fly to the church in the center and talk to your clones. They'll tell you that this is the only safe place and you'll have to stay here forever. Exit the church and clones will start following you shortly after. They'll be excited about another attempt to leave the network. The only way out of this place is the sky – fly as high as you can and return to the previous level.

To get the Memory Fragments, you'll have to solve the Kronos Puzzle.

(ACHIEVEMENT: The Lost City)

To get both the Achievement and the remaining 4 Memory Fragments, you'll need to solve 3 puzzles to disable the barriers around the Fragments. One puzzle is in the inner center of the church, another one at the highest point of the level ruins (you can reach it by jumping into one of the teleporters) and the last one is the well in front of the church. The last puzzle depends on the first two being solved, so we'll start with them.

Go into the church and walk to the center. There'll be a floating orb and multiple floating cubes around it. Standing on the cubes will make them drop down. Notice the particle ray they're shooting from their bottom. Stand on one to make it fall down and then jump against it until the particle ray hits the floating orb. The cube will disappear and a sound effect will play. Repeat until you trigger a cutscene in which two magenta cubes are added to the well outside.

The next puzzle can be located when jumping into one of the teleporters near the church. Leave the church through the main entry and turn left. The teleporter will bring you to one of the buildings at the top. Again, there are 4 switches that need to be activated by collecting a yellow, conductive Power Up and touching them. You'll find these Power Ups inside of the building and Firewall Bots will follow and interrupt you. Get the timing right and activate all 4 switches and a cutscene will be triggered showing you that two more magenta cubes have been added to the well.

You can now return to the well. Grab a magenta Power Up and push the cubes into the well. You can either push them in directly from above but also from the side as the radius is quite high. Push all 4 cubes into the well and the barriers will get disabled, making it safe to grab the remaining Memory Fragments. You'll get the Achievement for solving the Kronos Puzzle.

You can now leave Kronos as described above.
Level 22: Kronos Rise
Fly up as fast as you can by dashing and jumping. Gravity is reversed until you have reached the top again. Avoid cubes and enemies by all costs.
Level 23: Wilson
This is the second and last big boss fight. After the initial intro dialogue, grab the magenta Power Up and open the cage you're in. Now dash to the arena and fly into the glowing yellow particle eye.

Wilson will activate and reveal the remaining parts of the arena. You'll not be able to get close to him anymore as he has shielded himself with a physical shield and multiple copies of Eunomia around him.

Fly upwards until you reached the portals at the top. The darker portals will generate regular clones to distract enemies, the bright ones will create bird-shaped clones that will follow you. Produce at least 5 bird clones and grab one of the shield orbs floating in the area. Now focus the camera downwards and press X to dive directly into one of the Eunomia Eyes. Get birds close enough to an Eye and they'll roam to it and explode. Their following Algorithm has a rubber band effect to it. They'll be able to reach inside, should you attempt hitting an Eye that is out of reach.

Destroy 5 Eyes to get to the second phase. Each Eye needs 5 hits, so you'll need at least 5 birds on each dive. Wilson will spawn additional obstacles to make things harder for you. You'll now have to produce regular clones in addition to birds to distract the enemies that are following you. Without these clones, they'll quickly destroy your bird projectiles.

After you destroyed enough Eyes, a cutscene will place focusing on the lower part of the arena. Once the cutscene is finished, fly up and create several regular clones. They'll distract the enemy swarm while you are occupied activating switches at the bottom. You can also grab another shield Power Up, but it won't protect you from the scanners in the lower area.

Fly down and grab a conductive power up in the lower area. You can use this to activate multiple switches. The easiest way to complete this second part is to fly to one of the switches to activate it and then try to move directly to the next one and circle around the arena until all switches are activated. Being fast enough, you'll be able to activate at least 3 switches with one Power Up.

Once all switches are active, all the enemies in the arena will explode and a cutscene will play. You have now consumed Wilson. (ACHIEVEMENT: Sweet Revenge)
Level 24: A way out
You are almost there. The last level is a giant upwards tube with enemies trying to block your progress. The big red circular enemies will pull you in faster than before and touching one means an immediate death. There are smaller enemies around the area which will disable your abilities on touch – your only option is to let yourself fall down a bit if you get hit by one.

In general, while the enemies in this area are the most hostile yet, you'll be able to fly past them most of the time. Your approach should be dashing forward past the first enemies and then turn the camera up, fly straight upwards by using Jump+Dash and avoid obstacles. With Fumiko's speed at this time, this level can be completed in a very short time.

You need to watch out and respect the shape of the tube. Once you've reached the highest point, the tube will be horizontal again. Fly towards the RGB-colored wall and into the exit gate.

You have now finished Fumiko!

(ACHIEVEMENT: Leave the Network)

Thank you for playing!
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Vsin Feb 11 @ 10:46pm 
Thanks for the answer and I was wondering if that was only to help further the a part of the plot or could I break in. I had no idea which 5 I missed but at the end, I was reminded which 4 without even looking here what those were (missed them by mistake last time, notice right when too late). The other was in Hyperion, far high above Eunomia.

While scouting around the city for anything else I missed, I found the secret room to the person that wants to end it and reveals what I consider to be an important plot point in the story I missed. This part of the story reminded me of a part in the series on Netflix called The 100. It's the season that had a virtual world where people would have the content of their brains uploaded to a computer simulation environment.
Fumiko Games  [author] Feb 9 @ 11:58pm 
That one is just for looks / emphasize on paywalls blocking your freedom in that world. :) Though I feel like making a puzzle from this would've been a neat idea.
Vsin Feb 8 @ 4:19pm 
I'm finally getting around to playing a second time so I can find the 5 memories I missed the first time and this is of help. I am reminded of the closed gate in Hyperion University saying not enough funds to pass this area. Is this just for looks or is there really a way to enter that gate?
tuxdelux Nov 4, 2019 @ 6:15pm 
How do you leave Hyperion after talking to Secur-o-Tron? The triangle keeps smashing into me; it causes me to restart.
Fumiko Games  [author] Mar 17, 2019 @ 5:05am 
<3 !
xLetox Mar 16, 2019 @ 4:26am 
Thx for guide. It really help me!!!
Fumiko Games  [author] Jan 7, 2018 @ 1:33am 
Really happy to hear that! It also eases my mind that people can just look here if they're stuck somehow and can continue playing instead of having to open a thread and wait for a reply. There are some homeworlds in Hyperion that I might add to the guide, but they're completely optional so I left them out. But I'd like to have them covered in some way.
M. Doucet Jan 6, 2018 @ 6:07pm 
Thank you so much, Fumiko Game Studio, for this fantastic guide! Knowing what I am supposed to be doing makes the game so much more fun and less frustrating.

I really appreciate the time and effort you put into Fumko!, and this guide is the perfect companion to it. Really improved my experience.