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Tutorial: Create metro stations with more platforms and modify metro tracks and pedestrian paths - with easy asset path editor
By Cyterion and 1 collaborators
This tutorial tries to give you an overview and a good start how to create metro stations with more platforms and modify metro tracks and pedestrian underground paths. It also presents a program to modify paths easier.
Requirements: Mods for the Cities Skylines Editor
If you want to create own metro stations with more platforms and pedestrian unterground paths you will need at first the following three mods:

With these mods you are able to add and delete (by clicking Make all segments editable) in the editor especially
  • metro station tracks
  • pedestrian underground paths

Also these Mods give you the option to auto-place spawn points, which was really useful for metro stations with more platforms.
Create a new asset: Add more platforms and pedestrian underground paths
If you had installed all three mods, you can open the editor in Cities: Skylines and create a new asset with the metro station template.

If it loaded successfully, you can add more
  • metro station tracks
  • pedestrian underground paths

Add so many paths you think you will need for the next step, the modifying of the paths.

Modify paths: using our easy asset path editor (updated on April 05, 2020)
Cause it's not easy to modify the added paths in the editor of Cities: Skylines itself, my brother and I program a software to edit paths of assets easier, with visualization and without the need of knowlegde for binary files. We named this program Asset Path Editor, which you can download here:
Asset Path Editor Download (.exe)[] (updated on April 05, 2020)
It's still not finished, but works well in beta phase.

You can import with this editor new .crp-files. The editor recognizes
  • metro station tracks,
  • metro station tracks tunnel (for Metro Overhaul Mod (MOM))
  • pedestrian unterground paths (colored red)
  • pedestrian connection surface paths (colored green)
and display them on a grid. Then you have the option to click on any path to see it's coordinates. All values are in cell-units, not in meters. For conversion multiplicate with 8.

You can change
  • the position of the whole path and
  • the position of the start and the end point of a path (and so also the length of a path)
  • NEW: the position of the curve point of a path (if you deactivate the "auto curve" feature, which automatically set the curve point in the middle of the start and end point)
To change between whole path or start/end point (or curve point) you have to use TAB. I would advice a minimum length for pedestrian paths of 1 cell-unit, because shorter paths maybe become buggy.

Steps: With pushed CTRL (Control) you can change the position in small steps (0.125 cell-units or 1 m). Normally the step is 1 cell-unit / 8 m.

Please note, since Sunset Harbor update the new standard metro heights are:
  • -12 m (-1.5 cell-units)
  • -24 m (-3 cell-units)
  • -36 m (-4.5 cell-units)
The old standard metro heights before Sunset Harbor update were:
  • -4 m (-0.5 cell-units)
  • -16 m (-2 cell-units)
  • -28 m (-3.5 cell-units)

For MOM-Users only: The standard metro heights for the MOM metro station track tunnel are -12 m (-1.5 cell-units) and -24 m (-3 cell-units).

Grid: With G you can hide or display the grid.

Top View: With Pos1 you can activate the top view onto the tracks and paths.

The assignment of keys for each action is displayed in the program itself. We hope, that our Asset Path Editor will help you. If you finished your modification, you can overwrite (save) your file. After using our Asset Path Editor it is very important, that you check the results in the editor of Cities: Skylines.

With this Asset Path Editor I've created all my new metro stations of my collections: Metro Stations: More Platforms & Special Tracks (Before Sunset Harbor update) and Metro Stations: More Platforms & Special Tracks (For Sunset Harbor update)

If you have questions or ideas to improve our program, please tell us :)
FAQ / Troubleshooting
Why I can't load my .crp-file with the program?
Cities Skylines have two different formats which use the same file extension (.crp), but which have other file structures and file sizes. The old format has a bigger, the new format a smaller file size. Before you can use our program, it is necessary to convert the file to the current file format simply by saving the file in the Cities Skylines Editor again.
CreatorOfWorlds Aug 31, 2023 @ 3:34am 
Since 'more network stuff' seems to not be updated, is there an alternative to that mod?
RyzenMan Sep 28, 2022 @ 12:57pm 
You absolute legend. This let me fix the pedestrian paths on a multi-level monorail station I want to make. Now it's working, I can actually think about what it'll look like and get to modelling.

Pity cims tend to just float through stuff, but eh.
Cyterion  [author] Apr 13, 2020 @ 12:40pm 
@danielfay88 I think the citizens sometimes use the way trough the bottom, if it is nearer than the entrance. I don't know, at which depth this bug does not appear anymore. In case of doubt I would recommend to place the underground paths as deep as possible.

@Graphdyne I pass this wish to the programer ;)
Graphdiyne Apr 12, 2020 @ 8:24pm 
Excellent tutorial! Managed to fix an old metro station with your program. My asset editor only show some of the nodes of the pink lines somehow (guess some mods conflict with advnaced building editor). But I do have a suggestion, would you please consider add an arrow to point to the positive direction of each axis and also label each axis? I understand the color coding of text match the axis and I can figure out the directions by reading the coordinates, but I confused myself all the time while rotating the model and moving the nodes.
dboi88 Apr 12, 2020 @ 4:25pm 
I managed to get multi platform stations working, thank you so much for this guide and tool. I do have an issue with citizens exit and entering the station through the underground paths instead of the entrance, any idea where I've gone wrong? My paths
Cyterion  [author] Apr 5, 2020 @ 9:21am 
We've updated the Asset Path Editor. Now curved tracks can be created with the new feature updated on April 05, 2020 :)
Thaumaturgiste Apr 3, 2020 @ 2:17am 
I did find a way to make it work. I managed to delete the sub-building "integrated metro" from the new train station hub. Then, I deleted the ground level props from your 2 metro cross and added it as a new sub-building to the station hub. When positioned just right, the people in the train hub go down the stairs and use the 2 metro cross complex! And, it all works. The trains and metro lines are all working. I did not have to modify the pedestrian paths at all as the tangle of paths between the two assets intersected well enough. BTW - thank you so much for updating your metro tubes. The vanilla game can be so frustrating without them. Not having a better underground metro complex under such a big hub was so annoying!
Cyterion  [author] Apr 1, 2020 @ 2:00pm 
@Thaumaturgiste I'm sorry to say this, but currently the Path Editor only works with the vanilla standard metro station, I think.
Thaumaturgiste Apr 1, 2020 @ 9:08am 
Hi Cyterion - Since the release of sunset harbor, I've tried to use the Path Editor tool but it won't load the asset crp. I did as you suggested regarding re-saving but it just won't load the asset. (I'm trying to load the new Through Station Hub with one underground metro plaform. My goal is to make a 90 degree metro cross underneath it like one of your other recent assets.)

Is the Path Editor even able to open building files with sub-buildings? If not, I will stop trying with this and try to graft a multiplatform top station to one of your metro only hubs.

While I like the Metro Stations for Sunset Harbor: More Platforms & Special Tracks collection, none of them act as a hub with top level train station.
zanyboy19 Aug 14, 2019 @ 6:21am 
This is awesome! I use your stations all the time. Are these compatible with Metro Overhaul Mod?