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General Guide to Deceit - WIP 10/20/17
By UndeadDonut and 1 collaborators
This guide will go over the basic mechanics and facts about the game. And some other stuff probably.
The Basics
Game Overview
Hold Q for hella useful information. You will see who's playing as who if you need to make a call out and all the items that are available in the phase you're in. Green check means someone took it, red X means the lever was broken and no one can have it.

Voice Chat
Please use a microphone if you play this game. Half this game is about communication and deceit, that's why it's the title of the game.

Unless you rebind these keys, LEFT ALT is voice chat with everyone, and V is voice chat only with your infected partner if you are infected. You can confirm this by seeing your microphone icon turn red in the top left.

Learn the character names

There will be times you cannot pronounce somebody's name or you can't see it in the dark. You'll learn the names over time, but I think it's better if you get them down now for better callouts.

In the main menu, press the question mark on the bottom right of your screen to select your character preference, as well as see who's who.


If you are downed while the lights are on you have 10 seconds before you can respawn. A player can either revive you or attack you to add an elimination vote which also adds another 5 seconds to your respawn timer. If you successfully respawn, you will lose all items and ammo and start with the default 6 bullets. If you are also infected, you'll lose a slice of blood as well.

Game Phases

There are three phases to each map. Remember you can check which items are available and present in the phase by holding Q. The most important thing to know is the amount of fuses and votes for eliminations you need is based on which phase you're in:


Phase 1 - You need 3
Phase 2 - You need 2
Phase 3 - You need 1


Phase 1 - You need 4 votes
Phase 2 - You need 3 votes
Phase 3 - You need 2 votes

Items are what you'll be trying to either acquire or deny depending on your role. As an innocent, try not to hog all the light items because your teammates need some way to defend themselves as well. As infected, you'll want to deny them these items by either destroying the levers or holding onto the item. This section will give a brief description of items in the game as well as tips.


The camera comes with 4 flashes by default, and is best used when the terror is mid-range because it will take at least 2 flashes to stun them. When you see the terror start shining and slowing down, don't waste any more flashes and either run or shoot them down. These are in capture points and shoot points.


The torch's ammo is percentage based and in my opinion, not as effective as the camera because it takes longer to stun a terror and gives them more time to react. Again, keep shining the torch on the terror until they start to shine and slow down. These are in capture points and shoot points.


The antidote can revive someone that has been eaten by a terror or injected with the lethal injector. If you revive someone that was downed by a terror, you can be certain that person is innocent because a terror cannot hurt their partner. (This needs confirmation) These are in capture points and shoot points.

Double Barrel

The double barrel is a powerful shotgun that can two-shot a terror near point-blank. (This needs confirmation, I've never one shot with the double barrel). It is always present in phase 1 as a double objective. It can also possibly be present in phase 3 as a capture point or shoot point.


Allows you to scan a player and receive accurate results about whether they are infected or not. You have to be point-blank to initiate the scan, once it's started you can move away. Keep in mind you can't always trust whoever is doing the scanning, unless you already have proof they are innocent. The scanner is always present in phase 2 as a double objective, and can possibly appear in phase 3 as a capture point or shoot point.


The tracker allows you to see whoever is tracked through walls for 40 seconds. You will need to be point-blank to place the tracker on someone. You can track a player early in the phase if you want to see if they go for bloodbags, or track near blackout to see if they split off from the group or turn into a terror. The tracker is always present in phase 2 as a capture point or shoot point.

Lethal Injector

The injector allows you to instantly down another human, similar to a terror downing a human. Once the animation completes, the person injected can only be revived by someone with an antidote. The injector only appears during phase 3 as a double objective.

As an innocent, your objective is to escape the map. You don't necessarily need to discover who the two infected are, but it'll definitely help.

Game Mechanics


2 out of the 6 players are infected. Your objective as infected is to stop the innocents from escaping by either voting them out or eating them as a terror.

Infected Mechanics

You need 3 slices of blood in order to transform during a blackout. When you grab a blood bag while the lights are on, you will receive 1 slice. If you grab a bag during blackout, you will only get half a slice.

You can only transform at night, and your first attack on an innocent will trigger an animation that instantly kills them, however they can be revived if someone has an antidote. After a successful attack, you have 10 seconds before you turn back to a human.

If you are downed as a human and respawn you will lose one slice of blood as well as all your items.

As infected, whether in terror or human form you will see outlines of other players when they are running.

Vents are located around the map and can be found by looking for the red glow. These are useful for traveling the map faster or escaping from the innocents once you've eaten somebody.

Levers can be shot or knifed three times to deny innocents that item. If you have the fun sponge perk, you will receive half a slice of blood for destroying an unused lever.

You will receive full blood during a blackout if the innocents are unable to complete all the fuse boxes after a certain time. You can see this by looking at the top right during blackout under the text "Enrage in". You will also receive full blood in the third phase, whenever the exit door gets opened.

Don't get cheesed. Remember this line and even write it down if you have to. Other players might ask you to read a blood bag and only innocents will see this text.

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You might wanna update this guide after today's update...
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a terror can down another terror in human form. partner tried to kill me for no reason
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i cant use my mic. i cant hear anyone . How can i fix this problem.

Shellbeen Apr 10, 2018 @ 3:13pm 
One blood bag now gives half a slice and 2 blood bags on a rack gives you a whole slice.
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camera comes with 6 flashes*
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If you are downed while the lights are on you have 10 seconds before you can respawn. A player can either revive you or attack you to add an elimination vote which also adds another 5 seconds to your respawn timer.If a downed play gets a certain amount of votes they are kick out of the round.
the amount of votes to kick someone out are as follows:

Phase 1 - You need 4 votes
Phase 2 - You need 3 votes
Phase 3 - You need 2 votes